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					       Yakima County Extension
         Master Gardener Program             The Weekly Dirt!
                                                                                   April 14, 2010

"The best time to plant a tree     Arbor Day                         An Hour with
was 20 years ago. The next
best time is now."                                                   Master Gardeners
                                   We are celebrating Arbor Day
            ---Chinese Proverb     and Arborfest this week.          That is the theme for all our
                                   Felicia Faringer has her          summer classes in the garden.
Fungal, Viral and                  volunteers lined up for           Last Saturday was the first
                                   Saturday's fun day with family
Bacterial Diseases                 and kids. There will be
                                                                     class for this growing season.
                                                                     Thanks so much to Becky
                                   hundreds of those little ones     Lang-Boyd and Carol Barany
Are we talking about our           learning along with Felicia.
doctor's office? No, this is the                                     who taught us how to prune
                                   Bring your kids and come to       roses. They are such a good
MG Plant Clinic where our          the Yakima Area Arboretum
clients bring samples, and                                           teachers. There are so many
                                   and enjoy the day.                kinds of roses from hybrids,
questions about cankers, wilts,
mildews and blights. This                                            teas, and floribundas to
Wednesday's topic will be                                            climbing and rambling. Each
plant diseases. We have            Plant Sale                        takes a special kind of
learned at our classes that                                          pruning. If you missed the
many plants become                 The countdown is on! Only a       class, the clinic has the book,
susceptible to these problems      couple of more weeks and our      Pruning, which shows how to
when we stress them. That          Plant Sale will be here. All      prune roses and is from the
might mean planting them in        those babies that so many of      American Horticulture series.
the wrong place, or taking         you have nursed since way
care of them improperly such       last fall will be for sale. The   "Don't grumble that roses
as too much or too little water.   greenhouse is bursting at the     have thorns; be thankful that
Enjoy today's class.               seams and will be emptied         thorns have roses."
                                   quickly by all those customers                     ---Unknown
                                   who wait each year for this
                                   event. Susie and her crew         Our next Saturday class is just
The Soup Line                      will be working long hours to     a week and a half away, April
                                   take in all that revenue that     24th, where we will hand out
Remember that this week is         supports those programs           pumpkin seeds and journals to
also our Free Lunch! Come at       which are dear to all of you.     the first 100 kids who come.
12:00, bring your appetite,        Sign up to be a part of the
and enjoy the good cooking         action. This is a fun weekend     Thanks to member, Tom
and baking done by MG.             with plenty of jobs to go         Kerns who provided the list of
                                   around. Most MG who work          MG Demo Garden sites
                                   the Plant Sale make it an         throughout the state. Wouldn't
                                   annual event. Remember, that      it be fun to see them summer?
                                   hours can be used as payback
                                   to the program.                      Front page by Diana Pieti
Clinic Connection                Herbed Oil                              Herbed Vinegar
By Marge Greenwood
                                 Last week Carol Barany wrote            Use only fresh and perfect herb
                                 about growing herbs. The                leaves, seeds, or flowers singly
I don’t really know how to say   following are two ways to use all       or in combination. Pick the
thank you to all of my           those herbs that are so easy for        herbs in the morning after the
wonderful friends with MG.       you to grow.                            dew has dried but before the
The e-mails, cards, visits,                                              sun drives off some of the
food and blessings have been     It is easy to make herb or spice        essential oil that gives the most
unbelievable.                    infused oils at home. They make         flavor. Use about ½ cup of
                                 wonderful gifts for all occasions.      herbs for every pint of vinegar.
I’m doing pretty well under                                              Bruise the herbs slightly before
the circumstances. I have a      Wash and dry your choice of herb        putting them in a glass bottle
physical therapist coming in     branches and lightly bruise them        with a tight fitting top. I
several times a week to get me   to release flavor. Place them in a      recycle 25 oz. lidded glass
back into shape (now that’ll     clean decorative glass container,       bottles from flavored syrups for
be a challenge!), a nurse each   cover with warmed oil, and seal         coffees and Italian sodas. If
                                 tightly. Leave in a cool, dark          you don’t have any, ask an
day to check my incision and
                                 place to infuse about two weeks.        espresso stand to save a day’s
do a coumadin blood check.
                                 Taste. If not strong enough, add        worth for you to get started.
 Berk has been a real blessing
                                 more fresh herbs and let stand
in taking such good care of      another week. You can either
me. So things are looking up     strain the oil or leave the herbs in.
and it won’t be long before      If you do not strain the herbs out,
you will see me bouncing         the flavor will become stronger.
around Master Gardener
territory.                       Mild flavored oils like sunflower
                                 oil and safflower oil work best to
My biggest hug and a great       give a more prominent herb
big THANK YOU to you all!        flavor. However, extra-virgin
                                 olive oil is also a good choice.
                                                                         Now follow one of two
“Friendship is what gets you     If you begin with mono-
                                 unsaturated oil such as olive oil       traditional methods. You can
through the bad times and
                                 or peanut oil, the infused oils         pour the vinegar over the herbs
helps you enjoy the good                                                 in a clear glass bottle, close
times.”      ---Anonymous        should be refrigerated as these
                                                                         tightly, and then sit the bottle in
                                 are highly perishable and can turn
                                 rancid quickly.                         a sunny window for two weeks,
                                                                         turning it frequently as you
                                 You can also add garlic, but            allow the sun to do the work.
                                 remove the garlic cloves after a        Or you can pour hot vinegar
                                 couple of days so as to not             over herbs in a bottle and let
                                 overpower the flavor of the herbs.      them steep overnight.
                                 If you choose to leave the garlic       Whichever method you use,
                                 cloves in the oil, be sure to           strain and rebottle the vinegar
                                 refrigerate the oil to avoid the        after the steeping time and use
                                 threat of botulism.                     use a fresh sprig for decoration.

                                                                         From Herbs, by Emelie Tolley and
 Get Well Soon, Marge!                                                   Chris Mead.
 MG Demo Gardens Around Washington…………………….……………………..

Time for a road trip? As you travel in Washington this season, why not take a rest and rejuvenation stop at one of these
WSU Master Gardener havens? You can find more information at the extension website.

Adams / Grant: Drought Tolerant Demonstration Garden located at the Moses Lake Public Library, 418 East Fifth
Benton / Franklin: "The Place to Grow", MG Demo Garden, 1620 S. Union St., Kennewick, WA.
Chelan: Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, Riverfront Park, Wenatchee.
Callum: Woodcock Road Demo Garden located at 2711 Woodcock, Sequim, WA
Robin Hill Farm is situated between Sequim and Port Angeles off Dryke Rd., 0.25 miles north of Highway 101
Clark: Two demo gardens at County Fairgrounds, 17402 NE Delfel Rd., Ridgefield, WA 98642
Cowlitz: Expo Center (fairgrounds), 430 Washington St., Longview, WA. Phone: (360) 577-3121
Franklin: (see Benton County)
Grant: (see Adams)
Grays Harbor:Fairgrounds Demo Garden, 32 Elma-McCleary Road, P.O. Box 1229, Elma, WA 98541.
Community Garden Demo Plot, Marenko Park, Cosmopolis, WA
Island: Jim Davis House, Greenbank Farm, 765 E. Wonn Road, Greenbank, WA, 98253.
Jefferson: Dahlia Garden, City of Port Townsend, WA.
Native Plant Garden, Port Townsend, WA. Around the Extension office.
Jefferson County Jail Garden, Port Townsend, WA.
King: Bellevue Demonstration Garden, SE 16th Street between 148th Avenue SE and 156th Avenue SE
Cesar Chavez Demonstration Garden, El Centro de La Raza, 2524 16th Avenue S in Seattle
Native American Ethnobotanical Trail at Lake Wilderness Arboretum, in Maple Valley at 22520 SE 248th Street
Neely Homestead Historic Demonstration Garden, 5311 South 237th Place in Kent.
Thyme Patch Park, 2853 NW 58th Street in Ballard
Wedgwood/Picardo Demonstration Garden, 2601 NE 82nd Street in Seattle
Kittitas:The Healing Garden at Kittitas Valley Community Hospital, 603 S. Chestnut, Ellensburg, WA
Lewis: Borst Home Heritage Garden located in historical Borst Park, the MG Demo Garden is situated between the Borst
House and the One-Room Schoolhouse.
Providence Place is a HUD Senior Residence in Chehalis is open to the public at any time. To arrange a guided tour
contact Jen Annan, 748-8294.
R.E. Bennett School Garden is an outgrowth of a classroom project that teaches all second graders about how plants grow.
The school is located at 233 So. Market Blvd. in Chehalis.
Mason: County Fairground Demo Garden, 751 W Fairgrounds Rd., P.O. Box 2286, Shelton, WA,
Native Plant Demo Garden, Extension Office, N. 11840 Highway 101, Shelton, WA 98584
Theler Center Wetlands, Belfair, WA. The Hood Canal Wetlands Project is located on Highway 3 south of Belfair.
Okanogan: County Fairgrounds Demonstration Garden, Okanogan, WA. Next to the Horticulture display building.
PIERCE: MG Demo Garden, 7711 Pioneer Way, Puyallup, WA, 98371.
Pend Oriell: Waterwise Demonstration and Research Garden, Newport, WA.
Skagit: WSU Discovery Garden located at the WSU Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center, 16650
State Route 536, Mount Vernon, WA.
Jennings Park, 7027 51st Ave. NE, Marysville, WA.
Legion Park, 146 Alverson Blvd, Everett, WA.
JVM Garden, Village Road, Monroe, WA.
McCollum Pioneer Park, 600 128th SE, Everett, WA.
Spokane: Extension Office Demo Garden, 222 North Havana, Spokane, WA 99202.
Thurston: Dirt Works, Alta Drive, West Olympia, WA. Connected with Yauger Park.
Closed Loop Park, (formerly known as the Hawks Prairie Landfill), Hogum Bay Road, Lacey, WA.
Gallucci Garden, Olympia, WA. Located at the waterfront Farmer's Market.
Wahkiakum: MG Butterfly Garden at Strong Park, Cathlamet, WA.
Whatcom: Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale
Change…                          A Letter from Sara                Columbines
Continuity gives us roots;       I will be in town until the       MG can be proud of our
change gives us branches,        middle of June. However, I        regular contributions to the
letting us stretch and grow      am at an end with my              Yakima Herald Republic and
and reach new heights.           involvement with the MG           Yakima Magazine. To see
-          ---Pauline R. Kezer   because of time constraints       past articles written by MG in
                                 now. I had so much fun            the Yakima Magazine go to:
                                 teaching the Workshop! It
Change is inevitable and         was a fun end to my MG            /category/home-and-
many are taking place in         work. I will maybe see
MG. Sara Perry is moving to      everyone at the Plant Sale, but
Richmond, VA. We’ve              other than that I'm essentially
always been able to count on     gone. I will take you all to      Special Thanks
Sara to get the job done on      Richmond in my heart. I have
deadline and this is no          worked with lots of wonderful     Thanks a bunch to Debra
different. She has recruited     and talented people in my life    Kroon for her work in
members to take her place,       and count this MG group as        creating a wonderful poster
and has made some excellent      among the best! I may send        to advertise our Hour with
choices.                         out some communications           Master Gardeners, classes
                                 along the way. The magazine       in the Demo Garden on
Sharon Fisher has agreed to      asked if I would be interested    Saturdays. The poster is
chair our writer's group the     in maintaining a blog that they   beautiful!
Columbines. It will be her       could link to. I am
responsibility to make sure      considering that, but don't       Last week Ray Yates worked
columns are done on time and     know if I will have time once     so hard in the Demo Garden
sent in to the paper.            we get to Richmond. I do          digging up one of the big
                                 enjoy the writing so it would     clumps of reed grass.
And the writing responsibility   be a way to continue, although    Although the reed grass put
for Yakima Magazine will         not attached to MG.               up a mighty struggle, Ray
now be Carol Barany's                                              won the battle. It was such
assignment. We have all read     A special thank you goes to       hard labor that needed to be
Carol's wonderful column in      Diana. You have been the          done. Thank you Ray!
the Weekly Dirt! Now all of      well spring of so much energy
Yakima will have the good        with this group. You were
fortune to do the same.          always my best and kindest        National Garden Month
                                 cheerleader. Love you!
Thank you to both Sharon and
Carol for taking on such big
                                                    Sara           April is National Garden
                                                                   Month and is a reminder that
responsibilities.                                                  there are many ways to share
                                 If nothing ever changed,          a love of gardening with those
                                 there'd be no butterflies.        around us.

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