Prometric Exam Saudi Council ExamPrometric Exam Saudi Council Exam by jen.nyo


									The Saudi Council Examination

The Saudi Commission requires candidates to sit the test for them to be
able to evaluate an applicant’s ability in his/her field, in our case
Nursing. For detailed information, here’s the link from the Prometric

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

In the Philippines, the accredited testing center for the Saudi
Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) Examination is:

Prometric Testing Center
Ateneo Professional Schools, 130 H. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village,
Makati City.
Telephone No.: (632) 892-0383

The examination is scheduled Tuesday up to Friday, with a fee of

Step by Step Procedures for Nurse Technician

Go to the website:

1. Under For Test Takers, tick the dropdown list box on Academic,
Professional, Government & Corporate, scroll down and click Saudi
Commission for Health Specialties.

2. You will be directed to a new window of SCHS: Saudi Commission for
Health Specialties Testing and you may read on some articles there
regarding the organization itself. On the Get Started Box click Start.

3. From the Program Name drop down list box: choose the Saudi Commission
for Health Specialties (Non-elig) --- the other options apply only to
those who are currently in the kingdom --- then choose Philippines then
click Next.

4. You will then be directed to a new window. Click Schedule an Exam. A
new window will appear showing the details of registration (requirements,
scheduling, payment, etc.). Click Next.

5. You will tick I Agree on the Policy Statement and click Next.

6. Under Exam Selection you will choose Nurse technician --- There are
actually 2 options for nurses: Nurse Specialist and Nurse Technician. I
personally cannot differentiate the two but to be sure, just ask your
agency on what to choose here. FYI: Nurses from Saudi Recruitment Office
(SRO) and other agencies in the metro instruct applicants to take the
Nurse technician exam.
7. Another window will appear prompting you to type your address. Type in
Philippines then click Search. There are two sites but it just bears the
same address. On the time of writing this (March 15, 2010, 1500H), the
8475 location is not available. So instead, I chose 8479, Manila

8. Click Schedule an Exam. You will be prompted to select your desired
exam month, date and time.

9. You will be directed to another window and you will type some
additional information. Type the required information including your
name, address, birth date, e-mail address, government identification
card, etc. --- In the identification card, what I typed was: Professional
ID Card (the space where you will type requires a limited number of
characters and ‘Professional Regulation Commission ID’ would not fit in
that is why I just settled for ‘Professional ID Card.’). Anyway, you may
use other government issued card like Driver’s License and Passport. ---
and in the Government ID Issuing the Card, choose: Philippines.

10. After that, you will proceed to another window and you will be typing
the necessary information under the Payment Information. Type the Card
Number, the Security Code --- I used the Visa Card of my mom and the
security code is placed at the back of the card alongside the signature..
You will type the last 3-digit code. Don’t you worry, if you got no idea
on this there is a user friendly HELP button there that will show a
figure, i.e., credit card, where you can spot the required digits).---
Type in the Name (the owner of the card) and the Expiration Date of the
card. Review the information and click Next.

11. After that you will be asked to review the entered information once
again and you will click Complete Registration.

The final window will show you the completed registration list for you to
print. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you as well in 15 minutes
after registration has been completed.

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