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The Seven Techniques of Astral Projection - Astral Projection Travel


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									        Published based on The Seven Techniques of Astral Projection

The Seven Techniques of Astral Projection
There are many people who astral project without being aware that they doing so and this is because astral
projection is a natural ability which all people have. What we need to learn is how to do it while we?re conscious
so that we have control over it.

Let's assume that you are already familiar with the astral plane and you know what astral projection is. The
purpose of what follows is to tell you about a few different ways of engaging in astral projection. If you know which
methods work best for you, you can know the powerful experience that is astral projection.

First I offer you a five step method that works for many people learning to astral project.

*Your first goal is to initiate a state of adequate relaxation by relaxing your entire body. In order to reach this state
of relaxation you need to be lying down and then, starting at the lowest point which is your toes, tense each
muscle and then relax it again. Once you?ve finished doing this with your toes, you do it with you feet, then your
lower legs, then your thighs and so you continue upwards until you eventually finish with the muscles in your face.
If at this point you feel your body is becoming heavy, do be alarmed at all as this is exactly what should be

*Next, focus your attention on your breathing; just observe your breathing as a cat watches a mouse, without
'judging ' your breathing. Inhale deeply and slowly and observe the process of the air going into your lungs, your
diaphragm. Exhale deeply and slowly, again just observing. You should feel yourself becoming extremely relaxed,
but do not allow yourself to drift off into sleep. If you feel that happening, shift your attention to your forehead (your
'second sight ' seat). Do this several times.

*Next, shift your attention to how your body is feeling--it should seem to you like some heavy slab of wet clay. If
you feel this way, close your eyes and visualize your astral self, the weightless self, floating like a butterfly in a
breeze, a bird just drifting on a thermal.

*At this stage is when you may be able to 'see in infrared ', able to make out everything in the dark room in
exquisite detail. The room may seem bathed in violet light. If you reach this stage, look up and focus your
attention on a light upon or covering the ceiling.

*Concentrating on the ceiling light you should mentally start trying to pull it towards you and before long, in all
likelihood, you?ll more than likely start feeling as if you?re floating. Whatever you do, do not allow yourself to fall
asleep at this point because by now you should be fully aware that you?re floating and in many cases, you may
also be able to see your physical body lying on the bed below.

If this first technique has not worked for you then don?t give up but instead, simply try the next technique
discussed below. On the other hand, if this one has worked then congratulations, you?ve achieved a state of
astral projection and are free to start astral travelling.

This second method is commonly known as the gazing technique, which just as with the first method, is also best
done when going to bed. The main difference is, with the gazing method, all you require is an object on which you
can focus such as a picture hanging on the wall, the moon outside if it?s within view, or in fact anything you

Once you?re comfortable on your bed, begin focusing on the object of your choice. You need to continue
focusing, without becoming distracted and looking away, until your eyes start feeling heavy. In reality, no matter
how hard you try, your eyes will eventually close and when this happens, you need to continue focusing on the
object. Before long you?ll experience a powerful urge to either stand up or to sit up. If this is your first successful
projection, standing up and turning around can be a frightening experience for some, given that you?ll see your
own body lying on the bed.

These methods, like anything else, will probably require you to practice them over and over for a little while until
you get results. So don't give up and don't let yourself become frustrated or discouraged as these feelings will just
inhibit you from doing astral projection.
                                   Astral projection is often hindered or even prevented simply because your subconscious mind refuses to allow it
                                   and until such time that your subconscious accepts the fact that its okay for your astral body to leave your
                                   physical body you may not be successful. An effective tool for getting past this obstacle is through affirmations
                                   which will enable your subconscious to come to terms with the aspect of astral projection.

                                   For those who are impatient and are concerned they may grow frustrated too easily with these practices, there are
                                   some shortcuts to use to get you astral projecting on one of your very first attempts.

                                   For those who experience difficulty astral projecting, hypnosis may well prove to be an invaluable tool. Not only
                                   does it get you into an ideal state of relaxation, but a quality session will also prepare you for your first astral
                                   projection experience.

                                   Audio technology has now developed 'binaural beats ' which you can use to deeply relax and open up your
                                   subconscious mind to new spiritual experiences.

                                   Remember, astral projection is not mystical or just something for a select few. It's one of your innate abilities--all
                                   you need to do is use the right techniques to master it!

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                                   To Astral Project.

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