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									                                                                             ACADEMY CONVERSION ACTION PLAN

                                             Action                             Actioned by                                                             Comments

Application Submitted                                                   Trustees/Govs                Done
Agreement in principle                                                  DfE                          Done
Academy Order                                                           DfE                          Done
Project Manager appointed                                               Trustees/Govs                Done - GB
Legal Advice appointed                                                  Trustees/Govs                Meeting tomorrow with Tom Wainwright, Cobbets
Academy Trustees (Directors) to be agreed                               Trustees/Govs                Need to decide whether they are called Trustees or Directors
Company Secretary to be agreed                                          Trustees/Govs
Identify Headteacher as Accounting Officer                              Trustees/Govs
Appoint Director of Finance and Admin/Principle Finance Officer         Trustees/Govs                Should be qualified CCAB or an acceptable alternative is AAT. See Academies Financial Handbook.
Transfer Agreement (staff and non-fixed assets)                         LA
Ownership of land & Transer of land assets/buildings to Academy Trust   LA
Academy Trust set up and registration with Companies House              Trustees/Govs
Register with Company House and Obtain number                           Lawyers? Trustees? School?
Company Unique Taxpayer Reference (CUTR)                                GB                           Waiting for Company House registration
PAYE number (register for PAYE scheme with HMRC)                        GB                           Waiting for Company House registration
Bank account set up                                                     GB                           Process started
Application for Support Grant (£25k)                                    GB                           Done
Receipt of Support Grant                                                DfE
Prepare estimated phased budget                                         GB                           Done
Indicative budget received from YPLA                                    YPLA
Complete Support Grant Certificate                                      Trustees/Govs
Ongoing Project Monitoring & Reporting to Trustees / Governors          GB                           Ongoing
Risk Register                                                           Trustees/Govs                Proforma in Academies Financial Handbook
DfE number secured                                                      DfE

Governors appointed                                                     Trustees/Govs
Governor committee structure and ToR agreed                             Trustees/Govs
Sub-committees established                                              Trustees/Govs
Independent School Registration                                         Trustees/Govs
Due diligence indemnity (as part of the Transfer Agreement)             LA
Appointment of external auditors                                        Trustees/Govs                Will be done this week
Appointment of Responsible Officer                                      Trustees/Govs                A Gov, not part of the Finance comm, to provide an independent oversight of the academy's financial affairs
Appointment of Data Protection Officer                                  Trustees/Govs

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                                                                              ACADEMY CONVERSION ACTION PLAN

Staff pensions Policy (LGPS and Teachers Pension)                           LA/Trustees/Govs            Data checked and submitted to Geoff Reader, LA, on 26.1.11 for actuarial calculation
TUPE consultation undertaken                                                LA/Trustees/Govs            Process started, waiting to hear from Julia Newbury/David Waller- hopefully this week
Historic staff data - checked and updated (Due diligence)                   LA/GB                       Done
Individual job descriptions & person specifications developed (new staff)   Trustees/Govs
Individual letters to staff confirming existing Terms & Conditions          Trustees/Govs
CRB disclosures for new staff obtained                                      Trustees/Govs

Staffing structure developed                                                Trustees/Gov/School
Staff remuneration, pensions and conditions of service developed            Trustees/Gov/School
Staff code of conduct / disciplinary procedures developed                   Trustees/Gov/School
Performance management policy developed                                     Trustees/Gov/School
Staff allegations and grievance procedures                                  Trustees/Gov/School
Disability statement prepared                                               Trustees/Gov/School
Equal opportunities for staff policy developed                              Trustees/Gov/School
Enhanced CRB checks                                                         Trustees/Gov/School
Continuous Professional Development policy developed                        Trustees/Gov/School
Grievance Procedures                                                        Trustees/Gov/School
Harassment Procedures                                                       Trustees/Gov/School
Appointment procedures prepared                                             Trustees/Gov/School
Staff induction arrangements prepared                                       Trustees/Gov/School
Whistle-blowing procedures prepared                                         Trustees/Gov/School
Crisis and Risk Management Plans                                            Trustees/Gov/School

Admissions Appeal Panel constituted                                         Trustees/Govs/School
Admissions arrangements published and consulted upon                        Trustees/Govs/School
Exclusion Appeal Panel constituted                                          Trustees/Govs/School
Academy day, terms and year agreed                                          Trustees/Govs/School
Students organisation and grouping agreed                                   Trustees/Govs/School
Attendance register set up                                                  Trustees/Govs/School
Special Educational Needs                                                   Trustees/Govs/School
Behaviour & Exclusion                                                       Trustees/Govs/School
Timetable agreed                                                            Trustees/Govs/School

Access to students records policy prepared                                  Trustees/Govs/School

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                                                                          ACADEMY CONVERSION ACTION PLAN

Pupil Behaviour policy developed - Rewards, Sanctions                Trustees/Govs/School
Charging and remission policy developed                              Trustees/Govs/School
Child protection and training policy developed                       Trustees/Govs/School
Disability statement prepared                                        Trustees/Govs/School
Equal opportunities for students policy developed                    Trustees/Govs/School
Health and safety policy prepared                                    Trustees/Govs/School
Sex and relationship education policy developed                      Trustees/Govs/School
Race equality policy developed                                       Trustees/Govs/School
Uniform policy developed                                             Trustees/Govs/School
Home-school procedures - Communication, H.S.A, Transport             Trustees/Govs/School
Personnel, social and health education programme of study prepared   Trustees/Govs/School
Citizenship programme of study prepared                              Trustees/Govs/School
Guidance on access to student records prepared                       Trustees/Govs/School
Safeguarding and promoting pupil welfare policy developed            Trustees/Govs/School
Medical treatment of students procedures prepared                    Trustees/Govs/School
Off-site and residential activities guidelines developed             Trustees/Govs/School
Academy meals arrangements set up                                    Trustees/Govs/School
Anti-bullying policy developed                                       Trustees/Govs/School
Student handbook/diary prepared                                      Trustees/Govs/School
Academy Student Plans and Policies Approved                          Trustees/Govs/School

Registered for annual schools census                                 School
Data protection registration                                         GB

Financial Operating procedures drafted and approved                  Trustees/Govs               Academy Financial Handbook needs to be adopted
Asset register set up                                                GB                          Done
Payroll set up                                                       GB                          Done
Accounting system commissioned                                       GB                          Process started
Three year financial forecast prepared                               GB                          Process started
Annual Academy budget - GAG - prepared                               GB                          Process started
Academy Budget to be finalised                                       Trustees/Govs, GB
Budget submission and acceptance by the Secretary of State           Trustees/Govs
Monthly financial management reports set up                          GB                          To be done with Accountants when appointed
Annual financial statements set up                                   GB                          To be done with Accountants when appointed
Internal audit plan prepared                                         GB                          To be done with Accountants when appointed
G4S cash collection services                                         GB

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                                         ACADEMY CONVERSION ACTION PLAN

Preferred supplier list developed   GB

Catering                            GB                     done in house
Utilities                           GB                     Process started
Grounds maintenance                 GB                     Process started
   Buildings & Contents             GB                     Process started
   Business interuption             GB                     Process started
   Employer’s liability             GB                     Process started
   Governors’ liability             GB                     Process started
   Maternity                        GB                     Process started
   Premises                         GB                     Process started
   Public liability                 GB                     Process started
   Sickness absence                 GB                     Process started
Legal advice                        GB                     Process started
Personnel                           GB                     Process started
Professional development            GB
Refuse collection                   GB                     Process started
Site management                     GB                     done
Cleaning                            GB                     done
Security                            GB                     Process started

Marketing plan                      Academy
Academy prospectus and stationery   Academy
Academy website and branding        Academy
Uniform amendments                  Academy
Signage                             Academy

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