BINGO by cuiliqing


									University of Greenwich Business School Induction

BINGO Tutor instruction Sheet

The purpose of the game is to get the group to mix and at the same time find
something out about each other
1 Give each student a copy of the ‘BINGO’ sheet
2 Explain:
    They need to write the name of a person in each box who has done the thing
    written in that box
    They can only use the same name a maximum of twice
    Continue looking until you have a name in every box – then shout BINGO
3 Try to make sure the group uses all the space in the room rather than stay in a
4 When one or two people have shouted BINGO – or you think the game has gone
   on long enough (15 mins?), stop the game and ask group to sit down
1 Choose maybe ten of the items to go through. Ask who has done these
2 Find out more details about some of them eg
    What sort of musical instrument?
    Where in London do they live?
    How long a journey to get to university?
    What theatre, art gallery, concerts have they been to
    Why do they like/hate Neighbours East Enders etc
3 Discuss
    How much information was just interesting and how much might be of use in one
    situation or another in the future? Eg Part time job may be useful as an example
    of an organisation in an essay
    Knowing the skills of your collegues (eg PowerPoint\\\\\0 may be useful when
    doing group work
4 Explain
    The Personal and Professional Development course will ask you to consider
    some of the experiences you have in your life and reflect on what you have
    learned from them Eg volunteering for a charity, looking after a child, a part time
    job, studying in UK for the first time etc
    University is not just about the development of your academic knowledge.
    It is also about your growth as a competent individual. You need to
    develop in confidence, in the range of skills you have, in your ability to
    solve problems and to be able to relate effectively to other people.
    PPD will give you a framework in which you can monitor how this
    development is progressing

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