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Lean LE by liaoqinmei


									                                       Lean Orientation
                                          Lean 101 Lego

Lean Overview –
The Basics……
Presented By: Bill Stockstill – TMAC

                Panel Members
Rosina Wittmeyer – DRS Infrared Technologies, LP
      Bob Brunett – Bell Helicopter Textron
  Mike Navaira – Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
    What is TMAC?
                                                   Lean Orientation
                                                      Lean 101 Lego

•    Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center
• Our Mission:
   – Improve the global competitiveness of Texas’
     Manufacturers by applying the appropriate
     techniques and technologies.

    TMAC works closely with Manufacturing Supply Chain to make them
       more competitive by providing assistance in appropriate use
                     of technologies and techniques

            • TMAC is part of the MEP System
TMAC Services
                                                Lean Orientation
                                                   Lean 101 Lego

•   Management Controls, Systems, and Compliance
     – Planning & Policy Deployment
     – Financial Controls and Measurement Systems
     – EPA, OSHA
     – QMS, EMS, SMS
•   Culture and Workforce Development
     – Supervisor and Technical Training
     – Teams/Team Facilitation
•   Waste and Variation Reduction
     – Lean and Six Sigma
     – TPM
     – EHS
     – Facility Design and Relocation
•   Technology Application
     – ERP, MRP
     – Automation & Mechanization
Cycle Time
                                       Lean Orientation
                                          Lean 101 Lego

 “One of the most noteworthy accomplishments in
 keeping the price of Ford products low is the
 gradual shortening of the production cycle. The
 longer an article is in the process of manufacture
 and the more it is moved about, the greater is its
 ultimate cost.”

                                 Henry Ford, 1926
Mass Production
                                                Lean Orientation
                                                   Lean 101 Lego


            Springs        Diodes             LEDs
Receiving                                               Shipping
Warehouse                                              Warehouse


 Kitting                            Testing

             Value-Added Time : Minutes
             Time in Plant :    Weeks
ORDER                                                        CASH
Defining Lean
                                              Lean Orientation
                                                 Lean 101 Lego

  Lean has been defined in many different ways.

“A systematic approach to identifying and eliminating
waste (non-value-added activities) through continuous
improvement by flowing the product at the pull of the
customer in pursuit of perfection.”

                                      The MEP Lean Network
Definition of Value Added
                                                Lean Orientation
                                                   Lean 101 Lego

Value Added

Any activity that increases the market form or function of the
product or service. (These are things the customer is willing to
pay for.)

Non-Value Added

Any activity that does not add market form or function or is not
necessary. (These activities should be eliminated, simplified,
reduced, or integrated.)
Lean = Eliminating the Wastes
                                           Lean Orientation
                                              Lean 101 Lego

                      Non-Value Added
Value Added
                      •   Defects
                      •   Overproduction
                      •   Waiting / Busy Work
                      •   Non Value Added
                      •   Transportation /
                      •   Inventory
                      •   Motion
                      •   Employees Underutilized

Typically 95% of all lead time is non-value added
Benefits of Lean
                                      Lean Orientation
                                         Lean 101 Lego

        Percentage of Benefits Achieved
                        0   25   50      75              100

Lead Time Reduction

Productivity Increase

      WIP Reduction

Quality Improvement

    Space Utilization
Lean Strategic Initiative Elements
                                                           Lean Orientation
                                                              Lean 101 Lego

•   Burning Platform – Operational Excellence as Key Strategy
•   Defined Roles and Responsibilities
     – Management Sponsored and Driven
     – Mid-Management Fueled
     – Grass Roots Implemented
         • Wide Spread Orientation                       Lean      6 sigma

•   Formal Launch
                                    Strategic Planning
     – Need for Change                                            Work
     – WIFM                                            Accounting
     – Management Expectations
     – Layoff Policies
•   Requires Management System
     – Regular Progress Checks
     – Communication
     – Integrated Measurements
     – Recognition and Rewards
     – Project Management
•   Team Culture
•   Proposal System
For More Information...
                                        Lean Orientation
                                           Lean 101 Lego

      Mark Sessumes     (817)312-5853

      Bill Stockstill   (817)917-2564

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