Lean Product Development (PDF) by liaoqinmei


									                       Lean Product Development

One Team + One Process = Effective and Efficient Program Execution

                                                  Manufacturing                Purchasing
Meet customer and business
expectations using one
Lean Global Product
Development System
                                                   Global Product                                     Suppliers
                                                 Development System
to deliver high-quality
products that customers
truly desire faster than
ever before.
                                                      Engineering              Marketing

One Process
 Voice of the customer                                      Virtual vehicle development

                           Global consumer                                            Computer-based tools for
                           insight team identifies,                                   Design, Manufacturing and
                           defines and prioritizes                                    Analysis identify potential
                           needs, wants and                                           issues early, improving the
                           unspoken desires                                           development and prove-
                           through comprehensive                                      out process and virtually
                           consumer research.                                         eliminating the need for
                                                                                      physical prototypes.

 Cross-functional integration                               Top hat-focused

                           Marketing, Design,                                         New vehicles are
                           Engineering,                                               developed on a number
                           Manufacturing,                                             of core platforms to
                           Purchasing and Suppliers                                   simultaneously improve
                           collaborate to optimize                                    quality, cost and speed-
                           product and business                                       to-market and to facilitate
                           results at each step in the                                manufacturing flexibility.
                           development process.

Quicker to market/flawless launch
Lean Global Product Development System delivers high-quality products quicker thanks to common process,
tools and milestones across all the vehicle development stakeholders. Continued learning and refinement of the
process allows lessons learned to be incorporated into future programs.

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