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Sunday 1st January                Saturday 14th. January           Saturday 28th. January
New Year`s Day                    Work in morn: Garage in aft      Work in morn: to Ports by 2.32
To Hall. Stocks & home about      Club in even - s.f.a.            Ev & Dave - quite good ret
1/30. Sleep in aft. & to                                           10.14.
Birdham for tea etc by bus:       Sunday 15th. January
retd 9.33 bus.                    Club etc. in morn: Beresford     Sunday 29th. January
                                  Rd in aft & even                 Club in morn - Dinner invites
Monday 2nd January                                                 bed after lunch
Work: Club in even - s.f.a. &     Monday 16th. January
Nags Head & Snack Bar.            Work: Yeomanry in even           Monday 30th. January
                                  Comm Mtg etc.                    Work: PAD test in even:
Tuesday 3rd January                                                Extraord Gen Mtg.
Work: Ladies Night Commee         Tuesday 17th. January
Mtg. Dolphin & Regnum Club.       Work Ladies Night Comm. &        Tuesday 31st. January
                                  then Club.                       Work: Stock taking at Club in
Wednesday 4th January                                              even
Work: stroll round & N H fff.     Wednesday 18th. January
                                  Work: last of teeth out & Club   Wednesday 1st. February
Thursday 5th January              in even                          Work: Club - draft rules etc.
Work: To Ports in aft - Trades
Directory - & Birdham in even.    Thursday 19th. January           Thursday 2nd. February
cold again.                       Work: Took Ma to Drive & to      Work: 38 installation Dinner -
                                  Birdham                          quite good.
Friday 6th January
Work: office for hour in even &   Friday 20th. January             Friday 3rd. February
roaming round etc.                Work: L of I in even. SW for     Work: C. H. returned : L of I.
                                  1st.                             officers : took Austin down &
Saturday 7th January                                               left it there. retd with D. Turner
Work in morn: Kirby Road for      Saturday 21st. January
party - retd 12.00                Work in morn: mended             Saturday 4th. February
                                  puncture in aft & bath Ladies    Work in morn: Lodge in aft -
Sunday 8th. January               Night Comm & Club                Allen & S.L Whitting as guests
Club in morn (stock) Coles in                                      Rands son drove
aft & even, & stroll round.       Sunday 22nd. January
                                  Table Plan in morn. for Ladies   Sunday 5th. February
Monday 9th. January               Evening. To Selsey in aft &      Bath & Club in morn: Cycle
Work: Drill in even -             Birdham in even. Wet windy       round bypass in aft & Birdham
                                  day                              in even.
Tuesday 10th. January
Work Ladies Commee @ 6.15         Monday 23rd. January             Monday 6th. February
& Club after                      Work: Drill - PAD in even.       Work: Drill in even & Commee
                                                                   Mtg in even.
Wednesday 11th. January           Tuesday 24th. January
Work: O/T with CGB till 7.30 &    Work: Nags etc.                  Tuesday 7th. February
Club after. V.T. did not turn                                      Work: Selsey in even to fetch
up.                               Wednesday 25th. January          car.
                                  Work: Ladies Evening v.g.
Thursday 12th. January                                             Wednesday 8th. February
Work: Took Ma St. Barts - no      Thursday 26th. January           Drill in even - signals.
drive & to Birdham.               Work: Tired 38 L of I in even
                                                                   Thursday 9th. February
Friday 13th. January              Friday 27th. January             Work: s.f.a. in even
Work: Lodge in even -             Work: L of I - WM for 1st:
Emergency 3rd. - JD of course     Maurice up - cold                Friday 10th. February
Ingrey drove - to Rands till                                       Work: Signal lecture in even..

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Saturday 11th. February            Thursday 23rd. February            Thursday 9th. March
Work in morn: Run round            Work: O/T in even, & hung          Work: took Ma etc. to Whist
Bognor etc. in aft: bath, &        about for V.T.                     Drive at Lancastrian School, &
Club in even & Snack Bar                                              to Birdham.
                                   Friday 24th. February
Sunday 12th. February              Work: no drill                     Friday 10th. March
Garage in morn lights etc &                                           Work: to Selsey - full Lodge.
run round Pulboro & Midhur         Saturday 25th. February            3rd. & 2nd. Drove.
etc in aft: Cycled to Birdham,     Work in morn: office in aft. &
in even, no one there & so to      Gosport after tea.                 Saturday 11th. March
Midhur ( U. Lyd) in even via                                          Work in morn: walk etc.
Car.                               Sunday 26th. February              Stockbridge. Bath. Club in
                                   Field Day at G`ssbury Ring.        even & met V.T. trip round.
Monday 13th. February              Retd 4.00 Birdham on bike
Work: Drill in even: Recd letter   after                              Sunday 12th. March
from Erica                                                            Field Day at Findon etc V.G.
                                   Monday 27th. February              retd Chi @ 7.00 To Birdham
Tuesday 14th. February             Work: Drill in even - O/T too,     after.
Work: Club - stocktaking in        for hr. to Emsworth in morn:
even: Ev up. To Earnley in aft                                        Monday 13th. March
(Stevens Bro))                     Tuesday 28th. February             Work: Drill in even after writing
                                   Work: O/T for hr. & then Club      AHS.
Wednesday 15th. February
Work: took Ma to drive at Mrs.     Wednesday 1st. March               Tuesday 14th. March
Southwells, & to Birdham           Work in morn: To Portsmouth:       Work: O/T in even & then
                                   Auntie Alice`s funeral             Nags Head
Thursday 16th. February
Work: Brighton - Yeom lecture      Thursday 2nd.March                 Wednesday 15th. March
in even: Cover drove Retd          Work: O/T in even to make up       Work: No Club - met V.T. &
12.00                              for Wed aft                        trip out in car

Friday 17th. February              Friday 3rd. March                  Thursday 16th. March
Work: Yeom in even - Signal        Work: L of I in even - Ingrey      Work: St. Richard`s Lodge in
instruction                        drove. To Yeom after.              even & Dolphin after

Saturday 18th. February            Saturday 4th. March                Friday 17th. March
Work in morn: Gardening in         Work in morn: wet & back to        Work: L of I in even - SW in
aft. Yeom. dinner in even          Office in aft: Club etc. in even   1st. Rands Drove - Cold
                                   - Ev & Bob up
Sunday 19th. February                                                 Saturday 18th. March
Garage in morn: drove Ma to        Sunday 5th. March                  Work in morn: Garage in aft
Ports Hospital in aft - Birdham    To Garage in morn clean up         cleaning car etc Ev up in
to tea: brought Ben & Auntie       etc. Selsey in aft & Alan`s        even, & Club. Ran Ev back.
Ruth in, for train                 christening.
                                                                      Sunday 19th. March
Monday 20th. February              Monday 6th. March                  Redrew Yeomanry a/cs in
Work: Bton in even for drill -     Work: Selsey Cinema a/cs.          morn: Selsey folk up for day:
drove over, Sherrys.               O/T to 7. 30 & then Pompey         stroll round Bognor Bridge in
                                   for IT lecture at Savoy.           aft: wrote Billie & Erica: in
Tuesday 21st. February                                                even
Work: To Regnum Club etc           Tuesday 7th. March
and Inman play billiards           Work: Roaming round in even        Monday 20th. March
                                   & O/T - voluntary. fff             Work: Earnley in aft: Drill in
Wednesday 22nd. February                                              even:
Ash Wednesday                      Wednesday 8th. March
Work: to Portsmouth in even.       Work: Roaming round Club &
Corp of Accnts Mtg at Central      fff

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Tuesday 21st. March              Monday 3rd. April                 Saturday 15th. April
Work - Midhurst: Albery &        To work: Drill in even -          Work till 11.00 & then Crawley
Lucas, & Goldrings Rands -       maintainence                      Point - to - Point recruiting
Ladies Evening Commee &                                            Rode BSA m/c from
Regnum after # Rands             Tuesday 4th. April                Storrington back: met Ev. later
                                 Work: O/T for /2 hr. Club etc     etc
Wednesday 22nd. March            in even.
Work: Roam round in even &                                         Sunday 16th. April
Nags Head, till 10.00            Wednesday 5th. April              Garage in morn, after bath.
                                 Work: O/T again about /2 hr.      Office in aft: Birdham after tea.
Thursday 23rd. March
Work - Midhurst again -          Thursday 6th. April               Monday 17th. April
Maides Goldrings, Williams       Work. Bognor (Haygates) in        Work Bton in even for drill.
(Easebne). etc. To Birdham       aft: to Birdham for /2 hr &       waste - by train
with Doris: Ma to Drive.         Club
                                                                   Tuesday 18th. April
Friday 24th. March               Friday 7th. April                 Work Ev up in even - pub
Work L of I in even - Turner     Good Friday                       crawl - v.g. Nags etc. Cycled
drove - JW for 3rd.              To Woolwich by 8.52 train:        part way down
                                 Bexley Heath in even & AHS
Saturday 25th. March             ran me back.                      Wednesday 19th. April
Work in morning: allotment in                                      Work: club etc in even.
aft & Gosport in even - round    Saturday 8th. April
to St. Mary`s Avenue.            Parades in morning: Town in       Thursday 20th. April
                                 aft v.g. - roam round etc         Work: Recruiting Parade in
Sunday 26th. March               Chandos, Criterion retd by taxi   market in even Ev up - Nags
Field Day at Findon: darn                                          etc
cold: drove gun lorry home -     Sunday 9th. April
retd 8.30                        Easter Sunday                     Friday 21st. April
                                 ####Shapwick in even Les          Work: Emergency 3rd. in
Monday 27th. March               etc stayed night                  even: drove
Work: Drill in even - gas
chamber test                     Monday 10th. April                Saturday 22nd. April
                                 Easter Monday                     Work in morn: Findon in aft -
Tuesday 28th. March              Up early but missed 1             signallers checking gear. Retd
Work: Birdham in even To         Parade Packing up & home:         6.00 Ev up, & roam round &
Ship at Itchenor.                arr. 6.00. roam round & Nags      Club later
Wednesday 29th. March                                              Sunday 23rd. April
Work: Roaming round & called     Tuesday 11th. April               Field day at Findon - not too
on Geof Bailey                   Work again: Club after letter     bad but raining: retd 7.00
                                 writing etc                       Bath. & strolled round after
Thursday 30th. March
Work: Took Ma to Drive Took      Wednesday 12th. April             Monday 24th. April
stock at Club                    Work: to see Rands, to            Work: Drill in even rec. grd.
                                 Bedhampton                        Camp
Friday 31st. March
Work: Club & signal lecture in   Thursday 13th. April              Tuesday 25th. April
even.                            Work: To Midhurst in aft Allin    Work: Wiston & Ashington in
                                 Bros retd 7.30 to Drive & Club    even. Geof Harsly & Stephen
Saturday 1st. April              etc                               Knight
Work in morn: Garage in aft
on brakes. Drayton in even,      Friday 14th. April                Wednesday 26th. April
for Whist Drive                  Work: Selsey L of I in even.      Work O/T in even till 9.30.
                                 took Ma & Doris down              Club after
Sunday 2nd. April
Garage again in morn general
& brakes. Bath in aft & to
Birdham for tea etc (Car)

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Thursday 27th. April               Wednesday 10th. May                Friday 26th. May
Work: Club & Nags Head in          Work: O/T till 8.00. no VT. -      Maintainance & general
even                               Club etc                           messing around all day. Oke
                                                                      in even after bath
Friday 28th. April                 Thursday 11th. May
Work: Selsey - L of I Supper -     Work: met V.T. - trip out - v.g.   Saturday 27th. May
v.g. Retd 11.30. Turner drove                                         S.f.a. in morn: Plymouth in aft
                                   Friday 12th. May                   by coach v.g. Retd 1.30
Saturday 29th. April               Work: O/T in even, after
Work in morn: Club in aft -        Petworth for day.                  Sunday 28th. May
taking stock from Bushley &                                           Whit Sunday
Webster: Ports in even to see      Saturday 13th. May                 Church Parade in morn: hike
Cupwinners come home Retd          Work: O/T in aft: Washgton in      over Yes Tor in aft and even.
12.00                              even - Stillwell & Ivy.            v.g.

Sunday 30th. April                 Sunday 14th. May                   Monday 29th. May
Club in morn handing over to       B’ton for signal                   Whit Monday
Jerry Cousins Wet day - but to     classification:Retd 5.00 &         S.f.a. in morn & scheme in aft
Bordon With Norman's family        roam round                         - stayed in in even.
Nags after
                                   Monday 15th. May                   Tuesday 30th. May
Monday 1st. May                    Work O/T before drill.             Firing retd 5.00ish - supper at
Work: O/T before Drill                                                Cottage
                                   Tuesday 16th. May
Tuesday 2nd. May                   Work: O/T in even.                 Wednesday 31st. May
Work: Midhurst in aft - & even                                        Reveille 5.30 Firing late return
- called on Una. & to Easebne      Wednesday 17th. May                - supper at Cottage
Drill Hall                         Work: O/T in even Drill Hall
                                   after.                             Thursday 1st. June
Wednesday 3rd. May                                                    Marching drill & general
Work: Office again in even &       Thursday 18th. May                 fatigues - Sth Zeal in even &
Club after                         Ascension Day                      Batty (390 again) binge
                                   Work: O/T in even, &
Thursday 4th. May                                                     Friday 2nd. June
Work: O/T in even - wrote          Friday 19th. May                   Out all day - till 7.30 - hot -
AHS, etc met Vi, & talking -       Work: O/T in even, & Club          packing etc in even
no go at 9.15: Nags, met Bob
Whitting & to Dolphin              Saturday 20th. May                 Saturday 3rd. June
                                   Work in morn: Club in aft          Home by Mr. Todd's car - in
Friday 5th. May                    taking stock, & to Camp in         Chi 4.15. Selsey. for
Work: L of I in even - JD 1st      even: arr 7.00.                    installation etc.
                                   Sunday 21st. May                   Sunday 4th. June
Saturday 6th. May                  Settling down in Camp -            Quiet day - Drill Hall in morn:
Work in morning: Lodge in aft      Military Police in even.           bath in aft & Birdham in even
- Allen & Sisters - retd 10.15 &                                      about 8.30.
Club                               Monday 22nd. May
                                   Class in morn: Scheme in aft.      Monday 5th. June
Sunday 7th. May                    Oke with Cover in even.            WORK again: very hot Club in
Brighton & Firle - Signallers                                         even after few mins O/T.
Day but over in 47mins.            Tuesday 23rd. May
Birdham in even                    Class in morn: Scheme in aft:      Tuesday 6th. June
                                   stayed in even - Naafi.            Work: back office in even for a
Monday 8th. May                                                       while
Work: Drill in even after O/T      Wednesday 24th. May
                                   Scheme all day. Oke in even        Wednesday 7th. June
Tuesday 9th. May                                                      Work: office & Drill Hall
Work: O/T in even, & roam          Thursday 25th. May
round                              Scheme all day. Oke in even

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Thursday 8th. June                Wednesday 21st. June                 Tuesday 4th. July
Work: Office & Nags Head in       Work: Drill - Instr. class           Work: Birdham in even: out
even                                                                   with Dad in morn:
                                  Thursday 22nd. June
Friday 9th. June                  Work: wrote 2 or 3 letters in        Wednesday 5th. July
Work: Office - Yeomanry           even & out, stroll round             Work: Drill in even -
work: trip out with Car but                                            Goodwood (7 dials )
radiator leaked: Club             Friday 23rd. June
                                  Work: AHS came over in even          Thursday 6th. July
Saturday 10th. June               - stroll round etc & Club later -    Work: Wrote Les. & to
Work in morn bathe in aft - Ev    10ish                                Birdham: ma to drive
& David: they came up in even
- David's last night - beerho.    Saturday 24th. June                  Friday 7th. July
Ran them back                     Work in morn: Selsey re New          Work: Club in even 7 to 11.
                                  Car: tea at Ada's - Bath &
Sunday 11th. June                 Club in even & Snack Bar             Saturday 8th. July
Garage - radiator trouble -       after                                Work: fff in aft & office typing
Selsey to fetch Ada etc Office                                         Expl. GL Certif Club in even
for short while & then Birdham    Sunday 25th. June                    etc v.g.
- cycle                           Club - stock in morn: bath etc
                                  in aft - Birdham ( no luck) &        Sunday 9th. July
Monday 12th. June                 Bognor in even - Crown               Garage in morning & Club
Work: Club etc - no drill:                                             Winchester & Gosport. retd
                                  Monday 26th. June                    Chi 10.30.
Tuesday 13th. June                Work: Club in even, checking
Work: stroll round with Bayley,   wireless                             Monday 10th. July
after little O/T.                                                      Work: Drill in even - Trundle
                                  Tuesday 27th. June
Wednesday 14th. June              Work: Birdham in even Cycle -        Tuesday 11th. July
Work: Instruction class for       Lamb etc.                            Work: Horsham in even Retd
signallers in even                                                     10.30
                                  Wednesday 28th. June
Thursday 15th. June               Work: Drill - up at Stoke - filthy   Wednesday 12th. July
Work: to Birdham - with Doris:    night - drove 30# - what a           Work: Drill in even: Recreation
she drove back & I came back      game                                 Grd
with Padre.
                                  Thursday 29th. June                  Thursday 13th. July
Friday 16th. June                 Work: Birdham via Car -              Work: Birdham in even - cycle
Work: Club etc in even &          Connie Gladys etc & round            Lamb
generally                         Wigs etc - v.g.
                                                                       Friday 14th. July
Saturday 17th. June               Friday 30 June                       Work: with Ev & Sidlesh &
Work in morn: Birdham &           Work: Runcton in aft Marcus          Lamb
Earnley in aft & Ev up in even    Chambers - Selsey L of I in
                                  even, & got new Austin               Saturday 15th. July
Sunday 18th. June                                                      Work: Ashgtn in aft self & Club
Office for little while & Club    Saturday 1st. July                   in even
Sleep in aft - & Gosport after    Work: Selsey - Lodge - took
tea                               Ev. & brought him back. 2nd.         Sunday 16th. July
                                  & 1st.                               To Wembley for day. Saw
Monday 19th. June                                                      Les: retd 11.15 Chi
Work: Club later in even:         Sunday 2nd. July
Bognor, Haygates in aft           Out with Doris & Billie in morn:     Monday 17th. July
                                  & again with do. & Ma in aft &       Work: Runcton in aft Drill in
Tuesday 20th. June                all in even: to Birdham later        even, on 7 & 3
Work: Birdham in even - Lamb
                                  Monday 3rd. July                     Tuesday 18th. July
                                  Work: Drill in even - up to          Work: Club - stock taking etc
                                  Trundle with 7 & 3.                  in even

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Wednesday 19th. July               Tuesday 1st. August              Monday 14th. August
Work: Took Sig. Parade -           Work: Birdham in even - cycle.   Work: Gosport to take Bert
lecture on vehicles &              Lamb                             back
                                   Wednesday 2nd. August            Tuesday 15th. August
Thursday 20th. July                Work: to Washgton (Putticks)     Work: Garage, seeing to
Work: to Petworth (Woolfords)      in even: retd 11.30              Clutch. Nags after
in aft: took Phyllis Parker over
- retd 5.30. to Birdham via Car    Thursday 3rd. August             Wednesday 16th. August
- Ev out                           Work: Ebberzine genl mtg in      Work: Witterings, Ma & Dad &
                                   aft & to Woolgars. B'dham by     Connies.
Friday 21st. July                  bike in even - Lamb
Work: Birdham after tea, &                                          Thursday 17th. August
Eliza's - Stormy evening           Friday 4th. August               Work: Carter came over from
                                   Work: O/T in even - Yeef(?) I.   B'ton - Gdwd etc
Saturday 22nd. July                T. Retn Bognor after, England,
Work in morn: Midhurst etc in      Hall etc                         Friday 18th. August
aft: bath & Club etc in even &                                      Work: Billie etc to tea & trip
to Crown about 10.00               Saturday 5th. August             out; Lamb after
                                   Work in morn: Bath garage in
Sunday 23rd. July                  aft: Gosport after tea pub       Saturday 19th. August
Garage in morn: out with Dad       crawl later                      Work in morn & aft. Selsey, &
for little way Lancing &                                            Club after
Washington in even saw Tom         Sunday 6th. August
                                   Lee - Warsash in morn; in in     Sunday 20th. August
Monday 24th. July                  aft & stroll round Southsea in   Garage cleaning up etc. Office
Work: Drill in even - getting      even.                            in aft; Selsey folk up. round
out Scheme for Sunday                                               Gdwd & to Donnington Hot
                                   Monday 7th. August
Tuesday 25th. July                  Bank Holiday                    Monday 21st. August
Work: back to Office - Read        S.f.a. in morn (Vine) Haslar &   Work: Bognor etc. in even &
Bros a/cs - cleared                Stokes Bay etc in aft Retd in    Club later
Wednesday 26th. July                                                Tuesday 22nd. August
Work: Drill in even: Recruits      Tuesday 8th. August              Work: to Club for Stock but
                                   Work: O/T in even & Club         postponed it. Met V.T.
Thursday 27th. July
Work: DH in even - wire for        Wednesday 9th. August            Wednesday 23rd. August
Sunday                             Work: Drill (bar!!) in even:     Work: Stock at Club in even
                                   Nags with Bert P.
Friday 28th. July                                                   Thursday 24th. August
Work: DH & Nags in even            Thursday 10th. August            Work: finished Club Stock in
                                   Work: wet day & so               even
Saturday 29th. July                Exchange, & Nags
Work: bath in aft & to Wiston -                                     Friday 25th. August
Scotts Wthg in even: Retd Chi      Friday 11th. August              Work: Key Party of 390 called
10.30                              Work: trip out in even, & to     up
                                   Lamb with Bert.
Sunday 30th. July                                                   Saturday 26th. August
Field Day at Ashgton: Bognor       Saturday 12th. August            Work in morn: work in aft.
to fetch Les & Wyeth Retd Chi      Work in morn: to Stn with        Club & Nags in even met
8.30. Nags after                   Doris in aft & Bosham.           Doris 11.02 train
                                   Arundel & Lamb in even
Monday 31st. July                                                   Sunday 27th. August
Work: Selsey in even Nags on       Sunday 13th. August              Bathe in morn: Canteen etc in
Retn                               Garage in morn: & Billies:       aft & Gosport after tea.
                                   Gdwd in aft & Rands to tea.
                                   Selsey after

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Monday 28th. August               Sunday 10th. September              Friday 22nd. September
Work: CH returned. Canteen        P.T. & marching Home by             Got Lorries off & parade drill.
in even (Pallant)                 12.06 for 24 hrs Bath in aft &      Beer party etc in even
                                  School house Birdham in even
Tuesday 29th. August              & to Nags                           Saturday 23rd. September
Work: Nags Head in even                                               Route March in morn - wrote
                                  Monday 11th. September              E in aft (tried) Evening at
Wednesday 30th. August            W & H in morn etc & ret Wthg        Steyne & Scott came down.
Work: Nags Head in even &         10.44 Heard from Erica.             V.G.
stroll round                      Checking signal kit etc.
                                  Dolphin & S down in even            Sunday 24th. September
Thursday 31st. August                                                 Church Parade & off for day.
Work: N. Pallant in even - bath   Tuesday 12th. September             Wrote E & post Steyne in
& packed for Mobilisation         Parades - wireless. Crawl           even. good party
                                  around in even;
Friday 1st. September                                                 Monday 25th. September
Reported N. Pallant -             Wednesday 13th.                     To S'ton & aboard boat off to
Mobilised. Telephone duty in      September                           France - at m'night
even                              P.T. & then 2nd. inoculation -
                                  off for 24 hrs, Wrote Erica, &      Tuesday 26th. September
Saturday 2nd. September           bed early                           Arr. Cherbourg. mucked
Whyke House etc. Selsey in        Thursday 14th. September            about all day: off at 10.15
aft for Lodge Shopping &          Parades - wireless - tired:
beering in even. Slept home       Dolphin in even with Les -          Wednesday 27th.
                                  O.K.                                September
Sunday 3rd. September                                                 Arr. Courguins: route march in
Whyke House & N Pallant. To       Friday 15th. September              aft & cookhse fatigues.
Worthing in aft: out Down         Skeleton scheme in morn: off        Pubbing etc in even Wrote E?
View in even.                     in aft & on phone duty in even      (1)
                                  for 24 hrs.
Monday 4th. September                                                 Thursday 28th. September
Parade etc - f.a. with Lads in    Saturday 16th. September            Route marching &
evening - v.g.                    Phone till 6.00 & then stroll       blackberrying in aft. Bath etc
                                  round etc                           in even & then
Tuesday 5th. September                                                bierre ing
Parade - testing signal kit: to   Sunday 17th. September
Washgton in even                  Church Parade, & then out to        Friday 29th. September
                                  Burpham, etc scheme Retd            Route March & lectures etc
Wednesday 6th. September          1.00a.m.                            Crawl around in even to Le
Inoculat so 24 hours off.                                             Tertre - Guy, Cobb etc
Wrote Erica. G#grapefruit in      Monday 18th. September
even                              Parade: s.f.a. in aft & out in      Saturday 30th. September
                                  even @ 8.00. Retd 12.30.            Checking Signal stores in
Thursday 7th. September                                               morn & aft: wet in even, bath
Parades - s.f.a. really Jeff.     Tuesday 19th. September             & bed early.
Geo Wyeth & Macdonald             Parade - Regimental Day Out.
Steyne etc                        v.g. retd 4.00. Bus party in        Sunday 1st. October
                                  even                                Church Parade morn &
Friday 8th. September                                                 signalling. Short route march
Parades - signal scheme in        Wednesday 20th.                     in aft: Police in even
aft. Steyne & Dolphin in even.    September
                                  On equipment etc Chi in even        Monday 2nd. October
Saturday 9th. September           with Cover & Wyeth - Crown -        Drill order retd 4.30. S.f.a.
Picking up wire in morn at        v.g.                                Wrote Erica (II) home & Mina
Findon. Home in aft & retd
10.44 - met V.T. & Nags           Thursday 21st. September            Tuesday 3rd. October
                                  Packing lorries left off at 8.00.   To Le Mans, stores fatigue
4/- Battery. spade terminals      Beer party at Steyne - v.g.         retd for tea. Early night

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Wednesday 4th. October            Monday 16th. October              Wednesday 1st. November
Parade, & packing up. Bed v.      To Nomain - dig dig dig. Tired    M.O. Parade (for cough) morn
early - 9.00                      bed early                         & aft: Guard at 6.00 - ammo
                                                                    dump. Cold but fine
Thursday 5th. October             Tuesday 17th. October
Started route march @ 6.30 -      Digging again - in Office in      Thursday 2nd. November
rotten cold. Parked at Surville   even & wrote E(IV)                Guard till 6.00 Then bed early.
for night - cookhouse fatigue                                       Wrote home & E(8)
till 10.00.                       Wednesday 18th. October
                                  Digging again - lazy evening.     Friday 3rd. November
Friday 6th. October                                                 Filling Bren Gun pit & pubbing
On with Route March - parked      Thursday 19th. October            in even
at Abbeville - early night.       Ditching - wet & raining
                                  soaked thro. Wrote AHS            Saturday 4th. November
Saturday 7th. October                                               Unloading brick in morn: bath
Maintainence etc all day &        Friday 20th. October              in aft & drink in even. Wrote
signal parades & beer in even.    On fatigues at Office etc.        E(9)
turn in 8.30.                     Wrote E(V)
                                                                    Sunday 5th. November
Sunday 8th. October               Saturday 21st. October            Coy & chief guard - ammo
Move on again to Base,            Telephone line mtce - to farm,    dump - till 6.00. quiet even,
arrived 3.30: fatigues &          Pub in evening                    maintce on kit etc bed early
N.C.O. of Guard                   Sunday 22nd. October
                                  Church Parade at C.P. in aft      Monday 6th. November
Monday 9th. October                                                 Rifle drill in morn & to
Guard till 6.00: A spot of        Monday 23rd. October              Lecrupez - Ammo Gd.
supper - v.g. - at billet         C.P. in morn: Lorry Park in aft
                                  & Telephone duty in even.         Tuesday 7th. November
Tuesday 10th. October                                               Guard till 7.00 - Surreys late -
Signal parades & route march      Tuesday 24th. October             retd 8.00 Bed early.
in aft. Supper etc in even        Telephone till 8.00. Wrote
again                             E(6), home, etc.                  Wednesday 8th. November
                                                                    Forward area, Wireless Retd
Wednesday 11th. October           Wednesday 25th. October           late
Fatigues etc. On Guard again      Digging etc. C.P.
at 6.00 Received post                                               Thursday 9th. November
                                  Thursday 26th. October            General fatigues & bathing in
Thursday 12th. October            C.P. again in morn - general      aft. Guard in even; (ammo
On Guard till 7.00 & then to      fatigues in aft & Guard in        dump) Wrote E(10) home
Rly Cafe for Supper Blaker        evening - as a Gnr. Cold          Burgess.
turned up. wrote E (III) &
home & CH                         Friday 27th. October              Friday 10th. November
                                  Guard till 6.00. Cold drink:      Guard till 6.00. Then early to
Friday 13th. October                                                bed.
Route march in morn - bath &      Saturday 28th. October
pay in aft: round about in        C.P. all day Cold. Drink in       Saturday 11th. November
even.                             even.                             Route march in morn etc
                                                                    Douai in aft per lorry quite
Saturday 14th. October            Sunday 29th. October              good. N.C.O i/c
Fatigues in morn: Half day        Church Parade in morn: C.P.
roam round Leforest               in aft, sandbags Wrote E(7)       Sunday 12th. November
                                                                    Church Parade in morn. Wrote
Sunday 15th. October              Monday 30th. October              Rands in aft Guard ar 6.00 -
Bathe & Church Parade - Half      C.P. in morn, revetting Farm      Amm Dump.
day lost. wrote Doris & Mrs.      Fatigues in aft & Guard
Golds                                                               Monday 13th. November
                                  Tuesday 31st. October             On Guard till 6.00. Into town &
                                  Retd Leforest in morn: bath in    a few drinks - whole billet. v.g.
                                  aft. Supper in even               evening, wrote E(11)

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Tuesday 14th. November            Tuesday 28th. November            Monday 11th. December
Rubble fatigue & to For'd area    On Camouflage nets Guard at       Packing Signal Stores for
& retd 7.00 tired.                6.00 - ammo. Wrote E.(14)         removal

Wednesday 15th. November          Wednesday 29th. November          Tuesday 12th. December
Kit Insp & bath. Lecture on       Off guard at 6.30 & to f a        Orderly Bolt & moved to
Gas in aft & on Guard again.      Signal lectures                   Leforest - heavy mail

Thursday 16th. November           Thursday 30th. November           Wednesday 13th. December
On Guard till 6.00. tired, &      To f a again Signals - drove      Signalling in morn - Postal
started writing home.             TLB.                              Orderly in aft till 9.30.

Friday 17th. November             Friday 1st. December              Thursday 14th. December
Road party at For'd Area retd     To f a again - Signal course      Heavy post work: finished
6.00. Quiet even cleaning up.                                       8.00 To Maria's - & back with
                                  Saturday 2nd. December            Dunnaway
Saturday 18th. November           To B. gunpit digging - find day
Orderly N.C.O. Petrol fatigue     drove TLB. Supper at Maria's.     Friday 15th. December
in aft & on Guard in even.                                          Post still - a bit lighter wrote
Wrote E(12)                       Sunday 3rd. December              E(18)
                                  Church Parade in morn
Sunday 19th. November             cancelled by air raid alarm:      Saturday 16th. December
Guard till 6.00 Wrote Mina &      beating in aft for rabbit Guard   Post - easier - getting
Fred                              - ammo in even: tired             organised!! Wrote home

Monday 20th. November             Monday 4th. December              Sunday 17th. December
Practice move to f a Retd 6.30    Off guard & to f.a. for           Post not so bad, Finished
                                  signalling. Wrote E(15)           8.00ish beer up, Ellis Wood,
Tuesday 21st. November                                              etc etc
Signal parade f.a. Corps of S.    Tuesday 5th. December
Retd. 6.30                        King's visit - to Faumont bath    Monday 18th. December
                                  in aft Guard in even - late for   Post fin. early for Battery
Wednesday 22nd.                   7.30 am!!                         Supper & Concert v.g. indeed
Coal fatigue in morn Bath etc     Wednesday 6th. December           Tuesday 19th. December
in aft & haircut in even.         Guard to 5.30 p.m. - at main      Post again: finished early:
                                  Guard. To Douai for theatre -     wrote E(19).
Thursday 23rd. November           v.g .indeed Leslie Henson etc.
F.a. for Signal Lecture Retd                                        Wednesday 20th. December
6.00 Wrote E(13)                  Thursday 7th. December            Post again. finished E's letter
                                  To f a signalling all day. Lazy
Friday 24th. November             even, supper & bed early          Thursday 21st. December
Signal lessons. On guard at                                         Post again - Wrote Doris &
6.00 Letters from home &          Friday 8th. December              sent parcel & Putticks
Mina.                             To f.a. again signalling at
                                  Corps & R.H.Q. Retd 5.15.         Friday 22nd. December
Saturday 25th. November           Lazy evening again                Post Wrote Home & C.Hirst.
Guard till 6.00 Wrote home.
wrote Ev in even                  Saturday 9th. December            Saturday 23rd. December
                                  "Signal Mtce" all day - on a      Post again. to Collect @
Sunday 26th. November             darn good mike Wrote E(16)        Wagnonville etc To Maria's for
Church Parade in morn &           Guard at 6.00 - wrote home, in    evening
s.f.a. after - wrote Kite, AHS,   night
Connie & Stillwell.                                                 Sunday 24th. December
                                  Sunday 10th. December             Work - Post as usual Beery
Monday 27th. November             Guard till 6. 00. Wrote Mina &    afternoon - merry & bright -
Signal lectures at fa drove       Fred & E again(17) in even.       but stone sober by 9.30
Bedford - rotten day

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939
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Monday 25th. December
Christmas Day
Post in morn: Wrote E(20) - &
pub crawl in even - no

Tuesday 26th. December
Post again Wrote Doris, Toms
& Div Petrol Officer

Wednesday 27th. December
Post light - little came in: cafe
- Paulette & Yvonne, with

Thursday 28th. December
Heavy Post with Rogers to

Friday 29th. December
Post light: Cafe Variation? in

Saturday 30th. December
Post again wrote Joan & Bill,
light post: not feeling well:
home early & bed.

Sunday 31st. December
Sick Parade at 9.00. Wrote E
21 in morn & bed at 2.00

R.J.Burbidge Diary 1939

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