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									                                                                                   The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association     Vol. 5 • No. 1
                                                                                                                                                                January 2009

Welcome to our
interactive newsletter!
Throughout this newsletter there are links to
                                                        Today ’s Lincoln-Way
articles for easy reading and navigation. There                 hen Lincoln-Way alumni see today’s Lincoln-
are also links to the main website – your easiest               Way, they may find evidence of change at every
way to get the latest information.                              turn. Where there was one school, today there
                                                        are three – soon to be four. There was once a faculty of
                                                        34, today the number of certified staff is close to 600.
INSIDE TH I S I S S U E                                 Today Lincoln-Way is home to nearly 7200 students, a
LETTER FROM DR. WYLLIE:                                 number that has grown from the early days when 400
Lincoln-Way Alumni                          more»       students attended Lincoln-Way Community High
                                                        School. In 1958, when the first graduating class to
Foundation News                             more»       complete four years at Lincoln-Way walked across the
                                                        stage to accept their diplomas – they numbered just
Lincoln-Way Foundation                                  over 100. In 2009, nearly 1700 young men and women
Annual Dinner Gala                          more»       will graduate in two ceremonies – one at Lincoln-Way
                                                        Central and one at Lincoln-Way East. In the beginning,
Lincoln-Way Links                                       there were wrestling, cross country, football, basketball
  Submissions from Classmates                           and cheerleading teams. Today’s athletic program
  from 1956–2006!                           more»       features nearly 30 sports – for men and women – from
                                                        football, soccer and basketball, to bowling, tennis and
Reunion Review                              more»       badminton. Swimming and water polo were once not                          Classrooms equipped with advanced
                                                        even imagined; there was no pool. Today, the pools in                     technologies may look different today.
About Us...                                 more»
                                                        the district are busy around the clock with classes,
                                                                                                                                  However, student achievement remains
                                                                                                                                  the focus.
                                                        practices and community use.                     more»
Editor: Linda M. Lopez, Foundation Executive Director
Graphic Designer: Randy Baum, Class of 1977
                                                        w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                                Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
Today’s Lincoln-Way (continued)                                                                    The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                        Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |     Page 2

Once when the bell rang at the end of the         test scores, fiscal responsibility is equally
day, signaling dismissal, the school building     apparent. Lincoln-Way High School District
emptied and grew dark. Today Lincoln-Way          210 consistently has one of the lowest per-
schools are the heart of this community; they     pupil expenditures for all high schools in
are alive with activity and home to fine arts      the six collar county Chicagoland area.
performances, local religious services, college      The dynamic growth of the district also
classes, and various community events.            paves the way for increased opportunities
   The changes are clear. Even classrooms         for students to be involved in their school
appear different. White boards replace            community. Four schools will provide more
chalk boards; graphing calculators                chances for students to participate in
supplant pencils and paper; laptops are           Madrigals, art clubs, school plays,
often used instead of notebooks. Yet,             Mathletes, band, chorale, and a host of           Dedicated teachers, a challenging curriculum and cutting
upon closer inspection, much remains the          other activities. More students gain              edge technology create a dynamic learning environment.
same. Students are challenged and                 leadership skills as members of the Student
engaged. Teachers are devoted. The                Council and as class officers.
curriculum has expanded to include new               High school life at Lincoln-Way today may         Lincoln-Way is, as it has always been, a
opportunities to inspire student success;         look a bit different, or even a lot different,    vibrant, evolving community, with a constant
the dedication to academic excellence and         than when our graduates walked the halls,         and steady mission. Just as our alumni and
student achievement remains constant.             attended classes, and participated in their       our students grow and continue the life-long
Today Lincoln-Way High School District            favorite activities. Though, at the heart of      process of “becoming,” so too does Lincoln-
210 ranks in the top 6 percent of high            the matter, the important things remain the       Way. We know that our alumni and today’s
school PSAE scores in the state of Illinois.      same. Today’s students, like those who came       students may have varied experiences, yet it
In Will County, Lincoln-Way East and              before them, have the benefits of                  is our hope that they share a common,
Lincoln-Way Central rank number one and           challenging academic programs, teachers           enduring bond: a love for Lincoln-Way. I
two respectively. And while student               who care, and a curriculum designed to
achievement is evidenced by high ranking          open doors for future success.

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                                                  w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                        Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
Letter from Dr. Lawrence A. Wyllie,
Superintendent of Schools                                                                               The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                             Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |     Page 3

Lincoln-Way Alumni...
                                  his issue of the alumni newsletter includes updates       success. Most recently, a robot built by Lincoln-Way
                                  from nearly 100 Lincoln-Way alumni. Thank you for         Community High School District 210 students competed in a
                                  taking the time to share a glimpse of what is             national competition in Alabama. Lincoln-Way students have
                        happening in your life. It is exciting to hear about your growing   been participating in the BEST Robotics Inc. competition each
                        families. We are proud of your educational accomplishments          year since 2001. They have qualified for Nationals eight times.
                        and your business successes. We honor those who are serving         Our music programs continue to thrive, producing All-State
                        our country in far off places like Afghanistan and Iraq; we pray    top performers and State Champions. Our Lincoln-Way
                        for your safe return. Many of you continue to build your lives      students consistently achieve state and national honors in
                        here in the Lincoln-Way community; others have relocated to         academics, music and sports.
                        cities throughout the United States. Wherever you are, we               Our student athletes continue to rise to the top in each of
                        hope you carry your love of Lincoln-Way with you.                   their competitive conferences, winning conference, regional
                           You are each an important part of our Lincoln-Way family.        and state titles. The strength of our athletic programs is
                        Just as you reach out to us with your news, we share the pride      consistent with the vigor of our academic demands.
                        of our accomplishments with you. As a district we continue to          Reaching out to others is another Lincoln-Way tradition that
                        grow. Lincoln-Way North is already thriving; Lincoln-Way West       continues to thrive. Dozens of soldiers serving in Iraq and
                        will open in August of this year. Most importantly, our students    Afghanistan this past holiday season received hand-made
                        are flourishing. Academically, students from Lincoln-Way East        stockings filled with treats from Lincoln-Way North students.
                        and Lincoln-Way Central have scored in the top 6 percent of         Lincoln-Way Central students created hand-made blankets to
                        high schools in the state of Illinois on the Prairie State          donate to children and teens who are ill or otherwise in need.
                        Achievement Exam (PSAE). Both schools are in the top 50 out            This is just a sampling of the many good things that are
                        of 654 high schools in Illinois. Lincoln-Way East and Lincoln-      happening throughout our district. I sincerely hope you will
                        Way Central rank number one and two in Will County, and of          take every opportunity to continue to be part of this very
                        the 12 schools in the SWSC Conference.                              special place. If you live close by or are in town on vacation,
                           The discipline and strong work ethic that our students           please attend an athletic event or a fine arts performance –
                        experience in our classrooms translate to extra-curricular          or stop by for a visit. I’d enjoy welcoming you. I

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                                                   w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                            Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
Foundation News                                                                                                 The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                     Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |     Page 4

Foundation Leaps from 1 Million in Donations
to 2 Million in Just Two Years!
         he Lincoln-Way High School District
         210 Foundation for Educational
         Excellence made history in 2008. The
Foundation donated to the district a record-
shattering $640,000. The first disbursement
occurred in April when the Foundation
donated $130,000 to fund grant requests,
followed by a $10,000 donation in May when
the Foundation awarded scholarships to
graduating seniors from Central and East. In
December, the Foundation wrote a check to
the district for $500,000. This donation
included $250,000 to fund grant requests,
and $250,000 to the building trades program.
   “There is no doubt that this year’s results
surpassed our wildest expectations,” said
Foundation Board President Patricia Walker.
“What is even more stunning, is that in the
last two years we doubled our total donation     The Lincoln-Way High School District 210 Foundation donated $640,000 in 2008, shattering all previous records and
to the district. In 2006, we reached the         reaching the 2-million dollar landmark! Seated, left to right: Kim Warning Foglton, Secretary Amy Guzek, President Patricia
                                                 Walker, External Vice-President Bryan Bruns, Internal Vice-President June Gill, Diana von Albade and Shelley Wantiez.
million-dollar mark in donations, a quest we     Standing, left to right: Debbie Burk, Cindy Kokal, Geri Barone, Foundation Executive Director Linda Lopez, Steve Hogan,
embarked on in 1994.                    more»    Steve White, Kris Lindley, Greg Hobbs, School Board Liaison Kevin Molloy, Michelle Moyle, Bob Chiszar, Christa Pietrzyk and
                                                 Foundation Assistant Diane Hendrickson. Not pictured are board directors: Janet Caschetta, Linda Ernat, Dana Frazier, Bob
                                                 Kennedy, Doug Schlak, Sue Thomas and Treasurer David Zang.
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                                                 w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                                      Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
Foundation News (continued)                                                                    The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                    Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |     Page 5

From 2006 to 2008 we donated another              “It takes everyone associated with the           “Finally, and most importantly, we
million dollars to the district, and reached   Lincoln-Way District to improve student          represent an exceptional school district. Our
the $2 million mark. Because we share the      achievement,” said Superintendent Dr.            community knows that Lincoln-Way High
district’s mission of improving student        Lawrence Wyllie. “The contributions from         School District 210 provides unparalleled
achievement, and fiscal responsibility, we      the Foundation play a major role in              opportunities for academic achievement and
are able to donate 94 percent of all money     improving academic intensity.”                   social growth. Our schools stand at the very
raised back to the district.”                     When asked what factored into the             heart of this community. When people
   Lincoln-Way students throughout the         Foundation’s unprecedented success,              donate to Lincoln-Way, they not only give
district are the beneficiaries of the           Executive Director Linda Lopez is quick to       from the heart, they give with confidence,
Foundation’s success. Walker continued,        point out volunteer commitment and               knowing that their donation will be
“We make a big difference in our classrooms    community support. “We have an                   managed responsibly.” I
by funding advanced technologies that give     extraordinary board of directors who lead by
teachers the tools they need to reach kids,    example,” said Lopez. “They each make an                       IMPORTANT INVITATION
and provide a dynamic environment where        annual cash contribution to the Foundation,                        FOR ALUMNI:
learning is interactive and hands-on.”         they roll up their sleeves and work hard for
                                                                                                   Each of you is an important part of our
   Though many of the requests that come       every fundraiser, and they have the vision to
                                                                                                   Lincoln-Way tradition!
to the Foundation from teachers focus on       keep moving us forward.”
technology, there are also grants funded          Lopez continued, “The community                                          Please join us for our
that cover the costs of non-tech items like    support for Lincoln-Way is amazing. We are                                  ANNUAL DINNER GALA on
research books, popular fiction novels, art     so grateful that even in this challenging                                   Saturday, February 14, 2009,
easels, world maps and digital cameras, to     economic environment, businesses and                                        at the Odyssey Country
name just a few. Donations from the            individuals throughout the district, and                                    Club in Tinley Park
Foundation benefit students throughout          beyond, continue to express their support.
the district and across the curriculum.        We simply couldn’t succeed without them.                                      Additional details and registration
                                                                                                                                       information on page 6.

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                                               w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                       Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
Please Join Us...
                                                                                                                                            The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
         incoln-Way High School District 210
         Foundation for Educational
                                                                                                                                                                   Vol. 5 • No. 1          |    January 2009            |   Page 6

         Excellence would love to welcome
Lincoln-Way alumni to the Annual Dinner
Gala. This year’s event will take place on                               ANNUAL DINNER GALA – Registration
Saturday, February 14. So why not celebrate
Valentine’s Day with us? The festivities will    I I would like to make ____________ reservation(s), at $100 per person.
take place at the Odyssey Country Club in
                                                 I I would like to reserve ____________ table(s) of 10 for $1,000 per table for the Class of _________________.
Tinley Park. The evening features appetizers,
a lovely dinner, open bar, live and silent       I Sorry, I cannot attend the Dinner Gala, but I would like to make a tax-deductible
auctions, as well as entertainment.                contribution of ________________________________________.
Reservations are $100 per person.
                                                 I My check, payable to: Lincoln-Way High School Foundation, is enclosed.
   Whether you are with a group of
classmates, some close friends, or just that
special someone, we promise you will enjoy       I Please charge my purchase to the following: I                                                                    I                     I
a beautiful evening. The evening begins with
appetizers and silent auction at 6:00 pm.               Card Number __________________________________________________________________________________________________________            Exp. Date ___________________________
Dinner will be served at 8:00 pm, with a live
auction at 9:00 pm; throughout the evening              Signature ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
you will enjoy live entertainment. Please join
us. Just complete the form at right and
return it to the Foundation office.               NAME                                                                                                                                     CLASS OF
   Have you been thinking about getting
together with some of your classmates? This
might be a perfect opportunity to have your
own mini-reunion! The Foundation would be
happy to recognize your class with special       CITY                                                                                                                   STATE             ZIP

announcements, just indicate on your
response that you are with an alumni group,      TELEPHONE
and indicate which class.                        Please return this registration form to Lincoln-Way High School Foundation, 1801 E. Lincoln Hwy.,New Lenox, IL 60451. You may
                                                 also make reservations by contacting the Foundation Office at (815) 462-2976. Reservations are requested by January 30, 2009.

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                                                 w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                                                                     Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
                                                                                                              The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                   Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |     Page 7

Lincoln-Way Links
         his section is designed to help our      Class of 1956                                                Class of 1962
         alumni stay connected. Tell us what is   Ralph A. Eisenbrandt had a 44-year career with the           Ed Schleeter and
                                                  railroads and has been enjoying a busy retirement            Judi (Owen)
         happening in your life. Share family     since 2000. In 2006, he co-authored a book titled            Schleeter are
and career news. Let us know about your           Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway, with over 200 photos        enjoying their
children or grandchildren. Send us news           and historical information. He serves on the board of        retirement in South
                                                  directors of the Frankfort Preservation Foundation and       Carolina. Ed retired
about your vacation. We are excited about         is a life-member of the Frankfort Area Historical            from Motorola in
this section of our alumni newsletter. What a     Society. He helped found the FAHS and served as its          2006. They are
wonderful and easy way to stay connected!         first president. Ralph presents historical programs on        presently biding
                                                  the history of the region’s railroads and the Frankfort      their time until        Ed, son Derrick, Judi and Derrick’s
   We are delighted that so many of our           area. He has portrayed several historical characters at      they can purchase       wife, Gina, at the Indy 500 in May.
alumni sent in their news! If we received         the Historical Society’s Cemetery Walks. Ralph served        another sailboat
your news after the deadline, it will appear      on the Frankfort Public Library District board of            and get back on the water. They miss the San Francisco
                                                  trustees and the Frankfort Fire Department for 22            Bay area sailing, where they lived for many years. Their
in our next issue.                                years. He retired at the rank of Deputy Chief. He also is    plans for this year are to do an entire West Coast tour.
   Please send your information and photos        the co-founder of the Will County Emergency 9-1-1            They have three sons, who live in Grass Valley, CA,
for our next issue to Linda Lopez at              System and was its first coordinator. Ralph was active        Indianapolis, IN, and New Lenox. Their oldest
                                                  in local Cable-TV and produced, directed and appeared        granddaughter, Emma Smith, will start at L-W Central in Be sure to include your         in many telecasts. He has been announcing the                ‘09. They are blessed with 5 grandchildren. If you’d like
year of graduation and your last name             Frankfort Fall Festival parade each Labor Day weekend        to get in touch, their email is
at the time of graduation.                        for over 30 years. Ralph is most proud of his 18 years
                                                  of service as an 8th grade Sunday school teacher for         Class of 1963
   Thank you!                                     St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in Frankfort. He is      Lorraine (Kramer) Quirke says that after graduation,
                                                  single now and has two daughters, one son and seven          she had high hopes of becoming a concert singer. She
                                                  grandchildren.                                               learned that she had a voice because of a wonderful
                                                                                                               teacher at Lincoln-Way named Tom Olson. She studied
                                                  Class of 1959                                                voice for years, but stage fright kept her from attaining
                                                  Ronald M. Steinberg became a grandfather for the             her goals. She did sing in churches and at one point she
                                                  first time on December 3, 2008. Luke Alexander was            sang with the Grant Park Symphony Chorus. In recent
                                                  born to his son, John, and wife Anna. They live in the       years, she worked as an administrative assistant for a
                                                  St. Louis area. You can get more information about him       condominium in downtown Chicago. She is now
                                                  at                                       retired, but has started an Avon business.
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                                                  w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                                   Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
                                                                                                                        The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                             Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |     Page 8

Lincoln-Way Links                                                    (continued)

Class of 1963 (continued)                                  Class of 1965                                                 (continued)
Bob Edmonson: see Class of 1964                            Billie Jean (Hafk) Maslowski and her husband, Jim,            afford it (each traveler pays her, or his, own expenses),
                                                           sold their home in Tucson and built a new one in              and plans to always support the organization with her
Class of 1964                                              Wichita, KS. They became great grandparents on                time and charitable giving. To learn more, visit please
Marian (Flatt) Edmonson and Bob Edmonson (Class            November 4th. Kadin Robert Melahn is the son of their         visit
of 1963) share that Marian retired from the EJ&E           granddaughter, Michelle, and husband Chris. Billie
Railway in May, 1998 after 31 years in the Ottumwa, IA     hopes everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.            Michael Sinks has been promoted to the position of
School District in July, 2007. Bob is working part-time.   Stop in and say “howdy” if you are ever in Wichita.           office manager at the H&R Block location in the
They have 3 dogs and really enjoy country life. They are                                                                 Matteson, IL, Wal-Mart and would like to see all
“Riding in the Wind” Harley riders. Their daughter,        Diane Moss                                                    Lincoln-Way alumni stop in, say hi, and maybe have
Sheri, and her husband live in Maple Park, IL. Their       recently returned                                             their taxes done.
grandson, Matt, is a sophomore at NIU and Mike is a        from Africa where
senior at Kaneland High School.                            she participated in                                           Class of 1967
                                                           her third mission                                             Dave Eden is alive
Dave Howell completed his 14th “Ride the Rockies”          trip to the Jabulani                                          and well and living
bike tour, a six-day ride through the Rocky Mountains      Village, a small                                              in the Dallas area.
for a total of 500 miles.                                  village outside                                               He and his beautiful
                                                           Victoria Falls in                                             wife, Diane, raised
Dale Hunt has been retired for a few years now, and        Zimbabwe. They                                                three boys and two
has joined the Arkansas Republican Committee and the       delivered containers Diane Moss in Africa                     girls. Their daughter Dave Eden (above); his work (below)
local Lions Club. His wife is the operations manager of    of donated clothes,                                           is still at home and
a group of banks. His oldest son is an emergency room      shoes, soap, vitamins, solar lanterns and panels, and         is a senior in high
RN in Huntsville, AL. His middle son is an exclusive       conducted a two-day medical clinic. This trip was             school. His current
beverage handler for the local rich and famous. His        Diane’s 60th birthday present to herself. She became          career is a mural &
youngest son works in the gas and oil drilling fields in    involved with the local charity, Ndebele Art Project, in      sign artist. He has
Arkansas. Ralph has five grandchildren. His home is in      June, 2006, after receiving their newsletter. She             been a billboard
Conway, Arkansas (Come Visit – Y’all Hear!). Contact       thoroughly enjoyed the passion and dedication of the          painter, singer-
Dale at                           small group of women who had formed the charitable            songwriter, pastor,
                                                           organization to provide aid and hope to this small            kid’s pastor & cartoonist. Dave studied art at ISU and
                                                           village. They ignited that passion in her so she joined as    traveled in the early 70’s, touring the Midwest as a
                                                           a volunteer in November, 2006. Diane is now a board           drummer in various rock bands. Then, says Dave, he
                                                           member and treasurer of the nonprofit organization.            found Jesus. Dave continues, “My purpose, passions &
                                                           She will continue to visit the village as long as she can     priorities drastically changed forever.”
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                                                           w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                                    Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
                                                                                                                        The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                             Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |     Page 9

Lincoln-Way Links                                                      (continued)

Class of 1968                                                (continued)                                                 (continued)
Linda DeGabriele went to                                     not only blue but various colors of blues and greens.       junior at Western Carolina
Northern Michigan                                            Sailing the South Seas was quite the adventure. Not         University. They have been
University and received a BA                                 only did I sail on many different sail boats but had the    given many blessings in life.
degree in education. She                                     opportunity to sail one myself.”                            Their recent news is that
continued her education at                                                                                               they are planning and
the University of Michigan                                   Dominick “Danny” Dina traveled with his family from         hosting a Florida reunion
and received her M.A. Linda                                  San Antonio, Texas                                          weekend for the Class of
became a reading specialist                                  to Mokena to                                                1968, scheduled for
and then a specialist for                                    celebrate his                                               January 17-19, 2009. They
dyslexic students. She was                                   mother’s 90th                                               will be joined by other
married for almost 30 years,                                 birthday. Lincoln-                                          Florida alumni of the class
but has been single now for                                  Way High School is                                          of ‘68, as well as those they Bob Ronna and his wife, Billie
over 10 years. She has four                                  a family affair for                                         can convince to travel down
beautiful children: one son Linda DeGabriele and her         the Dina clan, with                                         to escape winter.
and three daughters. She        three daughters.             Tony (Class of
has travelled throughout                                     1959), Mike (Class                                          Class of 1969
the states and overseas, including such destinations as      of 1960) and          The Dina Family                       Gale Dunn Volkerding sends the news “We are great,
Canada, Mexico, England, Wales, Australia, New               Danny (Class of                                             we are fine, we’re the class of ‘69!” This has been a
Zealand and the Fiji Islands. She tells us, “Australia has   1968). They all graduated from the original school.         very eventful year. Gale’s father died August 4th at the
the most beautiful beaches one has ever seen.                                                                            age of 88, 13 days before his 89th birthday. In June,
Kangaroos run wild and there are Koala bears, snakes         Christine (Davies) Nelson is currently living in            she and her husband and two oldest daughters were
and reptiles including                                       Lafayette, Colorado.                                        able to help build two houses in San Pedro Sula,
various sizes of crocs. New                                                                                              Honduras and tour a bit of the North-Central part of
Zealand has beautiful                                        Bob Ronna recently retired from Caterpillar, Inc., after    the country. Gale and her husband, Dale, have two
mountains and sheep                                          working there for 38 years. He and his wife, Billie, now    daughters in college and one in 5th grade. They do not
everywhere you travel. The                                   reside in central Florida. They have four children and      use the “R” word (retire) and are not employed by the
Fiji Islands were a surprise. I                              three grandchildren. His older daughters graduated          auto industry. They feel blessed, living in the chaos of
always thought there were                                    from Lincoln-Way: Christine in 1989 and Aura in             Michigan’s economy during this recession and the war
not many of them and as it                                   1992. They are both married and still live in Illinois.     and are praying for all of their friends whose lives have
turns out there are actually                                 Kelly is working in Atlanta after college and Craig is a    been affected by the current circumstances.
333 of them. The ocean is       Linda DeGabriele

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                                                             w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                                  Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association
                                                                                                                         The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                            Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 10

Lincoln-Way Links                                                      (continued)

Class of 1970                                                Class of 1972                                                Class of 1974
Steven Nusbaum is still working for the Department of        Lorrie (Kirchner) Chaplin went to Macomb, IL to              Lisa (Sienknecht) Botts writes that her husband,
Homeland Security, currently serving as Attaché at the       attend WIU and never left the town. Her husband, Bob,        Jerry, is a professionally-trained chef and she is a stay-
US Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela. He reaches                 is from Evergreen Park. He also attended WIU and             at-home mother. They live in northern Minnesota on
mandatory retirement age in May. Steven’s wife, Patt,        never left. Lorrie and Bob celebrated 30 years of            seven acres of wooded land. They have three children,
stayed behind for this tour. She is in Wisconsin where       marriage this fall. They have one child who is fast          a 20-year-old son, Greg, and two adopted Ojibwa
she works for the state. Their daughter, Anne, and her       approaching 21 and is a junior at SIUE, completing a         daughters, Caitlyn, age 12 and Kaylee, age 9. They
family just moved to Savannah, Georgia. Christopher is       Bachelor of Science nursing degree. She loves the            have home-schooled all of their children. Their son
in Wisconsin. Jacob and Jeremiah are in the Seattle area.    school, the St. Louis area, and the nursing program.         just graduated from their home high school program
                                                             She is now in clinicals and is very excited with the         two years ago. They enjoy church activities, hunting,
Class of 1971                                                experience. Lorrie works for the Court Services              trapping, fishing, gardening, cooking, beading,
Diane Skolnick changed                                       Department as a supervisor in the Probation                  stamping, reading, and surfing the Internet! They
her last name to her original                                Department. She has a master’s in counseling and             installed a real wood cook stove in their kitchen and
family name of Skolnique.                                    specializes in working with adolescents. She supervises      are learning to cook on it while it heats their home.
She is retired and travels all                               all adult and juvenile services in the department for two    They have a good life in the northern woods and are
over the world, mostly with                                  counties. Bob is director of the Burlington Northern         grateful to the Lord for all His blessings.
either Smithsonian or                                        Santa Fe Railroad Employee Assistance Program. The
National Geographic. This                                    entire department was outsourced and although he has         Garry Varner and his wife, Maureen, celebrated their
spring she went to Morocco, Diane Skolnique                  always done the same job, he now works for Humana            15th wedding anniversary on October 9th.Their eight-
Portugal, Spain and France.                                  as they bought the company. Last summer, Lorrie and          year-old twins, Jaclyn & Jason, are in second grade at
In August she was in Montana and Wyoming following           her family went to Maine and visited Sue (Alexander)         Grand Prairie, in Frankfort. Jaclyn loves gymnastics,
the battle of Little Bighorn and Custer. October was         Freeman (Class of 1972), and her husband, Bob. They          while Jason was on the Frankfort Baseball I7 All Star
spent traveling through Turkey. She went to Dallas, Texas    had a great time!                                            Team last year and has quite a golf swing! Garry just
in November. The month of January ‘09 will be spent in                                                                    returned a few weeks ago from visiting his twin
Mali, Gambia and Dakar, Africa and a few days in Paris.      Pat (Barten) Proper currently lives in Romeoville and        brother, Larry, who moved to Bradenton, Florida just
All of March and April she will be in Namibia, South         has three grown children. She is the director of Guest       over a year ago. A family visit to Universal Orlando is in
Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, French Comoros,              Services at Silver Cross Hospital where she has been         the works for 2009.
Zanzibar, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Kilimanjaro        employed since 1993. Her favorite past-time is
then to Paris. Diane will be buying a flat in Paris to live   vegetable gardening and touring on a Harley Davidson
permanently. She hasn’t married, but not for lack of         Ultra with her significant other, Ray. She supports many
looking. Diane lives with one cat, five birds and two very    charities, especially Operation Care Package for our US
spoiled dogs in an apartment in Chicago.                     troops stationed overseas.

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                                                                                                                         The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                            Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 11

Lincoln-Way Links                                                      (continued)

Class of 1975                                                Class of 1976
Len Harold lives in Novi, MI, a northwest suburb of          Dennis and MaryAnn Doughty both stay pretty busy             Kimberly (McGann) Gougar reports that for the first
Detroit, with his wife, Joan, (1976 graduate of Rich         working these days. Mary has been working at Casey’s         time since Christmas of 1975, the Gougars: Doug
Central) and their three daughters. Their oldest, Claire     General Store in Grant Park, IL, for the past 8 years.       Gougar (Class of 1969), Laurie Gougar (Class of
(20), is a junior at the University of Michigan. They have   Dennis drives a truck for Eagle Express Lines and he has     1975), Kim Gougar (Class of 1976) and Christine
twin daughters, Hailey and Jillian, who are 18 and will      been there for nearly 22 years. They also run a small        Gougar (Class of 1981) celebrated Christmas together
graduate from high school in June of 2009. Jillian plans     cleaning business. Their son, Andrew, is 21 and is           here in Illinois. Doug lives in Nevada, Laurie and Kim
to attend Michigan State University, while Hailey will       almost finished with his associate’s degree in auto           live in New Lenox, and Chris lives in New Jersey.
attend Western Michigan University. After graduating         mechanics at Kankakee Community College.
from Lincoln-Way, Len attended the University of                                                                          Maryann (Dokianos) Hancock: see Class of 1980
Illinois, majoring in business administration and            Kathy Farmer and her husband, John, have had a
marketing. His wife, Joan, also attended Illinois and        wonderful year of travel. They spent three weeks in          Tammy Lynn worked in
graduated with a nursing degree. Len is the V.P. of Sales    Russia with some hosts that showed them the country.         the state of Washington as
and Marketing for a company that supplies tooling and        The palaces in St. Petersburg were beautiful and there       a paralegal. In 1986, a
equipment to the plastic injection molding industry.         was history at every turn. They took a week-long trip to     drunk driver injured her and
Prior to the plastics industry, he worked for SPX            St. Thomas to celebrate their seven-year wedding             she uses a wheelchair to
Corporation and managed the company’s tool business          anniversary. They also visited San Diego, Las Vegas and      get around. She lived in
with DaimlerChrysler. Immediately after college, he          rented a house for a week up in Michigan. In August,         Phoenix for 10 years,
worked for Brunswick Corporation, working his way to         the Russians who hosted them came out for a visit and        working at the local
the position of general manager of Worldwide Sales.          they travelled to Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York        independent living center
After 20+ years of constantly being on the road or in        and northern California with them. In September, they        as an advocate. In 2000,
the air and waking up in some foreign country, it was        took their last trip of the year to South Africa and went    she moved to Sarasota, FL
time for a change. Len enjoys competitive trapshooting       on safari. Unfortunately when they came home from            where she currently lives.       Tammy Lynn
and has participated in the Grand American World             their last trip, John was diagnosed with inoperable          Tammy works in accounts
Trapshooting Championships for 11 years in a row.            brain cancer. Kathy says that she is so grateful that she    receivable, has a beautiful van, owns her own home
Their family enjoys boating, snow skiing, and attending      will have these wonderful memories of travel with her        and is currently single. Life is good.
all the high school and U of M sporting events they can      husband and wants everyone to enjoy life to the fullest!
squeeze in. Len & Joan also enjoy getting out their
1977 Chevy to cruise and attend a few classic car
shows in the summer.

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                                                                                                                         The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                            Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 12

Lincoln-Way Links                                                      (continued)

Class of 1976                                                (continued)                                                  James “Jim” Wilson just
(continued)                                                  Lori and Jack are extremely proud of all their kids and      started a new job at Denton
Gail (Schofield) Sims                                         appreciate all the support the community extends to          Regional Medical Center in
recently received an award                                   our military.                                                Denton, Texas. He works in
from the Association of                                                                                                   surgery as a certified surgical
Rehabilitation Nurses for                                    Class of 1978                                                technologist. His last position
the Nurse Manager of the                                     Claude Borders has started a music business in Las           was at Pine Creek Medical
Year. The Nurse Manager                                      Vegas called, He has                  Center in Dallas, Texas. He
Award is given in                                            merged with the Northwest Music Academy. The                 currently lives in Trophy Club,
recognition of a nurse who                                   academy offers lessons for all instruments and voice,        Texas with his fiancé, Paula
has contributed to the                                       sheet music, and instrument rental, sales, and repair, in    Szymanski, an industrial
advancement of              Gail Sims (left)                 their studios. Claude is married to Bernadette Bedia         engineer and supervisor at
rehabilitation nursing care                                  Borders, of Des Moines, Iowa, a violist who teaches          General Motors. He can be                       Jim Wilson with his
in a middle management position.                             middle school orchestra. She is the former co-director       found online at                                 fiancé, Paula
                                                             of the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra. Their children, Rachel
Class of 1977                                                (9), and Joshua (8), play cello and violin, respectively.
Lori (Johnson) Hausherr and her husband, Jack, are           Claude plays the French horn in the UNLV Horn Choir.
proud grandparents of William Hausherr, son of Chad          He and Bernie just celebrated their 12th wedding             Class of 1980
and April Hausherr (both Class of 2003). Chad is             anniversary. They were married at the USAF Band of           Daniel Hancock married Maryann (Dokiano)
employed in security at Dresden Nuclear Power Plant in       Liberty Christmas Party, when Claude played French           Hancock (Class of 1976) in 1981. He owns Hancock
Morris, IL. April is a pre-school teacher. Chad and April    horn there.                                                  Decorating, Inc., specializing in custom interior painting
are expecting their second child in late April. Benjamin                                                                  and decorating. His wife, Maryann, has been working
Hausherr (Class of 2005) has been promoted to rank           Shane Gericke was named                                      in the kitchen at Lincoln-Way Central for the past 5
of Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force; he is      deputy director of the                                       years. They have two children, both Lincoln-Way
currently stationed in Minot, North Dakota. Ben and his      International Festival of Thrillers                          graduates. Elisabeth Hancock (Class of 2002) is 24
wife Krystal (Lozenski) Hausherr (Class of 2006), are        in New York. He is a national                                years old, married, and is currently teaching math at
expecting their first child in July. Cody Hausherr, current   bestselling thriller novelist,                               Carl Sandburg High School and has a master’s degree
Lincoln-Way student, has enlisted in the United States       whose third book will appear in                              in counseling. Brian Hancock (Class of 2006) is 21
Army. Cody will leave for basic training on July 30th.       January, 2010. He lives in                                   years old and works full time for Dan’s company as a
Their daughter, Jannine married Lee Hofman on                Naperville with his wife of thirty                           professional painter.
October 11, 2008. Jannine is an account executive with       years, Jerrle. His website is
CINTAS, and Lee is a teacher at Bremen High school.
                                                                                                   Shane Gericke
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                                                                                                                                            Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 13

Lincoln-Way Links                                                        (continued)

Class of 1980 (continued)                                      (continued)                                                Class of 1981
Dave Kestel’s daughter, Frankie, is in the Manhattan           an article entitled “Do the Math” published in the         Lovell Hatfield is currently working for a pest control
Jr. High School band. She will be marching in the Rose         December 2008 issue of Latino magazine, he discusses       company. He is the president of the Fellowship Club of
Bowl Parade January 1, carrying the banner for the             the importance of providing direction and opportunities    Will County; they sponsor a dinner every year for
Honor Band for Bands of America.                               for young Latino professionals interested in science,      anyone who has nowhere to go for Thanksgiving. It
                                                               technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.             went very well and they had their biggest turnout ever.
Kurt Sangmeister                                               Tijerino points out that “according to the National        He also made it off this continent for the first time
and Gina (Selvas)                                              Academy of Sciences, China produced 500,000                when he went to ride Harleys in Maui and had an
Sangmeister (Class                                             engineering graduates last year, compared to 200,000       awesome time.
of 1983) recently                                              in India and 70,000 in the United States.” For years,
completed a                                                    Tijerino has been honoring top Latino high school          Ron Hughes lives in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and is
Caribbean cruise                                               students with the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards for       completing his doctorate degree in music education.
to St. Thomas and                                              math, engineering, science and other subjects. HHF         He founded the Treasure Coast Percussion Academy
St. Maarten to                                                 recently launched the LOFT (Latinos on Fast Track)         (Vero Beach), which has produced 19 Florida All-State
celebrate their                                                Engineering Fellows program with ExxonMobil where          percussionists over the past four years. This ensemble
24th wedding                                                   college students who meet certain criteria are provided    has also been invited to perform at the Florida Music
anniversary. Kurt       Kurt & Gina Sangmeister                with an educational grant. LOFT Fellows are also           Educator’s (FMEA) convention twice, the Florida
is the Court                                                   assigned to a member of ExxonMobil’s internal Latino       Percussive Arts Society festival (Florida Day of
Administrator for the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Joliet,   group to provide one-on-one inspiration and vision of a    Percussion) twice, and the University of South Florida
IL. Gina works as a fingerprint technician for the Illinois     career in the industry.                                    (USF) Marimba Festival. His former ensembles have also
State Police. Their daughter, Jordan Sangmeister (Class                                                                   performed at several prestigious events. Olympic
of 2006), is currently a junior at Murray State University     Edna “Elaine” (Gordon) West and her husband, Dale,         Heights High School (Boca Raton) has performed at the
in Murray, Kentucky. She majors in German and is               were honored to be selected to participate in a            National Percussion Festival, FMEA, the Florida Day of
hoping to travel to Europe next summer. The                    documentary commissioned by the Humane Society of          Percussion, and the USF Marimba Festival. Indian River
Sangmeisters live in New Lenox and enjoy attending LW          the United States titled: “Eating Mercifully.” A film       State College (Ft. Pierce) has performed on two Florida
Central football and basketball games in addition to           crew from New York spent 2 days with them at their         Day of Percussion concerts, and Gifford Middle School
using many of the athletic facilities at the school.           sanctuary, Rooterville ( The film      (Vero Beach) performed at last year’s FMEA convention.
                                                               has received many good reviews from newspapers
Jose Antonio (Tony) Tijerino is the president and              across the country. Edna and Dale became vegan and
CEO of Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) which                enjoy sharing the many health benefits of a plant-based
identifies, inspires, promotes and prepares Latino              diet. Dale is a store manager for Publix and Edna is
leaders in the classroom community and workforce. In           currently spending her time as a volunteer for
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                                                                                                                       The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                          Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 14

Lincoln-Way Links                                                    (continued)

Class of 1981                                              Class of 1983                                                Class of 1985
(continued)                                                Joseph Lerner was                                            Colleen (Diehl) Benson lives in Savannah, Georgia
David                                                      married for 17 years                                         where she is membership director of the Savannah
Pittsenbarger says                                         and has been a                                               Newcomers. She is also on the social committee with
it’s been another                                          single custodial dad                                         the First City Club. Colleen is a marathon runner, and
busy year at work                                          for 4½ years raising                                         identifies her greatest accomplishment as running the
for both he and his                                        his four awesome                                             Goofy Challenge (39.3 miles) at Disney World in 2008.
wife in sunny                                              children, Joey (19),                                         She enjoys wine, great food, friends, her E350 and
Arizona. He has                                            Emily (18), Anna                                             warm weather. Colleen also likes to travel and has been
been doing contract                                        (12), and Lizzie (8).                                        to Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean.
software              David & Laurie Pittsenbarger         The girls are talented Joseph Lerner
engineering at                                             singers, dancers and                                         Mark Brown
General Dynamics for seven years. He has also been         actors and like to                                           graduated from NIU
working on various Army and Marine projects and has        participate in                                               and received a
been traveling to Quantico,VA to support                   community theater.                                           Bachelor of Science
demonstrations. His wife, Laurie, works at a pro-life      His son is in his                                            degree in public
women’s clinic in Phoenix, which has seen major            second year at U of I                                        speaking in 1989.
growth. She recently gave an impressive speech at          in the engineering                                           Upon graduation he
their annual banquet, which was highlighted in the         program. Joe has                                             joined the staff with
local Catholic Sun newspaper. They traveled to             run his own                                                  Campus Crusade for
Chicago this past spring for his nephews wedding,          construction                                                 Christ. This ministry
Ryan McGloin (Class of 1994).                              business for 17 years                                        serves as a spiritual The Mark Brown Family
                                                           and is looking to      (l-r) Anna, Emily, Lizzie and Joey    resource to college
Class of 1982                                              start a new business                                         students. He spent his first two years at Ohio State
Donald C. Terry, Jr. is a 2004 graduate of Governors       within a month or two. He doesn’t know where the time        University working in the Greek system and at
State University with a major in business administration   has gone, but is looking forward to seeing his high          Wittenberg University. In the summer of 1990, Mark
& technology. He is employed with the Social Security      school classmates whenever the next reunion comes            traveled to the Philippines and Thailand on a mission trip
Administration in the Office of Disability Adjudication     around. He says he had some pretty fun friends back          with CCC. Mark married Diane in the summer of 1991
and Review as a senior case technician.                    then and hopes to get to know them again.                    and joined her on staff with CCC at Miami University in
                                                                                                                        Oxford, OH. Mark has been at Miami for the past 18
Wayne Brouwer: see Class of 1985                           Gina (Selvas) Sangmeister: see Class of 1980                 years, and has served as campus director for the past 12
                                                                                                                        years. This summer he will celebrate his 20th year on

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                                                                                                                                              Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 15

Lincoln-Way Links                                                       (continued)

Class of 1985 (continued)                                     Paul Holba has                                                (continued)
staff. Mark has been slowly working on a master’s of          spent 12 years in                                             2009) will attend Westwood College to study criminal
divinity from Trinity International University in Deerfield,   the retail gasoline                                           justice. Wayne and Beth have long enjoyed every aspect
IL, by taking classes in the summer. He and his wife have     world with Amoco                                              of the outdoors including camping, hiking, fishing,
four children. Drew (14), Justin (12) and JT (11). Their      & BP. They have                                               antiquing and running a family business. The also enjoy
daughter is 8 years old. In the fall, the youngest three      moved quite often,                                            their Victorian home in New Lenox. Beth currently
play soccer; Drew plays football. In the winter months        living in Pittsburgh                                          serves as president of the New Lenox School District
all four play on four different basketball teams. In the      and Baltimore                                                 122 Board of Education and runs her own special
spring and summer the three youngest play baseball            before returning to                                           events business. Wayne and Beth have recently
and soccer. His daughter does tap, jazz, ballet, and          Plainfield for two                                             purchased property in Southern Illinois to enjoy the
acrobatic dance two times a week all year long. Mark is       short years and         The Paul Holba Family                 warm weather during the cold winter months here. It is
also the school board president and the chaplain for          finally landing in                                             their hope to leave a legacy to their children and
their police department. One of the highlights of his         Louisville, Kentucky in 2003. He is currently working         grandchildren for years to come.
staff life occurred a few summers ago when all six staff      as a learning manager for Humana, managing
members traveled to Macedonia on a mission trip. Mark         leadership development for the clinical organization          Class of 1986
has traveled all over the country and the world through       and mail-order pharmacy, RightSource. His wife,               Scott Estell and his
his job. He has been to the Middle East, Eastern Europe,      DeAnn, is a third-grade teacher in Shelby County,             wife, Cindy, have
and Western Europe.                                           Kentucky. Their son, Brendan, will be starting college        been married since
    Mark has just started to re-connect with some             next year. Their son, Colin, is a freshman and their          June, 1992. Their
classmates through facebook. So, if any of you want to        daughter, Erin, is in 6th grade. They stay current with       children are: Nathan
be a “friend,” feel free. Search under Lincoln-Way            happenings at Lincoln-Way through his sister-in-law,          (12), Joshua (10),
Central, Class of 1985.                                       Aimee Feehery, who is on staff at LW East and his             Caleb (8), Benjamin
                                                              cousin, Brian Holba, who teaches at LW Central.               (6), and Bethany (4).
Sam Burks resides in Peotone, IL, and is married to                                                                         They are living in      The Scott Estell Family
Nancy Walters, TF North graduate of 1983. Sam and             Jim Johnson: see Class of 1986                                Ypsilanti, MI, where
Nancy have three daughters, Amber (18), Brooke (14),                                                                        he is the pastor of FaithWay Baptist Church.
and Courtney (6). Sam is currently the Postmaster of the      Beth Senn-Brouwer and Wayne Brouwer (Class of
Manteno Post Office. He has been reconnecting with a           1982) have been happily married for 22 years! Raising         Lana (Pelszynski) Johnson and Jim Johnson (Class
lot of classmates on and is coaching his         their two kids, both Lincoln-Way graduates, has always        of 1985) welcomed their second child, daughter Casey
daughters in travel basketball and travel soccer. Sam is      been at the forefront of their lives. Alex Brouwer            this past year. Casey joins big brother Sam, who turned
also a board member and coach of the Biddy Basketball         (Class of 2005) is a senior at Bradley University studying    three on Halloween. The Johnsons are enjoying life in
Program in Peotone, coed, 3rd through 6th grades.             mechanical engineering and Miken Brouwer (Class of            Darien, IL, and wish everyone a happy New Year.

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Lincoln-Way Links                                                     (continued)

Class of 1986 (continued)                                   Class of 1988                                                Julie (Platek)
Stefanie (Lynch) Rathnau and her husband just had           Wendy (Szumski)                                              Guevara reports
twins, a boy and girl, this past July.                      Zona married Jack                                            that her son is
                                                            Zona in 1990 and                                             having surgery in
Class of 1987                                               has been a                                                   Kansas City. He has
Terina (German) Hasselbring and her husband, Dale,          hairstylist since                                            a cholesteatoma
have been married 20 years and are raising their four       graduating from                                              tumor in his ear and
awesome children: Janell (18), Alicia (16), Deanna (14),    Lincoln-Way. She                                             needs a few
and Caleb (13). Dale is a very gifted woodworker at a       and Jack moved to a                                          surgeries to remove
company in Addison. Terina spends most of her time          small town called                                            the disease and
with the kids, working and/or volunteering at their         Chatsworth, IL,         Wendy Zona                           then restore his
schools or just hanging out at home in Joliet. God has      about 90 miles                                               hearing.
blessed them and so they try to share that with as many     south of Frankfort. They love it out there. She opened
people as they can, in as many ways as possible.            Razor’s Edge Hair Salon in January of 1997. She loves to
                                                            wake up every morning and go to work each day. Her                                           Julie Guevara’s children
Justine Marie (Atchey) Wood has been married to             husband is a woodworker and helped design her salon
Chris Wood since August 21, 2004. They have two             to make it what it is today. They have no children, just
Papillion dogs named Brie and Elle. Justine has been        lots of animals. They love camping, Nascar, and their        Dawn (White) Hull says that things have been going
employed with AM General since 2001. She traveled to        furry little friends.                                        well for Oxbo Muffler and Brake Shops of New Lenox,
England and Ireland this past June for a family vacation.                                                                which she and her husband, Larry, own. She has
This fall she went back to school in the Executive MBA      Class of 1989                                                continued her career as an RN shift coordinator on the
Program at Notre Dame University and her graduation         Paul DeMarco writes that his wife, Ernestine, has been       sixth floor at Silver Cross Hospital. They have been in
date is May 16, 2010. She is very proud and grateful to     promoted to a MTM for her company. She runs the              numerous car shows over the past year. They show their
say she is a member of the most dedicated and loyal         only training facility in PA for Taco Bell. This is a big    daughter’s great-grandmother’s 1983 Monte Carlo with
team in the class – IRISH STEW, where S-trong T-eam         promotion for her. Paul is getting ready to release his      a super-charged engine. Every year they look forward to
E-ffort W-orks!! Lastly, she turned 40 on 12/26/2008!       first major video on CMT. He shot his first successful         vacationing at their summer home in Wisconsin.
Happy 40th B-day Jo (Carpenter) Gallagher (Dec.),           music video for country music already and works for
Jo’s sister-in-law Deb Gallagher (Dec.) and Cindi           many major stars as a professional photographer and
(Schleyer) Layman (Jan.)!                                   videographer. He has done work for Taylor Swift, Rascal
                                                            Flatts, and Sugarland, just to name a few.

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                                                                                                                                            Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 17

Lincoln-Way Links                                                    (continued)

Class of 1989 (continued)                                  Kathryn Kaysen started a new position at Loyola                (continued)
Doug Mattsey is the 6th-8th grade band director for        University Chicago’s School of Business Administration         Metallica, AC/DC and Coldplay, to name a few. They
Macomb, IL, schools. He and his wife, Kate, have three     focusing on internship development. In this position,          also own a lighting/production company as a part of
children, Nathan, Samantha and Valerie. He is also the     she works with undergraduate business students at the          Pepsi Center called the Opera Shop, and are currently
principal tubist with the Air National Guard Band of the   Water Tower Campus. Her responsibilities include               managing lighting for the band, One Republic.
Midwest in Peoria, IL, and helps schedule the band’s       employer outreach/relationship development,
summer tours throughout the Midwest. This January,         internship advising, teaching career/internship courses,       Class of 1992
Doug will perform with the United States Air Force         etc. Formerly a member of the Joliet Junior College            Joel Karns is a proposal/capture manager at ePlus and
Ceremonial Brass in the Presidential Inaugural Parade in   faculty, teaching career development courses, Kathryn          his wife, June, is counsel for Sprint. They have a 7-year-
Washington D.C. He enjoys writing band arrangements        and her children relocated back into the city of Chicago       old son named Quincy. Joel recently became a racing
and reading to his children in his spare time.             where she now resides in the Albany Park                       instructor and will compete in the Porsche 944 Spec
                                                           neighborhood. Kathryn has been a career counselor for          racing series in 2009.
Class of 1990                                              twelve years and in that capacity, has worked at UIC,
Jana Davis recently moved to Marina del Rey, CA.           DePaul and JJC, as well as run a private practice. In          Class of 1993
She is currently working as a financial advisor for ESF     addition to her position at Loyola, she continues to           Melissa (Johnson) Boston
Financial Planning Group, Inc. in Manhattan Beach, CA.     write for Family Time magazine.                                attended college in Texas and
                                                                                                                          spent a semester at Walt
Jenna (Bissell) Finley was                                 Eric Swartz currently is married with two children,            Disney World working in the
appointed the director of                                  Alexa (6) and Drayson (3). They are expecting a third          college program. Before
Housing & Residence Life at                                child in July. He is working at the Pepsi Center in Denver,    having her first child, she
the University of Northern                                 Colorado, home to                                              worked as an executive
Colorado in October 2008.                                  the Colorado                                                   assistant for a vice president of
Jenna lives in Greeley with                                Avalanche (NHL),                                               a telecommunications
her husband, Chris, and                                    Denver Nuggets                                                 company. She currently is a
three children, Mackenzie                                  (NBA), Colorado                                                stay-at-home mom of two
(13), Liam (8), and Luke (18                               Mammoth (NLL) and                                              children and has been married
months).                                                   Colorado Crush                                                 for twelve years. She has a six-
                                                           (AFL). Eric works as                                           year-old girl who loves
                               Jenna Finley                a production                                                   gymnastics and dance class.       Melissa Boston’s children
                                                           manager for all the                                            She also has a seven-month-
                                                           artists that perform                                           old boy who loves to smile. They moved just outside of
                                                           at the PC. They         Eric Swartz, managing lighting for     Nashville, TN, about two years ago and have enjoyed
                                                           recently featured       the band, One Republic                 exploring the state.
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Lincoln-Way Links                                                     (continued)

Class of 1994                                               Class of 1995                                                 Angel Corkery moved to
Nichole DePaul graduated with a Master of Arts in           Lee Barker served 4 years of active service in the            Phoenix, Arizona, in 2002 for
teaching of science in February 2008 from Western           United States Marine Corps from 1996 to 2000. While           the beautiful weather. She has
Governors University and has accepted a chemistry           at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan, Lee ran into Lincoln-         held various supply chain
teaching position at Ross S. Sterling High School in        Way alumni Ed Payne (Class of 1995), Mike Boyd                positions with Honeywell and
Baytown, Texas. She built a brand new house in              (Class of 1994), Bill Dunfee (Class of 1995) and a guy        Boeing. She is currently
Baytown and is starting her doctorate in education.         from his electronics class. While at Camp Lejeune,            working as a pricing analyst for
                                                            North Carolina, he ran into his old baseball umpiring         BE Aerospace. She has an
Melissa Juvinall just came home from Ethiopia with a        partner Jeff Skole (Class of 1993). SEMPER FI                 Arizona real estate license and
6-month-old baby girl named Iona. They also have a          MARINES! Lee married Katie Gruner on May 6, 2006 at           owned a home inspection
five-year-old son at home named Aidan. Melissa is a          the Chicago Hilton and Towers, and recently moved to          company. Angel also owns a
stay-at-home mom and a part-time freelance editor.          New Lenox township after living in Chicago and Tinley         rabbitry where she breeds and
Her husband, Pete, works as a network administrator         Park. Their baby girl, Callie Madison, was born on            raises pedigree bunnies. In her
for the College of Business at Illinois State University.   February 29, 2008 (a leapling baby!). Lee has worked in       free time she likes to hike, bike, Angel Corkery
They live in Normal, IL.                                    Chicago as a stationary building engineer since 2002.         do yoga and travel. Her next
                                                                                                                          trip is to Hawaii in May, 2009.
Danielle (Taylor) Woods                                     Stephanie N. (Blahut) Chambers graduated from
is living in the Knoxville area                             Joliet Junior College in 1998. She married David              Andrew Goerres spent a little over five years in the
with her husband, Brian,                                    Chambers in 2005. Stephanie was hired in May of               Navy in the nuclear propulsion field. While in the Navy,
and their one-year-old son,                                 2008 by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists as a web            he visited Israel, Sicily, Dubai, France and more foreign
Samuel. She recently left                                   production association. BAS won the National                  locations like…Florida! In 2000, he completed his
her job of ten years as a                                   Magazine Award for General Excellence in 2007. The            service with the Navy and moved to New York. He now
partner with a Chicago-                                     publication informs the public about threats to the           lives in Orange County with Janis, his wife of three
based investment firm, to                                    survival and development of humanity from nuclear             years. They have just started construction on a house
go out on her own. She                                      weapons, climate change, and emerging technologies            not far from their current home. Andrew works at a
now takes care of their son                                 in the life sciences. Stephanie is planning to enroll as a    nuclear power plant as a reactor operator.
and is a solo practitioner in                               full-time student at Penn. State to complete her
law and investment                                          Bachelor of Arts in law and society.
management.                     Samuel Woods celebrating
                              his first birthday

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                                                                                                                         The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                            Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 19

Lincoln-Way Links                                                     (continued)

Class of 1995 (continued)                                   Class of 1996                                                 Erin (Webster) O’Sullivan says that after working at
Rick Weaver is still in                                     David Cohn: see Class of 1997                                 the same law firm for five years, she recently opened
Afghanistan on his second                                                                                                 her own law office in Joliet, named Erin Webster
tour, and his third tour overall                            Carrie Davis planned the Class of 1996 10-year                O’Sullivan, P.C.
(the first was to Iraq). He is a                             reunion. They opened the time capsule at the reunion
Staff Sergeant in the Army,                                 and many students had letters in there written by them        Class of 1997
normally stationed at Fort                                  or to them by other students. She has the leftovers and       Jenny (Pepper) Bartkus went to the University of
Campbell, KY. He has been in                                would love to get them to their original authors. If you      Illinois and graduated in 2001. While working as an
the Army since his junior year                              would like yours, please contact her as soon as               English teacher in high schools, she earned her master’s
at LW. Currently, he is a UH 60                             possible, at:                            degree in educational administration. Her first
Blackhawk Helicopter Technical                                                                                            experience with administration was when she was the
Inspector with D Company, 6th                               Rick Hastings has                                             head of the English Department at Homewood-
Battallion, 101st Aviation          Rick Weaver             been spending the                                             Flossmoor High School. She married Steven Bartkus
Regiment, 101st Airborne                                    last several years                                            (Class of 1998) in the summer of 2006 and moved to a
Division (Air Assault). He will be returning to Fort        flying for the air                                             suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, where Steve works as
Campbell at the beginning of January. Rick is married to    force reserves at                                             an electrical engineer in the defense industry. Currently,
Jen, his wife of 10 years, and has three wonderful kids,    Grissom ARB in                                                she works as an assistant principal in a high school in
Trevor (9), Kylie (4), and Nathan (2). Since high school,   Indiana. They fly                                              western Maryland. They are happily married and still
he has been to Korea, Giebelstadt, Germany, Fort            the KC-135R                                                   find it funny when they realize they knew the same
Campbell twice, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Rick is       Stratotanker. His                                             people at LWHS but never knew each other!
currently attending American Military University,           brother Tim            (l-r) Tim Hastings, Sean Rufolo and
studying towards a degree in information technology.        Hastings (Class of     Nic Correa in Afghanistan              Jill (Love) Cohn married David Cohn (Class of 1996)
                                                            1998), Sean Rufolo                                            in August of 2002. They have two children, ages 21⁄2
                                                            (Class of 1997) and Nic Correa (Class of 1996), all           and one month. Jill is a court reporter in Will County
                                                            Lincoln-Way grads and football players, ran into each         and also holds a real estate license. David is a union
                                                            other in Afghanistan. They are all military officers, Tim      bricklayer. They reside in New Lenox.
                                                            and Sean in the Army and Nic in the Air Force. Sean and
                                                            Tim actually went out on a mission together while there.

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                                                                                                                            The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                               Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 20

Lincoln-Way Links                                                        (continued)

Class of 1997 (continued)                                      Class of 1998                                                 Mike Chudzinski is
Summer (Pare) Johnston                                         Sarah (Greve) Arabian                                         currently a police officer in
and her husband, Drew, gave                                    was married on September                                      Lombard, where he is also
birth to their second daughter,                                6th. The couple had a                                         the union president. Oddly
Amaya Autumn. She was 7 lb.                                    beautiful wedding in New                                      enough, his twin brother,
12 oz. and 22 inches long.                                     York City held at the                                         Jason Chudzinski, has
Their daughter, Kari Ashley, is                                Armenian Cathedral, with a                                    joined the department as
thrilled to be a big sister.                                   gorgeous ceremony at the                                      well. They were recently
                                                               popular Tavern on the                                         featured in a Chicago
                                                               Green. Their daughter,                                        Tribune news article about
                                                               Kaiyane, served has their                                     twins working on the same
                                                               flower girl. After a thankful                                  police department. In years
                                   Summer Johnston’s           Thanksgiving in Tempe, AZ Sarah, Kaiyane and her new          past, he graduated from        Twins, Mike and Jason
                                   daughters                   (where her husband              husband                       Illinois State University with Chudzinski
                                                               finished his first Ironman                                      a B.A. in criminal justice.
James Lawson recently vacationed in Costa Rica and             race), they are looking forward to traveling to Canada        Mike lives in Plainfield.
enjoyed whitewater rafting, rock climbing, volcano             to visit with friends and family.
hiking and zip lining. He purchased a new home in                                                                            Sarah Grady graduated from Lewis University,
Plainfield three years ago and is the only bachelor in the      Steven Bartkus: see Class of 1997                             Romeoville, with a degree in sports management. She
subdivision. After high school he attended Northern                                                                          worked for the Joliet Jackhammers for three years as
Illinois University for electrical engineering. After all of   Matt Christensen says that after leaving Illinois in 1998,    the community relations and promotions manager. She
that schooling, he ended up in the trades as an                he spent time in Colorado, New Mexico, back in Illinois,      has recently taken a position with the Peoria Chiefs as
electrician. He has been at the same shop for eight            and now he resides in East Lansing, Michigan. He is           the events and entertainment manager. She spends her
years and has excelled in his field. He enjoys traveling,       employed at a large financial services company where he        extra time with her family and boyfriend, Nathan.
working, going to the gym and wakeboarding.                    works in information technology. Formally, his title is
                                                               senior programmer, but he functions more as a technical
Michael Moody lives in Chicago with his fiancée,                project manager. Prior to his current job, he started and
Michelle. They will marry in November, 2009 in Costa           ran a non-profit organization to help young women in
Rica. He has been a personal trainer for the last 4 years      Africa get a primary and secondary education.
and proudly owns

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                                                                                                                    The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                       Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 21

Lincoln-Way Links                                                  (continued)

Class of 1998                                            (continued)                                                 Class of 2000
(continued)                                              working with adults with developmental disabilities,        David Christensen says that since
Jennifer Nerren                                          mental illness and those who are dually diagnosed.          graduating, he has obtained a B.A. in
graduated from                                           Heidi is a 2002 graduate of the University of St.           economics from the University of
Northern Illinois                                        Francis with a B.A. in psychology and an                    Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and
University in 2002                                       interdisciplinary business minor. She then went to the      started a career working as a
with a B.S. Ed, with                                     Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy        consultant in the field of computer
emphasis in special                                      University to earn a M.A. in counseling psychology.         forensics. Shortly after graduating
education. She                                           She graduated from ISPP in 2005, and became a               from college, he joined Huron             David Christensen
currently lives in   A picturesque view of Colorado      licensed professional counselor (LPC). Currently, she is    Consulting Group and worked for
Colorado Springs     Springs by Jennifer Nerren          attending Lewis University in the master’s program to       three years under the direction of a computer forensic
where she teaches                                        become a certified school counselor. Heidi plans to          expert from the Department of Defense. In August of
elementary students with severe needs. This is her       complete the School Counseling and Guidance                 this year, he made the decision to leave Huron and join
seventh year of teaching. Jennifer just began working    Program in December, 2008. She is also working              Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP. He now works
on her master’s degree in child and adolescent           toward completing the rest of her internship hours          in the Analytic and Forensic Technology practice at
psychology and applied behavior analysis. Within the     and also working toward becoming a licensed clinical        Deloitte. In November 2007, David took a trip out of
past few years, she has traveled to Yellowstone, Grand   professional counselor (LCPC). Matt is a graduate of        the country to Denmark and visited the birthplace of his
Canyon, New Mexico, Las Vegas, California, Oregon,       Joliet West High School, also Class of 1998. He is          grandfather, Peter Christensen. The following month,
Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. She has         currently self-employed as an owner and operator of         he purchased a home in Oak Lawn and commutes
picked up photography as a hobby and has sold a few      Stukels’ Home Maintenance. Heidi and Matt currently         downtown daily to work at Deloitte.
photographs.                                             reside in the Cathedral Area of Joliet. They enjoy their
                                                         time relaxing at home, spending quality time with           Beth (Bartkus) McNamara and her
Heidi (Garrelts) Stukel                                  family, friends, and each other. They have no children      husband recently celebrated their
and Matt Stukel were                                     at this point. However, they have a two-year-old            one-year wedding anniversary. In the
married on May 27, 2006                                  yellow lab, Brown, who keeps them quite busy!               spring of 2008, she finished her
at St. Mary Nativity                                                                                                 master’s degree in educational
Catholic Church in Joliet,                               Class of 1999                                               administration from Governors State
after dating for more than                               Jonathan Reeves: see Class of 2002                          University. Currently, she is the
seven years. She is                                                                                                  PE/Health/Driver Education
currently employed at                                                                                                Department Chair and sophomore                            Beth McNamara
Trinity Services, Inc. as a                                                                                          girls’ soccer coach at Lincoln-Way
day program director,         Heidi and Matt Stukel                                                                  Central High School.

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                                                                                                                                        Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 22

Lincoln-Way Links                                                 (continued)

Class of 2000                                           Beth Wroblewski writes that her daughter, Kylie, is           Class of 2002
(continued)                                             turning nine this year and becoming quite the little          Sara (Katauskas) Garza is
John Paul Scudella is                                   lady. Beth’s last surgery went well and she is doing          a graduate of the University
currently a baseball                                    better. She has a great man in her life now and hopes         of Arizona, where she was
instructor at Drive                                     everyone has a safe and happy holiday and good things         a football manager. On
Performance, a baseball/                                come for all in the New Year...take care.                     October 18, 2008, she
softball facility in Wheeling,                                                                                        married Roderick Garza,
IL. His company works with                              Class of 2001                                                 and they now live in a
Major League Baseball                                   Allison (Myers) Walton                                        beautiful home in north
doing vision training. In a                             earned a Bachelor of                                          Phoenix. Sara’s dad, Tony       Sara & Roderick Garza
sense, shooting tennis balls                            Science degree in health                                      Katauskas (retired LWHS
with colors and numbers at                              science business and                                          teacher and coach), and her mom moved to Goodyear,
speeds of 70 to 150 mph                                 administration from Ohio                                      AZ. They love the retired life! Sara is currently a police
and having players call out                             State University in 2006.                                     officer for the city of Phoenix. Her new husband is a
both color and number if       John Paul Scudella       She completed her                                             special agent with the D.E.A.
possible. What they are                                 Bachelor of Science in
trying to do is slow the game down, training at high    nursing from the University                                   Elisabeth Hancock: see Class of 1980
speeds makes seeing a baseball going 85 to 90 mph       of Texas Health Science
look like a beach ball. He was contracted out by the    Center at San Antonio in        Allison & Jake Walton         Stacy Kim went to school at Miami University of Ohio,
Tampa Bay Rays this year to become their iTrac Vision   December of 2008, and                                         where she received a degree with a major in accounting
Trainer. He worked with such players as the AL Rookie   will sit for the Nursing State Board in January. Allison      and a minor in finance. After school, she moved to
of the Year & All-Star Evan Longoria, Gold Glove        plans to work as a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal           Chicago and has lived in the Lakeview area for two
Winner Carlos Pena, All-Star Dioneer Navarro, Cliff     Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at a hospital in San Antonio.       years. She is working as an audit associate at McGladrey
Floyd, and the rest of the Tampa Bay Ray team. He was   She married Jake Walton on June 2, 2007. They live in         & Pullen, a public accounting firm serving middle
proud to have helped them win the AL East, ALCS,        San Antonio, Texas.                                           market clients of all industries. Additionally, she was
ALDS and making their first World Series appearance                                                                    recently promoted to senior associate. Upon starting her
in franchise history. His company also works with the   Laura Lowe received her M.S. in library and                   career at McGladrey, she coincidentally met Jonathan
Chicago Cubs, NY Mets, Cleveland Indians, USA           information science in December 2007 from University          Reeves (Class of 1999). They have been dating for
Olympic Softball Team, and they recently just finished   of Illinois. She is currently working on an advanced          almost two years now and have a dog named CeCe.
instructional league with the San Francisco Giants.     certificate in library administration and is the children’s
                                                        services librarian at Des Plaines Valley Library District,
                                                        serving Lockport, Crest Hill, and Romeoville.

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                                                                                                                     The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                                        Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 23

Lincoln-Way Links                                                 (continued)

Class of 2002 (continued)                               Class of 2003                                                 Class of 2005
Stacy (Hunley) Layman and her                           Meagan Crandall graduated college in December of              Alex Brower: see Class of 1989
husband, Rusty, recently                                2007 and is now an eighth grade teacher. She recently
celebrated their first wedding                           got engaged to Marty Hawrysko (Class of 2003).                Don and Jennifer (Newall) Fleck have moved to
anniversary in November. In                             They are planning a 2011 wedding.                             Miami, Florida.
September of this year, they
bought a house in Hobart, IN.                           Peter Fattore graduated                                       Benjamin Hausherr: see Class of 1977
They travel to New Lenox                                from Bradley University’s
frequently to visit family and                          School of Electrical
friends.                                                Engineering in 2007. He                                       Class of 2006
                                 Rusty & Stacy Layman   works as an electrical                                        Brian Hancock: see Class of 1980
                                                        engineer for Formax in
                                                        Mokena. He also volunteers                                    Krystal (Lozenski) Hausherr: see Class of 1977
                                                        as a Sergeant in New Lenox
                                                        Emergency Services.                                           Jordan Sangmeister: see Class of 1980
                                                                                       Peter Fattore

                                                        Chad and April Hausherr: see Class of 1977

                                                        Allison Mockler is now living in Plano, Texas, and
                                                        teaching American Sign Language at Allen High School.
                                                        Although she misses her friends in Illinois, she is loving
                                                        the weather and not missing the snow (at least not yet).

                                                        Ryan Underwood just graduated from Miami
                                                        University in Oxford, Ohio, with degrees in both
                                                        mechanical engineering and management. He is
                                                        attending the University of Kentucky to obtain his
                                                        Ph.D. in biomedical engineering.

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                                                                                                     The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                        Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 24

Lincoln-Way Links                                                  (continued)

ALUMNI GATHERINGS                                                                                     Class of 1996: 10-Year Reunion
Formal and informal gatherings bring Lincoln-Way                                                      Carrie Davis planned the Class of 1996 10-year
alumni together. Please share news of your alumni                                                     reunion. They opened the time capsule at the reunion
gatherings (large and small). We are happy to feature                                                 and many students had letters in there written by them
details and photos in the alumni newsletter.                                                          or to them by other students. She has the leftovers and
                                                                                                      would love to get them to their original authors. If you
                                                                                                      would like yours, please contact her as soon as
LWHS Marching Knights Reunion:                                                                        possible, at:
Classes of 1989-1994
Tracy Bohne sent in some photos (below and upper
right) from the LWHS Marching Knights Reunion,
including classes 1989-1994, that took place this last
August. She says it was a lot of fun and they plan on
another one in the summer of 2009.

                                                                              Class of 1958
                                                                              The Class of 1958
                                                                           celebrated their 50-
                                                                          Year Reunion in early
                                                                           October, kicking off
                                                                            the festivities at the
                                                                          Homecoming Game.
                                                                         Pictured at right is the
                                                                                 group with the
                                                                          Lincoln-Way Knight!

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                                                                                                  The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                                     Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 25

Reunion Review                                        UPCOMING REUNIONS – MARK YOUR CALENDARS

If your Class plans to celebrate a reunion in 2009,
please contact Linda, (815) 462-2976, at the
                                                         Would you like to be a Class Representative?
Foundation Office so we can assist, or help share
details through our newsletter. The next issue of        Make a New Year’s Resolution...become involved with the Alumni Association
the newsletter will be in the spring – just in time
to forecast the Fall of 2009 reunions.                   in 2009. We are looking for alumni from Lincoln-Way Community High School,
50-Year Reunion: Class of 1959                           Lincoln-Way Central High School and Lincoln-Way East High School to join us
Will be held the weekend of June 26, 27, 28, 2009.       as we “grow” the Alumni Association.
More Information to follow.
                                                           We plan to meet quarterly to discuss ways to engage our alumni and
40-Year Reunion: Class of 1969                           encourage them to stay connected.
30-Year Reunion: Class of 1979                             If you are interested, or would like more details, please contact Linda Lopez
20-Year Reunion: Class of 1989                           at (815) 462-2976.
Will be held on Friday, October 9, 2009
  CD & ME
  23320 S. LaGrange Road
  Frankfort, IL 60423
  Contact Mary (Capparelli) Holecek: for more information.

10-Year Reunion: Class of 1999

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                                                                                          The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

                                                                                                             Vol. 5 • No. 1        |   January 2009           |   Page 26

About Us...
         he purpose of the Lincoln-Way High   Alumni Planning Committee                      The Alumni Association Planning
         School Alumni Association Planning                                                Committee suggests that all alumni visit our
         Committee is to provide              Members                                      website to update your information and check
opportunities for alumni to come back to       Randy Baum, 1977                            on upcoming reunions and alumni events.
visit the school, enjoy reunions, and          Jim Gast, 1959                              For further information, please contact the
reconnect with former classmates, teachers,      Board of Education                        Foundation Office at (815) 462-2976.
and coaches.                                   Judy Hageman, 1959
   The Planning Committee invites you to       Larry Hansen, 1977
help shape the future of the Alumni            Mandy Hansen, 1978                          WE VALUE
Association. Please contact Linda Lopez at     Steve Hogan, 1980                           YOUR COMMENTS!
(815) 462-2976 or to            Foundation Director                       Please let us know what you would like to see
learn more.                                      Chairman Alumni Committee                 in future editions of the newsletter. We would
                                               Kurt Sangmeister, 1980                      like to highlight each class, report news on our
                                               Kimberlee Warning Foglton, 1979             alumni, and announce upcoming reunions.
                                                 Foundation Director                          If you have something you would like to
                                                                                           share about yourself in the next newsletter,
                                              Liaison                                      please e-mail If you
                                                 Linda Lopez                               have a photo that you would like to include,
                                                   Executive Director of the Foundation    please submit it with your information.
                                                                                              When submitting information, please
                                                                                           include the following: first and last name;
                                                                                           maiden name (if it applies); class year; address;
                                                                                           telephone number; and e-mail address.

                                              w w w. l w 2 1 0 . o r g                                   Lincoln-Way High School Alumni Association

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