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					               The RSVP Buzz
                                The RSVP Buzz                                                    page 1
                                                                                                July – September 2010
                                                                                                   Volume 5, Issue 3

                                           Lead with Experience
         Area Agency on Aging of Palm Beach/Treasure Coast, Inc. – 4400 N. Congress Ave. - West Palm Beach, FL 33407
                            Web site address: - 561-684-5885

                                                               In this Issue:
                                                               Introducing Katelyn and Alma ………..……….…1
                    Please join us in welcoming Katelyn
                                                               Bits and Bites … .………………………………….…1
                    Whitney to the RSVP staff. Katelyn is
                                                               Giggle Corner ….……………………………..….…..1
                    the Volunteer Coordinator for mid
                and no                                         Dialogue with Debbie ……….………………………2
and north counties. Katelyn graduated from Stetson
                                                               It’s a Crime ……………………………………………2
University    in   Deland   Florida   in   2009   with   a
                                                               Hot off the Press…………………….………………..3
Bachelors of Business Administration in Economics.
                                                               Medicare Part D Open Enrollment…….…………..4
Recently, she has been nominated by the agency to
                                                               What Does Your Past Say About You?……..……..4
serve on the Alumni Board of Directors for Stetson

Katelyn grew up in Palm Beach County and she is                  Bits and Bites
the proud mommy to her puppy named Izzabella.
                                                                •   Please call or email to update your Emergency
                                                                    Contact information if it has changed.

                                                                •   Do we have your correct email address?
                     Alma Martinez was born and                 •   Do you use Facebook, LinkedIn or any other type
                     raised in the Rio Grande Valley                of social media? Email us and let us know.
                     and now she lives in the Belle             •   Thank you to the Caldwell Theatre on behalf of
                     Glade area.                                    the volunteers who took advantage of the
Alma is well connected in this area having most                     invitation to see a show.
recently worked with Workforce Alliance and the
City of Pahokee. She has begun a degree in social
work. Alma bilingual ability in Spanish will be an
asset to the recruitment of volunteers for programs
                                                             Giggle Corner
that require Spanish speakers.

Alma as Volunteer Coordinator will be working in
the western communities of Palm Beach County
where RSVP is not yet established. She will serve as
our agency's ambassador providing
information about the wonderful services of Your
Aging Resource Center.

  Please join us in welcoming Katelyn and
                    Alma to RSVP.
         The RSVP Buzz                                                                      page 2

                                   A Dialogue with Debbie

 I have been with RSVP for six months now and every day I am amazed by the long and many hours you
 serve. Your dedication to volunteer work is wonderful and you are helping so many organizations in the

 My staff and I have some wonderful news to share. The Corporation for National and Community Service
 (CNCS), our largest grant, has awarded us a second grant to open RSVP in Okeechobee County.
 Okeechobee County has so many needs but, up to now, CNCS has only funded RSVP in Palm Beach
 County. We have a new person coming on board after September 30th to serve Okeechobee County. The
 focus of this grant is to recruit volunteers to help with services to homebound seniors, elementary school
 children and with soup kitchens and pantries that provide emergency food.

 Finally, a reminder that we have been sending group time sheets for your volunteer stations to complete.
 Most of the stations are complying. However, if last quarter you did not receive a time sheet and if your
 volunteer site did not provide a group time sheet, we will be sending you an individual time sheet. On it,
 please provide your hours for the last two quarters (April – September).

 As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at (561) 684-5885 extension


It’s a Crime!
 It can happen to you, a neighbor or a family member and it is frightening. Crimes against seniors are
more pervasive than ever. Your Aging Resource Center’s Senior Advocacy Program provides assistance
should a crime occur.    Senior Advocates offer emotional support, guidance and information for loss
compensation; they will even accompany a crime victim to court if necessary. The Advocates can help with
many more facets as it pertains to senior crime victims.

 The Advocacy team needs more advocates. As crimes against seniors increase, you can become one of
the wonderful advocates who guide a crime victim through the process. When you help, you can lessen
the fear of the unknown, the loss of dignity, the feeling of violation by helping a senior crime victim to

              To find out more about volunteering for the program, call Sheila at 684-5885 x 242.

If you or someone you know becomes a victim, call our Elder Helpline at 888-684-5885. They will direct
you to the Senior Advocacy team.
     The RSVP Buzz                                                                       page 3

                                      Hot off the Press

Here are some openings that came in since our last newsletter. Look them over and
if you’d like to explore any of these opportunities, give one of our Volunteer
Coordinators a call.

Are you an early bird? Palm Beach Harvest needs some people who rise early and would like
to help out one day a week in the Boca area. Pick up breads from 2 Publix shops in Boca and
deliver it to Boca Helping Hands and Caring Kitchens. How gratifying to know you are helping
feed the needy and it only took an hour a week. – Call Sheila Pechman 684-5885 x 242

Help feed the hungry for C.R.O.S. They need people to help in the food pantries a few hours
each week. Locations are in Delray, Lake Worth, Riviera Beach. Call Sheila at x 242

Volunteer Coordinator for Alzheimer’s Association. Do very interesting work with lots of
people interaction. There are also various short-term projects available. This organization is
in a great location on Forest Hill Blvd near Congress. Call Sheila x 242

Palm Healthcare Foundation in West Palm Beach Would you like to volunteer in a charming
office with great people and have an interesting day in the process? Palm Healthcare is looking
for a front-desk greeter 9:00 to 2:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call Katelyn at x 243

Deliver Meals to Homebound Seniors. North County Churches out of Palm Beach Gardens pick
up and deliver meals to seniors who are unable to shop and prepare meals for themselves.
Don’t let a needy senior go hungry. Spend a few short hours a week dropping off a meal and a
friendly hello. You’ll be happy you did! Call Katelyn at x 243

Facilitate Tours at Schoolhouse Museum and Learning Center. Located in Boynton Beach, this
fun place would like you to facilitate tours through their historic building. You should be an
active person to share the excitement with the various school groups. Or, you can become a
Creative Story Reader. Former teachers or librarians who love history may find this fun and
interesting. Call Sheila at x 242

Every day brings new opportunities. If you would like to discuss any of these or find out
what’s new, call Sheila or Katelyn today!
                                                       What your past says about you
               It's almost time!
                                                       Effective August 1, 2010, anyone who has direct
   Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Period            contact with vulnerable populations or their
    November 15th – December 31st, 2010                information must have a Level 2 background
                                                       screening. Vulnerable populations consist of seniors,
Each year you have the opportunity to join or switch
                                                       children or the disabled.
Medicare drug plans from November 15—December
31. As you make a decision about your health and       Required by the Jessica Lundsford Act, this statute
prescription   drug   coverage   for   2011   please   states that an applicant must be fingerprinted by way
remember that SHINE counselors are available to        of an electronic scan. The information is sent to the
assist you in comparing Medicare Part D plans. Call    Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the
your local Elder Helpline toll-free at 1-866-684-      Federal Bureau of Investigation where the prints will
5885 to schedule an appointment for counseling.        be compared against their offender databases to
We provide free and unbiased information and           search for arrest records both statewide and
  unseling                                             nationally.

                                                       You will be hearing more about the procedure from
                                                       your volunteer stations in the coming weeks. Stay

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