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A Draft Tourism Strategy for Northern Ireland to 2020


									A Draft
Tourism Strategy
for Northern Ireland
to 2020
Consultation for the draft Tourism Strategy
for Northern Ireland to 2020

February 2010
                                                             This document is also
                                                             available in an accessible
Tourism Policy              E:   format if required i.e.
Department of Enterprise,   T: (028) 9052 9524               Braille, large print, audio
Trade and Investment        Textphone: (028) 9052 9304
                                                             cassette or in a minority
Massey Avenue                                                ethnic language
Belfast BT4 2JP
Department of Enterprise,
Trade and Investment

A Draft
Tourism Strategy
for Northern Ireland
to 2020
Consultation for the draft Tourism Strategy
for Northern Ireland to 2020

February 2010
                                                             This document is also
                                                             available in an accessible
Tourism Policy              E:   format if required i.e.
Department of Enterprise,   T: (028) 9052 9524               Braille, large print, audio
Trade and Investment        Textphone: (028) 9052 9304
                                                             cassette or in a minority
Massey Avenue                                                ethnic language
Belfast BT4 2JP
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy
Foreword by Arlene Foster MLA,
Minister of Enterprise,
Trade and Investment

Tourism is a key driver of our economy. It supports     offer the visitor a special experience and in doing
over 40,000 jobs, brings new facilities to our towns    so create a better place for all.
and cities, creates opportunities in rural areas and
                                                        The Northern Ireland Executive is fully committed to
is a source of pride for the people of Northern
                                                        the success of tourism and I invite you to play your
Ireland. In difficult economic times it is not an
                                                        part. I want to ensure that the proposals are
industry that can move offshore and it has the
                                                        appropriate for Northern Ireland and I therefore
potential to create new jobs - especially for young
                                                        encourage all stakeholders to consider the
people. This is why the Northern Ireland
                                                        consultation and contribute to developing Northern
Government has invested significantly in the sector
                                                        Ireland’s future tourism policy. In particular, I would
and why I have commissioned this strategy.
                                                        like to seek your comments on the following
The Draft Strategy builds upon the valuable             elements of the strategy:
contribution made by the previous Tourism Strategic •       Your reaction to the key targets to grow visitor
Framework for Action, the main legacy of which has          revenue to £1billion by 2020 and visitor
been the adoption of the Signature Projects.                numbers to 4.5m.

In April 2009 I invited a steering group of experts     •   Whether you support the 3 Priorities for Action
to develop a new strategy for tourism in partnership        (People, Product and Places, Promotion) within
with DETI and NITB. The aim is to provide a clear           the Strategy and the associated actions within
and inspiring vision for the development of Northern        the Action Plan?
Ireland’s tourism experience through to the year        •   Whether you support the cross-cutting theme of
2020 and an action plan to deliver it. Several              Partnership and the associated actions in the
workshops were also facilitated during last summer          Action Plan?
to capture stakeholder input. The workshops were        •   Whether you support the proposal to develop
attended by more than 80 members of the tourism             an approach for working collaboratively at a
and business communities from both public and               local level to deliver for tourism in your area?
private sectors. Positive feedback was received,
                                                        •   Whether you feel there are any significant areas
which played a vital role in the development of the
                                                            not covered by the Strategy or Action Plan and
                                                            how you would wish to see them reflected?
There is a growing recognition that tourism is
                                                        As part of the 12 week public consultation on the
everyone’s business and a belief that it is time for
                                                        strategy the Department proposes to hold a series
a simple common agenda that everyone can buy in
                                                        of regional consultation events during April/May
to. There is also a need for a common approach to
                                                        2010 to provide stakeholders with a further
tourism planning with success dependent upon a
                                                        opportunity to discuss the key issues and give
wide range of stakeholders in both the public and
                                                        feedback. These ‘Road Shows’ will be held in
private sectors. An important element of this will be
                                                        Armagh, Ballymena, Belfast, Enniskillen,
the requirement for a collective approach to policy
                                                        Londonderry, and Omagh. Details on the events
development across government which impacts on
                                                        will issue in due course and your invitation will
                                                        allow attendance at the one of your choice.
Competition for visitors is intense but we have
                                                      I would encourage you to participate in this
much to offer. The strategy sets challenging targets,
                                                      important consultation process.
but I have confidence in the places and people of
Northern Ireland and their ability to deliver. We can

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment          Arlene Foster MLA
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy                       Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
1: Introducton

1.0 Introduction                                       1.1 The Starting Point
Northern Ireland has enjoyed 10 years of growth in     The period from 1997 to 2007 was very positive
tourism and tourism is now seen as a sector that       with substantial growth in business achieved across
can make a significant contribution to the economy     the whole of Northern Ireland.
of the country.
                                                       There has been investment in new product,
The global financial crisis has affected visitor       improved access and development has taken place
numbers. This pause in growth has provided an          in all regions. New visitors have been attracted,
opportunity for Northern Ireland to reflect on the     Belfast and Londonderry are undergoing
kind of future it would like to create.                transformation and the significant investment in
                                                       Signature Projects will provide new reasons to visit
The industry is confident and ambitious and clearly    and encourage year round tourism.
wants to see tourism grow. There is also a real
                                                       However, this is against a backdrop of 30 years of
recognition that what makes Northern Ireland
                                                       very limited growth and investment and it is
special is the quality of the experience and any
                                                       recognised that there is still a lot to do. Northern
development must be sensitive to this.
                                                       Ireland has not been as successful as competitor
Consultation on a future direction has highlighted     destinations in persuading visitors to spend money;
that the foundations of success depend on the          it has not yet exploited the opportunities provided
people of Northern Ireland. They need to be proud      by events or local food and drink, and it has work
of where they live, be enthusiastic about sharing it   to do to develop the potential of business tourism.
with visitors and passionate about making it a
                                                       Visitors to Northern Ireland enjoy the experience
better place. Marrying this energy with government     but want to see more local food and drink, more
commitment will give Northern Ireland a truly          consistent quality, and a better range of things to
sustainable tourism industry.                          do in the evening and at weekends.
Northern Ireland needs to:                             The most important out of state market is Great
                                                       Britain - accounting for almost 60% of Out of State
Value Tourism — this means understanding that it
                                                       visitors. The performance of this market in the last
is a key economic sector, providing government
                                                       5 years has been disappointing. This has been
support at every level and ensuring that there is an
                                                       identified as a priority by Tourism Ireland and a new
enabling attitude to investment and development.
                                                       plan has been developed to address this.
Value the Tourist — provide the best experience
                                                       There is also enormous potential on the doorstep in
possible through a commitment to quality and
                                                       the Republic of Ireland. The Irish Tourism Industry
offering professional training and development to
                                                       Confederation estimate that the domestic holiday
the industry.
                                                       market in the Republic is worth €1.5bn annually
Value what the Tourist Values — this means             with holidays accounting for 15.6 million bed
protecting and enhancing the built and natural         nights. Northern Ireland has done well in 2009 in
environment for the benefit of future visitors and     attracting a growing share of this market by offering
                                                       good value, but there is still significant potential.
                                                       These issues are the challenges facing the sector
                                                       as we plan for growth over the next 10 years.

                                                                    Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                        Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 1
2: The Way Forward

2.0 The Way Forward                                     2.1 Summary of Priorities
The industry is clear that the new tourism strategy     The Business Environment
should be ambitious, but there is also a desire to
protect the qualities that make Northern Ireland        The global financial crisis has affected the tourism
special and unique.                                     sector worldwide and created great uncertainty in
                                                        relation to planning and forecasting. 2008 and
Tourism will make a bigger contribution to the          2009 saw big shifts in travel patterns, with fewer
economic wellbeing of Northern Ireland but the          business travellers and more holidays at home.
development of Northern Ireland as a tourism
destination is about more than economic                 However, it is widely expected that the global
development. The guiding principles for                 economy will start to recover in 2010 - the
development have been set out in the extensive          International Monetary Fund predicts growth of
work done to develop a branding strategy for            3.1% - and the World Tourism Organisation predicts
Northern Ireland. This summarises the qualities that    travel will return to the long term trend of 3%
will set Northern Ireland apart from its competitors    growth per annum.
and can be summed up as being Visitor Inspired.
                                                        Business investment in the short term is likely to
The vision is to:
                                                        be constrained by access to finance and public
“Create the new Northern Ireland experience             sector spending will be under pressure as the
and get it on everyone’s destination wish list”.        government seeks to reduce the level of debt.

There is also a clear desire to ensure that the         The implementation of this strategy will be done in
people of Northern Ireland are part of the success      a harsh business environment in the early years.
story and benefit from growth. The strategic target     Nevertheless, the targets and ambitions have been
has been designed to balance these objectives and       reviewed and represent realistic and achievable
is:                                                     goals based on present assumptions. A review of
“Northern Ireland has set its sights high. We           targets will take place in 2014 to ensure that the
will double the income we earn from tourism             strategy is on track.
by 2020. We will work together to grow tourism
                                               Recent Developments
for the benefit of all.”
                                                        The need for investment and the creation of iconic
This will be achieved by:
                                                        attractions was identified in the Tourism Strategic
• increasing visitors from 3.2 million to
    4.5 million by 2020;                                Framework for Action 2004. The development work
• increasing earnings from tourism from                 on these projects is now coming to fruition and the
    £536 million* to £1 billion by 2020;                Signature Projects will open and start attracting
• progressively accelerating spend by visitors          new visitors to Northern Ireland in the next few
• targeting specific markets and market                 years. The collective effect of these investments,
                                                        coupled with the re-opening of the Ulster Museum,
• supporting indigenous high quality businesses
    to grow; and                                        City Hall, Lyric Theatre etc provide new reasons to
• being visitor inspired in all our actions.            visit. Investment by private developers, such as the
                                                        5 star Lough Erne Resort, has already transformed
This target will only be achieved through the efforts   the product offer in some areas. Taken together
of individual businesses, supported by government       these will reach a “tipping point” in 2012 when the
and its agencies.
                                                                   *Baseline figure is based on 2010 forecast for
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment                     tourism and is inclusive of domestic performance.
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 2
critical mass of attractions will represent a           a detailed Action Plan that includes timescales for
genuinely new experience that must be capitalised       achievement (attached at Annex A).
                                                        Priorities for Action have been identified under
Achieving the Targets                                   three themes. The first two are:
                                                        •   People — this sets out how we will work with
Tourism is intensely competitive and visitors have
                                                            the people of Northern Ireland to develop a
many choices about where to spend their time and
                                                            visitor experience that is unique and an industry
money. The targets in this strategy are challenging
                                                            that has pride and professionalism.
but they can be achieved if all parties work
together on the priority areas for action.              •   Product and Places — this sets out how we
                                                            will invest in our product and places to make
At the core of the strategy is the intention to grow        them better for residents and ready to receive
income from visitors faster than visitor numbers.           the visitors of the future.
This will require a single minded focus on making it
easier for visitors to spend money, increasing          Together, these actions will be the building blocks
quality at every level and widening the range of        to delivering the vision of Creating the new
products. At present Northern Ireland earns less        Northern Ireland experience.
per day from visitors than competitor destinations.
                                                        The third theme is:
In the early years of the strategy the aim will be to
                                                        •   Promotion — these are the actions we will
’catch up’ with the competition. In the medium
                                                            take, with our partners in Tourism Ireland, to
term the range of product becoming available
                                                            bring new visitors and to welcome back visitors
through the investment in Signature Projects,
                                                            to see a place that is confidently moving on.
coupled with support from government and local
authorities for business expansion will help this       These actions will be the building blocks to
aim. In the long term higher quality across the         delivering the vision of Getting it on everyone’s
whole visitor experience will be essential.             destination wish list.

Action Plan                                             It is recognised that these ambitions can only be
                                                        realised through wholehearted support from
The Department of Enterprise, Trade and
                                                        industry and government. There is therefore a cross
Investment is the lead Department for Tourism. The
                                                        cutting theme:
Department’s sponsor body, the Northern Ireland
Tourist Board has responsibility for tourism            •   Partnership — these actions identify the roles
development in Northern Ireland and is responsible          and responsibilities of businesses and agencies
for tourism promotion in the domestic and Republic          and set out how we monitor progress.
of Ireland markets. Tourism Ireland, a cross-border     A summary of the priorities under the key themes
body sponsored by DETI in conjunction with DAST         of People, Product and Places, Promotion and
in the Republic of Ireland is responsible for           Partnership is provided in the following pages.
overseas tourism promotion. In addition there are
many other bodies and agencies which have a role
                                                             ‘Vision without action is merely a dream
to play.
                                                             Action without vision just passes the time
Action is required in many areas and by a wide               Vision with action can change the world’
range of partners. The strategy is accompanied by                          Joel A Barker

                                                                      Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                          Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 3
3:        The Implications

The Action Plan sets out the detailed implications             visitor pass for an area, group tickets for visitor
but there are some key areas of focus. These are:              attractions.
•    earning more from visitors;                           •   Spend – industry to set own internal targets for
•    investing in development - both capital projects          incremental spend and benchmark with
     and business skills;                                      competitor set.

•    targeted marketing;                                   •   Publicly owned visitor attractions to adopt a
                                                               more commercial focus – review gift and
•    policy support from government and its
                                                               catering sales, special exhibitions and events
     agencies; and
•    industry leadership.
                                                           •   Industry to develop skills in yield management.
                                                               Identify opportunities to offer value added
3.0 Earning more from visitors
1. Create Opportunities to Spend
                                                           3. Develop Quality Products & Produce
•    Signature Projects coming on stream and
                                                           •   Development of an events portfolio to create
     developed into Signature destinations.
                                                               year round opportunities to visit.
•    Making better use of natural resources e.g.
                                                           •   Develop business tourism facilities and the
     good practice is Forest Service’s initiative to
                                                               business tourism offer.
     develop leisure activities (Go Ape tree hopping
     in Tollymore Forest Park, Newcastle).                 •   Food & drink – Department of Agriculture and
                                                               Rural Development (DARD) offer financial
•    Towns and cities – review trading hours and
                                                               assistance to develop food & drink initiatives.
     facilitate Sunday/evening opening.
                                                               Good practice example is Taste of Ulster and
•    Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL)
                                                               Flavour of Tyrone.
     work on cross border basis to promote angling.
                                                           •   Industry to review food and drink offer, increase
•    Work with insurance industry and the two
                                                               local sourcing, menu choice that reflects local
     jurisdictions to remove barriers to travel e.g. car
                                                           •   Develop world class facilities in sport and the
•    Industry to ensure that products are available
                                                               arts e.g. links golf courses.
     to buy on line.
                                                           •   Souvenirs – develop range of craft items and
2. Improve Skills in Cross Selling/Up Selling                  souvenirs that are linked to the history and
•    Events - industry to leverage existing events by          culture of Northern Ireland.
     creating packages, featuring events on                •   Develop high quality mementos and corporate
     websites, including event tickets as purchase             gifts for business tourism market.
     options.                                              •   Businesses and public bodies to feature
•    Ticketing – industry to develop clusters of visitor       Northern Ireland arts and crafts in premises.
     offers locally and provide integrated ticketing,

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 6
4. Encouraging Entrepreneurs/Facilitating                      new media.
   Innovation                                              •   Secure a Planning Policy Statement (PPS) that
•   Integrated approach to making Northern Ireland             enables tourism development.
    visitor friendly e.g. facilitate café culture
                                                           Medium Term
    through use of public space/pavements.
                                                           •   Bringing new accommodation on stream by
•   Flexibility in facilitating events, closing streets,
                                                               investing in entrepreneurs and supporting the
    issuing licences etc.
                                                               growth of indigenous businesses.
•   Supportive approach to film makers’
                                                           •   Improving the use of local food, drink and
    requirements.                                              products by the industry.
•   Partnership approach to steering development           •   Focus on upgrading interpretation in towns,
    through the Planning process.                              cities and attractions to bring story telling to
5. Marketing Strategy                                          life.

•   Identify source markets with greatest potential        •   Incorporating storytelling into every new
    and focus efforts on these markets.                        development.

•   Identify market segments in each target market         •   Identifying talent in the industry and supporting
    that have ability and propensity to spend and              business growth and development.
    increase investment in reaching these                  •   Improving the image of the industry.
•   Match product portfolio with special interest          3.2 Targeted Marketing
    segments in each source market and tailor
    marketing messages to these niche markets              Market Segments - Short Term
    e.g. golf.                                             In the immediate future the priority market
                                                           segments are:
                                                           •   City breaks - especially event led short breaks.
3.1 Investing in Development
                                                           •   Culture/experience seekers.
Short Term
                                                           •   Activity/special interest breaks especially music,
•   Delivering the Signature Projects and                      golf, angling, walking, gardens, cruising and
    transforming them into Signature Destinations.             cycling.
•   Developing a conference and exhibition centre          •   Business visitors - especially National
    in Belfast.                                                Association conferences, corporate meetings
•   Developing a year round events programme.                  and conferences, trade and consumer
•   Improving access by developing an all island               exhibitions and incentive travel.
    access plan, identifying investment priorities
                                                           Market Segments - Medium Term
    and upgrading gateways.
                                                           Product development work will be needed to exploit
•   Offering improved training, development and
                                                           the potential of new market segments, in
    career paths for young people.
•   Significant investment to exploit the potential of
                                                           •   Food.

                                                                         Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                             Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 7
•   Wellbeing.                                        Department of Enterprise, Trade and
•   Green travel and eco tourism.                     Investment (DETI) – acting as the sponsor
•   Extended family groups.                           department for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board
                                                      (NITB) and Tourism Ireland Ltd (TIL); ensuring
Marketing Infrastructure
                                                      tourism priorities are integrated into other
There are a number of core activities required to     department’s priorities; supporting Invest Northern
support the development and growth of markets.        Ireland to develop high quality indigenous
These include:                                        businesses, managing the delivery of the visitor
•   Implementation of the branding strategy and       targets through the link with TIL.
    adoption at all levels.
•   Investing in technology to reach and inform
    visitors in new ways.                             Department of Agriculture and Rural
                                                      Development (DARD) – supporting rural tourism
•   Investing in research to understand the needs
                                                      businesses to establish and to improve capability,
    of visitors and sharing this with the tourism
                                                      productivity, profitability and growth; supporting
                                                      sustainable self-catering development in rural
•   Improving the national surveys to provide more
                                                      areas; developing supply chain for promoting the
    robust measures of performance and a better
                                                      qualities of local produce to hospitality and
    evidence base.
                                                      catering sector. Providing support and facilitating
                                                      others in the provision of recreational activities
                                                      which support the tourism agenda.
3.3 Policy Support
Tourism has the potential to contribute hugely –
both as an economic sector and to the social fabric   Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure
of Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland             (DCAL) – commitment to collaborating on cultural
government is the champion of tourism and can         and arts festivals to support an events strategy;
support the industry through the policy and           investment in upgrading museums; proactive
spending decisions of its departments and             involvement in increasing leisure use of
agencies. Discussions with government                 waterways. Support for initiatives to improve
departments have highlighted the following key        cross border angling.

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 8
Department of the Environment (DOE) –                             Department for Employment and Learning
protecting, enhancing and conserving our built                    (DEL) – tourism education and careers
heritage and natural environment. Manage                          programmes, attracting high calibre entrants and
development in a sustainable way, this includes                   broadening the appeal of the sector, raising
developing PPS 16 which will set out planning                     management capability, improving customer
policy for the management of sustainable tourism                  service standards, upskilling the work force, sector
development; developing rural design guide and                    small business support, language skills and
continuing to apply design standards as set out in                investment support for the Future Skills Action
development planning documents.                                   Group.

Department for Regional Development                               Local Authorities – investing in tourism
(DRD) – the revised (draft) Regional Development                  development and improved interpretation;
Strategy and Regional Transport Strategy                          involving the community in developing Tourism
acknowledge the importance of tourism as a key                    Area Plans*; supporting extended trading hours
contributor to the Northern Ireland economy and                   and business innovation. Proactive involvement in
its future potential in the development of the                    opening up access to the natural environment for
region.                                                           visitors.

Department for Social Development (DSD) –
                                                                 3.4 Industry Leadership
taking a lead in place making to ensure that the                 There is also a leadership role for the tourism
needs of visitors are accommodated alongside                     industry. The consultation process has
residents. Ensuring that regeneration projects                   demonstrated real enthusiasm on the part of the
identify the potential economic benefits that arise              industry and this now needs to be translated into
from the visitor economy.                                        concerted action. The industry needs to organise
                                                                 itself to speak with one voice, to form a
                                                                 professional approach to delivering value while
                                                                 driving up spending and to participate fully in the
                                                                 development of a more skilled and professional

*Further detail on key tourism areas is available at Appendix 3 of the Supporting Evidence document which has been placed on the
DETI website ( under ‘Consultations’

                                                                                 Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                                     Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 9
4: Making it Happen

4.0 Making it Happen                                     The next 4 years will see an impressive programme
                                                         of new developments coming on stream, following
The strategy sets out a vision for 2020, but it is
                                                         years of investment and planning (Fig 1). These will
important to be clear about how this will be
                                                         provide a wonderful platform for attracting new
                                                         visitors and create opportunities to market Northern
The Action Plan covers the period to 2013/14 and         Ireland to new audiences. The intention is to use
links to the government planning cycle and the           this as the focus for a major push in 2012 to
Comprehensive Spending Review process.                   change the perceptions of Northern Ireland.

It will also inform the development of Corporate         There will be a continuing need for investment and
Plans by DETI, Northern Ireland Tourist Board and        a number of ‘pipeline’ projects have been identified
Tourism Ireland. There will also be close liaison with   that will be brought to the market towards the end
relevant Government Departments, Local                   of this first planning period. These include the
Authorities and other organisations to ensure that       development of a Conference and Exhibition facility,
the Strategy and Action Plan influences their            the development of Ebrington and visitor facilities
Corporate Plans and Strategies.                          such as world class links golf resorts.

This section summarises the ambitions and targets
for the strategy through to 2013/14.

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 10
Fig 1 – New Developments Coming on Stream

2009/10                2011                2012                      2013                     2014

• Ulster Museum          • Lyric Theatre   • Titanic Visitor Experience                       • Conference
                                                                                                Exhibition Centre
• Belfast City Hall      • The MAC         • Giant’s Causeway Visitor Experience

• Lough Erne Golf                          • Walled City Lighting Scheme
                                           • Celebration of NI –     • Belfast Rapid          • Ebrington/River Foyle
• St Patrick and                             This is NI                Transport System
                   • Mournes               • London Olympics         • Public Record Office   • National Park
                                                                       for Northern Ireland

• Playhouse Theatre                        • World Fire & Police Games

• Tower Museum                                                                                • Links Golf resort

• Enniskillen
  Museum                                   • UK City of Culture

                                           • St Columb’s/Guildhall/Apprentice Boys/
                                             Museum of Free Derry

                                                                          Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                             Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 11
4.1 The Trading Environment                                   News

The trading environment is complex and uncertain              The resurgence of violence in 2009 and the
but the weather chart and associated comments                 attendant publicity has set back the image of
summarises the overall picture (Fig 2).                       Northern Ireland on the world stage. 2012 presents
                                                              an opportunity to work with the news media to
                                                              present positive stories of development in Northern
Political tensions and delays in resolving some key           Ireland.
issues reduce the confidence of the business
community. The commitment of government
departments to work in partnership to deliver                 Tourism Industry
elements of the Tourism Strategy is a very positive
                                                              A highly motivated tourism industry will support the
step. Pressure on public sector spending may
                                                              development of new products. Opportunities exist
reduce the ability of government to provide seed
                                                              to develop packaged products on the back of the
                                                              Signature Projects. Increased investment in skills

Very Unfavourable              Unfavourable                Neutral           Favourable           Very Favourable

Fig 2                        US Economy                                      Travel

      Exchange Rates                                                                            Tourism

                                                 Overall             Assessment

           Eurozone                                                                              News

                           UK Economy                                       Government

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 12
development by government will support the                Eurozone Economy
industry in improving its productivity and
                                                          The European Commission is forecasting Eurozone
profitability. The development of an industry forum
                                                          growth of +0.7% in 2010 and + 1.5% in 2011.
to better represent the sector will assist
                                                          This is reflected in International Monetary Fund
government decision making.
                                                          (IMF) forecasts that see this pattern of steady
                                                          growth continuing in 2012/13. IMF forecasts that
                                                          the Republic of Ireland economy will not return to
                                                          growth until 2011. This gradual increase in
UK outbound travel in 2010 is likely to be subdued        economic confidence will provide opportunities.
as a result of the coincidence of the football World
Cup and an election by June. This is likely to favour
close to home holidays. From 2011 onwards the
GB market will be more influenced by the price and
                                                          Exchange Rates
availability of air travel. Eurozone countries will
rediscover their appetite for travel, providing the air   Sterling/euro exchange rates are predicted to
route network is available to support travel. 2011        remain at current levels through 2010/11 and then
onwards will provide real opportunities from North        strengthen from 2012. This indicates three more
America, the Far East and Asia as the global              years of opportunity as Northern Ireland will be able
economy improves. 2012 will provide an                    to offer value to the home market, the Republic of
opportunity to target the diaspora – especially in        Ireland market and the incoming European visitor.
markets like Australia and New Zealand where the
recession has been muted.                                 Sterling/dollar exchange rates are predicted to
                                                          remain at current levels to the end of 2012. This
                                                          gives Northern Ireland a small advantage over
                                                          Eurozone destinations.
UK Economy

HM Treasury forecasts indicate subdued growth in
GDP from 2010 to 2013 of 1.1%, 2%, 2.3%, and              US Economy
2.7% with inflation at or below 2%. Unemployment
is predicted to rise in 2010, plateau and then start      The US Economy is emerging from recession and
to drop in 2012. Public spending will be                  business leaders are more confident about the
constrained from 2011, which will increase                business outlook for 2010 than they have been for
insecurity and limit spending on luxuries. The            18 months. GDP growth of 1.5% is predicted for
combination of better value at home and pressure          2010 but unemployment levels will remain high
on household budgets indicates there are                  until 2011. From 2011 onwards the IMF predicts
opportunities to sell home holidays and to grow the       GDP growth of 2+% with the possibility of a
GB market.                                                virtuous circle of reinvestment fuelling growth.

                                                                       Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                          Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 13
4.2 Medium Term Performance                                         assumptions have also factored in accelerating
                                                                    levels of income from visitors as new product
There has been extensive discussion on setting
                                                                    comes on stream and the industry becomes more
realistic targets based on an analysis of best
                                                                    experienced at yield management and introducing a
prospects and modelling of long term growth. This
                                                                    wider range of value added products to the market.
has informed the long term target of achieving
revenue of £1 billion by 2020.                                      It is also recognised that the domestic market will
                                                                    be a vital contributor to the long term sustainable
In the immediate future, the performance of travel
                                                                    growth of Northern Ireland tourism and that tourism
and tourism globally will be affected by the speed
                                                                    revenue should be calculated on total visitor
of economic recovery.
                                                                    expenditure inclusive of the domestic market which
In Northern Ireland there are some short term and                   previously has not been considered.
medium term opportunities. There is also a single
                                                                    It is predicted that the value of tourism will have
minded commitment to driving up earnings from
                                                                    risen from £536m to £633m and the number of
visitors, but a recognition that this will be easier to
                                                                    visitors will have risen from 3.2m to 3.5m by
achieve when the developments shown in (Fig 1)
are open for business.
                                                                    (Fig 3 and 4) shows the summary model of how
In the short term there will be an element of
                                                                    this will be generated.
recovering ground lost during 2008/9. The

Visitor Numbers 000s (2010=2007 numbers following decline in 2009)                                                    Fig 3

                                                                                                                      State Total




                                                                                                                        Out of





2010      3261      1154        1285   322       50        38        23       23       41       91      156   78      2107

2011      3362      1177        1324   345       53        40        24       24       41       95      161   78      2185

2012      3468      1201        1363   369       56        41        24       25       42       98      167   82      2267

2013      3579      1225        1404   394       60        43        25       27       42      102      174   83      2354

Total Visitor Expenditure £m                                                                                          Fig 4
                                                                                                                      State Total




                                                                                                                        Out of





2010       536      159         219    43         6        9          5        5       10       28      28    24      377

2011       566      165         230    47         5        10         5        6       11       30      39    18      401

2012       596      172         242    51         6        11         6        6       12       32      41    17      424

2013       633      181         256    56         6        12         6        6       12       34      44    20      452

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 14
5: What will Tourism look like in 2020? The Outcomes

5.0 What Will Tourism Look Like in                    The strategy is designed to deliver many other
    2020?                                             benefits to the people of Northern Ireland. In
                                                      particular the aim is to foster a sense of pride, to
The strategic priorities are designed to bring about
                                                      significantly improve tourism education and
a transformation of the visitor experience. The table
                                                      training, to identify and develop local talent and
(Fig 5) is a summary of some of the outcomes the
                                                      help indigenous businesses to flourish. We will only
strategy is intended to deliver by 2020.
                                                      succeed in creating the new Northern Ireland
The economic benefits include 12,000 new jobs,        experience with the help of the people of Northern
career pathways for young people, development in      Ireland.
rural areas, as well as market towns and cities, and
new markets for local produce and products.

Fig 5 – Outcomes of the Strategy by 2020

          Markets                  Market Segments                       Industry                         Products

4.5m visitors of which 3.1m   Event led short breaks           An additional 12,000 jobs        More accommodation unique
are Out of State              especially younger audience                                       to Northern Ireland
                              from UK/ ROI                     Young celebrity chefs and
Income of £1bn                                                 hoteliers a feature of the       Award winning, indigenous
                              Mature culture/experience        industry                         businesses
Tourism sector direct GVA     seekers from UK and Europe
contribution of 2.6%                                           Professionally managed           Locally owned restaurants
                              Extended families from           visitor attractions              with rooms using local
50% visitors from closer to   domestic market, ROI and                                          produce
home markets                  GB                               Pay on a par with other
                                                               service sector employers         State of the art interpretation
2% emerging markets           Conference and Exhibition        (retail, distribution)           at Signature Destinations
N. America and Germany key                                     High status careers with low     Year round events
source markets                ‘Eco’ travellers especially      job vacancy rates and            programme with local artists
                              from Germany seeking             competition for training posts   at the heart
1.4m visits made by NI        untouched landscapes
residents - throughout the                                     Productivity and profitability   Local people directly
year                          ‘Hobby’ visitors especially      closer to UK industry average    involved in creating the
                              music, gardens, angling, golf,                                    visitor welcome
                              cruising, walking, cycling       Integrated development plans
                                                               with sharing of expertise the    Gateways to NI with award
                              Wellness and rejuvenation        norm                             winning welcome
                              breaks with a luxury element
                                                               Industry leading the UK in       Local food, drink and
                              ‘Foodies’ inspired by the        adoption of sustainable          products available
                              quality of raw materials and     business practices               everywhere
                              local chefs
                                                               NI brand and values              New product coming on
                                                               incorporated into all            stream continuously

                                                                                 Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                                    Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 15
6: Related Plans and Support Documents

6.0 Related documents                                          structure of more detailed delivery documents
                                                               produced by the partner agencies identified in the
Fig 6 is a summary document that identifies the
                                                               Action Plan.
priority areas for action. It is supported by a

Fig 6                             Tourism Strategy for Northern Ireland

 Industry     GB and      Domestic      Rural       Business     Events      Recre-       Skills     Signature    Tourism
 Business      Inter-      & ROI       Develop-     Tourism      Action     ational       Action      Projects      Area
   Plans     national     Marketing     ment        Develop-      Plan        and          Plan       Delivery     Plans
             Marketing      Plan         Plan        ment                  Social use                  Plans
                Plan                                  Plan                 of Forests

  Industry    Tourism      Northern    Depart-      Northern    Northern    Forestry      Future      Various      Local
              Ireland       Ireland    ment of       Ireland     Ireland    Service        Skills                Authorities
                            Tourist   Agriculture    Tourist     Tourist                  Action
                             Board    and Rural       Board       Board                   Group
                                        ment                                            People 1st

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 16
Annex A
Action Plan

Annex B
List of Consultation Questions/
How to Respond

Annex C
Glossary of Abbreviations

Annex D
Equality Assessment

Annex E
Membership of the Steering Group

                      Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                         Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 17
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 18
Annex A – Action Plan

Pillars: People

                Priorities         Point                    Action Point                       Lead        Partners

   A       Inspire the people       A1      Develop examples of good practice in               NITB       Businesses,
           of Northern Ireland              interpretation and disseminate to Local                          Local
           to discover and                  Authorities, businesses and other agencies                    Authorities,
           share our stories                                                                                 DCAL
           with visitors

                                    A2      Extend brand values into all visitor contact       NITB       Businesses,
                                            across Northern Ireland (including TIC's)                        Local
                                                                                                          DSD, DOE,

                                    A3      Develop and run visitor welcome training           NITB       People 1st,
                                            material for all parts of Northern Ireland                      Local

   B       Inspire the tourism      B1      Roll out the Northern Ireland branding and         NITB       Businesses
           industry to use                  work with businesses to develop linked
           storytelling in their            branding

   C       Make our visitor         C1      Local Authorities to actively involve the         Local          NITB
           welcome personal                 community in developing and sharing             Authorities
                                            interpretation material

   D       Create immediate         D1      Improve welcome and interpretation at              NITB        Airports,
           impact at major                  major gateways (e.g. pilot project 1 at                        Ports etc
           gateways                         Belfast International Airport)

   E       Attract talented         E1      Develop an Ambassador Programme as              People 1st    DEL, NITB,
           people into the                  part of the Tourism Awareness Programme                        Industry
                                    E2      To run the Junior Chef Academy                  People 1st      Industry

                                    E3      To develop resource material for a Tourism      People 1st       NITB
                                            Awareness Programme

                                    E4      Develop the UK Skills Passport                  People 1st    DEL, NITB,

                                    E5      Develop a pilot Chef Conversion Course to        DEL, FE      People 1st
                                            encourage more people into the industry          colleges

   F       Provide a training       F1      Work with universities to link degree           People 1st       DEL,
           and development                  programmes to industry needs                                  Universities
           system that is fit
           for purpose              F2      Raise awareness of DEL’s suite of                  DEL        People 1st,
                                            Management and Leadership provision                              NITB,

                                    F3      To develop a pilot 'Industry into Education'     LSDA NI,     People 1st,
                                            model which would encourage stronger                FE           NITB,
                                            links and support between industry and the       colleges      Industry
                                            Further Education sector.

                                    F4      To develop best practice training &             People 1st    DEL, LSDA
                                            education approaches to support the                               NI
                                            employability of students in hospitality &

                                                                                    Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                                       Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 19
Annex A – Action Plan

Pillars: People

                 Priorities       Point                     Action Point                 Lead        Partners

    G       Foster high             G1      Improve the productivity and quality of    DETI, DEL       NITB,
            growth, high                    existing businesses through targeted                     Industry
            quality businesses              intervention                                           Associations

                                    G2      Invest NI to be pro-active in targeting    Invest NI
                                            customer focused development

    H       Create an               H1      Ministers to remove ‘road blocks’ to       DETI, DSD
            environment that                development
            entrepreneurs and       H2      High profile support from government for     DETI
            developers                      the sector

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 20
Annex A – Action Plan

Pillars: Product and Places

                 Priorities         Point                     Action Point                         Lead        Partners

    A       Complete the             A1      Titanic (Maritime) Belfast: Develop and               NITB
            development of                   implement an integrated tourism plan.
            the 5 Signature                  Develop and implement marketing
            Projects and                     communications plan for 2012 centenary
            develop them into
            Signature                A2      Giant's Causeway and Antrim Causeway                  NITB
            Destinations                     Coast Area: Encourage the development of
                                             the Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre to
                                             world class standards. Strategically
                                             influence infrastructural development of at
                                             least 22 key sites on Causeway Coastal

                                     A3      Walled City: Financial assistance to key              NITB
                                             projects through the Built Heritage
                                             Programme. Implement the Lighting
                                             Strategy to illuminate the Craigavon Bridge,
                                             city walls and key buildings

                                     A4      Mournes: Strategically influence the                  NITB
                                             development of the Mournes by
                                             administering financial assistance for
                                             infrastructure development

                                     A5      St. Patrick and Christian Heritage:                   NITB
                                             Strategically influence the development of
                                             visitor sites and urban centres on the St.
                                             Patrick’s Trail with financial assistance for
                                             infrastructure development

                                     A6      Develop linkages and cluster industry                 NITB
                                             across Christian Heritage product
                                             throughout NI

    B       Make it easy for         B1      Develop plans for improving access to air             DRD          Ports &
            the visitor to get to            and sea ports and key visitor attractions                         Airports,
            and get around                   through the revised Regional Transportation                         Local
            Northern Ireland                 Strategy (RTS) which is currently being                          Authorities,
                                             prepared, and the ensuing Integrated                             NITB, DETI
                                             Transport Plans.

    C       Create more              C1      Local Authorities to encourage flexible              Local        Industry
            opportunities for                trading hours                                      Authorities
            visitors to spend
            money                    C2      Government agencies to commit to access              DCAL
                                             to land (forests, parks, canals, rivers) for
                                             leisure purposes

                                     C3      Introduction of high quality recreation              DARD
                                             products in forests

                                     C4      Use natural resources in rural areas to              DARD
                                             attract visitors and create new employment

                                     C5      Tourism Area Plans to identify gaps in               Local       DETI, NITB
                                             visitor offer, identify product clusters and       Authorities
                                             support entrepreneurs in meeting those

                                                                                       Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                                          Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 21
Annex A – Action Plan

Pillars: Product and Places

                 Priorities      Point                      Action Point                       Lead         Partners

    D       Invest in              D1       Develop world class links golf facilities and      NITB        Industry,
            infrastructure to               secure a major European Tour golf event by                     Invest NI
            support specific                2012
            opportunities          D2       Develop a convention & exhibition facility in   BCC, BVCB        NITB
                                            Belfast to exploit the potential of business

    E       Develop year           E1       Create an events programme in                   NITB, DCAL       BVCB,
            round events to                 cooperation with cities and cultural                          DVCB, Local
            extend the season               agencies. Invest in events that bring new                      Authorities
                                            business and support the brand messages

    F       Exploit the            F1       Enhance training for practitioners on use of      DARD           NITB
            potential of food,              local produce. Develop local supply chains
            drink and local                 and increase the use of local produce
            products to
            enhance the            F2       Support award schemes that celebrate use          DARD           NITB
            experience                      of local produce

                                   F3       Benchmark visitor feedback and achieve             NITB           All
                                            year on year improvement

    G       Ensure that we         G1       Encourage high quality independent               Invest NI    NITB, Local
            remain competitive              accommodation provision                                       Authorities
            benchmarking and       G2       Achieve increase in overall star rating of         NITB         Industry
            continuous quality              accommodation
                                   G3       Benchmark performance against                      NITB
                                            international standards

                                   G4       Invest in upgrading existing product             Industry

    H       Demonstrate            H1       Develop minimum standards for the                  NITB
            commitment to                   industry and integrate into quality
            taking care of the              assessment schemes
                                   H2       Identify a green accreditation scheme that         NITB
                                            suits Northern Ireland and get industry
                                            commitment to adopting it.

                                   H3       Invest in visitor information to encourage        Local
                                            visitors to treat the environment as a          Authorities
                                            precious resource

                                   H4       Enhance the landscape and manage our              DARD
                                            natural resources by increasing the area of
                                            agricultural land under environmental
                                            enhancement agreement.

                                   H5       Conserve and enhance the natural and               NIEA
                                            historic environment.

                                   H6       Embed sustainability into Tourism Area            Local
                                            Plans                                           Authorities

    I       Commit to high         I1       Recognise the role that professional            DOE, Local        NITB,
            quality design and              planners can play in managing                   Authorities     Industry
            development                     development in a sustainable way

                                   I2       Publish a rural design guide and continue          DOE        DSD, DRD,
                                            to apply design standards as set out in                         DARD,
                                            development planning documents.                               Developers,

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 22
Annex A – Action Plan

Pillars: Product and Places

                Priorities         Point                     Action Point                       Lead        Partners

   I                                 I3     Develop planning policy for the                     DOE           NITB
 contd                                      management of sustainable tourism                                 NITB,
                                            development                                                     Industry

                                     I4     Bring forward proposals for legislation to          DOE
                                            enable the future designation and
                                            management of National Parks.

   J       Upgrade                  J1      Embed an understanding that every new               NITB      Businesses,
           interpretation at                development must add to the sense of                              Local
           visitor sites and                place                                                          Authorities,
           give priority to the                                                                             National
           development of                                                                                 Trust, DCAL,
           projects that                                                                                   DSD, DOE,
           explain our history                                                                                NIEA
           and culture
                                    J2      Give priority for financial support to projects     NITB          DETI
                                            that add to a visitors understanding

                                    J3      New media to be used to share stories               NITB         Local
                                            virtually as well as actually (e.g. pilot                     Authorities,
                                            project 5 at Carrickfergus and Dunluce)                         Visitor

   K       Focus on the             K1      Develop product specifications for the               TIL          NITB
           visitor of the future            needs of each of the target markets
           when planning
           development                      Support exemplar projects with investment           NITB        Invest NI
                                    K2      and development support

                                                                                     Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                                        Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 23
Annex A – Action Plan

Pillars: Promotion

                 Priorities        Point                    Action Point                       Lead        Partners

    A       Know the visitor        A1      Interpret and disseminate existing market        NITB/TIL       Industry
            and respond                     intelligence                                                  associations

                                    A2      Provide insight on new developments from            TIL
                                            competitor markets

                                    A3      Create a ‘feedback loop’ from visitor            NITB/TIL       Industry
                                            intelligence to product development. Adjust
                                            marketing plans in response to intelligence

                                    A4      Implement improvements to annual                 NITB/DEL/     VB, ONS,
                                            surveys - NI Passenger Survey, UK Tourism          Failte        CSO
                                            Survey, introduce Day Visitor Survey,             Ireland
                                            improve coordination with ROI statistics

                                    A5      Improve data on the economic impact and            DETI
                                            performance of tourism

    B       Grow income from        B1      Short term – focus on closer to home               NITB           TIL
            visitors through                markets with product portfolio
            targeted marketing
                                    B2      Medium term - achieve target increases           NITB/TIL       Industry
                                            from priority markets of GB, US, Germany,
                                            ROI. Increase spend by 4% p.a.

                                    B3      Medium term - develop product                      NITB           TIL
                                            specifications and industry guidance for
                                            new markets

    C       Exploit the             C1      Develop a set of tools that use the                NITB        Industry,
            potential of new                potential of new media to influence the                          Local
            media to reach                  visitor before, during and after a visit                      Authorities,
            and persuade                                                                                    Visitor
            visitors                                                                                      Attractions

    D       Implement the           D1      Grow Business tourism through a focus on        NITB, BVCB,       TIL
            Business Tourism                National Association conferences,corporate         DVCB
            Action Plan                     meetings and conferences, the incentive
                                            market and trade and consumer

    E       Use events to           E1      Integrate the new events programme into          TIL/NITB     DCAL, Event
            grow out of                     marketing campaigns and monitor their                         organisers,
            season business                 success                                                        Industry
            and bring new
            visitors to Northern

    F       Identify the visitor    F1      Explore the market opportunity for NI, in        TIL/NITB       Industry
            of the future and               particular in relation to the ‘vigorous old’,
            their needs                     wellbeing, extended families, affluent young
                                            and eco tourism markets

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 24
Annex A – Action Plan


                Priorities        Point                     Action Point                       Lead        Partners

   A       Achieve cross           A1      All relevant government departments to              DETI         DCAL,
           government                      commit to delivering the targets in the                        DARD, DEL,
           commitment to                   strategy and action plan                                       DSD, DRD,
           supporting                                                                                     DOE, Local
           economic growth                                                                                Authorities
           through tourism
                                   A2      All relevant government departments to              DETI
                                           agree to report on progress to a Ministerial
                                           Steering Group

                                   A3      The NI Environment Agency/NITB taskforce         NIEA, NITB
                                           will work together to achieve strategic
                                           priorities which are common to both

   B       Recognise the           B1      New local authorities to accept                    Local
           critical role of                responsibility for creating quality places for   Authorities
           Local Authorities in            visitors as well as residents
           creating quality
           places for              B2      Local authorities to develop destination           Local
           residents and                   development plans that identify product          Authorities
           visitors                        clusters, link to and support the overall

                                   B3      Local authorities to have a mechanism to            DETI
                                           report progress to the Ministerial Steering

   C       Develop an agreed       C1      Manage the transition to the new Local            NITB/DOE       Local
           structure for                   authority structures. Ensure that tourism is                   Authorities
           working                         recognised as a key economic driver
           collaboratively with
           industry and local

   D       Establish a             D1      Involve planning departments in Tourism            Local          NITB
           partnership with                Area Plans                                       Authorities
           planning to deliver
           high quality

   E       Ensure that the         E1      Regular meetings chaired by DETI Minister           DETI
           delivery of the                 to review progress
           strategy is
           monitored and

   F       Invite the tourism      F1      Facilitate the creation of a Northern Ireland       DETI
           industry in                     Tourism Forum to challenge progress on
           Northern Ireland to             the strategy
           take a leadership

                                                                                    Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                                       Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 25
Annex B – List of Consultation Questions/How to Respond

In particular, we would like to seek your comments       We would welcome your views. Comments on this
on the following elements of the strategy:               consultation should reach DETI on or before
1. Your reaction to the key target to grow visitor       20 May 2010 and may be sent by email to
   revenue to £1billion by 2020. Do you agree   or by post to:
   that the 5 critical success factors set out in
                                                         Sharon Smyth
   section 3 of the strategy will deliver this target?   Tourism Policy Branch
   ie                                                    Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
    •    earning more from visitors;                     Room 55, Massey Avenue,
    •    investing in development – both capital         Netherleigh
         projects and business skills;                   Belfast
                                                         BT4 2JP
    •    targeted marketing;
    •    policy support from government and its          All responses should include the name and postal
         agencies; and                                   address of the responder. Please state whether
    •    industry leadership.                            you are responding as an individual or representing
                                                         the view of an organization. If responding on
2. Whether you support the 3 Priorities for Action
                                                         behalf of an organisation please make it clear who
   (People, Product and Places, Promotion) within
                                                         the organisation represents and, where applicable,
   the Strategy and the associated actions within
                                                         how the views of members were assembled.
   the Action Plan?
3. Whether you support the cross-cutting theme of
   Partnership and the associated actions in the
   Action Plan?
4. Whether you support the proposal to develop
   an approach for working collaboratively at a
   local level to deliver for tourism in your area?
5. Whether you feel there are any significant areas
   not covered by the Strategy or Action Plan and
   how you would wish to see them reflected?

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 26
Supporting Evidence
                                                        Confidentiality and Data Protection
As part of the development work on the Strategy a
detailed evidence document was compiled. This           Your response may be made public by DETI. If you
information helped to shape the Strategy. The           do not want all or part of your response or name
supporting evidence document has been placed on         made public, please state this clearly in the
the DETI website ( under              response by marking your response as
‘Consultations’ .                                       ‘CONFIDENTIAL’.

                                                        Information provided in response to this
Help With Queries
                                                        consultation, including personal information, may
If you have any questions on the consultation           be subject to publication or disclosure in
document you can contact Sharon Smyth:                  accordance with the access to information regimes
                                                        (these are primarily the Freedom of Information Act
Tel: (028) 90529524
                                                        2000 (FOIA), and the Data Protection Act 1998.
                                                        If you want other information that you provide to be
If you require access to this document in a different
                                                        treated as confidential, please be aware that,
format – eg Braille, disk, audio cassette – or in a
                                                        under the FOIA, there is a statutory Code of
minority language, please contact Sharon Smyth
                                                        Practice with which public authorities must comply
and appropriate arrangements will be made as
                                                        and which deals, amongst other things, with
soon as possible. Hard copies of the equality
                                                        obligations of confidence.
screening forms can also be provided on request.
                                                        In view of this, it would be helpful if you could
                                                        explain to us why you regard the information you
                                                        have provided as confidential. If we receive a
                                                        request for disclosure of the information we will
                                                        take full account of your explanation, but we
                                                        cannot give an assurance that confidentiality can
                                                        be maintained in all circumstances. An automatic
                                                        confidentiality disclaimer generated by your IT
                                                        system will not, in itself, be regarded as binding on
                                                        the Department.

                                                                     Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                        Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 27
Annex C – Glossary of Abbreviations

BCC            Belfast City Council

BVCB           Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau

CSO            Central Statistics Office

DVCB           Derry Visitor and Convention Bureau

DARD           Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

DAST           Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism (Republic of Ireland)

DCAL           Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure

DEL            Department for Employment and Learning

DETI           Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment

DOE            Department of the Environment

DRD            Department for Regional Development

DSD            Department for Social Development

FE             Further Education

GDP            Gross Domestic Product

GB             Great Britain

IMF            International Monetary Fund

NI             Northern Ireland

NIEA           Northern Ireland Environment Agency

NITB           Northern Ireland Tourist Board

ONS            Office of National Statistics

OOS            Out of State

PPS            Planning Policy Statement

ROI            Republic of Ireland

TIC            Tourist Information Centre

TIL            Tourism Ireland Ltd

UK             United Kingdom

VB             VisitBritain

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 28
Annex D – Equality Assessment

Under section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998,   In addition, without prejudice to its obligations
the Department is required to have due regard to     above, the Department is also required, in carrying
the need to promote equality of opportunity:         out its functions relating to Northern Ireland, to
•   between persons of different religious belief,   have regard to the desirability of promoting good
    political opinion, racial group, age, marital    relations between persons of different religious
    status or sexual orientation;                    beliefs, political opinions or racial group.

•   between men and women generally;                 We have carried out an equality screening exercise
•   between persons with a disability and persons    for the Draft Tourism Strategy for Northern Ireland
    without; and                                     to 2020 and found that it does not have any
•   between persons with dependants and persons      significant equality impact. A full Equality Impact
    without.                                         Assessment, therefore, is not required. If you
                                                     would like a copy of the screening form, please
                                                     contact us.

                                                                  Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
                                                                     Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 29
Annex E – Membership of the Steering Group

Clive Gordon, NITB Board - Steering Group Chairman

Howard Hastings, NITB Chairman

Sally Montgomery, NITB Board

Martyn Todd, NITB Board

Alan Clarke, NITB Chief Executive

David Sterling, DETI Permanent Secretary

Niall Gibbons, Tourism Ireland Chief Executive

Bill McGinnis CBE, Tourism Ireland Board

John McGrillen, Down District Council Chief Executive
(representing Society of Local Authority Chief Executives)

Patricia Yates, VisitBritain Director of Strategy & Insights

Bob Cotton, British Hospitality Association Chief Executive

Jeff Jamet, Former NITB Board

Gerry Mallon, Northern Bank Ltd. Chief Executive

Hilary McGrady, The National Trust Director for Northern Ireland

David Quarmby CBE, Former Chairman of VisitBritain

Maggie Smith, Director, Planning and Natural Resources Division, DOE

Keith Morrison, Director, Rural Policy Division, DARD

Jonathan Stapleton, Lough Erne Golf Resort General Manager

Issam Horshi, Northern Ireland Hotels Federation President

Norman Coalter, Proprietor of Horseshoe & Saddlers

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment
Northern Ireland Tourism Strategy Page 30
Tourism Policy              E:
Department of Enterprise,   T: (028) 9052 9524
Trade and Investment        Textphone: (028) 9052 9304
Massey Avenue
Belfast BT4 2JP

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