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									LEAN: Achieve rapid
performance improvement
by eliminating waste,
improving product flow,                   Rath & Strong’s
                                          Lean Offerings
decreasing lead time, and
increasing velocity in a
customer-pulled process.
                                          We’re committed to helping you improve your business.

Since our founding in 1935,               New      Rath & Strong’s Lean Simulations
Rath & Strong has been helping            Our new Fly It! SimulationSM is a fast-paced learning game that lets participants discover — and
companies enhance their                   apply — Lean concepts such as work balancing, flow, and pull systems by building and testing
operations, leadership, culture, and
                                          paper airplanes. We also offer another simulation, our famous Courier SimulationSM — an
                                          exciting, interactive, fun experience. It’s a non-threatening way to learn the principles of Lean,
customer connection to achieve
                                          and a great awareness tool for any level, from senior executives to the service professionals who
revolutionary advances in business        deal directly with customers. Both Fly It! and Courier are perfect for transactional and service
process improvement by integrating        environments. Both help participants understand Lean concepts intuitively rather than purely
the technical and behavioral sides        theoretically, preparing them for the mindset changes that Lean thinking demands.
of change.
                                          New      Fast Start to Lean
                                          This is a quick, effective way of getting a site ready for the implementation of Lean. Fast
Among its achievements, in the            Start to Lean is a foundation-building program: There is a small amount of training, and a
early 1980s Rath & Strong studied         lot of hands-on sorting, cleaning, maintaining, and laying out — the fundaments of Lean.
Japanese production methods and
                                          Value Stream Transformation
recognized in JIT — the forerunner
                                          This workshop-cum-training program focuses on the client’s own Value Stream. As
of Lean — a true multidisciplinary        participants learn the Lean methodology, they immediately apply it to their own product,
approach. The JIT Breakthrough,           creating current- and future-state Value Stream Maps and setting up Charters for their
written by Rath & Strong, was a           projects that will enable them to make the Lean transformation.
milestone in bringing Japanese-style
                                          Lean Booster and Lean Green Belt
business process improvement              The one-week course helps participants develop awareness and understanding of Lean tools
techniques to U.S. companies.             and methods and how they can be integrated into their Six Sigma efforts. The two-week
                                          course prepares participants to apply Lean to their own work processes as Lean Green Belts.
Rath & Strong became the leader           A full certification program is available. Rath & Strong also offers a Train-the-Trainer course
in JIT and in the development of          for those organizations that wish to add Lean Booster or Lean Green Belt to their internal
                                          training capability.
Lean principles and implementa-
tion, and advanced Lean beyond            Lean Black Belt
the original Japanese insights.           This is an in-depth program in methodology, toolkit, project selection, and management,
Extending these breakthroughs,            and team and leadership skills for the business leaders selected as your full-time Lean
Rath & Strong was the first to apply
                                          implementation experts. A full certification program is available.
Lean to service environments and          Lean Master
to transactional, service, and office     This comprehensive program prepares these company-wide experts to coach and mentor
processes. In fact, in GE Capital’s Six   Lean Black Belts and team members, enabling them to teach the methodologies and tools,
Sigma launch, we applied innovative       and to contribute to and lead strategic Lean initiatives for critical improvement.
Lean principles to get the waste and      New      Rath & Strong’s Lean Pocket Guide
work out and increase product flow        This pocket guide captures the essence of Lean in a useful and easy-to-follow format. A
in critical processes, long before        practical, hands-on guide, it’s an invaluable reference tool for all your Lean team members.
others used the two methodologies
                                          New      Lean Road Map
synergistically.                          Rath & Strong’s Lean Road Map is the first of its kind to take you step by step in developing
                                          your Project Plan and to show you and all your team members how to use Lean tools to
                                          create flow, eliminate waste, and accelerate lead times. The Road Map provides a detailed,
                                          step-by-step guide to the development of Current State, Future State, and Extended Value
                                          Stream maps to guide your process and business improvement initiatives.

Rath & Strong brought Lean

from Japan in the early 1980s

and was the first firm to apply

it successfully to services and

administrative processes.

“The Rath & Strong Lean Booster
course is the best course I’ve seen
                                             Rath & Strong’s Lean BoosterSM:
that provides Lean instruction in            Delivers a new set of tools that complements
a Six Sigma DMAIC format.... The             Six Sigma and turbocharges results
course is tightly aligned with DMAIC
and provides practical illustrations         Rath & Strong designed Lean Booster so that in just one or two weeks, organizations
and opportunities to apply the Lean          with existing Six Sigma programs can get the huge benefits of Lean Six Sigma — without
content in realistic case studies. The       starting over again from scratch. Lean Booster leverages the firm’s ongoing investments in
course excels at showing Six Sigma           improvement and training its people. Rath & Strong created the new methodologies and tools
professionals when and how to                in Lean Booster structured in DMAIC, so everyone can work within the same framework —
apply Lean in the context of DMAIC.
                                             and fast!
It also has running case studies
                                             Lean Booster participants get a strong baseline via the most progressive
and application exercises that help
                                             Breakthrough approach to Lean Six Sigma available today.
students clearly understand how Lean
                                             Companies select either the one-week or two-week Lean Booster course. Both courses show
can be applied throughout a DMAIC            participants how to
project as well as providing them
                                             •	 develop	a	working	knowledge	of	Lean	Six	Sigma	principles,	design	practices,	and	tools,	
practice in that application.... This is a      including Value Stream Mapping.
very “hands-on” class. Students will be
                                             •	 understand	the	ways	in	which	Lean	and	Six	Sigma	complement	each	other.
asked to develop a current state and
                                             •	 develop	systematic	methods	for	applying	Lean	design	practices	and	tools.
a future state Value Stream Map and
                                             •	 practice	with	the	tools.
a cell.
                                             •	 gain	working	knowledge	of	your	company’s	strategy	for	Lean	Six	Sigma.
“Finally (and very importantly), the
course equips students to go out             A Lean Green Belt certification program that utilizes the two-week course is available.
and make an impact. One example:
Using what was learned in the course,        Lean Booster is designed for both manufacturing and transactional/service environments. At
one of our Black Belts led a project         the end of the two-week course, participants have gained understanding of Lean Six Sigma
at Quest Diagnostics that has been           and the ability to run a real-world Lean project with some coaching. The one-week course
able to dramatically reduce the time
                                             emphasizes awareness and understanding, with in-class application to real-world problems.
                                             Rath & Strong also offers a Train-the-Trainer short course for those organizations that wish to
to report test results on a critical
                                             add Lean Booster to their internal training capability.
maternal screening test. It started at
10 days; now we’re measuring it in
                                             Lean Booster is based on over 70 years of history helping our clients — such as Johnson &
hours. Patients (and doctors) anxiously      Johnson, Quest Diagnostics, JP Morgan Chase, and Siemens — achieve lasting performance
awaiting the results are very pleased.”      improvements. Our suite of services and products includes Lean Booster, Lean Six Sigma
Eric Mattenson                               Black Belt and Green Belt training, the new Lean Six Sigma version of our “famous” Courier
Vice President, Six Sigma
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
                                             Simulation, as well as other programs that help companies achieve lasting success, such
                                             as Influencing Skills, Leadership Awareness, Change Management, Train-the-Trainer, and

                                             For more information about licensing and Rath & Strong’s Lean Offerings, please contact us at 800/622-2025;
                                             in Massachusetts at 781/861-1700; or via e-mail at info@rathstrong.com.


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