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This Agreement entered this the ___day of _______________, ______by and between
_____________________________, Seller(s) and Ferguson Realtors of DFW, LLC dba
Ferguson Realty of DFW, Listing Broker. In the event of conflict between Brokerage
Engagement and Addendum to Brokerage Engagement, this Addendum shall control.
This agreement lasts until the home is sold or withdrawn from the market. Ferguson
Realty lists homes in 6- month increments. At the 6th month expiration of the MLS
number above, Ferguson Realty of DFW re-lists the home at no charge to the Seller
(paperwork is required from Seller). The listing fee due listing Broker is $500.00 (Supra
lockbox rental fee additional $100.00), payable at the time of listing. In addition, .0034
of the contract sales price due at closing. If home is lease purchased or leased, .0034 will
be paid at the time of contract.

Listing Broker’s responsibilities include:
(Ferguson Realty manually loads photos but can not guarantee that the pictures will stay
on sites; However, we will attempt to reload, after your notification, until all photos stay
on sites;)
     Placing home in MLS with at least1 photograph of home
     Placing home on (MLS number only) with 1 photograph of home
     Providing Seller with a lockbox for agent access (this is a rental only during
        listing period)
     Providing Seller with a For Sale sign
     Providing Seller with a Disclosure Statement form (Seller may provide copy to
     Provide Audio Tour and / or Virtual Tour (additional charge)
     Negotiate the Purchase and Sale Agreement, (inspection not included)

   Seller’s responsibilities:
        Pay a buyer’s agent (Selling Broker)_____% for their participation in
        Send photos by email to Ferguson Realty;(we do not start working on your
           ads until all photos & a flyer are sent; it takes up to 7 days after we receive
           your photos & flyer for all websites to update)
        Any advertising not included in this agreement
        Making all appointments (Non CSS) with agents to view home
        Check listings that are sent by mail to make sure listing is correct
        Notify us if you don’t receive the listings within 7 days
        Send all changes (including price changes) to the listings by email or fax with
           MLS# on listing
        Check listings on various websites to make sure pictures are posted
        Represent that Ferguson Realty of DFW is your listing agent
          Add Ferguson Realty of DFW’s name to all contracts as your listing agent
          Notify Ferguson Realty immediately upon acceptance of a contract
          Have a direct fax line (no call 1st to a home number ) or email address at the
           time of contract negotiations
          Read all documents carefully during contract negotiations
          Get copies of Purchase and Sale Agreement to Ferguson Realty for signature
          Contact Title office prior to closing
          Help Ferguson Realty of DFW obtain settlement statement and check after

Ferguson Realty of DFW is not responsible for:
    Content and no photos on websites that Ferguson Realty of DFW does not own
    Errors in listing that were not found by Seller
    Any closing delays
    Any damage to the property
    Fines incurred from the directional sign

   Additional fees:
      $(no charge) to transfer listing to another company (same as withdrawn
      $25.00 Audio Tour (Recommended)
      $150.00 Virtual Tour
      $25.00 picture update fee
      $25.00 Flyer Box
      $55.00 for new sign (you pick up)
      $55.00 for loss of sign after closing (we will pick up)
      $50.00 runner fee for any delivery or opening of doors to replace keys
      $150.00 if lockbox is lost
      $250.00 charge to negotiate inspection items with agent
      3% fee of sales price if Seller withdraws the home from Ferguson Realty and
          in turn sells the home within 90 days to a buyer that saw the property while
          listed with Ferguson Realty; Seller is responsible for all court fees and
          attorney fees incurred by Ferguson Realty of DFW.

Seller understands that when a buyer calls Ferguson Realty of DFW, a Ferguson Realty
buyer’s agent may try to secure the buyer as clients. This is the only way to make sure
that if the buyer comes back to the seller’s home in the future, they will not bring another
agent back to the home to collect a commission. Should buyer purchase seller’s home,
no commission (unless agreed to by seller) shall be paid to Ferguson Realty for a selling
agent commission. However, sometimes, Ferguson Realty of DFW already has a buyer
under Buyer’s Brokerage when Seller’s house comes on the market, in that case,
Ferguson realty will bring their buyer to the home and will be paid a commission from
Seller should buyer purchase Seller’s home.
Seller hereby holds Listing Broker and its employees harmless from and covenants that,
Seller will not sue Listing Broker and /or its employees for any claims, suits or causes of
action whenever asserted. Or for any and all bodily and personal injuries and
consequences thereof, which may result from any acts of persons who are not employees
of Listing Broker, whenever said acts occur.
Ferguson Realty of DFW has a no refund policy.
Seller may cancel this listing agreement in writing at any time.
Seller acknowledges that he had read, agrees to, and understands this agreement.

Seller Signature___________________________________________

Printed Name_____________________________________________


Alt. Phone_______________________________________________





Total Charges $__________________________________________

Checks Payable to: Ferguson Realty of DFW
                   6141 Vanderbilt Ave, Dallas, TX 75214


Credit Card: Visa / MC / Discover / Amex (circle one)

Card #__________________________________________________

Exp. Date:_______________________

CID# (3 digit V/MC and 4 digit Amex) ____ ____           ____    ____

Ferguson Realty of DFW
Phone: 214-828-0200, Customer Support 214-515-7080, Fax 214-515-1080

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