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									                         News Notes
                                                                      Advent/Christmas, 2008
                                                                                    Volume 5, Issue 3
                                                                                    Live the Kingdom !
                                                                                            CCD / PRS

                             Sister Parishes of Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Boniface

‘Tis the season … to prepare                                                 Inside this Issue:

                                                                      ‘Tis the season…
    Do you feel harried? “Rest Stops for a Rushed People”            … to prepare                1
                                                                      … to remember dates         2
     provides short reflections in the current Catholic Update.       … to participate in the
     Some copies are still available near the Religious Ed               Children’s Christmas
                                                                         Liturgy                  2
     Offices or check it online at www.AmericanCatholic.org.          … to care & share           3
                                                                      … of Christmas              4
    Have you checked out www.usccb.org? – Quite a diverse            … to say thanks             4
     selection of ways to keep an appointment with God during         … to look ahead             4

     this season.
    Try http://liturgy.slu.edu – The Center for Liturgy at St.
     Louis University offers scores of possibilities to connect
     with the readings of Sundays. Available in English and
     Espanola and a unique section for college students.

    The special Advent edition of The Word Among Us
     provides adults short meditations for each day of Advent
     plus thought-provoking articles. Copies are still available.

    „Share Christmas Joy that lasts‟ caught my eye when I
     picked up “Partners in Faith” What is a novena? The                      in FAITH,
     December issue will be given to the students during their
     first class in December. Extra copies are on the bulletin                 “Helping our
                                                                              children grow
     board near Religious Education Offices.
                                                                                 in their
  The people who walked in darkness have seen a
                   great light;
Upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom, a light
                  has shone.
 You have brought them abundant joy and great
                rejoicing. Isaiah 9:1-2
       ‘Tis the season …to remember dates
                        Event                                       St. Boniface                  Our Lady of Lourdes
       Nov 30           First Sunday of Advent
                        Classes                                     Dec 3, 10 ,17                 Dec 7, 14, 21

                        Penance Service at 7:00 p.m.                                              Dec 11
       Dec 23           Rehearsal for Children’s Christmas          TBA                           TBA
                        Eve Liturgy                                 Gather in the Gym.            Gather in Cry Room.
       No classes       Catechists’ Faith Formation                 Jan 7                         Jan 4
                        Classes resume                              Jan 14                        Jan 11

      ‘Tis the season …to participate
      We need a few good actors and several adult assistants.

      We are planning our Children‟s Christmas Eve Eucharistic Liturgy and invite children of the parishes (ages
      5 and older) to participate in an enactment of the gospel.

      Practice for OLL participants will be on Tuesday, December 23rd at 4:00 pm. Gather inside the church
      near the big glass doors. Practice for St. Boniface participants will be on Tuesday, December 23rd at
      4:00 pm. Gather in the gym. We need to work together for some simple outfits that the children can
      wear. Although we have some costumes that were donated for our children‟s use, please bring additional
      costumes to wear at practice and at Mass.

      On Christmas Eve, OLL participants should gather in the Cry Room at 4:10 in preparation for the 4:30
      Mass. St. Boniface participants should gather in the gym at 4:10 in preparation for the 4:30 Mass.

      If you will be attending Christmas Eve Mass and would like your children to participate in the liturgy, please
      complete the form below.

PLEASE TEAR OFF THIS FORM, SIGN AND SUBMIT to Religious Ed. Office by Sunday December 14th.

____ Yes, my child will participate in the Christmas Eve Liturgy at (choose and circle one) St. B or OLL. I agree to see that my
child comes prepared, will be prompt for rehearsal and prompt on Christmas Eve.

Child’s Name ____________________________________             Grade___________

Child’s Name ____________________________________             Grade___________

Child’s Name ____________________________________             Grade___________

Child’s Name ____________________________________             Grade___________

____Yes, I will be an adult assistant.
Signature of parent/guardian ________________________________________________Phone: _____________ ______

‘Tis the season … to care and share
As stewards of God‟s gifts we are called to care about
others. We are challenged to share. Here is a list of
opportunities:                                                                   Am I a
      -   The Holy Childhood Association provides our                             Good
          children the opportunity to share with needy
          children around the world. Our children can bring                    Steward of
          their money to classes.

      -   One way to address local needs is to support the
                                                                               God’s Gifts?
          Ottawa County Holiday Bureau. Collection sites
          are at both of our churches and many of the local
          schools. Bring your items by December 10.                             Am I growing
      -   At OLL, the “Giving Tree” in the church awaits your
                                                                                in concern for
          donation for Bethany House, a long-term shelter                      the poor, the sick
          for battered women and their children. A                                  and the
          suggestion for each class is indicated in the                          suffering? Is
          parentheses. Please bring items by December 21.
                                                                                  this concern
          Needed items include:
                                                                               translating into
      Toilet Paper                                              Dish towels/dish cloths
      Tall Kitchen Trash Bags (13 gal.)                           Sanitary pads/tampons
      Paper Towels – (Book 3)                                      Bath towels/washcloths
      Large Trash Bags (33 gal.)                        Shampoo – (Book 1), Conditioner
      Floor Cleaner                                     Bath/Shower Gel – (CP II)
      Laundry Detergent/fabric softener sheets          Pillows – new only please, Twin sheets
      Bleach, Tall Kitchen Cans (13 gal.)                       Deodorants, Light Bulbs
      Disinfectant cleaners/sprays         Bethany   House      Baby Wipes,       Diapers – all sizes
      Bleach Wipes, Brillo Pads                                 Batteries (9 volt, AA, AAA)
      Paper Plates - (Book 6), Napkins - (CP I)         Bars of soap - (PreS & K)
      Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaners            Toothpaste/Dental Floss – (Book 4)
      All Purpose Cleaners                              Hair combs/brushes
      Aluminum Foil – (Book 2)                          Black Hair Care Products
      Window Cleaners,                                  Toothbrushes
      Gallon size food storage bags                     Meijer or Kroger Gift Cards ($10.00 denominations)
      Brooms, dustpans                                  Bus Tokens
      Sandwich Bags – (Book 5)                          Prepaid Phone Cards
      Toilet Bowl Brushes                               Coffee, Creamer, Coffee Filters, Sugar

‘Tis the season…of Christmas
      Yes, Christmas is a season. How will you celebrate the season?
Help your children experience the real reason for the season -
through out the whole Christmas Season! Maybe you are humming the
“12 Days of Christmas”. Do you know the history of this and/or other
Christmas songs? Find a short explanation near the CCD Offices.

‘Tis the season … to say thanks
   We appreciate the parishioners of all          children and youth of both of our
   ages who were willing to give of their         parishes. Yes, parents and guardians,
   time, talents and treasures to make            you are the first catechists and you
   the 2008 Feather Party a time of               show your children how each of them
   family, fun, and food with the funds           is a „spark of God‟s love‟ as we all walk
   going to the religious education               together in this journey of life.
   program for OLL parish.
                                                  Watch the Jesse Tree grow during
   Thanks for the support of four OLL             Advent. Generated by the students
   adults who willingly gave of their time        using Book 6, it is located on the
   to drive and/or accompany thirteen             bulletin board near the Religious
   of our Jr. High students who                   Education Office at St. Boniface.
   participated in the FIRE ’08 with              Thanks to the catechists Ann
   other students from the Diocese of             Mulligan and Heather Dewitz for
   Toledo for a retreat/rally.                    working with the students to deepen
                                                  appreciation for our ancestors in
   I want to express appreciation to the          faith.
   catechists who are witnesses of God‟s
   Marvelous Love as they teach the

‘Tis the season … to look ahead
   Our young children will receive the            Spirit Day, as immediate preparation
   Sacrament of Reconciliation for the            for the reception for the Sacrament
   first time on Saturday, January 17th,          of Confirmation, will be on Saturday,
   at St. Boniface and on Saturday,               May 16, at Our Lady of Lourdes.
   January 24th, at Our Lady of Lourdes.          These candidates will be confirmed
   The whole family is invited to the             on Saturday, June 6th at St. Boniface
   Penance Service which will begin at            during the Eucharistic Liturgy at
   1:00 p.m. in church.                           7:00 p.m.

               Our Lady of Lourdes                                     St. Boniface
           204 Main St., Genoa, OH 43430                215 N. Church Street, Oak Harbor, OH 43449
            419 360-7802, 419-855-8501                          419 360-7802, 419-898-1340
                 Fax: 419-855-8159                           Email: amschmersal@yahoo.com


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