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Microfiber Towel Sales Info


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									             Selling Points for RainWipes™ Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are unsurpassed for cleaning and polishing. RainWipes
microfiber towels permit “chemical free” cleaning. The towels are made of a
revolutionary split yarn that consists of microscopic, wedge-shaped polyester
filaments with a polyamide core. You only need water to clean virtually any
surface. Wedge shaped filaments follow the contour of the surface and trap the
particles inside the fiber with electrostatic properties thus eliminating the need for
cleaners and detergents. The capillary action of the filaments and nylon core
creates a quick and strong absorbency, which enables the towel to clean and
polish at the same time. The towels may be used damp or dry and have the lint
free quality of a surgical towel.

From a technical standpoint, microfiber yarn and the resulting towels begin life as
ultra fine threads. The synthetic microfiber start out at half
the diameter of a silk fiber, then are split lengthwise to
create 16 even finer strands. Microfibers are ten times
finer than silk, up to thirty times finer than cotton, forty
times finer than wool, and one hundred times finer than a
human hair. The result is increased surface area, which improves absorption
and speeds drying. RainWipes Microfiber Towels have approximately 90,000
fibers per square inch that reach into tiny corners and crevices. This action
causes dirt and oil to be trapped inside the fibers rather than merely being
“pushed around” on the surface of the item being cleaned. Photographers have
long known that microfiber fabrics are gentle to delicate surfaces and are
unmatched for removing the dirt and oils that accumulate on camera lenses.
Microfiber fabrics are also wonderful for cleaning eye glasses.

When the fiber in the towel become completely saturated, meaning the fiber no
longer attracts the dirt and liquids, it can be rinsed under the tap with hot soapy

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water or washed in the washing machine, if the fibers are extremely dirty. Never
use bleaches or any dryer fabric softeners. Microfiber towels can be line dried or
lightly fluffed in a dryer. The towels dry in about one third of the time as a normal
towel. Microfiber towels can be washed up to five hundred times with no
deterioration in performance.

Microfiber towels are THE solution for aircraft and car care. These towels are
amazing. Without scratching or creating swirls, microfiber towels can dry the
airplane or car, apply polish, clean windows and just about anything you can
think of, but without the scratches you get with cotton towels. Now you can leave
wax on your airplane or car longer to allow more bonding to your paint, and use
this to still easily take off the wax. The towel is unbelievably soft, and will not

The RainWipes microfiber towel is a revolutionary way of cleaning without
chemicals. Microfibers only need to use water as a detergent. They are also
hypoallergenic and super absorbent. In addition to caring for your vehicle
RainWipes are ideal for home, office, and shop applications.

For the vehicle care specifically, the towels can be used to wash, dry, and
remove wax and polish. They can also be used as a final wipe towel after
detailing, or used with any spray-and-wipe quick detail spray. RainWipes offer

the following benefits:

-   Cleans with water only, not more harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions
-   Dramatically reduces the amount of cleaning chemicals, sponges and paper
    towels normally used.
-   Reduces the incidence of environmental allergies caused by lint and dust
-   Lifts and traps dirt, oils, lint, film and grease

-   Lasts years and can be cleaned in a machine

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Other Potential Uses for RainWipes Microfiber Towels

Eye glasses        Bathing             Swimming pool

Kitchen            Stove               Range Hood

Golf clubs         Golf balls          Mirrors

Glass              Boats               Airplanes

Sinks              Leather             Vinyl

Cars               Walls               Sneakers

Motorcycles        Cameras             Stainless steel

Furniture          Glasses             Toys

Bathrooms          Equipment           Airplanes

Televisions        Tools               Electronics

Appliances         Blackboards         Computers

Paintings          Copper              Chrome

Spots on Clothes   Marker Boards       Brass

CD's               Silverware          Tables

Jewelry            Floors              Shower Stall

Windows            Carpet              Make-up removal

Floors             Pets

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Using Microfiber Towels

RainWipes microfiber towels are very easy to use either damp or dry.

Microfiber towels may be used damp to clean away dirt, grease and grime from
any surface. The towels are extremely soft and gentle to delicate surfaces.

Microfiber towels are excellent for use when completely dry. The “micro” fibers
draw dust into the fiber rather than merely spreading it around. Microfiber towels
may also be used with a spray bottle containing plain water for cleaning glass.

Instructions for the Care of RainWipes Microfiber Towels

It is desirable, but not critically important to wash a new microfiber towel before
use to wash away any loose micro filaments that may be still be on the microfiber
towel as a result from the manufacturing process. For best results always wash
the micro fiber towels separate from other towels. The towels will attract lint in
the wash water which can leave lint residues when next used.

Machine wash using regular cycle with any mild detergent in warm water (less
than 90° F) or hand wash them with any soap in warm water. Do not use fabric
softener, “softener sheets” or bleach. Fabric softener and bleach can coat the
microfibers in towel and make it ineffective by clogging the internal pores of the
fiber. The towel can be machine dry at air temperature or tumble-dry low or just
line dry them. Do not iron microfiber towels.

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