Preparing Your Home For A Vacation

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Preparing Your Home For A Vacation

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You've bought your plane tickets, you've reserved your hotel room and you have packed your bags. You are
ready to leave for your vacation right? Wrong. What about the security of your home.

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You have probably spent a great deal of time planning your vacation. You have researched hotels, you found
the best price on airfare, you arranged a rental car and you might have even planned out an itinerary. There
is one important detail that you have probably forgotten. Have you planned for the security of your home
while you are gone. Empty houses are a magnet for thieves. If you would like to make sure that everything
is still in your home when you get back, there are some steps that should be taken.

<b> Make Your Home Look Lived In</b><br>
The most important thing that you can do to keep your home safe is to make it look like you never left.
Don't leave obvious signs that you are on vacation. Have a friend or a neighbor come by and pick up
newspapers, mail and door flyers. Also leave some lights on inside your home. Nothing says this house is
empty than a house with no lights on. You can buy timers relatively cheaply these days. Buy a couple of
timers and program lights , TVs' and radios to come on at usual times. Avoid leaving answering machine
messages saying that you are on vacation. Also check your voice mail occasionally to keep your mail box
from filling up. It wouldn't be hard for a burglar to do a reverse search on your address and get your phone
number. Lastly, if you plan on being gone for a long period arrange for someone to cut your lawn.

<b>Make Your Home Physically Secure</b><br>
Make a thorough security sweep of your home. Check all windows, door locks and deadbolts. Do not
assume that a criminal could not enter that third story window. If you keep spare keys outside of your home,
do not leave them in obvious locations. Keys located under flower pots, under door mats or even in cheap
artificial rocks are not secure. Also be sure that you call your alarm company if you have one. Tell them you
will be on vacation and give them a contact number for a friend or neighbor.

<b>Prepare To Be Robbed</b><br>
No matter how many precautions you take, you could still be robbed. Prepare for the worst by making an
inventory of all of your valuables. It will be a big help when you need to settle up with your insurance
company. If you have a camcorder or can borrow one, take a video inventory. Store the tape in a safe place
such as a safe deposit box. If you have large valuables, etch your drivers license number into them. It will
make them much easier to identify if they wind up at a local pawn shop.

Nobody expects to be a victim of crime, but it does happen. By taking a little time to protect your home you
can greatly reduce your chances of being a victim or make it easier to recover from a burglary.

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