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					                                Lean-Agile Project Management
                                Certification by Net Objectives
In association with UNICOM, SMS is bringing the Net Objectives
Lean-Agile Project Management Certification course to the UK in 2011.

This course information brochure includes:

   •   Course Objectives
   •   Description
   •   Course Outline
   •   Preliminary booking form - register an interest

Course Objectives

Prepares a person to play the role of the Lean-Agile Project Manager. In today's
world it is critical that one knows why Agile works, not just be given a set of
practices to coach the team in performing. While Scrum is a popular Agile method
today, it is not always the best Agile method to use. This course introduces the
participants to the three most popular Agile methods: Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban -
all within the context of Lean-Agile methods.

   •   Understanding and managing the Lean Enterprise
   •   Lean Principles and Agile Practices
   •   Effective vs Efficient Process Management
   •   Defining and Managing the Value Stream
   •   Identifying and eliminating waste from projects
   •   Why cycle time is more important than capacity utilization
   •   How to manage your work in progress (WIP)
   •   How to create visibility both to and from the team
   •   Portfolio/Roadmap (Managing Lean Requirements Flow)
   •   Using Lean Principles to guide Agile Methods (Scrum, Kanban, XP)
   •   Agile Estimation Techniques


To win in today’s competitive market requires giving your business the ability to
deliver highly profitable products faster than the competition. The goal of Lean-Agile
software development is the ability to add value quickly to your customers now while
retaining the ability to add value quickly in the future.                                  
Most development organizations aren’t structured to do this because they work on
large projects that require long delivery cycles. In this course we teach how to drive
from business and customer value to select what you work on and teach the teams
how to deliver it incrementally.
This course breaks down and analyses 3 key areas of the Lean Enterprise:

   1. Business
         o Prioritize features by highest business/end user value
         o ‘Drive’ the development efforts to incrementally deliver
         o Portfolio Management
   2. Development Teams
         o Focus on speed in delivering software functionality
         o Must include functionality, maintainability, and extensibility
         o Requires excellent engineering practices
   3. Management
         o Focus on the value stream (cycle time—idea to implementation)
         o ‘Drive’ Continuous Standards Improvement
         o Organizational guiding principles, impediment removal

This course is a leadership focused offering that teaches the management skills
required to implement Lean-Agile. It is a combination of interactive lecture with a
significant amount of time spent on hands-on exercises.
This course is an alternative to standard ScrumMaster training. More and more
companies are finding initial success with Scrum only to find they cannot extend it
beyond a few teams. We believe the reason for this is no failing of the people
attempting to use Scrum, nor even Scrum itself. Rather, the challenges that must be
dealt with go beyond the capabilities of the Scrum framework to provide sufficient
solutions. In other words, Scrum is not always the right process for an organization,
but if that is all someone has learned no otherh alternatives present themselves. This
course better prepares organizations for Agile development by providing a solid
understanding of the principles behind Agile methods which allows you to decide
which is the best team process for you - in your circumstances. This greater
foundation also allows for better tailoring of whichever Agile method you chose, even
Certification and PDUs: Net Objectives provides a certificate of completion of the
Lean-Agile Project Manager Course for each participant who successfully passes the
LAPM Certification test. This test is taken at the end of the course and validates that
participants understand the basic tenets of Lean-Agile Project Management. This is a
PMI R.E.P course that can be used for category 3 for 21 PDU.

Course Level: Intermediate

Course Outline

Unit 1. Reasons for Agility
        1.1 Beginnings
        1.2 What is a PM?
        1.3 Defining Value                                    
        1.4 Overview of Lean-Agile
        1.5 Why Agility
        1.6 Iterative Agile in 30 min
Unit 2. The Need for Lean
        2.1 The Road Well-Travelled
        2.2 Lean Thinking
        2.3 Lean Overview
        2.4 Product Vision
Unit 3. Product Planning
        3.1 Scrum Overview
        3.2 Lean-Agile Project Manager / Scrum Master Role
        3.3 Release Planning
        3.4 Story Breakdown
        3.5 Iteration Planning
        3.6 Estimation
        3.7 Tasks
        3.8 Retrospectives
        3.9 Scrum Simulation
        3.10 The Scrum Clinic
        3.11 Scope of Your Process
Unit 4. Minimum Marketable Features & Product Portfolio Management
        4.1 Flow of Product Development
        4.2 Portfolio Management
        4.3 Case Study: ACH
Unit 5. Kanban
        5.1 Doing Kanban
Unit 6. Continuous Learning
        6.1 Build Quality In
        6.2 Metrics
        6.3 Continuous Learning (Improvement)
Unit 7. Transitioning and Management
        7.1 Transitioning
        7.2 Managing the Transition
        7.3 Managing People
Unit Review: Transitioning and Management
Course Length: 3 days
PDUs: 21 PDUs Category 3
Maximum Number in Class: 24                            
Register an interest in this course

Title of course:        Lean-Agile Project Management

Date:                   23rd – 25th March 2011

Venue:                  Tbc (London area, UK)

Price:                  £1200 per head + VAT (non-residential)


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