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Prestigious office spaces in
the heart of the airport
With an office in the Terminal       The office spaces in the termi-
you have an easily accessible        nal are suited for back-offices
location up close to your cus-       for service organizations at the
tomers from all over the world.      airport and for smaller compa-
The modern construction and          nies that place particular value
the flexible space divisions         on immediate proximity to the
provide all that is required for a   flow of passengers, such as
contemporary company seat.           travel agencies, airlines, banks
                                     and insurance companies.
Here you are situated amid a
wide variety of restaurants,
attractive shopping possibilities
and the many services found at
the airport. A central drive-up
and the direct link to public
transportation guarantee ideal
Advantages                          Facts
• Attractive location at the        • Ideal for travel agencies,
  center of the Zurich Airport        airlines, banks and insurance
• Offices in the most highly-         companies
  frequented zones                  • Office spaces in the Terminal
• Flexible space divisions are        of various sizes, ranging from
  possible                            14 m2 to 120 m2, both before
• Modern infrastructure with          and after the passport control,
  state-of-the-art finishings         as well as at Dock E
• Over 70,000 people spend          • Open spaces upon request
  time here, day in, day out        • CHF 550 to 750 per m2 net
• In the main passenger flow          office space per year
• International atmosphere at
  Switzerland‘s gateway to the
• Some office spaces are situ-
  ated directly in the shopping
  and gastronomical zone
• Short walking distances to the                                        The Terminal offers office
  car parks                                                             space with high-quality
• Excellent transport links to                                          finishings, in the middle of the
  the highway, train station, bus                                       airport.
  terminal and tramway
• Attractive range of shopping
  and gastronomical possi-
  bilities close by

The Terminal offices are situ-
ated at the check-in counters,
the gates and airport center.

                                                                        Here you will be perfectly
                                                                        connected to both private and
                                                                        public transportation.
               Flughafen Zürich AG
Commercial Real Estate Management
  P.O. Box, CH-8058 Zurich-Airport
         Phone +41 (0)43 816 30 30

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