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                 with	TechHelp.

                   a partnership of:
   TechHelp Lean Enterprise Transformation - Steps
Lean Manufacturing is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non-value-added
activities) through continuous improvement by flowing the product at the pull of the customer in
pursuit of perfection. Lean empowers workers to eliminate wasteful practices that prevent you from
perfectly serving your customers. Transforming to Lean is more revolution than evolution and
leads to new ways of thinking and doing from the shop floor to the executive corps.

TechHelp’s 5 Step Lean Transformation Process:

                                                                              Lean              Spread &
Company                   Lean 101                Value Stream
                                                                              Transformation    Sustain
Assessment                Training                Mapping

1. Company Assessment - After an initial complementary site visit, TechHelp will conduct a full company
   assessment to determine how and where Lean will produce the most impact.

2. Lean 101 Training - An 8-hour Lean factory simulation grounds executives
   and staff in Lean principles and terminology and gives the team a basis
   from which to move forward. Lean 101 demonstrates the usefulness of Lean
   and creates “buy-in” among executives and staff.

3. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) - Identifies areas of waste and creates a
   “current state map” that diagrams existing processes and an ideal “future
   state map” that will act as a guide for Lean Transformation activities.

4. Lean Transformation Activities - TechHelp specialists guide your Lean Team through a series of Kaizen
   activities designed to quickly eliminate waste and move the organization towards the future state identified
   in the VSM. This is where the rubber meets the road and where economic impact is generated.

5. Spread & Sustain - TechHelp works with your Lean Team to produce positive results in the most prob-
   lematic areas of your plant before propagating the Lean Revolution throughout your enterprise. Though
   TechHelp specialists are always available for consultation, our goal is to give your team the Lean knowl-
   edge and experience needed to become self-sufficient and self sustaining.

“Prior to TechHelp, Selkirk’s mass production mentality led to plant inefficiencies and cost control
issues that troubled our new ownership team. TechHelp helped us develop increased focus and at-
tention to the principles of lean manufacturing that allowed us to make improvements in efficiency
and cost control envisioned by management.”

Kevin Redd, Manufacturing Engineer and Lean Champion, Selkirk Metalbestos - Nampa, ID

Phone: 208.426.3767 or 877.426.3797
   TechHelp Lean Enterprise Transformation - Benefits
Why Implement Lean?
• To more efficiently and quickly meet customer demand
• To reduce costs in order to compete globally
• To squeeze more production out of existing facilities
• To improve product quality and delivery performance
• To adhere to supply chain (OEM) requirements

"I am really proud of how the Litehouse organization embraced the Lean concept and imple-
mented the program. Because of Lean, each individual can truly make a difference in how we
go to market with the goods and services we provide “

Edward W. Hawkins, Jr., CEO, Litehouse Foods - Sandpoint, ID

Lean Manufacturers in Idaho Have Reported:
• 30% productivity increase
• 90% work-in-process reduction
• 50% quality improvement
• 90% lead time reduction
Lean can also create:
• Increased profits due to better customer service and elimination of waste
• A safer and more efficient workplace
• A more empowered and motivated work force due to Lean’s emphasis on employee involvement
• A higher quality workplace staffed by employees drawn to a successful operation that values and
  invests in its workers

                  Typically 95% of all lead time is non-value-added

                                      Types of Waste:                               What percentage of your
                                                                                    processes and practices ac-
                                                                                    tually add value to your end
                                      Waiting                                       product?
                                      Non Value Added Processing
                                      Transportation (Excess)
                                      Inventory (Excess)                            Lean addresses all eight
                                      Motion (Excess)                               wastes listed at left.
                                      Employee Knowledge, Skills &
                                      Abilities (Not Used)

Phone: 208.426.3767 or 877.426.3797
    Lean Enterprise Transformation - Why TechHelp
"We are thrilled with what TechHelp has done for us. On our own it would have taken us
years getting to where we now are. We saved more in our first 60 days than our entire invest-
ment. Thanks to TechHelp and the Lean Manufacturing approach, our current facility will suf-
fice for the next five years with 40% growth per year. Today, I don’t wonder if we’ll get a re-
turn on a Lean investment , I just wonder how big the return will be."

Lynn Harker, CEO, Woodland Furniture - Idaho Falls, ID

•   RESULTS - An independent survey house measures each of our projects for impact. We focus
    on your bottom line and generate about $40 Million per year in positive economic impact for
    Idaho manufacturers.
•   LOCAL- Our manufacturing specialists are based in Boise, Pocatello, Twin Falls and Post Falls
    and are available locally to meet your needs.
•   EXPERIENCE - Our staff includes seasoned Lean practitioners and specialists with years of
    practical experience in all aspects of manufacturing.
•   PARTNERSHIP - We work on-site and in partnership with
    you and your team and encourage your self-sufficiency and
•   SOLUTIONS - We generate results by delivering solutions
    to specific problems within the context of an enterprise-wide
•   RESOURCES - Our specialists can draw upon expertise
    from a national network of over 2,000 MEP manufacturing
    experts as well as university and third-party professionals.
•   OBJECTIVITY - As members of Idaho’s university system, TechHelp specialists are fair, objec-
    tive and unbiased.
•   FUNDING - We work closely with U.S. and Idaho agencies to secure funding that helps defray
    the cost of training and implementation.

"The investment I made in TechHelp services paid off beyond my wildest expectations. Tech-
Help made my small operation in rural Idaho look like a Billion dollar business. I can't believe
that more companies don't take advantage of TechHelp services."

Chuck Ceccarelli, Owner, Idaho Wrecker Sales - Mountain Home, ID

Phone: 208.426.3767 or 877.426.3797
    Lean Enterprise Transformation - About TechHelp
Since 1996, TechHelp specialists have been providing technical and professional assistance to
Idaho manufacturers, food processors and inventors to strengthen their global competitiveness
through product and process improvements. TechHelp’s strength comes from its partnership of
Idaho’s three state universities and affiliation with the National Institute of Standards and
Technology, through the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. TechHelp is also Idaho’s Eco-
nomic Development Administration University Center, targeting economically distressed areas
of Idaho.

                                         TechHelp Partnership

                                  ∗   College of Engineering
                                                                                                     ∗   59 Centers Nationwide
    ∗   College of Business &     ∗   College of Ag - Food        ∗   College of Engineering
                                                                                                     ∗   350 Locations
        Economics                     Science & Toxicology
                                                                                                     ∗   2,600 Manufacturing
    ∗   College of Engineering    ∗   Cooperative Extension
    ∗   Selland College           ∗   Office of Professional
    ∗   Center for Professional       Development

                                                                                                    Other Partners
                                                                                         ∗   Idaho Department of Commerce
                                                                                         ∗   Idaho Department of Labor
                                                                                         ∗   Idaho Department of Agriculture
                                                                                         ∗   Idaho SBDC
                                                                                         ∗   Idaho Export Council
                                                                                         ∗   U.S. Economic Development Admin.
                                                                                         ∗   U.S. Department of Labor
                                                                                         ∗   Northwest Food Processors Assn.

                                                                                               Regional MEP Partners
                                                                                         ∗   Washington Manufacturing Services
                                                                                         ∗   Utah MEP
                                                                                         ∗   Oregon MEP
                                                                                         ∗   Management Assistance Partnership,
                                                                                         ∗   Manufacturing-Works, Wyoming
                                                                                         ∗   Montana Manufacturing Center

“Lean drew widespread support from employees and did not lead to job losses. Productivity is up,
waste is down and the overall picture is a lot of improvement and more communication.”

Luis Garcia, Plant Superintendent, Great American Appetizers - Nampa, ID

Phone: 208.426.3767 or 877.426.3797
                                                                                                "I am really proud of how the
Litehouse Foods                                                                                 organization embraced Lean and
Location: Sandpoint – Bonner County Project: Lean Manufacturing for Food Processor
                                                                                                implemented the program. What
Situation                                                                                       is truly exciting is that Lean em-
                                                                                                powers each individual in the
In the mid-1950’s, Chef Ed Hawkins and his wife Lorena bought The Litehouse Restaurant          organization to make a differ-
in the resort town of Hope near Sandpoint, Idaho where they served their now famous blue        ence toward the goal of process
cheese dressing. It wasn’t long before patrons started bringing empty jars so they could take   improvement. Each individual
home some of the delicious dressing. In 1962, the Hawkins’ family purchased 12 dozen            can truly make a difference in
cases of 16-ounce jars and a new business was born. As the Litehouse product line and           how we go to market with the
demand for the company's products expanded, management began to examine Lean Manu-              goods and services we provide “
facturing as a way to address growth pains. In 2004, TechHelp Food Specialist, Jeff
Kronenberg of the University of Idaho Food Science and Toxicology Department visited            Edward W. Hawkins, Jr.
Litehouse and found a company ready to move forward with a Lean transformation.                 Litehouse CEO


   A plant assessment identified Lean opportunities.
   Lean 101 workshops grounded Litehouse staff in Lean principles and prepared them for
     the Lean transformation.
   A Value Stream Mapping (VSM) activity created a “current state map” that identified
     areas of waste and a “future state map” that would act as a road map to Lean.
   Litehouse Lean teams conducted a series of “Kaizens” to eliminate waste and move
     the company towards the future state identified in the VSM.
   5S Visual Workplace tools made the plant more intuitive, efficient and safe.
   Quick Changeover and Setup Reduction activities decreased the amount of time
     needed to reconfigure production lines.
   Litehouse created small work cells where smaller batches of product could be produced
     quickly and efficiently as per customer demand.
   TechHelp provided ongoing consultation as needed.

The Litehouse Lean Transformation has produced:                                                   TechHelp Field Offices
                                                                                                  North Idaho 208-777-7952
                                                                                                  East Idaho 208-589-6619
   $400,000 in operating cost savings.
                                                                                                  South West Idaho 208-426-3767
   $300,000 in inventory reduction.                                                             South Central Idaho 208-320-2959

   $45,000 savings due to improved workforce practices.
                                                                                                  TechHelp Home Office
   $1,000,000 in cost avoidance by not having to expand into a larger facility.                 Telephone 208-426-3767
   Potential for increased profits due to better customer service and elimination of waste.     Fax 208-426-2185
                                                                                                  Toll free 1-877-426-3797
   A safer and more efficient workplace due to 5S modifications.                      
   A more motivated work force due to Lean’s emphasis on worker involvement.
                                                                                                  A partnership of:
   A high quality workplace staffed by employees drawn to a successful operation that
     values and invests in its workers.                                                           Boise State University
                                                                                                  Idaho State University
                                                                                                  University of Idaho
In July of 2006, TechHelp and the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Manufacturing Extension Partnership recognized Litehouse for excellence in product and
process innovation with Idaho’s first Spirit of Continuous Innovation award.
Great American Appetizers                                                                     “Lean drew widespread sup-
Location: Nampa, Canyon County
                                                                                              port from employees and did
Project Area: Lean Manufacturing for Food Processors with Lean English Essentials, Food
Safety and Food Certification                                                                 not lead to job losses. Produc-
                                                                                              tivity is up, waste is down and
                                                                                              the overall picture is a lot of
Great American Appetizers has been providing premium appetizers to the food service trade     improvement and more com-
since 1959. GAA serves the nation with a complete selection of appetizer products from        munication.”
manufacturing facilities in Nampa, Idaho. GAA's 200 employees (nearly 90% Hispanic) are
dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service and specialize in manufacturing     GAA Plant Superintendent, Luis
proprietary, custom-made products. In the last two years GAA introduced 40 new products       Garcia
and experienced sales growth exceeding 100%. In order to accommodate rapid growth and
meet customer demand, GAA brought in Food Specialist, Jeff Kronenberg, of TechHelp and
the University of Idaho for HAACP and food certification activities and to implement Tech-
Help’s Lean Manufacturing for Food Processors with Lean English Essentials program.


TechHelp worked with GAA to:
•   Conduct a one day plant assessment to identify opportunities for waste reduction and
    profitability enhancement
•   Identify and train a Hispanic Lean Champion to lead GAA's Lean transformation
•   Provide training to Hispanic employees on Lean concepts required to understand the        Above, GAA Plant Superintendent Luis
    Lean 101 Workshop                                                                         Garcia, right, with Food Processing
•   Provide in-house Lean 101 workshops and a two-day Value Stream Mapping activity to        Specialist, Jeff Kronenberg, of Tech-
    guide the Lean transformation                                                             Help and the University of Idaho.

•   Host several Kaizen events focused on rapid plant change, creating a 5S visual work-
    place, reducing floor waste and reducing rework
•   Assess the facility’s HACCP system and provide technical assistance to improve GAA’s
    HACCP Program
•   Obtain USDA FSIS certification that allowed GAA to add meat to their line of appetizers

                                                                                              TechHelp Field Offices
                                                                                              North Idaho 208-777-7952
•   Lean, HAACP and certification activities and led to sales increase of $4.42 Million       East Idaho 208-282-3928
•   Lean helped GAA improve customer service and saved a $2.2 Million account                 South West Idaho 208-426-3767
                                                                                              South Central Idaho 208-320-2959
•   Lean helped GAA save $340,000 in labor, materials, energy and overhead
•   Lean helped GAA avoid a $3.5 Million plant expansion                                      TechHelp Home Office
                                                                                              Telephone 208-426-3767
•   Lean helped GAA move from a 7-day operation to a 5-day operation and led to better
                                                                                              Fax 208-426-2185
    morale & attitude through employee empowerment                                            Toll free 1-877-426-3797
•   5S Visual Workplace activities created a safer, more intuitive and more efficient work-

    place                                                                                     A partnership of:

                                                                                              Boise State University
                                                                                              Idaho State University
                                                                                              University of Idaho
Quest Aircraft Company                                                                    “Involving our core leaders and
Location: Sandpoint, Bonner County                                                        incorporating real-world Lean
Project Area: Lean Enterprise Transformation                                              projects with the classroom
                                                                                          training was a great kick starter
                                                                                          for us and converted many non
Quest Aircraft Company manufactures a new 10-seat single engine turboprop util-           believers.”
ity airplane known as the KODIAK. The aircraft is built around a commitment to
modern Short Takeoff & Landing (STOL) design, rugged construction, turbine                Justin Wootan,
power and high useful load. Beginning operations in 2001 with a staff of 14, Quest
now employs 230 at its new 27,000 square foot plant at the Sandpoint Municipal            Director of Operations
Airport. In order to meet increasing customer demand, Quest needed to revise its          Quest Aircraft Company
original goal of producing one aircraft every 10 days to one every 2.5 days.


•   Quest brought in an experienced aviation industry consultant to show key
    Quest managers how Lean Manufacturing would help the company meet its
    production goals.
•   Quest selected TechHelp to deliver Lean training because of its local pres-
    ence, ability to deliver a realistic Lean simulation and hands-on teaching ap-
•   Key Quest personnel completed TechHelp’s Lean Enterprise Certification Pro-
    gram that gave the team a thorough indoctrination to Lean and prepared them
    to lead the company’s Lean Transformation.
•   TechHelp’s LECP course included kaizens (continuous improvement activities)
    on the plant floor that produced hands-on learning and immediate results.
•   Quest quickly applied Lean principles to the plant floor in order to better utilize   The Kodiak is built around a com-
    space, materials, information and manpower.                                           mitment to modern Short Takeoff &
•   An initial plant wide 5S (workplace organization) kaizen helped create more           Landing design, rugged construc-
    organization and safety in the plant.                                                 tion, turbine power and high useful
•   Quest developed visual controls and story boards to monitor production prob-          load.
    lems and progress and improve communications.
•   Quest calculated and applied cycle time, takt time and line balancing to smooth
    production and track key metrics to support goal attainment.
•   Quest implemented a Kanban system to better manage inventory.
•   Lean Enterprise training led to the development of the Quest Production Sys-
                                                                                           TechHelp Field Offices
    tem and creation of a Lean culture throughout the entire organization.
                                                                                           North Idaho 208-777-7952
                                                                                           East Idaho 208-282-3928
Results                                                                                    South West Idaho 208-426-3767
                                                                                           South Central Idaho 208-320-2959
Quest’s ongoing investments in people, plant & equipment created an efficient and
competitive company that was able to:                                                      TechHelp Home Office
                                                                                           Telephone 208-426-3767
                                                                                           Fax 208-426-2185
•   Retain $13 Million in sales.                                                           Toll free 1-877-426-3797
•   Retain 100 employees and add 50 new jobs.                                    
•   Realize $60,000 in cost savings.
•   Invest over $1 Million in plant, equipment, workforce and information systems.         A partnership of:

•   Create efficiency by moving all parts to their point of use.
                                                                                           Boise State University
•   Improve cycle times by over 60% and make progress toward a                             Idaho State University
    production goal of producing one aircraft every 2.5 days.                              University of Idaho
•   Reduce production line deviations by several hundred percent.
•   Improve employee morale by giving employees a better sense of control over
    work processes.
                                                                                          “We could have gone into shut
Fresh Air Manufacturing Company - FAMCO                                                   down mode during the economic
Location: Meridian, Ada County
Project Area: Lean Manufacturing and Lean Office                                          downturn but instead decided to
                                                                                          pursue Lean initiatives that had
                                                                                          been on the back burner for a
FAMCO is a Meridian, Idaho based manufacturer and distributor of high quality             while. Working with the Tech-
sheet metal and plastic products for the HVAC industry. FAMCO's customers in-             Help guys was great. By engag-
clude heating, air conditioning, ventilation, roofing and siding distributors. The com-   ing our entire team, everyone
pany also designs and manufactures parts and products for OEM's in the HVAC               felt a part of the improvement
and other industries. FAMCO products are sold by leading wholesalers and retail
outlets throughout the US, Canada and several foreign countries.                          initiative which greatly improved
When the economy faded and orders slowed in 2008 , FAMCO President, Marty                 Marty Artis, President
Artis, decided to take advantage of the breather to focus on Lean initiatives that        FAMCO
had been on hold. He brought TechHelp in to assist with a plant assessment, then
worked with TechHelp to plan and implement a Lean Manufacturing initiative.


TechHelp Manufacturing Specialists worked with the FAMCO management team
to support the Lean Manufacturing transformation. FAMCO used Lean implemen-
tation techniques to set up several production cells, supermarkets and kanban sys-
tems to improve manufacturing operations.

By late 2008, FAMCO management recognized that its order processing might
benefit from some of the Lean techniques that manufacturing had adopted. In early
2009, FAMCO took advantage of the economic slowdown to engage TechHelp in
Leaning its office processes.

                                                                                          FAMCO’S Lean initiative improved
•   Because FAMCO front office and warehouse operations were included in the              productivity and morale during
    Lean transformation, all departments now speak and understand the same                what could have been a “down
    language and adhere to the same practices.                                            time” and positioned the company
•   Lean reduced the time from receipt of an order to the work order arriving at the      for the economic recovery.
    factory floor by about 65%.
•   Lean shaved another 20% off FAMCO’s already low customer lead time.
•   FAMCO created a more professional image by reducing delivery errors and by
    making it easier for customers to confirm orders.
•   FAMCO significantly improved on-time delivery by reducing lead time from
                                                                                          TechHelp Field Offices
    customer order to shipment by 50%.
                                                                                          North Idaho 208-777-7952
•   Improved operations and customer service led to retained sales of $100,000.           East Idaho 208-282-3928
•   Six jobs were created or retained.                                                    South West Idaho 208-426-3767
•   Lean led to an annual cost savings of $20,000.                                        South Central Idaho 208-320-2959
•   FAMCO invested $25,000 to improve operations.
                                                                                          TechHelp Home Office
•   Employee driven goal setting and goal attainment led to a noticeable improve-         Telephone 208-426-3767
    ment in employee morale.                                                              Fax 208-426-2185
•   Lean helped FAMCO avoid a multi million dollar plant expansion by reducing            Toll free 1-877-426-3797
    the amount of space needed for production and storage.                      

                                                                                          A partnership of:

                                                                                          Boise State University
                                                                                          Idaho State University
                                                                                          University of Idaho
WOODGRAIN MILLWORK                                                                             “We were extremely pleased
Location: Nampa, Canyon County                                                                 with the quality of the training,
Project Area: Lean Enterprise Certificate Program                                              curriculum and facilities pro-

Situation                                                                                      vided by TechHelp. All of Tech-
                                                                                               Help’s LECP instructors were
Woodgrain Millwork began as a family owned company when Merrill "Bud" Dame started a           top-notch.”
small molding company in Cedar City, Utah in 1954. Today, Woodgrain is still family owned
and has become a diversified wood products company focused on producing high quality
doors, windows, and moldings. The company has approximately 5,000 employees in 19              James Peterson
plants located in the United States and South America. As part of its commitment to continu-   Operations Manager, Door Group
ous improvement and outstanding customer service, Woodgrain developed a goal in 2007 of
eliminating $18 Million in waste from activities that did not provide value to customers.      Woodgrain Millwork
Woodgrain approached TechHelp and requested a standardized Lean training program for
its Continuous Improvement Managers. TechHelp’s Lean Enterprise Certificate Program
(LECP) was a perfect solution.


LECP met Woodgrain’s requirements because it was designed to align Lean practices be-
tween plants, throughout supply chains and across industries. The program gives workers
the opportunity to improve manufacturing skills and earn a nationally recognized and port-
able Lean Knowledge Certificate. Woodgrain also liked the fact that LECP participants were
required to complete a Lean project in the workplace to complete the program. This fit
Woodgrain’s desire to drive Lean benefits throughout the company.
• 21 Woodgrain managers from 19 plants in the U.S., Brazil and Chile were selected to
     complete 32 hours of LECP academic training during an intensive one-week course at
     Boise State University.
• All participants were required to read “Lean Thinking” and “Learning to See” in order to
     prepare for the LECP program.
• TechHelp used its wood products oriented "Buzz Saw" simulation activity to provide a         Dr. Larry Stauffer of TechHelp and the
     realistic factory simulation for Woodgrain managers.
                                                                                               University of Idaho guides Woodgrain
• After finishing the academic portion of LECP training, all participants were required to
                                                                                               LECP students through a factory simula-
     complete improvement projects in their home plants in order to gain experience apply-
                                                                                               tion at Boise State University
     ing Lean principles and to complete the LECP certification process.


•   Each of Woodgrain’s 21 LECP trainees successfully passed the LECP certification
    exam and earned a “Lean Knowledge Certificate”.
•   LECP Kaizen activities at Woodgrain plants generated $3 Million in cost savings creat-      TechHelp Field Offices
    ing a tremendous return on a $70,000 investment in LECP and Lean.                           North Idaho 208-777-7952
•   Woodgrain’s Lean initiative has helped the company meet its goals to ship on time and       East Idaho 208-282-3928
    complete, improve safety, improve first pass quality and drive Lean benefits company        South West Idaho 208-426-3767
    wide.                                                                                       South Central Idaho 208-320-2959

•   Woodgrain institutionalized its commitment to Lean by appointing a Corporate Director
                                                                                                TechHelp Home Office
    of Continuous Improvement and Continuous Improvement Managers at its plants.                Telephone 208-426-3767
•   Woodgrain is training a cadre of Lean Champions who carry the spirit of continuous          Fax 208-426-2185
    improvement throughout each plant.                                                          Toll free 1-877-426-3797
•   Woodgrain purchased its own Lean factory simulation kit in order to provide continuous
    improvement training to Lean Champions and other workers.
•   Woodgrain is encouraging Continuous Improvement Managers and Lean Champions to              A partnership of:
    seek additional Lean certifications.
                                                                                                Boise State University
•   Lean has helped Woodgrain weather the recent downturn in the housing industry and           Idaho State University
    has prepared the company to come out of the slowdown in a strong position.                  University of Idaho
Idaho Wrecker Sales                                                                            “The investment I made in
Location: Mountain Home, Elmore County Project Area: New Product Development, Lean
                                                                                               TechHelp services paid off
Manufacturing and Product/Process Documentation
                                                                                               beyond my wildest expecta-
Situation                                                                                      tions. TechHelp made my
                                                                                               small operation in rural Idaho
Idaho Wrecker Sales (IWS) of Mountain Home offers a full line of towing equipment as well
                                                                                               look like a Billion dollar busi-
as sales, service and parts. The IWS product line includes custom installation of towing
                                                                                               ness. I can’t believe more com-
equipment, detailed painting, custom graphics and lettering, as well as new and used wreck-
                                                                                               panies don’t take advantage of
ers and carriers. Owner, Chuck Ceccarelli, had been trying to nail down design specs for
one of his unique “Side Puller” wreckers with little success. He called TechHelp at the sug-   TechHelp services.”
gestion of an acquaintance and within two hours, the TechHelp New Product Development
                                                                                               Chuck Ceccarelli
Team had delivered an answer. Chuck was so impressed that he brought the TechHelp
                                                                                               Owner, Idaho Wrecker Sales
Team in for further consultation. What TechHelp discovered was a very innovative company
that, after 11 years of growth, offered opportunities for product and process improvements.


TechHelp worked with IWS to:
   Install a CNC high definition plasma cutting table and press brakes and uploaded prod-
     uct designs to the CNC interfaces.
   Produce product and process documentation for all IWS side puller products.
   Make changes in product design that made it faster to manufacturer IWS products.
   Conduct Lean Manufacturing training to ground the IWS staff in the principles of Lean.
                                                                                               Chuck Ceccarelli accepts the Fall 2006
   Create design specifications, documentation and operations manuals for the new IWS
                                                                                               Spirit of Continuous Innovation
     products.                                                                                 Award from TechHelp Director, Gary

   The IWS Lean Manufacturing transformation led to reductions in inventory, lead time
     and work in process (WIP) and saved IWS from having to build two new buildings to
     accommodate growth.
   The IWS Lean implementation created a clean, efficient, orderly and safe workplace
     where there is a place for everything and everything in its place.
                                                                                                  TechHelp Field Offices
   The new Plasma cutting table and press brakes allow the company to produce parts             North Idaho 208-777-7952
     quickly as per customer demand and redesign on the fly. This has resulted in better          East Idaho 208-282-3928
                                                                                                  South West Idaho 208-426-3767
     quality, less inventory, less scrap and much better lead time.
                                                                                                  South Central Idaho 208-320-2959
   Lean helped IWS reduce the lead-time on Side Pullers from 30 days to 4 days leading
     to a sales increase of 42% and improved customer service.                                    TechHelp Home Office
                                                                                                  Telephone 208-426-3767
   Creating product and process documentation allowed IWS to improve product quality,           Fax 208-426-2185
     service and sales.                                                                           Toll free 1-877-426-3797
   Standardizing training documents for IWS equipment and products reduced product
     cycle time and work in process resulting in less inventory and increased cost savings.       A partnership of:
   IWS used TechHelp design specifications of its new Speed Dolly product to outsource
                                                                                                  Boise State University
     production within Idaho, avoid costly capital investment and quickly ramp up sales.
                                                                                                  Idaho State University
   IWS continues to add new employees to meet increased product demand and hired                University of Idaho
     former TechHelp employee and BSU grad, Kevin Haight, as chief engineer.
      Success Story

Selkirk Metalbestos
Location: Nampa, Canyon County        Project Area: Lean Manufacturing

Situation                                                                                “Prior to TechHelp, Selkirk’s
Selkirk Metalbestos is a leading manufacturer of registers, grilles, diffusers, chim-    mass production mentality
ney, and gas venting product lines ranked among the best in the HVAC industry.           toward manufacturing led to
Forecasts and production schedules were based on past order activity leading to          plant inefficiencies and cost
                                                                                         control issues that troubled
large production runs, inefficient use of work cells, excessive WIP/inventory, and an
                                                                                         our new ownership team.
inefficient warehouse/delivery operation. Selkirk’s mass manufacturing mentality led
                                                                                         TechHelp helped Selkirk
the company to create large stocks of inventory and vast quantities of finished
                                                                                         develop increased focus and
product to meet fluctuating customer demand.                                             attention to the principles of
                                                                                         lean manufacturing that
Solution                                                                                 allowed us to make improve-
The TechHelp/Selkirk Lean Team introduced Lean to a single production cell that          ments in efficiency and cost
                                                                                         control envisioned by
served as Selkirk’s Lean pilot project and proving ground. Selkirk took the lessons
learned during the pilot project and gradually rolled Lean out factory-wide. Selkirk’s
Lean transformation included workforce training in Lean Manufacturing Principles,
                                                                                         Kevin Redd
Value Stream Mapping, implementation of a Kanban system, Setup Reduction,                Manufacturing Engineer and
Cellular Flow, Visual Workplace, 5S, TPM and regular Kaizen Events.                      Lean Champion
                                                                                         Selkirk Metalbestos
The exceptional vision, courage, flexibility, hard work and dedication of the Selkirk
Lean Team led to a successful and ongoing Lean transformation:

•   Improved productivity 25 - 40% and reduced scrap by 30%

•   Reduced setup time on key machines by 50-75%

•   Reduced batch sizes from 1000 to 1- piece flow matching production to cus-
    tomer demand
                                                                                         TechHelp Field Offices
•   Reduced setup time on key machines by 50-75%                                         North Idaho 208-777-7952
                                                                                         East Idaho 208-524-9097
                                                                                         South West Idaho 208-426-2182
•   Reduced lead times for finished product from 3 – 5 days to 10 – 30 minutes
                                                                                         South Central Idaho 208-320-2959

•   Lowered inventory levels from $3 Million to $1.25 Million                            TechHelp Home Office
                                                                                         Telephone 208-426-3767
•   Created a three-fold improvement in inventory turns                                  Fax 208-426-2185
                                                                                         Toll free 1-877-426-3797
•   Eliminated the need for a $30K per year warehouse facility
                                                                                         A partnership of:
•   Saved $15,000/yr from reduced WIP, increased inventory turnover, and reduced
    inventory                                                                            Boise State University
                                                                                         Idaho State University
                                                                                         University of Idaho

                                               Idaho’s Manufacturing Extension Center
                                    IMPACT 2007

                TechHelp Clients Report $65.6 Million Impact!
TechHelp, Idaho’s university-based affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP), is a proven federal/state/private partnership for
economic improvement. In FY 2007, TechHelp clients surveyed by Synovate, an independent survey
house, reported $65.6 million of positive economic impact in the following areas:

     •     $10.6 million in bottom line impact through increased and retained sales and cost savings
     •     The creation or retention of 724 jobs that led to a $41.6 million impact
     •     $13.3 million investment in plant modernization, equipment and people

The survey results demonstrate that TechHelp delivers measurable returns to its clients and investors.
TechHelp clients are modernizing, investing in their plants and people, increasing sales, saving money
and becoming more productive and competitive.

                       TechHelp FY 2007 Economic Impact = $ 65.6 Million








                         Bottom Line Impact         Job Creation &         Increased Investment

Chart reflects impact reported to Synovate Survey House by TechHelp. Number of jobs reported is multiplied by
$25,000 average annual salary, and then multiplied by 2.3 to show the full economic impact on the local economy.

TechHelp specialists provide technical and professional assistance, training and information to Idaho
manufacturers, processors and inventors to strengthen their global competitiveness through continuous
product and process innovation. TechHelp is a partnership of Idaho's three state universities and an
affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership. It is
also Idaho's Economic Development Administration University Center, targeting economically distressed
areas of Idaho.
                                       TechHelp at a Glance

          About TechHelp                              Market Penetration                         TechHelp Partners
Established in 1996                          Of Idaho’s 2,300 manufacturers, TechHelp    Federal
                                             specialists work with about 200 companies
Help Idaho manufacturers, processors         per year and complete major projects with   National Institute of Standards and
& inventors compete globally through         about 50.
                                                                                         Technology (NIST) Manufacturing
continuous product & process innova-                                                     Extension Partnership (MEP)
tion                                                  TechHelp Services                  TechHelp is an affiliate of the nationwide
                                                                                         NIST MEP system of 59 manufacturing cen-
Local manufacturing specialists work         Eureka! Winning Ways Growth Services
                                                                                         ters with 350 locations and 2,500 specialists.
on-site to deliver relevant, reliable, af-   New Product Development
fordable & sustainable service               Lean Enterprise
                                                                                         Economic Development
                                             Assistance to Food & Wood industries
                                                                                         Administration University Center
Host workshops statewide that provide        ISO and Six Sigma Belt certification
                                                                                         TechHelp is Idaho’s EDA University Center
information on advanced manufacturing        Business Systems Improvements
                                                                                         supporting rural and underdeveloped areas of
                                             Human Performance Assistance
concepts                                                                                 the state
                                             Energy Assessments
A unified service drawing on national,       Marketing Assistance
                                             Assistance with Information Technology
local and university partnerships
                                             Workforce Development Assistance
                                                                                         State of Idaho
                                             Doing Business with the Government
                                                                                         TechHelp is one of the Special Programs
                                             International Trade
        Funding Sources                                                                  under the state Board of Education

                                                         Project Impact                  Boise State University
NIST               $508,801       22.06%
                                                                                         Idaho State University
Other Grants       $469,000       19.95%     During the past 3 years, TechHelp clients
                                                                                         University of Idaho
                                             reported a positive economic impact of
State              $176,200        7.64%                                                 TechHelp is a partnership of Idaho’s three
                                             $148.4 million in the following areas:
                                                                                         state universities
Client             $800,000       34.69%
                                             •   $52.2M bottom line savings & sales
University Cash    $165,000        7.16%                                                 Idaho Department of Commerce
                                             •   $37.7M investment in plant & people
University Match $50,000           2.17%                                                 Idaho Department of Labor
                                             •   $58.4M jobs created or retained
                                                 (1,016 jobs)                            Idaho Department of Agriculture
In Kind            $146,000        6.33%
                                                                                         Idaho Small Business Dev Center
Total              $2,257,544      100%                                                  Idaho Export Council
                                                    TechHelp 3-Year Impact               Idaho Cooperative Extension System
                                                                                         Idaho Community Colleges
          Federal = 42%                                                                  TechHelp works closely with the above or-
                                                                                         ganizations as well as local chambers of com-
                                                                                         merce and economic development organiza-
          State = 7.6%                                                                   tions

   Client Fees = 34.7%                                                                   Regional
                                                                                         Northwest Food Processors Association
    University = 15.6%                                                                   Regional MEP Centers
                                      TechHelp at a glance 2007

    Manufacturing Matters                             Support for TechHelp Services                        TechHelp Advisory Board
$7 billion manufacturing sector is the                “The investment I made in TechHelp ser-           TechHelp is guided by Idaho industry leaders
largest private sector segment of                     vices paid off beyond my wildest expecta-         and economic development specialists
Idaho’s economy, contributing 15% to                  tions. TechHelp made my small operation
the gross state product                               in rural Idaho look like a Billion dollar busi-
                                                      ness. I can't believe that more companies         Jim Bean (Chairman) - Boise
2,300 manufacturing firms employ                      don't take advantage of TechHelp ser-             President/CEO, Preco, Inc
65,000 Idahoans                                       vices.”
                                                                                                        Terrance McDevitt - Boise
Manufacturing annual wage of $42,845                  Chuck Ceccarelli, Owner
                                                                                                        General Manager, JST Manufacturing
is 40% more than state average wage                   Idaho Wrecker Sales, Mountain Home
                                                                                                        Marty Artis - Meridian
Every manufacturing job creates an                    “TechHelp helped us achieve ISO                   President, FAMCO
additional 4.22 jobs in the state                     9001:2000 certification of our quality sys-
                                                      tem. TechHelp is a tremendous resource to         Jamie Birch - Rexburg
Idaho manufacturing contributes $3.04                 Idaho manufacturers and we plan on using          VP Administration, ARTCO
billion to state’s $3.26 billion of exports           their services to continue to improve our         Jim Young - Meridian
                                                      company into the future.”                         CEO, Precision Craft Log Structures
Idaho ranks first nationally in manufac-              Andy Oyervides, VP & General Manager
turing investment                                     Teton Machining Solutions, Payette                Phil Duckett - Post Falls
                                                                                                        VP Operations, Buck Knives
Idaho ranks seventh nationally with a                 “The successful development of the z-Start
25 percent increase in the value added                                                                  Herb Minatre - Rathdrum
                                                      clutch testament to the value and quality of
by manufacturing                                                                                        President/Owner, Bay Shore Systems, Inc.
                                                      TechHelp’s services. I can honestly say
                                                      that without TechHelp, Rekluse Motor              Barry Ramsay - Potlatch
Idaho Manufacturing Employment                        Sports and the z-Start clutch would not ex-       President, D8, Inc.
                                                      ist today.”
                                                                                                        Jerry Whitehead - Boise
Sector                             Employees          Al Youngwerth, President
                                                                                                        President/Owner, Western Trailers
Computer & Electronics               16,180           Rekluse Motor Sports, Boise
Food                                 14,712                                                             PUBLIC SECTOR AND SERVICES
                                                      “Implementing the Lean concept empow-
Other                                 9,742
                                                      ered each individual in the organization to       Laura Johnson - Bureau Chief
Wood                                 7,361
                                                      make a difference toward the goal of proc-        Idaho Dept. of Agriculture
Fabricated Metal                     3,906            ess improvement and to truly make a differ-
Transportation                       2,845                                                              Jay Kunze - School of Engineering
                                                      ence in how we go to market with the
Machinery                            2,606                                                              Idaho State University
                                                      goods and services we provide.”
Chemical                             1,936            Edward W. Hawkins, Jr., CEO                       Jim Hogge - State Director
Printing                              1,900           Litehouse Foods, Sandpoint                        Idaho SBDC
Paper                                1,592
                                                      "As a food producer in rural Idaho, we feel       Larry Stauffer - Director
                                                      fortunate that we can tap in to the knowl-        School of Engineering, University of Idaho,
Sources: Idaho Department of Commerce, Idaho
Department of Labor, National Association of Manu-    edge and expertise available through Tech-        Boise
facturers, US Census Bureau, Corporation for Enter-
prise Development                                     Help and its network of service providers.”
                                                      Stacie & Steve Ballard, Owners
                                                      Ballard Dairy and Cheese, Gooding

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