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AFDA National Team Uniform Committee Policy
1 Background
Australia has been sending national teams to World and Regional championships since 1988. The first
team was an open team sent to the 1988 World Ultimate and Guts Championships in Belgium.
Australia’s representative team commitment has grown since 1988 and in the current 4 year WFDF cycle
teams attend; Continental and World Beach Championships, Continental and World Ultimate
Championships, World Games and World Age Group Championships (u19 and u23). Australia now sends
teams in the open, women, mixed and open masters divisions, and there is scope for the inclusion of a
women’s masters division in the next 4 year cycle. There is also now potential for national teams to play
other nations in ‘friendly’ competitions within the 4 year cycle.

Selecting national teams is a core function of the AFDA, and over recent years, the AFDA has provided
increased administrative support to improve the experience and results of those teams. The AFDA
uniform committee falls within this administrative support.

2 Purpose
The purposes of the uniform committee are;

        Source, design and manage the production of national team uniforms for all Australian national
        Ensure that the uniform meets the WFDF uniform specifications
        Work with team management to customise a basic uniform design for each separate event
        Work with team management to ensure timely delivery of uniforms

3 Policy

3.1 Appointment of the committee
The AFDA will advertise for volunteer members of this committee. The committee will be chaired by the
Director, High Performance or their delegate. Applications will be considered by the AFDA Appointments
Committee, which will make a recommendation about the make up of the committee to the Board for
final determination. Committee terms will be 2 years, with the committee being formed in September /
October of each even numbered year (i.e. A few months after the major championships in that year). It
is desirable to have a variety of perspectives on the uniform committee (e.g. logistic, design and end
user) and the committee selection may reflect this precept.

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3.2 Committee composition criteria

3.2.1 Essential
        Regular access to the internet and e-mail
        Experience in at least one of the following roles:
             o as a player on an Australian National team; or
             o as a coach of an Australian National team; or
             o as a manager of an Australian National team
        Design experience or qualifications
        Experience delivering a design brief to a manufacturer

3.2.2 Desirable
        Experience with Australian customs
        Experience with financial management and arranging international payments

3.3 Role of the uniform committee
The uniform committee has several roles. The first role is to design the standard uniform package for
Australian teams. The second role is to work with the management of Australian National teams to
deliver the uniform for that team.

3.3.1 Uniform design
The first role of the uniform committee is to produce a design for the standard uniform package for
Australian national teams. This design should be used for the next 2 years. This role has several

    1. Produce a uniform that meets the requirements of the WFDF world championship uniform
    2. Design the elements of the standard uniform package. There are some essential components.
       These are;
           a. A travel uniform (this has been a polo shirt with black pants / shorts)
           b. A home and away uniform (minimum is one pair of shorts and 2 different coloured
                playing shirts)
    3. The standard uniform package may include other elements. In the past these have included;
       hats, bags, tracksuits, rain jackets, hoodies and wrist bands.
    4. The uniform committee should also determine if there are optional extra elements to the
       standard uniform package. E.g. extra shirts for trading
    5. Select a company(s) to produce the elements of the standard uniform package.
    6. Consider uniform for support staff / supporters / sponsors
    7. Incorporate sponsorship onto the standard uniform (as required)
    8. Consideration of the different needs of some Australian teams. E.g. Beach worlds.

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The national teams (and their next competition dates) that are within the scope of the uniform
committee are;

    1.    World Games team (2013)
    2.    Open team (2011, 2012)
    3.    Women’s team (2011, 2012)
    4.    Mixed team (2012)
    5.    Open Master’s team (2012)
    6.    Women’s Master’s team (2011, 2012)
    7.    U19 Open team (2011, 2012)
    8.    U19 Women’s team (2011, 2012)
    9.    U23 Open team (2012, 2014)
    10.   U23 Women’s team (2012, 2014)
    11.   U23 Mixed team (2011, 2012, 2014)
    12.   Beach Open team (2010)
    13.   Beach Women’s team (2010)
    14.   Beach Mixed team (2010)

3.3.2 National team uniform delivery
Once the management for an Australian National team has been appointed by the AFDA, the uniform
committee should make contact with the team manager(s) to discuss delivery of the uniform to that
team. The responsibilities in this engagement are;


         Initiate engagement with the managers and communicate minimum delivery timelines. i.e. the
          latest date that uniforms can be ordered
         Communicate the elements in the standard uniform package and the ordering options
         Provide sample uniforms to the managers to allow sizing. Particular focus should be given to
          ensuring that there are appropriate (and different) sizing for both men and women.
         Order the uniform (all elements) for the team
         Co-ordinate with managers on delivery of the uniform.


         Indicate the number of uniform packages required (players and athletes) as early as possible
         Provide team specific logos / artwork for customising uniforms
         Provide event specific logos / artwork for customising uniforms
         Provide playing numbers for athletes (and link these to sizing information)
         Provide sizing information for athletes / support staff / supporters and indicate the roles of the
          support staff
         Provide item quantities for each element of the standard package (within the rules set by the
          uniform committee) for each member of the touring party (athletes and support staff)
         Provide payment to the uniform suppliers

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Australian Flying Disc Association Inc

        Provide feedback to the uniform committee on the uniform

3.4 Uniform guidelines for the committee
        There are special rules about the use of the Australian Coat of Arms on national team uniforms.
         The committee must ensure that these rules are adhered to in the uniform design.
        The uniform committee does not have authority to negotiate or enter into any sponsorship
         agreement or similar for the supply of Australian team uniforms. Sponsorship agreements can
         only be negotiated by and made between a sponsor and the AFDA Board. However, the uniform
         committee is encouraged to research and identify potential sponsorship opportunities.
        Once the 2012 design is complete the AFDA Board should be briefed on this design (prior to
         ordering the first issue).

                     Recognised by the Australian Sports Commission

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