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LEAN Skills for Managers Cardiff University


									                                                                           Lean University

Lean Skills for Managers’ Training

Lean Skills for Managers’ Training Programme is designed for members of staff who are
considered to be influential, positive people and are keen to help Cardiff University to
improve. Lean is a way of thinking which enables organisations to examine today so that we
can work together to improve tomorrow. It offers us a proven change methodology to help our
staff to overcome obstacles to their work whilst increasing the value that we provide to our
customers, be they internal customers (our own staff), students or research funders.
Participating in this course will help staff to understand how lean really works and how it can
be applied successfully within their own working environment -- equipping them with some
useful techniques in order to help teams identify problems within systems. They will then be
able to work with their staff to overcome these issues.
By providing key individuals across the University with process analysis and improvement
skills we are embedding lean thinking within our organisation, making lean simply ‘how we do
things at Cardiff’.

Learning by Doing

This course has been designed to be as practical and useful as possible. Lean thinking
requires people to adopt a ‘scientific approach’ to improvement work. Becoming a ‘learning
organisation’ which experiments with new ideas and approaches is the cornerstone to
becoming a successful lean organisation. Consequently, this course will involve staff carrying
out their own ‘improvement experiments’ within their area of work. This will really help them to
understand the best approach to take in order to achieve great results.
Those wishing to take part on the course need to identify a process within their school or
division that would benefit from improvement work. As we are going to be examining this
process as the courses progresses, it should be a process which occurs, for the most part,
within their particular area. The Lean University project is looking at ‘end to end’ processes
that span many different central divisions and schools, but as this work is very complex and
large scale, it will be a better learning experience if they focus on a simple, more
‘manageable’ process as your first lean project.
A good process to pick might be one that:
       Has caused headaches in the past
       Has not been reviewed in a long time (or ever!)
       Is mainly contained within the School/Centre but might require some work with other
        schools and divisions in order to bring about change
       Is sufficiently simple to be completed as part of their training
    Examples could be the organisation of a degree scheme, carrying out staff appraisals,
    looking after visiting Professors etc.
    The first cycle of LSM projects included: examining enrolment onto the BSc in Clinical
    Practice within the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the induction process within                                                              Page 1 of 3
    European Studies, direct mailing within PRCOM, the HR relocation process for Cardiff
    University employees and enrolment within Lifelong Learning.
Once you have thought of one or more ideas, contact the Lean Team on extension 70737 or
email to seek advice about which project would provide you with
the best case study.

Course Content

Your chosen case study process will form the basis of your training but the Lean Team will
provide you with some theory behind the lean approach and practical examples of
improvement activities that have worked and those that haven’t. By the end of the course,
you will have experienced a lean improvement programme first hand and will realise the
benefits that lean can provide. The course will commence with a full day of training,
followed by 5 half day sessions. This will take place over a number of weeks, enabling us to
reflect on the progress of your improvement project.


The Lean Skills For Managers’ training is accredited by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre.
Therefore to successfully complete the training you will need to pass a short multiple choice
exam and attend every session.

Course Outline

                                               Training Session
                                               Preparation before next training session

 Introduction to Lean – Session 1
                                                                         9.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
 Lean Thinking (What? Why? Were?)
 Lean’s relevance to Cardiff University
 People and change

 Create project initiation document (PID)                                        1 week
 Current state mapping – Session 2
                                                                                       ½ day
 Visualise end-to-end
 Uncover issues
 How to map

 Conduct current state mapping of your process                                      3 weeks
 Data Collection – Session 3
                                                                                       ½ day
 Data collection
 Current states
 Wastes and failure demand

                                                                                 Page 2 of 3
 Collect Data                                                                    4 weeks
 Developing Future State Map – Session 4
                                                                                     ½ day
 Problem solving
 Idea generation
 Flow (visual management, workplace organisation, bottlenecks)
 People and change
 Conduct future state mapping of your process                                     3 weeks
 Future State Map Feedback – Session 5
                                                                                     ½ day
 Review PID with Future State
 Gap analysis
 Pain gain
 Decision matrix
 Strategic logic
 Implementation plan
 Develop implementation plans                                                      2 weeks
 Review of Course – Session 6
                                                                                     ½ day
 Feedback of implementation plan
 Lessons learnt
 Review of course (multiple choice test)
 Strategic View of Lean

Contact Information

If you have any issues regarding the course, or are experiencing any problems when you are
carrying out your improvement work, then please do not hesitate to contact the lean team at
any time.

                                  David Melkevik
                                   029208 70737

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