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Catch A Burglar, Safely And Secretly

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Over 2 million burglaries occurr in the United States every year. Only 15% of those burglars are actually
caught. Find out how the police will make your call their number one priority if you ever become a victim.

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In 2004 2.1 million burglary offenses occurred in the United States. Of those less than 15% of criminals
were arrested.

One reason the arrest rate is so low is because burglaries often happen when no one is home or around to

The reality is most people cannot physically monitor their home, or office at all times without installing a
monitoring system and paying costly monitoring fees.

Monitoring companies are not a solution for everyone. The new business owner, the business owner with
high overhead or the lower income households need to save money and they can do so with the TeleSpy
Intruder Alarm.

The TeleSpy is a monitoring device equipped with a motion detection sensor and a highly sensitive
amplified microphone.

It operates from any working phone jack and requires no installation. The TeleSpy phone model is the
common slim line telephone that an intruder would not recognize as a monitoring system.

Simply enter a phone number that you can be reached at while away from the location. Cell phones work
great because you can take them anywhere. If motion is detected the TeleSpy will call you automatically.

You will be able to listen in for 30 seconds through the TeleSpy's high powered microphone. After 30
seconds the TeleSpy disconnects and instantly re-arms to detect again and again.
If you hear an intrusion call the police. Your emergency will be a confirmed burglary in progress and treated
as top priority.

You will want the best listening experience and sensor range to give the police as much details as possible.
So consider a couple things when deciding a place for the TeleSpy.

The motion sensor range is in excess of 30 feet and the width is about 20 feet, creating about a 45 degree
wedge beyond the sensor.

Now think like a criminal. Where would they enter and what are they looking for? There is a self test feature
that allows you to run trials.

If you have pets include them in the test trials. Raising the TeleSpy or pointing it in different directions will
help you pin point your pet(s) sensitivity and eliminate interference.

The TeleSpy is ideal for apartments, small homes or offices. But it can be a great supplement to buildings
with existing systems.

The point is that if your property is being burglarized you need the police there as soon as possible.
Criminals cost Americans five billion dollars a year and stolen property is often never returned to the owner.

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