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									The Deepings 1090 Round Table Charity Event

             CHALLENGE                                                            Daytona Raceway, Milton Keynes

             3 - 4 July 2009

Applicants are invited from all Corporate and Round Tables wishing to take part in the
13th Annual Deepings Round Table 12hr F1 Karting Challenge on the 3rd & 4th July 2009.

This event will take place at Daytona Raceway,            The event is held over a one and a half day format.
Milton keynes, and YOU could be taking part!              Friday evening sees all drivers register and have a
                                                          full safety briefing (all protective clothing and
Toyota, AT & T Williams, Red Bull, Honda F1 Racing,       helmets can by supplied by Daytona) and qualifying.
Force India and Renault teams have all confirmed
their entrance and look forward to challenging all!       Friday evening sees the event meal and charity
                                                          auction of Formula 1 memorabilia. The Formula 1
There is no other 12hr F1 Karting Challenge in the UK     teams are all so supportive of the event that rare
and there is no other open event that has so many         items never normally seen in the usual F1 shops,
Formula 1 teams taking part. The thirty teams taking      can be bought. Hotel accommodation can be
part have driver skills that range from those who have    booked through Deeping Round Table at a reduced
never driven a kart before, to Justin Wilson, ex-Jaguar   rate at the Milton Keynes Holiday Inn Hotel.
F1 Driver, Gary Paffett, German DTM Race-Winner
and McLaren Test Driver and Mark Webber - Red Bull        If you would like to register your intention to attend
F1 Driver. Fun is had by all and if your kart wins the    the weekend or have further questions, then please
event, then a third of the money raised will be given     contact James Wright on: tel: 07887 955047 or
to a charity of your choice.                              email:
The Deepings 1090 Round Table Charity Event

12hr F1 Karting Challenge Timetable

Friday 3rd July 2009                                        Saturday 4th July 2009

16.00 - 19.30 Driver Signing On                             07.00 - 10.00   Breakfast Holiday Inn
16.15 - 19.15 Driver Safety Briefing                        08.00           Pre-Race Brief (Daytona Circuit)
17.00 - 19.45 Qualifying and Safety Laps                    08.45           Driver Line-Up
                                                            09.00 - 21.00   12hr F1 Karting Challenge Race!
20.15 - Late Holiday Inn Bar                                21.15           Trophy Presentation
20.30 - 21.15 Charity Auction Buffet
21.30 - Late Charity Auction of F1 Items

During the race, your kart will be required to do a minimum of 11 visits to the pits for driver changes.
The Deepings 1090 Round Table Charity Event

Rules and Regulations                                                                  Daytona Raceway, Milton Keynes

To help you get the most from your racing we have outlined some useful information.
More details can be found on the website,

Communication                                                The team will have to wait while repairs are made to the
An efficient Team Manager is one who communicates            kart for any accident damage, whether it is your fault or
with both team members and race officials. It is             the fault of another team.
important to remember that if a problem is not               Kart Issues
communicated, it cannot be dealt with. The Team              All the karts operated at Daytona International are
Manager should deal with all issues. In their absence,       manufactured by the same company and use same engines
a Deputy Team captain should liaise with the correct         run to their maximum power, regulated by the gearing on
official.                                                    the kart. During the course of a week prior to the event
Practice                                                     every kart will be serviced. Every effort is made to ensure
Practice takes place on Friday night. This is the time to    all the karts are as similar as possible.
get to know both the circuit and your kart. There is a       During the course of a weekend many different drivers
trade off, however, between the amount of practice time      will drive the kart differently. If you feel your kart is not
you take, and the wear and tear on your kart. The kart       performing to the same standard as the rest of the fleet
will only be supplied with one tank of fuel that will last   please talk to the duty mechanic to check the performance.
approximately two hours under continuous driving.
                                                             If you present the kart to the duty engineer the team captain
Repair Procedure                                             will be asked if your team feels if the problem lies with the
Despite the highest level of preparation, karts can break    power (engine) or the handling (chassis) of the kart. It can
down. Also, karts do break if they crash into each other.    be very hard to be able to be sure, which is causing your
That’s Racing! In the event of a mechanical failure, karts   problem so please ask your whole team before bringing the
will be repaired on a first come first served basis.         karts to engineering.
The Deepings 1090 Round Table Charity Event

Location and Directions

For further information call: 07887 955047, email: or

Daytona Raceway                                         Accommodation                             
From Junction 14 M1. Take the H5 towards Central        Deepings Round Table have exclusive use of the
Milton Keynes. The 9th roundabout is traffic-light-     Holiday Inn, Milton Keynes
controlled. Turn right onto Grafton Way. At the next    500 Saxon Gate West, Milton Keynes, MK9 2HQ
roundabout turn left onto Dansteed Way. The circuit     Tel: 0870 4009057
is second on the left. From the A5 - take the Central
Milton Keynes exit and follow the chequered flag
signs to the circuit.
                                                                                                         The Deepings 1090 Round Table Charity Event

Associate Sponsors - McLaren Mercedes, Williams, Honda F1Racing, Midland F1, Toyota, Red Bull, Renault

                                                                                                         Register NOW!                                                                        Daytona Raceway, Milton Keynes

                                                                                                         Please complete the form opposite and return to:
                                                                                                         James Wright, 7 The Pingle, Northborough, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE6 9BX or
                                                                                                         FAXBACK on 01778 380912
                                                                                                         Please note:
                                                                                                         •   All cheques should be made payable to “Deepings Round Table Charity Karting”.
                                                                                                         •   A 30% Admin fee will be charged for cancellations (for Kart only) that occur within eight weeks of the race.
                                                                                                         •   SuperKart Hire includes all safety equipment and tutoring.
                                                                                                         •   Prize money to be split between the top 3 corporate and F1 teams and Deepings Round Table for donation
                                                                                                             to charitable causes.
                                                                                                         •   All drivers must hold either a valid driving license or valid Karting license. No experience is necessary.
                                                                                                         •   All drivers must sign the Daytona International Raceway indemnity form.
                                                                                                         •   All drivers who wish to race on the Saturday must complete at least three laps on the Friday evening.
                                                                                                         •   The Deepings Round Table have block booked the Holiday Inn Hotel in Milton Keynes
                                                                                                             (approx 5 min from the circuit).
                                                                                                         •   An auction of Formula 1 items will be held on the Friday evening during the buffet.

                                                                                                         2008/09 Karting Chairman - James Wright. Tel : 07887 955047
✁   Complete and return to:
    James Wright, 7 The Pingle, Northborough, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE6 9BX or FAXBACK on 01778 380912

    2009 Karting Challenge Booking Form
      Description                                                              Price                   Quantity     Sub-Total

      12Hr SuperKart Hire                                                     £1,250
      3rd July 2009 Hotel Room & Breakfast                        £70 Single Bed & Breakfast or
      4th July 2009 Hotel Room & Breakfast                       £110 Double Occupancy per night
      3rd July 2009 Charity Auction Meal                                    £16.95 p/p
      £70 Single Bed & Breakfast (plus complimentary drink) - £110 Double Occupancy                      Total:

                                   Please do not forget to enclose your 10% Deposit Cheque for the SuperKart ONLY

      Team Name                                                                Contact Person

      Daytime Telephone No.                                                    Evening Telephone No.

      Mobile Telephone No.                                                     Email

      Correspondence Address (Please include postcode)
     The Deepings 1090 Round Table Charity Event

     12hr F1 KARTING
             3 - 4 July 2009

          James Wright. Tel: 07887 955047

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