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					                                                 West Memphis High School
                                                  Cheerleading Constitution
                         “It’s not the glitz of the uniform that matters, but the spirit that shines within it.”
                                                                                                                   --- Anonymous

Cheerleading year: The rules and procedures outlined in this constitution are in effect from the time the student is
selected to the cheerleading squad until the next tryout date.

The purposes of the West Memphis Spirit Squads are to:
    Create school spirit, pride, and loyalty
    Promote good sportsmanship among other school groups at all times
    Perform at school games and competitions
    Develop responsibility, self-respect, and character
    Teach teamwork

To be eligible to try out for cheer:
     Each member must maintain a 2.0 GPA
     Any member that does not achieve and 2.0 each semester must participate in the Supplemental
        Instruction Program (SIP) the semester following the lack of minimum GPA to remain eligible to
     Each member must submit a completed physical and Tryout Packet, including Application Form, Parental
        Consent/Medical form, Constitution, etc. signed by the parent/guardian AND the student
     ALL previous cheerleader debts must be paid in full before the first day of clinics. If balance has
        not been settled, the candidate will not be allowed to try out for upcoming squad.
     Any cheerleader who fails to complete a full season of events for any reason will NOT be eligible to try out for
        the following year.

     The candidate must be eligible at the time of tryouts (see above).
     A panel of 4 judges who have a background in cheer instruction or coaching will judge the candidate. The
        coach may take part in the judging process. If the coach does not participate in judging the tryouts, the coach
        will watch and make notes. If the coaches’ observations and the judge’s observations differ greatly, the
        coach has the final say on who should be on the team.
     Each cheer or dance candidate will be considered on the following items:
             o Attitude and enthusiasm at all times. Dedication is a big part of being on the squad..
             o Performance at tryouts in front of a panel of judges, as well as performance during past seasons.
             o Adequate grades and attendance
     All decisions by the judges are final.
     There are not a maximum or minimum number of students expected to make the team.
     Tryouts include a clinic. If this clinic interferes with another school sport or activity, the advisor must be
        notified in advance. (A candidate may still tryout, but it is her responsibility to learn the material for tryouts for
        the day missed.)
     At clinic and tryouts, each candidate must wear athletic shoes and apparel (per NFHS rules).
     At tryouts, each candidate must wear black shorts, a white shirt, and white socks.
     Hair must be pulled up in a ponytail.
     Nails must be short with no fingernail polish (per NFHS rules).
     Previous cheerleaders or dancers may not wear anything to show that they were already cheerleaders for
        West Memphis High School. This is to ensure fairness at tryouts.
     Being a member of the cheerleading squad one year in no way guarantees placement on the squad
        for the following year. Everyone must go through the tryout process in the spring.
       The entire tryout process will be closed to the public. This includes pre-tryout clinic and the
        actual tryout in front of the judging panel. Failure to abide by this rule will disqualify the candidate
        involved. Senior cheerleaders and former cheerleaders are not allowed to view the tryout process.
       West Memphis School District and West Memphis High School, its administration, and its coaches do not
        discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, or income. This is an equal opportunity organization
        for those students who meet the requirements and follow the rules of the WMHS Cheerleading Squad.

     Students must be enrolled in cheer class during the school day
     All students who participate in cheerleading must be in regular full-day attendance the day the activity is
     All members must attend all activities (games, competitions, etc.) in their entirety.
     Having to go to work is not an excuse for missing any cheerleading activity.
     If the member needs to miss an activity due to other activities, the member must ask the coach if they can
       miss either the night before or the morning of the activity.
     All requests for missing a practice or event must be put in writing and received at least 24 hours in
       advance, unless cheerleader misses school due to illness, in which case, a coach needs to be notified the
       night before or the morning of the activity. Contacting the school does not count as contacting the coach.
     There are no excused absences until accompanied by a doctor’s note stating that the student was sick on
       those days missed.
     If a cheerleader is injured and cannot practice they are still expected to come to practice/other events to
       support their teammates.
     Cheerleaders will practice every day after school. These practices are usually over around 5 pm.
       Cheerleaders are required to attend the full practice. Please try to schedule doctor’s appointments and such
       around this time.
     During competition season, practices may be longer. The coach will notify the cheerleaders in advance of
       any late practices.
     Three unexcused absences (including practices, events, or games, etc) will result in automatic dismissal
       from the squad.

     Uniforms, shoes, and poms are to be kept clean, neat and in good repair at all times. Any school
        merchandise that is ruined, lost, or stolen will be replaced by that member at her own expense.
     Cheer shoes are not to be worn to school or anywhere other than while performing or practicing. Shoes
        must be kept in good condition and must be clean (no writing on them).
     If a member is removed from the squad at any point during the season, they will be expected to return all
        uniforms and any other equipment immediately and in clean and good condition.
     Alterations can be made on the uniforms. During the alteration process, uniforms may not be cut. Skirts
        should not be shortened for any reason.
     Cheerleaders must carry their bodysuits and pants with them in their bag to every game regardless of
        weather conditions.

    Cheerleading camp is mandatory. If the member is not able to come for any reason, they will be removed
     from the squad.

    Each member must have a complete physical exam before the tryout date.
    A current copy of the candidate’s insurance card is required.
    All participants must sign the school’s drug and alcohol policy.
    Team members should be leaders within the school and set a good example at all times.
    Each member must abide by those standards set by West Memphis High School in the Student Handbook.
    A squad member must be courteous and friendly to all other team members as well as the student body.
    A member must be courteous and friendly to all other teams and visitors.
    A member must be respectful to the Advisor and other professionals at the school.
    Should an internal conflict arise, members are to leave discussion of them within the group rather than take
       them to outside sources. If intervention of an administrator becomes necessary, the coach will be the one to
       contact the administrator.

Fund Raising
    All members are required to participate in all fundraising which is generated by the team.
    There will be set goals for each member to attain in their fund raising activities.

Team Captains
    Each cheerleading squad may have a captain and a co-captain or co-captains. This is at the discretion of the
    There will not be a captain(s) if no one is seen as captain material. This is at the discretion of the coach.
    If the squad has a captain(s), they will be decided by the coach and/or judged by judges. (Coach will have
      the final say). If at any time, I feel the captain(s) is not performing as expected, I will take the captain status
      away and elect another cheerleader.
    You must be a senior and have cheered at West Memphis High School for at least one year to be eligible to
      try out for captain.
    See captain packet for roles and responsibilities.

Community Involvement
    All cheerleaders are required to participate in community activities which are chosen and planned by the

    Coaches’ Directions
      o The coach has a specific plan for each practice and often has a vision for the methods used that the
          cheerleader may not understand, but should always follow. It is acceptable to ask questions in a
          respectful way. Swearing, complaining, not cooperating and rolling your eyes are inappropriate behavior
               The 1st incident will result in a 10 lap run.
               On the 2nd incident the individual is suspended from a game
               On the 3rd incident the individual will be dismissed from the squad
    Situations will come up that are not covered in the constitution or rules and regulations. It is at the
      discretion of the Coach to handle these situations as they see fit.

Grading Scale
   Cheerleaders receive a physical education grade for this sport.
        Football games are worth 100 points.
        Basketball games are worth 100 points.
        Practices at Delta gymnastics are worth 100 points.
        Competitions are worth 100 points.
        Practices at school and any events including community events and fundraisers are worth 50 points.
           The following deductions are for practices (at school and Delta), games, competitions, and community

    See Rules and Regulations for explanations of expectations.
    ******In the event of cheerleader being removed from the squad, no refunds will be given. *******

-5 points
    1) Failure to abide by all Arkansas Activities Association’s safety rules will receive -5 points for each offense
    2) Students not warming up before activities
    3) Jewelry (covering jewelry is not an option).
    4) Fingernails must be kept at a length suitable for safe participation
    5) The hair must be worn in a manner to minimize risk for the participant. Hair devices, if worn, must be secure
       and appropriate for the activity.
    6) Glitter that does not readily adhere on the hair face uniform costume or body is illegal. Glitter may be used on
       signs props or backdrops if laminated or sealed.
    7) Students may not chew gum at practice or when in uniform.
    8) Failure to abide by any additional Arkansas Activities Association.

       Each incorrect item
       Each item omitted
       Not having uniform clean and pressed
       Exchanging of uniform.
       Wearing any part of the uniform with street clothes, including shoes
       Arriving after appointed time
       Each additional 15 minutes late
       Leaving the game/practice more than 15 min before appointed time
Game and Practice Performance
                (Including not paying attention at game or practice)
       Not yelling the words
       Breaking formation to visit with friends, family, or each other
Unacceptable Conduct
       Public display of affection
       Discourteous behavior
       Eating or drinking while in uniform except at designated times
       Talking or being disruptive during National Anthem or Alma Mater

-10 points
       Tardiness in returning to squad after half time
       Leaving squad before dismissal at a game practice or meeting
Game and Practice Performance
       Poor Performance
       Not obeying cheerleading group rules
       Failure to dress out in designated practice attire

-15 points
Unacceptable Conduct
      Friction among members
      Poor sportsmanship

-20 points
       Failure to wear uniform when designated
Unacceptable conduct
       Foul language in uniform

-25 points
Unacceptable Conduct

In School and Out of School Suspensions
In School Suspension
        Any member receiving in school suspension will be suspended from one game. This will result in a zero
           being received for that game. If suspended from a game, the member will be required to come to the
           game in uniform and sit with the coach.

Out of School Suspension
         Any member receiving out of school suspension will automatically be removed from the squad.

        *Missing any activity will result in a zero for that activity. See above for rules about attendance.

          It is very important for this squad to get along with each other. I want the spirit members to improve their
skills, but I also want them to enjoy their being a part of a team. One of the things that tend to make being a part of a
large group difficult is the tendency to speak ill of other people. Parents and students alike are prone to look out for
their own interests. It is part of my job to look out for the interests of the total squad. Therefore, gossip will not be
tolerated. Each member is vitally important to this squad, and I want each member to know they are liked and
respected. We will be spending a lot of time together, and I want this time to be constructive and fun.
          I would also like the squad members and parents to be aware of how much time and energy it takes to make
a cheerleading squad productive. Drive and commitment not only comes from the members of the squad, but from
the parents also. We will be doing fundraisers and having a lot of practices, and the parents’ patience and help will
be greatly needed.
          I am looking forward to a great year. Hopefully we can all learn a great deal from this experience!!!
Please sign and detach this sheet from the above constitution. Keep the constitution for further reference.


I have read and understood the West Memphis High School Cheerleading Constitution . If I have any questions,
I know I can call Mrs. Martin.

       _______________________________________________               ________________________
       Name                                                                 Date


I have read and understood the West Memphis High School Cheerleading Constitution . If I have any questions,
I know I can call Mrs. Martin.

       _______________________________________________               ________________________
       Name                                                                 Date

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