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					The History of Time (the “completion of Man’s creation”) according to Augustine

1                   2               3                 4                5                  6                 7             Creation
creation of first   from Flood to   from Abraham      from David to    from the Exile     from the          eternal       De Civ. bk.
man; period         Abraham (10     to Moses to       the Exile in     in Babylon to      Incarnation to    Sabbath,      xxii.
from Adam to        generations)    David (14         Babylon (14      the Incarnation    the Final         Man’s
Flood (10                           generations)      generations)                        Judgment          creation is
generations)                                                                              (present          now
                                                                                          history)          finished
infancy (in         boyhood         adolescence       manhood                             (adulthood        resurrection, De Civ. bk.
oblivion, Flood)    (language,                                                            under grace)      separate      xvi.
                    Hebrew)                                                                                 cities
before the Law                      under the Law                                         under grace       eternal       Enchiridion
                                                                                                            peace or      cxviii
infancy (in         childhood       adolescence       early adulthood till conversion     adulthood after   resurrection, Confessions
oblivion)                                                                                 conversion        eternal       (typology)
                                                                                          (Heaven, Hell,    salvation, or
                                                                                          Purgatory)        damnation
infancy (in         language, “a    the pear-         Manichees,       Platonics, God’s   conversion,       protagonist   Confessions
oblivion)           great sinner    incident,         Rome, Milan,     immateriality,     Cassiciacum,      has become    (narrative)
“greedy baby”       for a small     Carthage,         Platonics,       evil: privation,   baptism, vision   narrator,
                    boy”,           Hortensius,       Ambrose,         two wills,         of Ostia          surveys
                    Madaura         philosophy, sex   chastity         conversion                           time
Book I, 1-7.        Book I, 8-20.   Books II-IV       Books V-VI       Books VII-VIII     Book IX           Books X-      Confessions
                                                                                                            XIII          (structure)

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