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					Technology Boot Camp Project Based Learning Template                                                        2010-2011

Project Plan Title:
Developed by: Sharel Delzer              Grade Level: English IV                  Timeframe: 5 weeks
Content Area Indicators and Standards Addressed in Project (also include Reading or Math):
R.2 Students can comprehend and fluently read texts.
R.3 Students can apply knowledge of text structures, literary devices and literary elements to develop interpretations
and form responses.
R.5 Students can access, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate informational texts.
9-12.CT.1.1 Student will incorporate knowledge and enhanced usage skills to create a project.
Indicator 2: Students use technology to enhance learning, extend capability, and promote creativity.
9-12.CT 2.1: Students use a virtual learning environment as a strategy to build 21st century skills.
to specific tasks
9-12.CP.1.1 collaborate with external peers, experts, and others by using
technology to compile, synthesize, produce, and disseminate information,
models, and other creative works.
9-12.CP.2.1 Adapt delivery of communication based on available
information technologies.
Examples:. WebCT,
9-12.IL.1.1 Design a research project using a variety of technologies to
find information to solve a real-world problem.

Essential Questions: What questions will lead student learning?
What are the dangers of oppression?

What literary devices does Dickens employ to create an accurate picture of the injustices before and during the French

How can fiction be used as a social documentary?

Describe what success looks like so that participants have a clear picture of expectations.
*Students will engage in lit circles for the duration of the unit.
*Students will use email, online journals, and discussion boards to address lit circle roles, assess and analyze
literary devices, and draw parallels between the struggles of the nation and characters to present time.
*Students will complete a project that combines technology and literary analysis.

                                                   Learning Targets
               Know                                  Understand                                     Do
 What do you expect students to           What concepts will students have        What will students be able to do as
know when project is completed?            mastery of when the project is            a result of this knowledge and
                                                    completed?                                understanding?
Understand the dangers of                Analyze using literary elements:         Collaborative learning will take 1
oppression.                              theme, motif, symbolism, and             place in lit circles where students
Technology Boot Camp Project Based Learning Template                                                2010-2011
                                     characterization.                      will use WebCT tools of email,
Identify and assess various literary                                        journaling, and discussion boards.
devices.                             Realize the importance of fiction as
                                     way to expose injustices and           Students email their “role” work to
Recognize the difference between create social change.                      fellow circle members prior to
appearance and reality.                                                     meeting day.
                                     Use of online journals, discussion
                                     boards, and emailing as a way to       Journal posts are private between
                                     share information and advance          teacher and student and indicate
                                     discussion of key points.              the student’s level of engagement
                                                                            and understanding.
                                       Draw parallels between the events
                                       prior to and during to the French    Students will use discussion boards
                                       Revolution with current events.      to clarify and discussion different
                                                                            interpretations of the plotline and

                                                                            Student will create a collaborative
                                                                            Photo Story that incorporates an
                                                                            original script, imported photos
                                                                            and graphics, imported
                                                                            instrumental music, and wordless
                                                                            to display their understanding of
                                                                            motif, theme, symbols, conflict,
                                                                            and characterization.

                                              Lesson Activities
Learning Experiences         Timeframe       Technology Integration and              21st Century skills
                                             Resources                               addressed
Preparatory Sessions         2 class         Use of smart board and WebCT to         Learning and Innovation
                             periods         familiarize students with literary      Skills
                                             circles terminology and use of               *Critical thinking and
                                             discussion board for journaling.             problem solving
                                                                                          *Communication and
                                          Division of students into circles               collaboration
                                          based on ability and discussion time            *Creativity and
                                          for planning the reading assignments            innovation
                                          and assigning roles.                       Information, Media, and
Meeting days: M, W, F        Begins day 3 3 part pre-meeting journal entries         Technology Skills
Work Days: T, Th, S, and S   and          are due @ 9am on meeting days.                  *Information literacy
1.Discussion                 scheduled                                                    *Media literacy
Director/Facilitator         to end by    Role work is emailed to circle                  *ICT (Information,
2. Literary                  May 6        members prior to class.                         Communications, and
Luminary/Alternate                                                                        Technology) literacy
Facilitator                                  Discussion board questions are          Life and Career Skills
Technology Boot Camp Project Based Learning Template                                          2010-2011
3. Character Captain                   addressed within circles and posted       *Flexibility and
4. Vocabulary Enricher                 as a group to spark digital discussion    adaptability
5. Artful Adventurer                   between groups.                           *Initiative and self-
6. Connector                                                                     direction
**Roles rotate at the end              Original artistic creations are printed   *Social and cross-
of each meeting day.                   and displayed.                            cultural skills
                                                                                 *Productivity and
                                                                                 *Leadership and
Collaborative Photo Story   Final 5-9     Use of Photo Story 3; importing
3 project on assigned       class         instrumental music from
chapters of A Tale of Two   periods, locating appropriate
Cities.                                   photos at etc,
                                          creation of an original script,
                                          recording of dialogue.

                                          Finished Photo Story is saved on a
                                          flash drive and burned to a CD.
Presentation of final       Day 10        Groups watch and critique the
project                                   finished products using rubric.

                                          Evaluations are emailed to


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