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					Tuition benefit as it relates to dependent children
                                                                         Include retired
                                                                         /disabled employees'                      Other options                Part-time                  Limit Number of           Limit Number of Degrees
                                 Waiting period                          dependents                                than remission               eligible                   Dependents
Centenary                        pro-rated
                                 first 12 mo = 25%                       Yes                                               ACS Exchange                     No                            No
                                 after 12 months = 50%
                                 after 24 months =75%
                                 after 36 months=100%

Sewanee                          3 years of consecutive service          Yes                                               ACS Exchange                     No                       No; but have
                                                                                                                              TE, Inc.                                               discussed it.

Rollins                          90 days                                 Death with at least 5yrs service                  ACS Exchange                1,000 hours                        No                        No
                                                                         Retirees: must meet retiree yrs and age       Grant of $2,000 to any            or more
                                                                         Disability structured as waiting period           other college

Hendrix                          Less than 2 yrs = waiver of 1/4         Death/disability is                               ACS Exchange                 Yes; limited                      No
                                 2 yrs but less than 5 = waiver of 1/2   structured as the                                    TE, Inc.              PT and temporary/
                                 5 years +=full waiver                   waiting period is.                                                        seasonal not eligible
                                 *prior service credit awarded
                                 for prior higher ed employment          Retirees: 15 yrs = full remission
                                                                         10 yrs but less than 15=prorated

Furman                           Immediate but going through             case-by-case basis                                ACS Exchange                     No                            No
                                 review to change to 2 years.                                                                 TE, Inc.

Birmingham-Southern              Two consecutive yrs of full-time        death/disability                                  ACS Exchange                     No                            No               Yes - 1st degree only
                                 service                                                                                      TE, Inc.

Centre College                   All but Centre                          Yes with 10 years of service                       ACS Exchange                    Yes                        Yes; two
                                 option currently requires 5 years       Retiree/disabled/death                                TE, Inc.
                                 of completed service; Centre                                                             KY Public Schools
                                 is currently pro-rated over a 5 yr                                                    KY Technical Colleges
                                 period                                                                                  "Old Plan" several
                                                                                                                       grandfathered; attend
                                                                                                                       any US college and we
                                                                                                                        reimburse up to 95%
                                                                                                                         of Centres current
                                                                                                                             tuition level
Morehouse College        1 year of continuous service               Retiree/die; 20 yrs of service                  Clark Atlanta Univ.     No                  No
                         *must remain in service for 2 full                                                              Spelman
                         years following degree to
                         dep child or financial obligation
                         is placed on student's account

Spelman                  1 year of continuous service               Deceased with over 20 years                     Clark Atlanta Univ.     No                  No
                                                                    Retiree with 10 years & age 65                  Morehouse College

Davidson                 After 7 years of employment                Yes if they met the vesting schedule                 Any school         No                Yes; two
                                                                    Retiree/disabled/death; unless                50% of the tuition cost                 still have some
                                                                    spouse remarries.                             or 50% of the Davidson         that were grandfathered
                                                                                                                   tuition, whichever is

Trinity                  After 3 yrs = 50% tuition remission        Retiree/deceased at age 55 or later &             ACS Exchange          No                  No
                         Beginning of 5th yr=100%                   age and service = 75 granted 100%              Exchange with Rice
                                                                    tuition remission for undergraduate            University, Austin, &
                         *4 yrs. For other schools                  school                                            Southwestern

University of Richmond   Immediate for Sr. Professionals            Retiree                                           ACS Exchange          No                  No
                          & Librarians
                         3 yr waiting period for others

Rhodes College           After 1 year = 1/3 tuition remission       Retired or deceased employee, dependents   ACS Exchange                 No                  No          No, but limited to 4 years of
                         2 years = 2/3 and 3 years = full tuition   granted 1 year of tuition remission for    APCU Exchange                                                tuition remission
                                                                    every 4 years of employment.
Undergraduate/Graduate   Misc.

                         Educational Loan
                          *Higher Ed - max of 12K per academic year
                         *High School Scholarship Plan

            Both         Graduate school included also
                         Children can be adults and not be dependents
                         parent must pay taxes

                     Graduate school included also

Undergraduate only   Special benefit for tenured faculty. Four years
                     of undergraduate tuition at any school (up
                     to the amount of Rhodes' tuition).
Tuition benefit as it relates to employees

                              Waiting period                             Course load maximum?

Sewanee                       1 year                                     1 course/semester for first 3 years

                                                                         After 3 years, courses limited by job performance

Rollins                       90 days                                    Limited to space available


Furman                        None

Birmingham-Southern           None                                       1 unit per term

Centre College                1 year = 50% discount

                              Gradually increases to 100% over 5 years

Morehouse College



University of Richmond   None     Year 1 - 1 course/semester
                                  Years 2+ - 2 courses/semester

Rhodes College           1 year   2 courses/semester
Part-time                         Undergraduate/Graduate   Misc.

      Must be at least 3/4 time   Both


No                                Both                     Reimbursement for other schools = $250/semester

No                                Undergraduate

Yes                                                        Benefit also available through TE, Inc. and

                                                           state of KY technical colleges.
Yes, remission is pro-rated   Both

Yes, remission is pro-rated   n/a

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