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					H   OME

                                                                                                   November 26, 2001
                                                                                                   Volume 1, Issue 1

                               European Union

Inside this issue:
Europe Countries Unite     1
                               Europe Countries Unite
                               Fifteen countries are now                                        The EU researched the me m-
The EU Chooses a Symbol    1
                               united as the European Union                                     ber countries to find a symbol
                               (EU). The union was formed                                       to best represent the Euro-
The Euro                   1
                               to enhance political and social                                  pean Union. The research
                                                                                                included people from 18 to
EU and US Fight            2   cooperation, as well as to
                                                                                                75 years. They had eight dif-
Terrorism Together             strengthen the economies of
                               its member nations. Formally                                     ferent symbols from which to
                               known as the European Co m-                                      choose. According to the se-
EU has a Long History of   2                                                                    lection committee, the sym-
Cooperation                    munity (EC) or European
                               Economic Community (EEC),                                        bol was chosen “for its stabil-
                               the EU has made Europe a                                         ity, combination of modern
Countries Apply to Be-     2                                                                    look and classic lines, and
come Members of EU             powerhouse. Member coun-
                               tries include: Austria, Be l-         Euro dollar symbol         because it projected a strong
                               gium, Denmark, Finland,                                          image.” The symbol for the
What is the EU             3                                         compared to US $           euro dollar was chosen and
                               France, Germany, Greece,              symbol.
                               Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg,                                      called the euro.
Cartoons                   3
                               Netherlands, Portugal, Spain,
EU Flag                        Sweden, and the United King-
EU and the World           3

                               The Euro
                               On January 1, 1999 eleven         referendum was defeated          markets have changed over
                               EU countries voted to             and Denmark did not join.        and checks and bank cards
                               change their currency over        Greece became the next           can be paid in euros. Since
                               to the euro. Germany,             member to adopt the euro         January 1, 2001, there has
                               France, Italy, Spain, the         as of January 1, 2001. Both      been a limited time to convert
                               Netherlands, Belgium,             the United Kingdom and           coins and notes into euros.
                               Austria, Portugal, Finland,       Sweden did not agree to          However, the actual date for
                               Ireland, and Luxembourg           convert their currency to        total conversion to the euro
                               were the original countries.      the euro. In total, twelve,      will be effective on January 1,
                               On January 1, 2000, Den-          out fifteen of EU member         2002.
                               mark was to join this illus-      countries, are currently us-
                               trious group, however, a          ing the euro. The financial
P a g e 2                                                                                E u r o p e a n   U n i o n

                 EU and US Fight Terrorism Together
                 The United States and the       around the world in a wide        chel of the European Union
                 European Union have agreed      variety of areas. As set out in   replied to Colin Powell's
                 to meet at least four times a   our joint statement, we have      statement by saying “...The
                 year to evaluate terrorism      agreed to intensify coopera-      EU transport ministers will
                 threats. Europol (European      tion among our law enforce-       continue to work on innova-
                 Police Office) and United       ment authorities and to facili-   tive, more effective air safety
                 States law enforcement agen-    tate the exchange of informa-     measures. It is important that,
                 cies will cooperate with each   tion; to tighten up on aviation   not only the US, but every
                 other to fight against world    security, our immigration and     country takes immediate
                 terrorism. In the EU-US         visa controls and our export      measures to ensure security
                 Ministerial Meeting Press       control and non-proliferation     of flights to, from and within
                 Conference on September 20,     regimes; to disrupt terrorists’   its territory. EU foreign min-
                 2001, Secretary of State        plans, dry up their sources of    isters will examine ...concrete
                 Colin Powell said, “my col-     support and roll up their net-    measures that will increase
                 leagues and I discussed how     works; and bring terrorists to    the EU capacity to effectively
                 the European Union and the      justice and bring those aiding    fight terrorism together with
                 United States can join forces   and abetting them to ac-          the US and all the partners.
                 with other nations from         count.” President Louis Mi-       EU finance ministers will
                                                                                   urgently address the issue of
                                                                                   financing of terrorism...And
                       Countries Apply to Become                                   EU justice and interior minis-
                                                                                   ters have met today and
                            Members of EU                                          agreed on the need for a
Union Steps Up                                                                     European arrest warrant...EU
                 The EU is growing, but          requirements for member-          member states will strengthen
 Fight Against   slowly and carefully. Trial     ship. Many other countries        their intelligence capacities
                 membership started in 1993      such as Cyprus, Malta and         and increase their coopera-
  Terrorism”     for Poland, Hungary, Czech      Turkey are submitting their       tion in this field…” Eurojust
                 Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria,   applications as well.             (European Justice Court) and
                 Romania, Estonia, Latvia,                                         the US are now organizing
                 Lithuania and Slovenia.                                           judges and prosecutors to
                 These countries will not be-                                      work on terroris m.
                 come full members, however,
                 until they meet all the EU

                 The EU Has History of Cooperation
                 Europe suffered an immense      with the goal of one market.      1981, and Portugal and Spain
                 destruction in the many wars    Belgium, France, Germany,         joined in 1986. In 1992, the
                 between various countries.      Italy, Luxembourg, and the        Maastricht Treaty, which
                 French citizen, Jean Monet’s    Netherlands started the EEC.      changed the name of the EEC
                 vision of an united Europe      The Merger Treaty of 1965         to the European Union or EU,
                 was to help prevent wars and    divided the EEC into various      was signed. On January 1,
                 conflicts in the future. His    tasks, including a Council on     1993 the EU created a com-
                 plan for a united Europe had    Ministries, European Co m-        mon market promoting free
                 at its core a non-violent       mission, European Parlia-         trade and movement of people
                 Europe. Monet’s plan for an     ment, Court of Justice, and       throughout the borders of
                 united Europe began in          European Council. The             member countries.
                 1957, when the Treaty of        United Kingdom, Denmark           (Continued on page 3)
                 Rome created the European       and Ireland joined the EEC
                 Economic Community (EEC)        in 1973; Greece joined in
P a g e 3                                                                                   E u r o p e a n    U n i o n

                  What is the EU?
                  The EU is a treaty based         national sovereignty             search for political unity,
                  framework that manages eco-      (supreme and independent         Europe is constructing its own
                  nomic and political coopera-     political authority) had oc-     model for unification, ensuring
                  tion among fifteen European      curred, for example, in trade    respect for its richest asset the
                  countries. The EU may in-        and agriculture– the Union       historical, culture, and linguis-
                  crease to twenty countries       negotiates directly with the     tic diversity of the European
                  after 2001. According to the     United States and other coun-    nations.” Only time will tell
                  EU web site, “The Union is       tries. Member states retain      whether the European Union
    Victor Hugo   often compared to the United     their sovereignty (supreme       will survive.
      (1848)      States and there are some        and independent political au-
                  similarities. Member coun-       thority) powers in such fields
                  tries have agreed to pool        as security and defense, al-
                  some of their sovereign pow-     though since Maastricht, they
“A day will       ers (independent powers) for     can take joint action in cer-
come when all     the sake of unity, just as       tain agreed-upon foreign and
nations on our    American states did to create    security policy areas. Al-
                  a federal republic. In the       though the US federal model
continent will    fields where such pooling of     continues to inspire the
form a Euro-
pean brother-                                                                       Topographic Map of Europe
hood...A day      The EU Has History
will come when    of Cooperation                        Britain refuses the Euro and keeps
we shall see...   (Continued)
                                                                    the pound.
the United        The Europeans went to the
States of         polls to elect representatives
America and       to the EU Parliament in 1994.
the United        Only 36 years after Monet
                  promoted his vision of a
States of         united Europe, his dream
Europe, face to   came true.
face, reaching
out for each
other across
the seas.”
                           EU Flag

                                                     The European Union’s ma-              However they are working
                                                     jor objective is to speak             on these difficulties and
                                                     with one voice and to speak           hope one day to collaborate
                                                     as one on all world issues.           politically with one power-
                                                     Member countries have                 ful voice.
                                                     found this fairly easy on
                                                     economic and trade issues.
                                                     Political decisions have not
                                                     met with unity. EU me m-
                   EU flag has 12 gold stars         ber countries have dis-
                   on a background of blue,          agreed on the Gulf War and
                   representing the Union of         the conflict in the Balkans.
                   all of Europe.

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