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					                      Application for Graduate Assistantship
Description: Graduate assistants are to perform tasks assigned by their supervisor. Although
tasks vary according to department’s needs, previous graduate assistant’s duties included
tabulating surveys, developing monthly newsletters, and dealing with both potential and current
students. Some departments offer teaching/research assistantships for qualified graduate students.
Mutually agreeable work schedules will be arranged within each department. Graduate assistants
are required to work all of the weeks in which classes are scheduled (and any other dates deemed
necessary by the department). The amount of work required during the summer semesters will
vary by department. Graduate assistants must be full-time students, and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or
above to retain their appointment.

Compensation: Each department has its own guidelines regarding compensation. Generally, an
assistantship provides tuition remission for three graduate courses in each of the Fall and Spring
semesters, and two courses during the summer (one in each session).               In addition, some
departments may also offer a cash stipend.

In the Graduate Business Office: Graduate assistants in the Graduate Business Office are
required to work 16 hours per week throughout the academic year. They will receive tuition
remission for 3 courses during each of the Fall and Spring semesters and 2 courses during the
Summer sessions. Graduate assistants will also receive a $2000 stipend during the Fall and
Spring semesters.

Process: There are many more applicants than assistantships available in the Haub School of
Business. The Graduate Business Office collects applications and forwards them to departments
as the departments have openings. If a student is being considered for an open position, he or she
will be contacted directly by the department for an interview. If a student does not hear from any
department, there may not be positions available, or perhaps the applicant was not selected for an
interview. We will retain applications for 2 years from the date of submission.

                      Application for Graduate Assistantship
             All application material should be returned to the Graduate Business Office
                                        (284 Mandeville Hall)





Telephone:_________________________________ Date of application: ___________

ID # ___________________________________________________________________

Undergraduate University & Degree: _______________________________________

GMAT Score: _____________ Cumulative Undergraduate GPA ________________

Have you been formally accepted into the graduate program?________ Indicate which program:

MBA                    MSFS                     MSHRM                    MSBI          MIM

(No applicant will be considered unless he/she has been fully accepted into the program. Students
on a probationary status are not eligible for graduate assistantships).

In what semester will you begin your studies? Fall 20___ Spring 20 ___ Summer 20___

Supporting Materials Enclosed:                             Submission deadlines:
Resume (required)                                        Fall Semester: July 15
Cover letter (required)                                  Spring Semester: November 15
Writing Sample (optional)                                Summer Semester: March 1

Please attach a cover letter highlighting employment experience/work skills, self-starting
capabilities and any PC/Computer skills, as well as any research or teaching experience.


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