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					In summary...
  The evaluation highlights the main increase in enquiries from users classed as NEET,
  Young Carers and Young Offenders. The Cabin is therefore reaching some of the most
  vulnerable young people from across the borough through its dedicated advice work.

  The Cabin is part of Stockton and District Advice and Information Service, which is
  a Citizens Advice Bureau, and member of the National Association of Citizens
  Advice Bureaux.

  The Cabin works with Citizens Advice and Youth Access to further the need of advice
  services for young people. We have a Young Persons Representative on the Citizens
  Advice National Youth Forum and actively contribute to Youth Access research.

                                                                                                  “The Cabin” is the place for under 25’s
                                                                                                     to get help, advice and support

                                                                                               The Need...
                                                                                                  • 16-24 year olds will experience at least 2-3 million welfare problems each year.
                                                                               Opening Times
                                                                                                  • Over 25% of these problems will be faced by young people not in employment,
                                                                                                    education, or training (NEET)
                                                                  Monday     9.00am - 5.00pm
                                                                  Tuesday    9.00am - 5.00pm      • Less than half of all young people with serious social welfare problems will manage to
  Telephone: 01642 649723                                       Wednesday    9.00am - 5.00pm        obtain advice.
  Email:                               Thursday    9.00am - 7.00pm
  Website:                                   Friday   9.00am - 5.00pm
                                                                                               The Response...
                                                                                                  The Cabin was set up in 2008/9 to provide a specialist and dedicated resource to meet the
                                                                                                  welfare advice needs of young people in Stockton-on-Tees.

                                                                                                  The Cabin was set up with the active involvement of young people and young people have
                                                                                                  continued to be involved in the operation and development of the Service.
In 2009-10, The Cabin...                                                                           Why young people came to The Cabin...
   • Helped young people with over 9,800 new enquiries.                                              • “I had been fighting the problem for 5 weeks, came here and was sorted in 5 minutes.”

                                                                                                     • “I used it the first time and I was happy with the Service so I used it again.”
   • Assisted young people with debts totalling over £1,843,000
                                                                                                     • “Because my sister had previously got advice and recommended me to come.”
   • Secured over £400,000 in benefits and grants for young people.

   • Helped 118 young people who were threatened or actually homeless to find accommodation.       What young people said about The Cabin...
   • Delivered over 5,900 hours of training to young people                                          • “I came straight in and got good advice. I also got help filling forms.”

   • The Cabin has made welfare advice more acceptable to young people with serious problems.        • “Sorted out problem I had and now I feel like I can cope.”
     The graph below shows how new enquiries from people 25 and under have increased over the        • “Friendly, easy to talk to, know what they are talking about.”
     last 3 years.
                                                                                                     • “Everything I need help with they have helped me and won my appeal case for me.”

                                                                                                   How has The Cabin helped...
                                                                                                     • “I don’t have to worry where to find money”

                                                                                                     • “Can manage financial issues”
   New Enquiries dealt with
                                                                                                     • “Has helped understand what I am entitled to and how to fill out forms.”
   by Stockton CAB/Cabin
                                                                                                     • “Took a weight off my shoulders.”

                                                                                                   What the independent evaluation said about The Cabin...
                                                                                                     “The Cabin is an appropriate and effective advice service that is highly regarded by its
                                                                                                     young users. Substantial and substantive feedback from users underlined the practical
                                                                                                     and supportive advice they had received and its impact on their life.”
   • The Cabin is open 42 hours a week to make advice to young people as accessible as possible.
     Advice is also available by telephone, text and email.                                          “User feedback confirmed that The Cabin offer a tailored and holistic approach to advice
                                                                                                     work with young people.”
   • The Cabin has provided over 8,000 hours of training to young people since it was set up
     in 2008, and 26 volunteers have left The Cabin as they have secured paid employment.            “Feedback from young people showed that The Cabins advice work addresses all 5
                                                                                                     themes of the Every Child Matters programme. Every young respondent identified at least
   • The Cabin has delivered public legal education training to 967 young people to make them        one aspect of their lives linked to the ECM themes that had been helped through the
     aware of their legal rights and responsibilities.                                               Cabins intervention.”

   • The Cabin has provided comprehensive and up-to-date information and legal advice briefings      “Feedback has been almost universally positive and underlies how this model of a
     to 30 local statutory and voluntary organisations working with young people.                    dedicated Advice Service for young people, located within a CAB, has the capacity to
                                                                                                     be a highly effective resource for young people.”

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