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					                                                Central Connecticut Capitals
                                                   Uniform Order Form
                                                    2010-2011 SEASON
Birth Year        _________
Name              __________________________________________
Address           __________________________________________
Phone             __________________________________________
Email             __________________________________________
Team              __________________________________________


Jersey Size:      (Circle One)   $150/set individual (goalie cut add $20 per set)

                       YS              YM              YL        YXL              AS       AM           AL         AXL      AXXL      AXXXL
      Chest            36"             38"             40"       42"              46"      48"          50"        52"       54"       56"

Sock Size         (Circle One)   $20/set

                    Small 24"                  Medium 26 - 28"              Large 30"

Pant Shell        Tackla Pant Conversion Chart (Circle One)   $40/ea individual

                       YS              YM              YL                          S        M            L          XL
                       24"             26"             28"                        30"      32"          34"       36"-38"

Total Cost
                  *$210 for full set ($230 for full goalie set) - home/away jersey, home/away socks, pant shell

                                                                 CCYHA Jersey Number Policy

Jersey number selections will be based on birth year. If your child was born in a odd birth year then your child may choose from any odd number from 1-97.
If your child was born in a even birth year than your child may choose any even number from 2-98. The reasoning behind this policy is to avoid duplicate
numbers on any team. Numbers will be provided on a first come, first serve basis at the Open House and will be issued from available open numbers not in
use previously. Preference will be provided in the event an older sibling in the organization has a number already assigned.

                                                                CCYHA Uniform Policy
White Helmets and Navy & White Gloves. We do not expect families to immediately purchase conforming items but expect when replacing equipment to
use the above guidelines. No changes to the uniform are permitted without approval from the Board of Directors of CCYHA such as but not limited to Name
plates, numbers or additional crests.

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