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Consumer Advisory Council Meeting Summary                                               November 14, 2007
Consumer Advisory Council members present:           Consumer Advisory Council members absent:
Bill Perryman                                        Sheila
Christine V                                          Mark
Dara C
Jaclyn M
Linda P
Michael G. Garcia
Nancy S
Nina C
Randy P

Community present:
Marci                     Bill                       Janice                      Patricia
Darryl                    Laird                      Joe                         Anna
Mike                      Gretchen                   Andrew                      Cristal
Raven                     Michael                    D. Winston                  John
Cheryl                    Elaine                     Samantha

Welcome and Introduction.
Jaclyn and Nina were the Chair and Co-Chair for tonight’s meeting. The meeting called to order by Latrice. The
minutes of October 10th were accepted with a correction as to the date of the Helping Hands Forum in November.

Public Comment
A representative of SHARE called for a halt to the destruction of encampments. There is a petition to the City of
Seattle to halt the encampment cleanings, and he urged people to sign it.

Jaclyn reported that Joel needs to step down from the CAC as he recently started working a job with evening hours.
The CAC asked Jaclyn to convey their thanks to Joel for his participation.

Randy noted that the One Night Count will be held Friday morning (early Friday morning – 2 am – 6 am) January 25th.
He encouraged people to contact Alison Eisinger to volunteer. Alison’s email is

Mike reported that Plymouth Housing Group will soon be opening an 86-unit housing program and a 94-unit building
within the next year. This is good news, and shows that we are making progress under the Ten-Year Plan.

CEH 2008 Legislative Breakfast
CAC members who attended the October 17th legislative breakfast reported that the it was interesting, informative and
well-attended. There were several elected officials who seemed genuinely engaged in the issue, and it served as a
good educational forum for them on homelessness and our response under the Ten-Year Plan. It was noted that since
the time of the Legislative Breakfast, the Governing Board approved the inclusion on our 2008 legislative agenda the
issue of condo conversions to provide certain protections for tenants whose apartments are being converted to
condominiums. A brief description and position paper on this issue was included in the CAC packet and reflected in
the October 24th Governing Board minutes (also included in the CAC packet.)

Shelter Discussion
The Consumer Advisory Council place on their November agenda a review of the recommendations under the Shelter
Task Force recommendations. Members noted that a more urgent situation is the issue of encampment sweeps or
clearings that are happening in certain greenbelts, parks and underpasses within the City of Seattle.
Member shared stories of people having their possessions destroyed in these sweeps. People have lost irreplaceable
things such as pictures of their children (with whom they no longer have contact and so this is their last link to that
child), family heirlooms and mementos, legal documents, medicines, and other survival gear.

Members discussed options to address this situation.
   Michael reported that Real Change and others are distributing a petition calling for a halt of these encampment
    clearings, and there will be a meeting at Opportunity Place to discuss this issue and an appropriate response to it.
   Members wondered if people whose property was destroyed could file a lawsuit, though it was noted that under the
    basis of law, campers may be considered trespassing and so the law would probably uphold the rights of the
    property owner.
   CAC members could approve a motion for the immediate cessation of the sweeps
   Members could find out what city departments are behind these efforts and educate them on the impact of their
   CAC members could also send emails to heads of agencies such as Department of Neighborhoods, Police, SKCCH
    partners, etc, educating them on the occurrence and impact of these sweeps
   CAC members were concerned for people’s safety. Often, camping in a somewhat hidden location is preferable
    and safer to being on the street, and if encampments are cleared then people will be even more vulnerable.

South King County Survey
Bill Perryman introduced a survey that he will distribute at the Renton Resource Exchange. His goal is to learn more
about other people’s experiences of homelessness in south King County, and he will share his findings at the Consumer
Advisory Council meeting in December.

Consumer Advisory Council – Next Meeting and 2008 Meetings
Members discussed agenda items for next month’s meeting and goals for 2008 meetings. Latrice and Christine will be
co-chairs for the December 19th meeting. On the agenda: Review of the initial consumer focus groups, lessons learned,
and planning for the next set. If time permits, we’ll also discuss updates on various initiatives: Pace of Production,
Case Management Standards, Prevention. Otherwise, these items will be placed on the January CAC agenda.

Gretchen noted that the YWCA is closing their child care facilities, which will create a difficulty for CAC members
who rely on childcare so they can attend the meetings. Plymouth Congregational Church (PCC) has offered us the use
of their space, which has a nice childcare facility, and is one block from the YWCA (corner of 6th & Seneca).
However, PCC has some an occasional need for the meeting space and requests that we be flexible for a few meeting
times a year. CAC Members agreed this is reasonable. The meeting schedule in 2008 will be:
   Wednesday          January 16th            6 – 8 pm
   Tuesday            February 19th           6 – 8 pm       (Note: this is a Tuesday)
   Wednesday          March 19  th
                                              6 – 8 pm
   Wednesday          April 16h               6 – 8 pm
   Wednesday          May 21st                6 – 8 pm
   Wednesday          June 18th               6 – 8 pm
   Wednesday          July 16th               6 – 7: 15 pm
   Wednesday          August 20th             6 – 7: 15 pm
   Wednesday          September 17   th
                                              6 – 8 pm
   Wednesday          October 15th            6 – 8 pm
   Wednesday          November 19th           6 – 8 pm
   Wednesday          December 17th           6 – 8 pm
Updates on CEH Committees
Governing Board:
Michael noted that the Governing Board minutes were in the packet of CAC materials. He reported that the discussion
with Commissioner Erik Sten was very interesting and offered a lot of suggestions for things we could try in Seattle.
Michael also noted that the Governing Board approved a resolution to include the issue of condo conversions on our
2008 state legislative agenda.

Interagency Council
The IAC minutes were not available in the CAC packet due to the short turnaround between the IAC and CAC
meetings. Christine and Randy reported on the IAC meeting:
   Members approved two new members to the IAC – Dennis Brown representing veterans affairs and Pramila
    Jayapal representing Hate Free Zone
   Members discussed a proposal to increase the availability of case management training to ensure that case
    managers have basic skills and knowledge to be effective case managers to people who are homeless
   The Families Committee has developed a Platform intended to highlight the issues that homeless families
    experience in trying to obtain and maintain permanent housing. This platform can also be used as a planning tool,
    or check-list, by various CEH task forces so they can be assured they have done their due diligence as it relates to
    families. The families committee suggested that other CEH committees explore developing similar platforms for
    their issues and check points important to their constituency.
   Most of the meeting focused on the issue of capacity building and increasing the pace of production of homeless
   The IAC ran out of time and tabled the discussion of emergency shelters and revisiting the recommendations of the
    Shelter Task Force
   Local efforts to save Lora Lake were successful. King County Housing Authority, the City of Burien and the Port
    of Seattle have reached an agreement to sell 162 units of housing to KCHA for them to make available as
    affordable housing.

CAC Outreach to Other Constituencies.
The first focus group is scheduled for November 19th at Opportunity Place. We are recruiting from Angeline’s,
Hammond House, and Mary’s Place. CAC members leading this focus group are Nina, Nancy, Latrice and Margret.
The second focus group will be recruited from the Urban Rest Stop, while the actual focus group will be held at
Gethsemane Lutheran Church. CAC members leading the focus group will be Christine, Michael G. Dara, Michael V.

Public Comment
A community member reported that several people she knows lost blankets, survival gear and other mementos in the
encampment clearings. She urged people to speak up and advocate for these clearing to stop, and to ensure that actions
like these are not allowed under the malicious harassment ordinance.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm

Meeting summary respectfully submitted by Gretchen Bruce

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