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					                                                                                   Ian Brooks 1

                                     you are the only one          could have caused this
                                     there. That is because in
                                     large crowds, most people     Worried in New London

                                     are overcome by the           Dear Worried,
Dear Dr.Zimbardo,                    “bystander effect,” where
                                                                   What has occurred is
A couple of days ago, I left a       the more people are
                                                                   serious, but can be cured
club I frequent at about             around, the less likely you
midnight. As I walked down                                         again. Sometimes when a
                                     are to help. So unless
the street, I noticed a man                                        person has been cured of
getting mugged. I ran and            you plan of fighting one
                                                                   a conditioned behavior,
caught up with him, and              gangster at a time,
detained the robber while the                                      he or she will experience
                                     heroism isn’t for you.
man called the cops. I had                                         spontaneous recovery.
never been the impulsive,
                                     Dear Dr.Zimbardo,             You should look into her
adrenaline-rushed person
before. The next morning,            My husband and I              school life and make sure
enthused about my bravery, I         adopted “Sofia” a few         she isn’t being bullied, but
paid $200 for karate lessons.        years ago, after she had
When I practiced though, I           been forcefully taken         it is more likely the former
found it boring and unlikable.       from abusive parents.         than the latter. Because
Why do I like beating up             We found out early on
strangers but not organized                                        it reappeared without
                                     that they had trained her
martial arts? Should I be a          to get on her knees and       cause, the behavior
superhero?                           bow down every time           should be easily
                                     the mother or father
-The Bar-Brawler in NYC                                            extinguishable again.
                                     snapped. It took many
Dear Bar-Brawler,                    months of therapy, but
                                                                   Dear Dr.Zimbardo,
                                     eventually she no longer
      What you experienced is        bowed every time she          A recent scandal at the
                                     heard a snap. However,        company I work at got
      actually quite normal; it is   last night, the Adams         many higher-ups fired,
      called the “bystander          Family theme song was         and as a result, many of
                                     playing and when Sofia        my co-workers have
      intervention.” This means
                                     heard a snap, she went        gotten promotions to fill
      you are likely to help         to the floor again,           the gaps; One of which
      someone when in an             without meaning to. We        is my friend, “Robert,”
                                     are very worried. What        who has worked here a
      emergency situation when
                                                                   year less than I have.
                                                                             Ian Brooks 2

Since the corporate re-      also consider that you         psychoanalyst or
structuring, there have
                             may be projecting your         Freudian psychologist to
been file delays, mix-ups
and many dropped             self-anger and                 work out your obvious
clients, especially in my    disappointment on him-         mother issues.
department, which
Robert now helps lead.       which Freud would call a
Robert refuses to take       defense mechanism.              Have problems you need
responsibility for much                                      addressed? Dr.Zimbardo is
of this however. What is     Dear Dr.Zimbardo,               an anonymous psychological
the psychological term                                       advice columnist, and is here
                             I never understood how
for an egotistical lay-                                      to help.
                             peek-a-boo works with
about that won’t admit
                             babies. Don’t they
that he doesn’t deserve
                             realize that when a pair        To send Dr.Zimbardo your
his job?
                             of hands slides in front        problems, you may contact
-Shuffled and Ruffled in     of a face, the face is          him at:
Pensacola                    behind the hands? Do            his cell: 555-666-0220
                             children not understand         his house: 555-361-3218
Dear Shuffled,               that concept?                   80 Rezi St.      Zimbardo-
                                                             Hollywood,CA     Me@jung-at-
The term you might be        -Peek-A-Duh? in Seattle         39105  
                                                             (his home        (his work e-
looking for is “sociopath”   Dear Peek,                      address)         mail)
or “narcissist,” but have
                             No, they actually don’t
you considered that
                             understand it. That is
possibly other
                             why they cry so much
departments might be
                             when a parent leaves (but
causing the trouble, or
                             also due to insecure
that your loss of clients
                             attachment). Until about
could be due to the
                             10 months, they lack
economy? Blaming a
                             object permanence, the
person’s traits instead of
                             realization that objects
considering external
                             exist after they’ve left the
factors is common—it is
                             child’s view. Also, I
called the fundamental
                             suggest you see a
attribution error. I would
                                                                               Ian Brooks 3

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