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					                                                                                            September 2010
                                                                                                  Issue 13

             The Love’
‘SpreadTheaTre horSham
 The CapiToL
Having dodged the crowds staring at the        Alongside the director & choreographer
sight of nuns abseiling down the front of      Hayley Newton, include of course MD
the Horsham Theatre, it was time to            Simon Carr-Minn’s and Cathy Cogle,
check out if this musical version of ‘Spread   choreographers Mark Webb, Sean
The Love’ which had the same ingredients of    Parkins, Laura Craddock, Melody Squire,
comedy and pathos that the ‘Sister Act’        Rachel Pressland-Joy, Felicity Corbould,
Film gave us, was now going to live up to      Holli Shackleton and acting director
the rehearsal room run (Where I couldn’t       Emma Clayton who all perfectly
stop laughing).                                recreate the era of disco with dollops
                                               of raunchy soul and uplifting gospel
The answer is that it had oodles of the        thrown in for good measure. These
former, delivered with huge energy and         people created a perfect team and
pace, with scene after scene leaving a         as we enter our 100th year at Italia
permanent smile on many an audience            Conti I am already excited at what
member’s face. Introducing us to the           they are going to put together
outrageous singer Deloris Van Cartier’s        next year!
(2nd year Billie-Kay Payne) spiritual
journey from selfish disco diva to Sister      The behind the scenes crew
Mary Clarence, a proud member of a             were just as creative with Sue
sisterhood she loves and believes in.          Shackleton, Elza Sheward, Hayley
Being followed around by the rather            Newton, Lisa Robinson, Amanda
severe Mother Superior (Clare Roberts)         Gillham, Katie Smaridge, Holli Vince &
who’s eventual softening towards her new       Joanna Crawford making all the
and unexpected charge was hilarious.           costumes, an amazing feat! Mick
                                               Craddock made all the wonderful props,
It is always so much harder for us to put      with Miranda Tatton Brown, Laura
on a musical, but boy, it was worth the        Craddock, Fee Corbould, Tara Hore,
effort. For a start, the casting was           Georgina Mannifield, and Clare Roberts all
inspired. Making her first leading debut,      assisting the director, and keping things
assured and talented Billie-Kay Payne          moving. What a fantastic team and thank
gives a show-stopping performance as           you for making it all run so smoothly.
Deloris along with Georgina Mannifield
who performed in the Associate show,           We now have to have licensed
(hiding in the convent from her murdering      chaperones with the younger part-time
gangster boyfriend ). But it is also worth     students, as well as our staff & mothers,
pointing out that several other members        or people who have been police
of the ensemble are equally impressive         checked. My thanks to Dee & John Rose
during their designated musical numbers.       who co-ordinated backstage and all of
Foundation course Suzi Claydon, Bethany        you who helped, which are far too many
Moorhouse & Faye Roberts, 1st year             to list. It’s you people who keep our
Connor Judson, 2nd year Gemma Rix,             productions running and I thank you
James Sayers and 3rd years, James              sincerely for this.
Walters & Leanne Funnell.
                                               The final plaudits must go to the nuns
A particular case in point is ‘Sweaty’ Eddie   themselves who are all in exceptionally
(2nd year Tom Heley) singing ‘I Could Be       fine voice and we loved every minute
That Guy’ and fantasising about being the      of their shenanigans. In this respect
type of man the young Sister Mary Robert       jolly Hannah Cornish, sizzling senior
(Foundation Faye Roberts) will fall for. As    citizen Sarah Fitzhenry and the
well as being a highlight of the evening,      excellent Clare Roberts’s brooding
this sequence showcases how imaginative        Mother Superior all deserve a special
director Hayley Newton can be when             mention. However, I do feel this is so
integrating comedy and song. Climaxing         unfair as each nun deserves so much
with bringing together the 2nd years as        praise. Our graduating 3rd years
‘glamour’ Vegas dancers, to turn the           pulled it out of the bag and created a
whole number into a spectacular                performance that will be hard to top!
production. I love the fact that ‘Sweaty’
Eddie changed 3 times on stage in front of     Bless you all!
our eyes without us noticing, how brilliant!   Samantha Newton - Principal
Welcome back!
                                                                       Italia Conti’s young professional course students will perform

                                                                       Titled, ‘Sit Back and relax’
Welcome back! And it’s now countdown to the big                        Italia Conti’s young professional course students will perform an
100th anniversary year.                                                acting workshop directed by Nicholas Pinnock and Laura
                                                                       Craddock, and finish with a wonderful choral Christmas recital.
We’re happy to have our students returning to College and a
special warm welcome to the number of new students joining             This is followed by the full-time training course students whose
our Course.                                                            3rd year performance is skilfully directed by Emma Clayton
                                                                       finishing with Musical Director Simon Carr Minns’ beautiful
I hope that your summer was sunny and restful, and that you            Singing Sensation. Not to be missed, and a perfect start to the
are ready for the excitement and challenges of a new year.             Christmas holidays.
                                                                       Tue 30 Nov
                                                                       6pm & 8pm £12 (£7.50 concs)
Countdown, Wimbledon Theatre                                           booking @ www.electrictheatre.20
                                                                       The Electric Theatre, Onslow Street, Guildford,
As we went on to join the London students in ‘Countdown’ at the        Surrey GU1 4SZ Tel :01483 444789
Wimbledon theatre I know it felt a bit of an anti climax after
‘Spread the Love’ where you were all so busy. However, you

                                                                       DrESS CODE
opened the second half in a confident and polished way and I
hope you learnt a lot from the hectic week. (You can’t always be
the star attraction). Countdown showed how wide Conti students         Please note that the dress code will be strictly enforced with no
can stretch themselves, with an outstanding number from our            exceptions. Any uncertainty, please see the Curriculum and Dress
own Pat Dennison. Congratulations to those of you who were also        Code page on our boards. For your convenience we have
taking your end of year teacher’s exams at the same time. I know       dancewear and dance shoes available for purchase in the ‘Arts
the schedule was a ‘nightmare’ but multi tasking will be easy after    Centre’ shop. They are flattering and designed for the purpose of
that. Our thanks to London Principal Anne Sheward for her              class! Students will not be permitted in class unless they are
hospitality and making us so welcomed. Please see your exam            correctly dressed. All lost property not reclaimed by the week before
results we have received as this went to press, on the back page.      we open will be given to a charity shop so please check it out NOW!

House Of Fraser Fashion Show
We spent a couple of days at the ‘House of Fraser’, I am an admitted
shopoholic, so for me this was heaven. Our student’s and pro course
performed every hour showing of the stores new
ranges and I can honestly say it was interesting
being in the crowd of shoppers and listening to
their comments. A very positive reaction especially
from the stores bosses, I think they were a little
shocked! We have already been invited back and
had a lot of people signing up for classes who had
seen it. Well done to all of you who performed.

Dates for your diary                                                   New Staff
                                                                       I would like to welcome the new staff members who will be joining
Full-time Course                                                       us this term.
                                                                       Melody Squire who teaches Contemporary Jazz, (she set the
AUTUMN                                                                 beautiful number ‘The Life I Never Led’ in last terms production.)
Monday 13th September - 3rd December                                   Joining us from the London Academy are: Nathan Dawe Musical
(30th November if you are not taking an exam)                          Director, who will be working with the lovely Andrew Waldron who
Half Term 25th-29th October (3rd years to rehearse with Emma           we are delighted is returning this term after a long, long, tour! Also
Clayton tues - Friday during half term)                                from London and director for the Newbury Associates, Lucy
                                                                       Dungate, who will be standing in for Michele Thorne this term in
Theatre trip to see Billy Elliott 23rd September, please be aware
                                                                       Musical Theatre and lastly Chris Peak singing coach will be our new
you will need to make your own way to the theatre, classes will
                                                                       member for Mondays. I know you will make them all very welcomed.
finish at 12.00noon.
Please note: 1st, 2nd & 3rd of December will be exam classes
only. All fulltime students will finish officially on the 30th
November. Only exam candidate will carry on until the 3rd. Please
watch the board for updates.
                                                                       Agency News
                                                                       Many of our students had a great time appearing in various shows
SpRING                                                                 during the holiday period. My congratulations to the following
                                                                       students on gaining the following roles this summer, how talented
4th January - 25th March                                               you all are.
Half Term 21st - 25th Feb (3rd years to rehearse showcase with         James Allan & Keely Wells in ‘Oliver’ Drury Lane
                                                                       Laura McClung ‘The Railway Children’ Waterloo
SUMMER                                                                 Nina Cassells ‘Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’ National Theatre
26th April - 17th July                                                 Sarah Owen and James Walters - Cruise
Half Term 30th May - 3rd June (Show rehearsals)                        Charlotte Story and Leanne Funnell - Disney Paris
8th & 9th May 3rd year showcase @ Avondale Theatre                     Clare Roberts- ‘Show Stoppers’ Her Majesty's Theatre
(provisionally booked)                                                 Millie Willis will be appearing in Sleeping Beauty at the Yvonne
100th Anniversary Show 11th-17th July                                  Arnaud Guildford
Please do not book any holidays in half term or 1 week after we        STOP PRESS: Watch ‘Rohan Richards’ who gained a place in the
finish each term as this time is used for exams. Students who go       Super Group in ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ which our own Hayley
ahead and book regardless will jeopardise their place on the course.   Newton is Assistant choreographer on.
                                                                     Dates for your diary
We want you all to be happy and successful at Italia Conti and
believe that you play a key role. That role is to continually
show interest in your course and support your College. The
student who knows that his or her family is interested in and        ‘Sit back & Relax’ to be performed at The Electric Theatre
supports the school program will almost always have fewer            30th November, all students to arrive at the theatre by
problems in college and will enjoy greater success. As always        4.00pm, performance starts at 6.00pm. An acting workshop
it’s been a fun term with our Pro Course, their performance in       directed by Nicholas Pinnock and Laura Craddock, and
‘Spread the Love’ was truly amazing considering they missed          finished with a wonderful choral Christmas recital by Simon
a rehearsal in the theatre due to technical problem. However,        Carr-Minns. (Please let Laura know if you need a license for
it never showed and I was delighted with the outcome. Well           this event)
done to Amelia, Georgie, Natalie, Freddie, Fraser and our
latest recruit Olivia who all gave outstanding performances.
At the Wimbledon Theatre in the production ‘Countdown’
the students who appeared showed me just how professional
                                                                     Big NEWS
they are when several members failed to appear and we had            A March/April date is yet to be confirmed when you will be
to re choreograph two hours before the production, phew!             appearing in our 100th Anniversary Associate Show at the
That was tight…. You would never have known it... we were all        ‘Savoy Theatre’ in the West End. Details will be sent out as
so stressed as Laura tried to rehearse at the back of the            soon as we have sorted them with the Centaury committee.
theatre, but they performed as if they had been doing it for         This will be a prestige’s event with a lot of important casting
weeks. WELL DONE I AM SO PROUD OF YOU as always you                  people so rehearsals will start early to make sure we are our
lived up to your name.                                               best. Please do not book a holiday during the Spring half
                                                                     term as we will be using this to rehearse. We need to be
I will be sad to lose some of our older girls who are leaving for
University, Katharine & Fiona, who have both grown up at
Italia Conti, I will watch your future careers with interest. Also

                                                                     A Very Polite request
saying a goodbye to the pro course and leaving to enter out
full time course are Fraser, Rhian and Georgina. My how the
time has flown, to me you are all still 10 years old!
However, it’s always fun to welcome on board fresh talent and        to all parents:
                                                                     Please pick up your child on time
we have been auditioning a lot in the last few weeks.
Joining our Lower juniors will be:
Esmee Lewis, Amelia Scarlett, Macy Dyason, Martha Banks-             Our job and responsibility is to educate your children in the
Thompson, Brittany Mercado & Amber Vertannes.                        Performing Arts. Once class is completed, we too would like
                                                                     to return home as quickly as possible. This is particularly
Joining our Upper Juniors: Sophie Potter, Senna Lennard &            relevant for those classes which end of an evening at
Clara Coslett.                                                       8.30pm. Of late, there have been instances where parents
                                                                     have turned up 45 minutes after classes have ended. On
Joining our Advance Course: Lucy Barnes, Louis Clarke-
                                                                     occasions this quite clearly can’t be helped, and we will
Clare, Holly Conte, Charlotte Edwardes, Katy Smith and
                                                                     always make sure that your children can remain at the Arts
Lauren McCormick.
                                                                     Centre in safety whatever the case. However, on those
Congratulations to you all, I am looking forward to some             occasions when lateness can be avoided, please be
exciting work and I know our older members will make you             considerate and mindful of the fact that some of our staff
very welcomed. Any problems with your course speak to                have been working since 9.00am. I thank you kindly for your
Laura Craddock or Head Girl Georgie Willis.                          consideration in this matter.

This year saw the first appearance of our new course the             In Love’ for the show and I have to say I was a little nervous
‘Teen Foundation’ in our professional Course show and                that every time I went into rehearsal there seemed to be a lot
prize Day.                                                           of sweat, shouting and benches not on the right numbers!!! But
                                                                     sure enough by the time they were at the theatre everything
The Teen Foundation Course was designed to enhance the
talents of 13-17 year olds in all aspects of the performing arts.    was polished; like our own Conti army!

As the co-ordinator for the Teen Foundation I (Laura Craddock)       I felt this group were actors (or drama queens?) and really
have been watching them closely over the past year and am            threw themselves into their characters. Special mentions have
energised by their enthusiasm for the Arts. All 19 are very          got to go to Lucy’s choreographic skills with a notebook and
individual characters and all give something to the group and I      pen, Amy and her Starbucks (of course!) and how will we ever
feel that they have really blossomed into great performers and       forget Louis dancing with a tennis racket….
of course great friends.                                             A great year! Some of the group are staying on the Teen
The thing that I have noticed most is their growing confidence       Foundation and a handful were successful in gaining places
and how supportive they are of each other. So I was very             on our professional Course but sadly Freddy Haynes has
proud of their professional attitude at the Capitol Theatre.         decided to concentrate on her GCSE’s. We’ll miss you Freddy!!
Rachel and Mark had worked wonders on their dance numbers            If you wish to know more about the Teen Foundation course
‘Take Me To Heaven’, ‘Sunday Morning Fever’ and ‘Everybody           then please contact Laura Craddock on 01483 568070 ext. 5
 Well, well, well, and they said it couldn’t be               BIG NEWS…. To celebrate our 100th year
 done putting students who attend only once                   anniversary we are taking part in the
 a week into a musical? Well you all proved                   celebrations by appearing in the West End’ at,
 them wrong!                                                  ‘The Savoy Theatre’ in the Strand around March
                                                              or April, (the date to still be confirmed.)
 This year's Production ‘Spead The Love’ has
                                                              Unfortunately, as sadly we can’t take you all. We
 been a great success. The audience seemed to
                                                              will be holding auditions for a Centenary Class.
 really enjoy it tremendously, judging by all the
                                                              This class will be laid on for those students who
 whoops, cheers and applause. Likewise, you all
                                                              wish to join us in our celebrations. The class will
 thoroughly seemed to love taking part in the
                                                              last 90 minutes and will be run by Laura
 Show. The expected 'aaaaahhhhhhhs' when the
                                                              Craddock. Purely laid on for this year only, the
 whole associate course entered the stage at the
                                                              charge will be the same as a one hour class and
 end finale was there in abundance.
                                                              all successful applicants will join us in London’s
                                                              West End. All ages are welcomed.
 We will not be able to run our yearly show this
                                                              Auditions will be held on the first Saturday of
 coming year due to the Centenary, celebrations,
                                                              half term, 23rd October and I do hope that you
                                                              will all try out for it!

            • All fees are due by the first week of term

            • Please remember that NO PArkiNg is allowed at the back of the Arts Centre
            • Please make sure correct attire is worn for all classes

            • Hair should be worn in a bun for ballet, ponytail for tap/modern
            • in hot weather remember a bottle of water for after class!
            • Please ensure younger members have been to the toilet before class to minimize
              disruption during the lesson
            • The school has a no watching class policy apart from productions.

 Exam Results - Summer 2010
 Congratulation to the following students who’s results arrived after the last newsletter was printed.
 FULL tiMe StUDentS - taP                         Madeleine Walsh     Grade 2 Lamda  75 Merit      Jessica Hearn
 Demi Gilham      Grade 6 tap       77% B         Millie Willis       Grade 2 Lamda     81         Grade 4 Lamda
 Julia Bird       intermediate tap 55% C                                           Distinction     81 Distinction
 Vicky Cappalonga intermediate tap 63% C          Scarlett Medley     Grade 4 Lamda 74 Merit       Stephanie
                                                  Freddie Rose        Grade 4 Lamda 75 Merit       O’Campo
                                                                                                   Grade 4 Lamda
  Pateman-Clarke intermediate tap 80% a           Stephanie
                                                                                                   87 Distinction
 Oliver elliott   intermediate tap 80% a           Winterborne        Grade 4 Lamda   73 Merit
                                                                                                   Johanna Payne
 Lucie Crawford   intermediate tap 74% B          emily Phillips      Grade 4 Lamda   69 Merit
                                                                                                   Grade 4 Lamda
 Hannah Cornish advanced 1 tap 69% B              Zara Simonian       Grade 4 Lamda      84        76 Merit
 katie Murdoch    advanced 1 tap 74% B                                              Distinction
                                                                                                   Lauren McCormick
 kayleigh ashdown advanced 1 tap 82% a            naomi Couzens       Grade 4 Lamda      86        Grade 4 Lamda
                                                                                    Distinction    80 Distinction
 Sophie Sherman advanced 1 tap 80% a
                                                  Rhian Madcalf       Grade 5 Lamda      80        Robin Geddes
 Carly Pettipher  advanced 1 tap 80% a
                                                                                    Distinction    Grade 4 Lamda
 anthony Spencer advanced 1 tap 84% a
                                                  Georgina                                         81 Distinction
 Vicky Weedon     advanced 1 tap 80% a             Winterborne        Grade 5 Lamda     65 Merit
 Lauren Mitchell  advanced 1 tap 66% B            amy Rose            Grade 5 Lamda     70 Merit
 Laetitia Coulson advanced 1 tap 78% B                                                             Unit 2 FDi HeaLtH
                                                  Hannah Gibbs        Bronze acting     70 Merit   & SaFety
 Holly Vince      advanced 2 tap 85% a                                Lamda                        PaSS MaRk 40%
 Hayley Chilvers  advanced 2 tap 83% a            amelia Hamilton     Silver acting     77 Merit   Carly Pettipher     51%
 Holly Heron      advanced 2 tap 77% B                                Lamda                        katherine Murdoch   57%
 Lisa Sharratt    FDi tap          awarded                                                         anthony Spencer     59%
 Vicky Hermitage FDi tap           awarded        Teen FoundaTion - LaMda                          Lara Cook           76%
                                                  Lucy Barnes     Grade 4 Lamda 71 Merit           Vivienne Smith      77%
 PRO COURSe - LaMDa                               isabella Hardie Grade 4 Lamda 69 Merit           katie Burse         84%
 Laura McClung  entry Lamda           80          yasmine ansari  Grade 4 Lamda 63 Pass            anna turowska       93%
                                 Distinction      Charlotte       Grade 4 Lamda      84            (amazing anna)
 annie Rose         Grade 2 Lamda 62 Pass           edwardes                    Distinction
 We are still awaiting many results as we go to print. Congratulations so far on 100% pass

                                 221 Epsom Rd, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey GU1 2RE
                                 Tel: 01483 568070 •

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