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									                                                                                                       Tuesday, 1st November

                                   REGISTRATION to the 18th Steelmaking Conference, 8th Ironmaking Conference, Refractory Materials Seminar ´11 and Cleaner Production and Environm

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                                   Room A                                                                         Room B
    Continuous Casting                                                              Direct Reduction

Supplier Presentation: High Performance Slab Casting Machines for Flexible
and Reliable Production. P. Pennerstorfer, G. Hrazdera, O. Schulz (Siemens
VAI Metals Technologies GmbH, Austria)

Latest Results of Flux Film Visualization with MouldScreem®. E. Hilgenhöner, Supplier Presentation: Improvements in Direct Reduction Midrex Plant. L.
E. Wosch (S&B Industrial Minerals GmbH, Germany)                             Capriotti, E. Airasca (Development Maximize Technology, Argentina)

Study of Mould Powder Layer Taken from the Mould during the Continuous
                                                                                Energiron - The Most Modern and Cost Effective DRI Technologies. B. Franco,
Casting Process. A. Martín (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia y UTN-FRSN,
                                                                                A. Martinis, A. Volpatti (Danieli & C, Italy)
Argentina); E. Brandaleze, E. Benavidez, L. Santini (UTN-FRSN, Argentina)

Study of the Efficiency of Synthetic Slag Replace the Use of Rice Husk in the   Performance of Modified Cyclone in the Reactor R10 Train 2 Orinoco Iron
Ternium Siderar´s Tundish. H. Mendes, G. Digresia, C. Batista (UFOP-            Finmet Process. H. Lozada, R. Zerpa, E. Bravo (Orinoco Iron S.C.S.,
Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil)                                     Venezuela)

Aspects Concerning Production of Defects of Superficial Fissures Type in
                                                                                Calibration and Operation Troubleshooting of Metallization Analysis Equipment.
Continuous Steel Casting. I. Butnariu (Universitatea Politehnica din Bucureşti,
                                                                                M. Lango, L. Varón, H. Nuccetelli, A. Grazziutti (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)

Developments to Improve the Steel Cleanliness in the Tundish of Ternium
                                                                                 Development of Alternative Inputs to the Process of Coating. M. Fonseca, M.
Siderar. A. Martín, M. Romero (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia, Argentina); J.
                                                                                 Otaviano, A. Meschiatti, G, Pereira, T. Doellinger, D. Araújo (Samarco
Mendéz, C. Cicutti (TenarisSiderca, Argentina); G. Di Gresia (Ternium
                                                                                 Mineração S.A., Brazil)
Siderar, Argentina)
Silvers and Holes Close to Strips Edges of Silicon Steels No-Oriented Grains Reactivity of Sponge Iron in Tenaris Siderca. D. Guido, A. Grazziutti, F. Ajargo
in a CSP Factory. E. Zapata, J. Morales, P. lópez, L. Nieves (Ternium México, (TenarisSiderca, Argentina); S. Oreggioni, O. Baglivo, D. Costoya (Instituto
Mexico)                                                                       Argentino de Siderurgia, Argentina)

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     Continuous Casting
Cast in Time and Quality: Energy Savings through Integrated Heat
Temperature Forecast and Scheduling Model. H. Ponten, B. Kleimt, S. Grob,
M. Heesen (PSI Metals, Austria)
                                                                                  KEYNOTE LECTURE: "An Overview of the New and Emergent Ironmaking
                                                                                             Technologies". Dr. José Noldin Jr. (Brazil)
                                                                                  KEYNOTE LECTURE: "An Overview of the New and Emergent Ironmaking
New Technology for Continuous Temperature Measurement in Tundish. X. Zhi
                                                                                             Technologies". Dr. José Noldin Jr. (Brazil)
(China Northeastern University, Brazil); A. Hess Júnior, E. dos Santos (ECIL
MET. TEC. Ltda., Brazil)
Development of Metodology to Evaluate Seal Sands Used in Slide Gates of
Steel Ladles. H. Parreiras Gonçalves, A. Pinheiro Cardoso Filho, C. Ruy
Carneiro, P. Aparecido de Freitas (Usiminas, Brazil)
     KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Physical and Mathematical Modeling of
Steelmaking: Combined Blow Converter and Continuous Casting Mold as
Case Studies". Eng. Carlos Antonio Da Silva (Brazil)


    Continuous Casting

Tailoring the improvement of automatic mould level control to the specific
need of each caster: review of several return of experience with advanced
sensing and flow control techniques. F. Montegu (SERT Metal, France); J.
Bertin (Arcelor Mittal Méditerranée, France); R. Van Den Bogert (TATA Steel
Ijmuiden, The Netherlands); R. Johansson (SSAB-EMEA, Sweden)
                                                                                    Direct Reduction

Optimization of Casting Velocity Aceros Arequipa. H. Ayerve Villasís            Evolution of Reliability in Direct Reduction Plant Tenaris-Siderca. F. Ajargo, A.
(Corporación Aceros Arequipa, Peru)                                             Grazziutti, H. Nuccetelli, F. Pantano (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)

Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Mold Steel Level Control in a
                                                                                Slow Cooling Conveyors on Matesi HBI Plant. L. Capriotti (Development
Continuous Casting Machine of Billets and Slabs. F. Danne (Acindar Grupo
                                                                                MaximizeTechnology, Argentina)
ArcelorMittal, Argentina)

Balanced Killed Steels for Continuous Casting. C. Haas (UKCG Industrial         Advanced Centrifugal Casting Alloys for DRI Process. L. Quaranta, P. Imízcoz,
Services Ltda., Chile); A. Alid, A. Caram, J. Ponti (CAP-Acero S.A., Chile)     P. Cardín (SCHMIDT-CLEMENS Spain, Spain)

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     Continuous Casting                                                              Direct Reduction
Fluorine-Free Mould Powders for Billet Casting - Industrial Test. D. dos Reis
Silva, J. Klug, N. Heck, A. Faria Vilela, D. Rihl (UFRGS – Universidade
Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil); S. Lanceote de Freitas, M. da Silva      Supplier Presentation: Hot Pneumatic Transport in D.R Midrex Plant. L.
Monteiro Pereira, M. Ferreira, D. Jung (Stollberg do Brasil Ltda., Brazil)      Capriotti (Development Maximize Technology, Argentina)
Bending of Continuous Casting Bars in Middle Alloys Steels 4130, 4140 &         Experimental Studies on DRI Carburization in a Shaft Type Furnace. J.
Similars: Analysis and Solution. C. Liz, E. Santillán, D. González Atchabahian, D´Abreu, F. Belisario Benique (DEMa / PUC-Rio, Brazil); H. Marques Kohler
G. Torga (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)                                            (Consultant Engineer, Brazil); M. Otaviano (Samarco Mineração S.A, Brazil)

                                                                                 Fe-C-H-O System Stability Diagrams for Reducing and Carburization of Iron
Influence of Process Conditions on Steel Castability. G. Cerrutti, C. Capurro,
                                                                                 Oxides with Mixtures H2/CO/H2O/CH4. R. Flores, J. López (UNEXPO,
C. Cicutti, G. Torga, D. González Atchabahian (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)

Optimization of Useful Life of Submerged Entry Nozzle. D. Morressi, G.           Finding Out Of Optimum Binder for Cold Briquettes with Reduce Iron Fines. S.
Franco, E. Garfagnoli, A. Cavaleri, H. Pera, P. Balsola, M. Savoie (Acindar      Molina, R. Flores (UNEXPO, Venezuela); Y. Gómez (CVG Ferrominera
Grupo ArcelorMittal, Argentina)                                                  Orinoco CA, Venezuela)

Characterization of Spray Nozzles used in the Secondary Cooling of
Continuous Casting Machines. M. Vázquez, M. Sanchez, N. Eyeralde, D.
Johnson, C. Cicutti, A. Campos (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)

Combi-Caster for the Production of Blooms and Beam Blanks - An All-In-One
Solution for Top Production Flexibility. H. Kogler, F. Leingruber, A. Trauner
(Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH, Austria)

                                                                                               Wednesday, 2nd November
                                    REGISTRATION to the 18th Steelmaking Conference, 8th Ironmaking Conference, Refractory Materials Seminar ´11 and Cleaner Production and Environm

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                                   Room A                                                                          Room B
                                                                                       Electric Arc Furnace

                                                                                  The Importance of Hot Heel in Consteel® Systems. F. Memoli (Tenova, U.S.A.)
     Steelmaking Refractories
Thermographic Analysis of Ladle Shells in Tenaris Siderca. E. Santillán, C.       Operation of the Electric Arc Furnaces - With Examples. L. Jaccard (Luis R.
Franchi, L. Musante, S. De Micco, A. Giménez, P.Galliano (TenarisSiderca,         Jaccard, Brazil)
Wear Mechanism of Al2O3-ZrO2-C Slide Gate Plates. M. Labadie (Ternium             Phosphorus Control Evolution in Tenaris Siderca Steelshop. B. Di Cola
Siderar, Argentina); S. Camelli, M. Dignani (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia,   Bucciarelli, G. Torga, J. Sabugal, F. Diaz, M. Lardizabal (TenarisSiderca,
Argentina)                                                                        Argentina)
Refraflex: Setting New Standards on MgO-C Bonding System. Assessment            Increase Production in the EAF´s in Ternium Guerrero, Mexico, Strategies and
and Industrial Experience. H. Jansen, C. Feliciano, J. Dörr (Refratechnik Steel Actions. H. Solis Tovar, J. Rodriguez Goncalves, R. Santos Padilla, M. Herrera,
GmbH, Germany)                                                                  F. Castro Uresti (Ternium México, México)
Oxidation Mechanism of MgO-C Bricks for Ladle Slag Line. S. Camelli, M.        Melting Performance Evaluation of Steel Turnings for Use in Electric Arc
Dignani, A. Vázquez (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia, Argentina); M. Labadie Furnace. A. Martín, M. Romero, H. Gonzalez (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia,
(Ternium Siderar, Argentina)                                                   Argentina)

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  KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Technical and Economic Feasibility of Phosphorus
                                                                                         KEYNOTE LECTURE: "EAF Steelmaking – Current State of the Art
and Manganese Recovery from Desphosphorization Slag ". Eng. Simão Pedro
                                                                                       Technology and Future Developments ". Eng. Jeremy Jones (U.S.A.)
                          de Oliveira (Brazil)


     Steelmaking Refractories                                                           Electric Arc Furnace
Hydration Resistance Evaluation of Lining Steelmaking Refractories from
                                                                                  The Evolution of Consteel® Technology.C. Giavani, N. Monti (Tenova SpA,
Tenaris Siderca. L. Musante, M. Guarás, L. Martorello, S. De Micco, P.
Galliano (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)
Development of Caster #3 New Tundish Turbulence Inhibitor of Usiminas-
                                                                              Sumerged Arc Furnaces - Optimal Electrical Parameters. L. Jaccard (Luis R.
Cubatão. J. Gonçalves de Oliveira, D. Di Napoli Guzela (Usiminas, Brazil); A.
                                                                              Jaccard, Brazil)
Prenazzi, B. Batista Ribeiro (Magnesita Refratários, Brazil)
Resistance Heating - An Alternative to Conventional Gas Heating of
                                                                                  Supplier Presentation: Cleaner Technology in Electric Arc Furnace
Monolitics. M. Breitzmann, M. Bombeck (Purmetall GmbH & Co. KG,
                                                                                  Steelmaking. A. Mukhopadhyay, M. Ometto (Danieli Automation SpA, Italy)
                                                                                      Improving Furnace Performance and Enhanced Safety using Tenova
    Thermal Model Development for EAF Hearth Thermal Profile and Wear
                                                                                      Goodfellow´s EFSOP® Technology. N. Boin, A. Vázquez, M. Khan (Tenova
    Evaluation. S. De Micco, P. Galliano, J. Sabugal (TenarisSiderca, Argentina)
                                                                                      Goodfellow, Canada)

                                                                                                                     Coffee Break sponsored by

                               Ironmaking Refractories                                                              Electric Arc Furnace
                                                                                      Simulation of Integrated Steel Plants by Two Step Modeling Approach. A.
    New Ecological Binder Systems for Tape Hole Mix. S. Murilo Justus, A. de
                                                                                      Nicoletis, S. Torregrossa, J. Lorenzo, G. Lucena (ArcelorMittal Maizieres
    Melo Souza, et al (Saint Gobain, Brazil); H. Storti, V. Martins Vilela (Usiminas,
                                                                                      Research SA, France); G. Tsvik (ArcelorMittal Global R&D East Chicago,

    Wear Mechanism of Aluminous Castables Used During Hot Repairs of Blast            Foaming Slag Study in the Electric Arc Furnaces at Siderurgica del Orinoco
    Furnace Taphole Area. S. Camelli, M. Rimoldi, N. Marsiglia (Instituto             "Alfredo Maneiro" Slab Shop - Sidor. C. García (Universidad Nacional
    Argentino de Siderurgia, Argentina); P. Marinelli, J. Mirabelli, A. Rapetto       Experimental “Francisco de Miranda”, Venezuela); O. Carvajal, R. Basanta, C.
    (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)                                                      Vargas (SIDOR, Venezuela)

    New Technology of Taphole Tar Mixes for Blast Furnaces with 1 or 2
                                                                                      Effect of Quality DRI in EAF & Cost Saving Measures. J. DSouza, A. Almarri
    Tapholes. A. Kasan Duarte, A. Rabello Ollamnn, A. Simões Ribeiro, et al
                                                                                      (Qatar Steel Company, Saudi Arabia)
    (Magnesita SA, Brazil); R. da Cruz Júnior (ArcelorMittal Tubarão, Brazil)

                                                                                      Characterization of the Level of a Cleaning Steel Mill, with Ferromanganese as
    Hydration and Oxidation of Al2O3-SiC-C Bricks used as Working Lining of
                                                                                      the Primary Deoxidant. K. Gorrín, O. Carvajal, R. Basanta, G. Basanta (SIDOR,
    Torpedo Ladle. S. Camelli, M. Rimoldi, A. Vázquez (Instituto Argentino de
    Siderurgia, Argentina); P. Marinelli, J. Mirabelli (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

    Development of Refractory Solution for Coke Oven Doors. S. Murilo Justus, B. Benchmark Analysis - A Tool that Helps to Define Improvements?. J. Albizun,
    Nunes Amorim, et al (Saint Gobain, Brazil); J. Rabello, J. Clemente          H. Schult (SGL Group, Germany)
    (ArcelorMittal Tubarão, Brazil)

                 POSTER SESSION: Refractory Materials Seminar ´11

                                                                                                                FAREWELL DINNER sponsored by

ssion: Refractory Materials Seminar ´11
 sion of Commercial Al2O3-MgO-C Refractory Bricks. V. Muñoz, A. Tomba Martínez (INTEMA, Argentina); L. Musante, P. Galliano (TenarisSiderca, Argentina); E. Brandaleze (UTN-FRSN, Argent
Properties of Silica Bricks After 50 Years in Service. S. Camelli, M. Rimoldi, A. Vázquez (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia, Argentina); P. Marinelli, D. Beltrán (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)
                                                                                                                        Thursday, 3rd November
                                                                 REGISTRATION to the 18th Steelmaking Conference, 8th Ironmaking Conference, Refractory Materials Seminar ´11 and Cle

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                                  Room A                                                                      Room B

    Basic Oxygen Steelmaking
Implantment of System of Visualization of the Slag Inside the Converter for
Control of the Tapping Operation. A. Martins, W. Ferreira Barbosa, R. da Silva
Magalhães, V. Cavalheiro de Azevedo (Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional-
CSN, Brazil)

Improved BOF Performance and Safety through Effective Mitigation of
Slopping Events. V. Scipolo, I. Todorovic, A. Vázquez (Tenova Goodfellow              KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Raw Materials and Agglomeration Process in
Inc., Canada)                                                                          Iron and Steel Industry". Eng. Eloisio Queiroz Pena (Brazil)

               POSTER SESSION: Basic Oxygen Steelmaking

                                                                                                                                    Coffee Break sponsored by
d Cleaner Production and Environmental Seminar ´11

                                         Room C
       Blast Furnace

   Co-Injection of Natural Gas and Pulverized Coal in Usiminas´ Ipatinga Blast Furnace
   3. A. Barbosa, J. Sousa Carvalho, M. Garcia Oliveira, B. Gandra, H. Muzzi Martins
   (Usiminas, Brazil)

   Effect of Colemanite Addition on Iron Ore Sintering. Y. Topkaya (Middle East
   Technical University, Turkey)

   Results of the Third Campaign of Blast Furnace 5 of Ahmsa Mexico; Describing
   Profits in Productivity Reached as well as one Release life of Heart with more of 33
   million Produced Tons of Hot Metal. F. Liceaga, G. Vidales, R. Mata (Altos Hornos de
   Mexico C.V, Mexico)

   The First 10 years of Successful Operation of Blas Furnace B´S Current Campaign at
   Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GMBH in Duisburg/ Germany. H. Grabietz, H.
   Eisen, J. Gertz, S. Tauchert (Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH, Germany)

   Ternium Siderar Automatic Loading System for Blast Furnaces Coke Silos. M. Zucco,
   C. Biasoli (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

   On the Future of Blast Furnace Ironmaking. M. Geerdes, H. Toxopeus
   (Geerdes&Partners, The Netherlands); G. Calis (Steelconsult International, The
     Blast Furnace

Major Repair of Ternium Siderar Blast Furnace Nº 1 . G. Catalá, N. González, O.
Lingiardi, J. Brianza (Ternium Siderar, Argentina); V. Van Straaten (Danieli Corus,
The Netherlands)

The New Coal Unloading, Drying, Grinding and Injection Equipment for the Blast
Furnaces at Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GMBH in Duisburg/ Germany.
Construction, Start-up and results. J. Gertz, H. Eisen, H. Grabietz, S. Tauchert
(Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH, Germany)

Alkali in the Blast Furnace: An Operational Approach. M. Geerdes, H. Toxopeus
(Geerdes&Partners, The Netherlands)

Supplier Presentation: The Bell Less Top® Charging System - Aproven and
Innovative Technology. C. Almeida, M. Cunha, A. Oliveira (Paul Wurth do Brasil,
Brazil); L. Hausemer (Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg)

    Coal & Coke

Ternium Battery Number 2 Revamping. S. Arcuri, F. de Vincenti, C. Zubillaga, D.
Beltrán, R. Cámpora (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)
   Test of Coinjection of Petrol Coke Containing Synthetical TiO2 with Premixed
   Pulverized Coal for Hearth Protection of Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann Blast
   Furnaces. H. Eisen, J. Gertz, G. Grabietz, S. Tauchert, S. Schulte (Hüttenwerke
   Krupp Mannesmann GmbH, Germany); D Amirzadeh-Asl (Sachtleben Chemie
   GmbH, Germany); D. Fuenders (Gesellschaft für Synthetische Rohstoffe mbH,

   A Modern Approach in Coke Making. A. Esposito (Paul Wurth Italia S.p.A, Italy); H.
   Resende Silva Júnior (Paul Wurth do Brasil, Brazil)

   Heating Compensation in the Coke Oven Battery. C. Zubillaga, F. de Vincenti
   (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

   Assessing the Ash Behavior of Coal Blends for PCI at High Temperatures and Its
   Relation to the Chemical and Mineralogical Composition. M. Formoso Ghiggi, E.
   Osório, A. Faria Vilela (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil);
   R. Tauffer Barros, R. da Cruz Junior, L. Wasem (Arcelormittal Tubarão, Brazil)

d Cleaner Production and Environmental Seminar ´11

                                         Room C

        Blast Furnace
Study an Alternative Method to Evaluate High-Temperature Behavior of Different
Raw Materials in the Blast Furnace. P. Etchevarne, R. Musante (Ternium Siderar,
Argentina); S. Oreggioni, O. Baglivo, D. Costoya (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia,

Development of an Experimental Heat Simulator for the Blast Furnace Hearth. J.
Sylvestre Begnis, M. Ferreyra (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia, Argentina); A.
Mariotti (Ex-Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

CAP Acero Blast Furnace Recovery after Earthquake. C. González, P. Contreras
(Cap Acero, Chile); G. Gravemaker, J. Plooij (Danieli Corus, Holland)

Blast Furnace # 2 ArcelorMittal Tubarão: Activities after Blowdown and Planning for
Blow In. L. Wasem, J Gushiken, L. Lima Lobão, C. da Costa, E. Torres Bispo dos
Santos (ArcelorMittal Tubarão, Brazil)
Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of the Copper Staves of a Blast Furnace. R. Lillo, J.
Méndez, G. Poltarak, et al (TenarisSiderca, Argentina); R. Musante, J. Zubimendi
(Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

Control System Architecture of the Blast Furnace Nº 1 in Ternium Siderar. S. Backis,
C. Biasoli, F. Gastaldi, O. Martín (Ternium Siderar, Argentina)

     KEYNOTE LECTURE: "Operations Disasters. Why do Some Have Them, and
    Others do Not? How can they be Avoided? ". Eng. Frederick Rorick (U.S.A.)

     Blast Furnace

BFXPERT™ - Paul Wurth´s Integrated Level 2 System for Best Practice Blast
Furnace Operation. J. Simoes, P.Tockert, P. Bermes, et al (Paul Wurth, Luxembourg)

Non-Isothermal and Isothermal Reduction of Iron Oxides from Iron Ores at the
Temperature 800-1400 ºC by Carbon Reducers. J. Mróz, J. Bitowt, J. Jowsa, S.
Garncarek (Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland)

Don´t Let your Money Go Up the Chimney. P. Martin, M. Fletcher (Siemens VAI,
United Kingdom)
   Improving the Effectiveness of Hot Blast Temperature Control Using CFD. A. Smith
   (Siemens VAI, United Kingdom)

                               Product and Development
   Effect of Microalloying Elements on the Ferrite Grain Refinement in Nb-V HSLA
   Steels. L. Bejár, A. Medina, M. Saavedra (UMSNH, México); J. Bernal (Universidad
   Politécnica del Valle de México, México); L. Zamora (Departamento de Tecnología
   de Materiales, ININ, Mexico); S. Pacheco (CEDVA, Mexico)

   Niobio Microalloyed Steel Billet and 1,0'' Reinforced Bar Development as a New
   Product and Vanadium Microalloyed Steel Alternative. P. Baute, R. Basanta, A.
   Suarez, A. Maurera, J. Lis (SIDOR, Venezuela)

   Clean Steel Activities at Swerea in Sweden. T. Hansén, L. Nordberg (Swerea Mefos,

   Dynamic Order Dressing for Steel Manufacturing. E. Meta, G. Schober, K.
   Pressberger (PSI Metals, Austria)

   Effect of Thermomechanical Process on Properties of Ultra Low Carbon Steels. M.
   Saavedra, L. Bejár, A. Medina (UMSNH, Mexico); S. Pacheco (CEDVA, Mexico)

   Design of Metal Mold for casting of Specimens in Microalloyed Steels. S. Pacheco
   (CEDVA, México); L. Bejár (UMSNH, Mexico); P. Garnica (Instituto Tecnológico de
   Morelia, Mexico)

E. Brandaleze (UTN-FRSN, Argentina)
nium Siderar, Argentina)
tory Materials Seminar ´11 and Cleaner Production and Environmental Seminar ´11

ponsored by

                                         Room C

        Reuse and Recycling of Byproducts

   Briquetting of Steel Industry Waste Streams for Value Added Recycling. J. Bygrave
   (K.R.Komarek Inc., U.S.A.); R. Pellegrotti (PelTec, Argentina)

   Generation Energy from the Ladle Furnace. J. Rodrigues Pasqual, T. Oliveira, P.
   Santos Assis (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil)

   Converting Byproducts at New Raw Materials - Progress in Argentine about Reuse of
   Byproducts of Iron and Steel Industries. S. Ramos, S. Oreggioni, D. Dalmaso, O.
   Baglivo, M. Domínguez, D. Costoya (Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia, Argentina)

   Reuse of Gases Generated in the LD Converter for Power Generation. L. Teixeira
   Gaspar, G. Cassimiro Chamoun, S. da Silva de Souza (Universidade Federal de
   Ouro Preto, Brazil); P. Santos Assis (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil)

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