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Georgii Bulatov, CV

Currently        Project Engineer, Hyundai Amco Rus LLC
Birth            March 1973, St. Petersburg, Russia
Contact          ++7 921 380 3237,

2007 - 2008      MSc Design, Manufacturing & Management, Durham University, UK
1990 - 1996      MSc Electrical Engineering, St. Petersburg State Electrical Engineering
                 University, Russia

Since October 2010: Project Engineer, Hyundai Amco Rus LLC

Wastewater Treatment Plant (1500 m 3 / day) modernization project at
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus LLC (100,000 cars / year), St. Petersburg

       Studying the reconstruction concept (cables, pipelines, tanks, pumps, automation) per the
        working documentation submitted by the Design Institute;
       Drafting out the Turnkey Contract, negotiations with the Subcontractor, getting the Contract
        approval by the Company Legal Department, monitoring the advance payment;
       Gentle pushing the Subcontractor and its Sub2contractor to avoid gross delays, reporting to
       Organizing the HSE briefings, pass permits, and stuff / instruments on-site delivery permit
        for the Subcontractor by means of the HMMR relevant departments;
       Checking the observation of the legal requirements by the Subcontractor before and during
        the jobs (Industrial Safety Law of Dangerous Manufacturing Entity, HSE regulations, and
        State Construction Code);
       Mitigating the job sequence with the workshop operations (to keep them running);
       Managing the subcontractor on the job site – daily monitoring the activities vs. contractual
        scope and Working Documentation, checking the log books, inviting the Design Institute for
        jobs approval;
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      Managing the weekly meetings with the Subcontractor on the work progress;
      Getting the Design Institute approval of the as-built solutions realized by subcontractors,
       when the former reasonably varied from the initial Working Documentation (including
       equipment suppliers);
      Assistance to Electrical Department in collecting documents for getting supply for the
       WWTP from a State Distribution Company, outsourcing the cables certification (legal
       prerequisite for imported stuff);
      Commissioning the Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Customer (72-hour trials, RTN

Other duties, at Mobis Driving Science LLC (plastic parts) and Hyundai Hysco
Rus LLC (steel body billets):

      Daily communication with subcontractors at these workshops regarding contracts closure
       (minor failures, as-built documentation shortages);
      Managing the temporary heating facilities (diesel) during installation of the permanent air-
       handling burners (verifying the operation time, communication with the owner);
      Handling the Customer’s warranty complaints (leakages, pumps failures), directing them to
       relevant subcontractors, checking the corrective actions in the workshops;
      Occasional signing the Take-Over Certificates to subcontractors (basis for payment) on
       behalf of Mechanical Department;
      Assistance to Electrical Department in collecting documents for getting supply for power
       consumers from a State Distribution Company, outsourcing the cables certification (legal
       prerequisite for imported stuff).

October 2009 – October 2010: Project Engineer, Veolia Water Solutions &
Technologies Inc

Wastewater Treatment & Sludge Incineration Project (1.500.000 m 3 + 61 tones
/ day), commissioning phase, St. Petersburg
      Studying the water aeration facilities, operation of R72 Pyrofluid furnaces, and FIDIC contract
       terms (Orange Book);
      Assistance to Commissioning Team in writing the Incineration test procedures and in getting them
       approved by The Engineer (Mott McDonald Ltd);
      Verification of conformance between as-built drawings and actual equipment in the workshops (N2
       Fire Extinguishing System for carbon silos, ventilation systems, &c);
      Liaising with suppliers of auxiliary systems when their expertise was required for commissioning
       (system start up, adjustment, trials, incorporation in SCADA, knowledge transfer to the Customer
   89°59´59´´N, 0°0´1´´E - 89°59´59´´S, 179°59´59´´W: Positive About World Human Diversity

     Instructing the draughtsman of the necessary changes to as-built documentation required by The
      Engineer, comments closure;
     Designing the Work Breakdown Structure for the documentation handover, quantifying the work
      scope (as-built mechanical, as-built electrical, Process & Instrumentation Diagrams, O&M Manuals,
     Developing and maintaining the Overall Project Documentation Finite Element Database;
     QC of subcontractors’ / suppliers’ documentation vs. The Engineer’s requirements, obliging the
      formers to rectify comments;
     Mitigating with The Engineer the reasonable deviations from the FIDIC provisions in terms of
      documentation handover;
     Tracing the percentage of the handed-over scope, preparing the progress reports.

September 2007 – September 2008: MSc Student, Durham University

Full time MSc course in Design, Manufacturing & Management (British Council
Scholarship), Durham

     Attending the factory-based MSc course at Durham University at the North East of England
      (Management of Production Networks & Logistics);
     In UK in parallel with MSc studies, then in Russia till 2009: Freelance Technical Author, editing and
      writing the End User SW manuals (samples available upon request).

May 2006 – September 2007: Requirements Engineer, Motorola Inc

Technical marketing for high-definition set-top terminals (TV converters
designed for nation-wide seamless shift to digital TV broadcasting) ,
St. Petersburg

     Interviewing the subject matter experts upon the new marketing features of the equipment being
      conceived (home networking) ;
     Translating the declared features into the system requirements;
     Decomposing the system requirements down to the implementation level;
     Checking the implementations vs. what the relevant world standards (CEA, HDMI) say;
     Maintaining the Requirements Database (Telelogic DOORS).

   89°59´59´´N, 0°0´1´´E - 89°59´59´´S, 179°59´59´´W: Positive About World Human Diversity

April 2005 – April 2006: Company Representative, Eurostroy LLC

Co-administering the family low-cost housing project in Sri Lanka (small – a
couple of serial quick gypsum cottages), Colombo

     Representing the Company to the local community;
     Liaising with Sri Lankan Construction Industry Development Council, Institute for Construction
      Training & Development, and Board of Investment;
     Registering the LLC, securing the local construction license, studying the local Construction Code;
     Attending the pre-bid conference, reporting to the parent company (St. Petersburg), and submitting
      the bid;
     Outsourcing the custom clearance of containers with disassembled cottages;
     Assistance to the construction manager in organizing the daily work on the job site (transport,
      instruments, few local employees, crane hiring);
     Office management (liaising with the landlord about swimming pool and internet access, procuring
      the minor daily consumables).

June 2003 – April 2005: O&M Documentation Consultant, ZTE 中兴 Corp

Editing the End User O&M manuals in English and Russian for the CDMA
telecom equipment promoted at Russian market, St. Petersburg, Shenzhen

     Discussing with marketing experts and operational personnel how to write installation,
      maintenance, and troubleshooting manuals for the SoftSwitch® routers;
     Attempting to enhance the perceptibility and usability of supplied documentation in part of
      equipment assembly, testing, patching, upgrade, scaling, and transformation to other network entity.

September 2001 – May 2003: Mobile Networks Test Engineer, Siemens AG

Working in the Siemens Mobile front office (Level 2) responsible for CIS
(Commonwealth of Independent States) customers and for their technical
support, St. Petersburg, München

     SW installation onto GSM station, patching;
     Regression testing of the non-basic GSM services (conference call, call transfer, roaming) on real
     Preparing the installation optical disk for customers (operators) with the relevant activated services;
     Resolving the declared faults or sending them to corresponding Level 1 departments (SW developers,
      mainly in Germany), tracking the faults status ithe corporate network;
     Managing the CIS Customer Support migration from Berlin to St. Petersburg.

   89°59´59´´N, 0°0´1´´E - 89°59´59´´S, 179°59´59´´W: Positive About World Human Diversity

February 1996 – July 2001: Requirements Engineer, Nevskoe Shipbuilding
Design Bureau

Modernization of aircraft carrier “Admiral Gorshkov” (16 fighters) per the
requirements of Indian Navy, St. Petersburg

     Interviewing the Indian naval officials to grasp the concept of the desired carrier (mainly in part of
      flying deck arrangements);
     Translating the concept into technical level requirements, verifying their feasibility at the design
      teams, and getting them approved by the Customer.

     Song Myeong Beom, Chief of Mechanical Department, Hyundai Amco Rus LLC,
      +7 921 566 2687,
     Vincent Urbain, Project Manager, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Inc,
      +33 1 45 11 5520,
     Val Vitanov, Chairman MSc (T) Board of Examiners in Engineering, Durham University,
      +44 (0) 191 334 2510,
     Vyacheslav Nesterov, Operations Manager, Motorola Inc,
      ++7 812 329 1900,
     Valerii Kravtsov, CEO, Eurostroy LLC,
      ++7 812 703 4799, ++7 812 703 0289,
     Li Yinong, Country Deputy Manager, ZTE Corp,
      +86 755 2677 1575, ++7 495 741 0566,
     Thilo Schwarz, Department Head, Siemens AG,
      ++7 495 737 1993, ++7 902 623 2210,
     Alexander Viglin, CEO, “Nevskoe” Design Bureau JSC,
      ++7 812 356 0566,


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