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									Kirby Wiley
October 27, 2008
Ted Bundy presentation outline

     I.      Cover page
             -Mug shot of Ted Bundy
   II. Definition of a serial killer.
         -Serial killer: A person who kills one by one in a series.
  III. Background information on Ted Bundy
-November 24, 1946- January 24, 1989
-Story of Ted’s parents.
-Grandparents claimed him.
-Grew up believing that his mother was his older sister.
-First few years of life lived with his mother in Philadelphia, then him and his
“sister” moved to Tacoma, Washington with some relatives where their last name
was changed to nelson.
-Adopted by Johnny Bundy, many brothers and sisters.
-Emotionally unattached from his stepfather.
IV. More background.
-Shy in high school and beginning of college.
-When he was fascinated by pictures of sex and violence.
-He knew he was ‘bad’ and he called the bad side of him ‘the entity”
-Before he was done with high school he already committed small crimes like shop
-Arrested twice as a juvenile.
-Graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and got a scholarship by the
University of Puget Sound.
-Transferred to University Of Washington.
-Had some odd jobs when in college.
-Volunteer at Seattle’s Suicide Hot Line.
- Relationship with Stephanie Brooks who was a strange girl who lied about her
identity. When their relationship ended Ted was very upset and angry.
V. Ted Bundy’s many physical appearances and disguises.
VI. Ted Bundy’s life as a serial killer.
-How many people he killed, and confessed to, etc.
VII. Bundy’s method.
-At the beginning of Ted Bundy’s murders he followed the same pattern of driving
around in his car, finding women, parking far away and walking up to the women
limping to make them feel bad. He would ask the women if they could escort him
back to his car, most women fell for this trick. When they would get back to his car,
he would beat them with an iron rod and rape and kill them. After he got caught the
first time, he changed things up and had many different methods.
VIII. Bundy’s arrests
-Ted Bundy getting arrested, escaping from prisons and jails.
IX. Evidence.
-The weapons Ted Bundy used in murders and used against him in trial.
-Teeth marks on girls bodies, volts wagon beetle car, in his car found ski mask, crow
bar, handcuffs, trash bags, ice pick, and other items that were to be burglary tools.
X. Joni Lenz story
-Joni Lenz is one of the few women that survived to tell the story about an attack by
Ted Bundy.
XI. Resources.

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