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Your visit to the historic U.S. Capitol begins as you enter the
Capitol Visitor Center. With its soaring spaces and skylight
views of the Capitol dome, the Visitor Center welcomes you
on a journey of discovery. The Capitol is home to the U.S.
Congress and its two legislative bodies, the U.S. House of
Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Through films, exhibits,
and tours, you will learn about how Congress works,
how this magnificent building was built, and how citizens
can participate in this extraordinary experiment called
representative democracy.

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									Thank you so much for helping us with our tour guide off-site training
day. So many of us are tried and true baseball fans and even the few that
were not have now been converted. Bruce, it was so enjoyable to witness
and listen intently to someone who has such a sincere passion for the sport
of baseball. Thanks again for sharing your time with us and telling us so
many stories that will never be heard or read unless one visits your
wonderful museum.

Michelle, our lunch was delicious and very enjoyable. Thanks for your
assistance in helping the planning and organizing of our special day. You
asked about feedback regarding the trolley excursion, AWESOME. It was
very informative and literally transformed our thinking and mood to the
days when people rode the trolley every day. It was a beautiful day for
such an event. We all feel privileged to share more Denver and Lower
Downtown Denver history with tour guests at Pepsi Center. Thanks again
for helping us make our special day a success.
Pepsi Center
Sharon Patrick, Tour Coordinator

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