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									Specifications for Aqua Tech's Bed Turnover Monitor

                                    *These specs are for the prototype that is to be built by Aqua Tech. This prototype is designed for the acrylic model
                                    provided by Blue Water Technologies.

General Requirements                Specific Requirements                                        Acceptable Performance
Physical Properties of Prototype
Small                               Fits in a quadrant                                           h=1-6", Dia ≤ 6 inches
Weight of device                    Can be mounted on top rails or central airlift               ≤ 10 lbs
Does not interfere                  Avoids effects from wash box and air lift                    12"-24" below the surface of the sand slurry

                                                                                                 Different devices do not read different rates (keep all
Doesn't effect sand                                                                              variables constant except the size/shape of the
bed turnover                        Does not change rate of sand movement                        monitoring device. Use PVC with marks as a control)
Doesn't contaminate the
clean water                         No oil/grease, metal                                         No visible leaches to filter water

Powered by common power source Prototype device can be run off of common power source            Powered by wall outlet, battery, or computer
Life and Replacement of Prototype
Easily maintained & replaced      No permanent installation                                      Can be replaced without replacing filter
                                  can be submerged into water/sand slurry                        Made from a material that does not absorb water,
Durable                           Does not corrode or become abraised form the sand              after testing no marks or abrasions deeper than 1/8"
Manufacturing/Creating Prototype
Low cost                          Material/Part cost, assembly cost, travel                      <$3000
Output/Results of Prototype
Measures the sand
movement                          Rate in in/min                                                 Measure range capability: 0"-3" per minute
Electronic data output            Data output to PC                                              Rate displays on a computer
Consistent results                Must display dependable and consistent results                 95% Consistent (within accuracy)
Accurate Results                  Must display results that are correct                          ± 5 % error
Easy to acquire Results           Must be able to read from a remote location                    Access reading on display at desired location

                                    Should have alert system (sound, flashing light)so as to     Alarm that alerts the proper person within 5 seconds
Alerts /Alarm                       notify if something is wrong                                 of dropping below critical rate

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