Lean Six Sigma Orientation by liaoqinmei


									Lean Six Sigma Orientation

Reduce process waste and improve project                        Agenda
time-to-market by learning Lean Six Sigma                       • Introduction
Can you respond easily to changes in customer                   • History and Background
requirements or market conditions? Are you having                        o Business Case
difficulties getting your projects and products to market                 o LSS in Services vs. Manufacturing
on time? Learn how Lean techniques and Six Sigma                         o Case studies where LSS has been applied
controls can help you reduce waste and variability,                      o Related Methodologies (TQM, Theory of
improve time to market and stay flexible in the face                        Constraints, Agile)
of change.                                                      • A discussion of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma using
                                                                the following approach for each area:
CC Pace’s Lean Six Sigma Orientation is a full day                       o Techniques and Methods
introduction to the basics of Lean & Six Sigma                           o Theories and Principles
methodologies, underlying philosophies of business                       o Tools
process management and supporting tools. You                             o Exercises
will experience firsthand the power of a structured                       o Case Studies
approach to analysis and improvement of complex                 • The convergence of Lean and Six Sigma (LSS)
business critical processes through instruction in                       o Why Lean needs Six Sigma
theory and an extensive suite of hands-on exercises.                     o Why Six Sigma needs Lean
                                                                         o Deployment Obstacles
                                                                • Skills Development
Our Lean experts will:                                                   o Building internal capabilities
•   Provide an overview of Lean Six Sigma process                        o Related Domain Expertise
    improvement                                                          o Building Management Capabilities
•   Explain the benefits of Lean and Six Sigma
•   Explain roles and responsibilities within process
    improvement efforts
•   Review key tools and processes of Lean Six
•   Demonstrate key tools and concepts through
    interactive exercises
•   Describe Lean Six Sigma Deployment in an
•   Review Case Studies

Is this course for me?
This program is targeted towards business process
sponsors, owners and participants trying to cut costs
and improve process efficiencies.

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