SCH Sliding Curtain Wall by yurtgc548


									                            SCH Sliding Curtain Wall
                            Adapt large spaces for changing environmental zoning needs.

      A Rite-Hite Company

                                                                                                         Cleanliness. Privacy.
                                                                                                         Security. Temporary storage.
                                                                                                         Energy savings. Odor or
                                                                                                         fume containment.
                                                                                                         There are many reasons to
                                                                                                         divide a large space in your
                                                                                                         plant, warehouse or loading
                                                                                                         dock into smaller, separate
                                                                                                         zones. And there’s one simple,
                                                                                                         versatile, cost-effective way
                                                                                                         to maintain environmental
                                                                                                         control in these different areas
                                                                                                         - without the cost, perma-
                                                                                                         nence or space requirements
                                                                                                         of rigid walls.

  With heavy-duty Zoneworks™ SCH Sliding Curtain Walls, you can:
  n   Zone warehouse space effectively without constructing costly permanent walls
  n   Temporarily divide spaces to suit requirements of various functional areas
  n   Create interior or exterior storage areas
  n   Adapt space accordingly as you move or change your manufacturing processes
      or operations
  n   Enclose an open loading dock to cut energy losses and protect personnel,
      product and equipment

Zoneworks™ Industrial Curtain Walls   n   8900 N. Arbon Drive   n   Milwaukee, WI   n   53223   n   1.800.553.4834   n
Easily transform any space
into smaller, separate zones.                                                   SCH
Constructed of heavy-duty indus-
trial fabric, Zoneworks™ SCH Curtain
Walls are custom-designed and
available in stationary or sliding
configurations to suit a wide
variety of applications.

High-durability construction              Available options                                 Barriers without barriers
Standard 18 oz Vinyl fabric is fire
                                          n   Stationary (non-sliding) design               At Zoneworks, we’re experts in the
retardant and meets NFPA-701              n   Upper header curtain panels                   design and construction of flexible wall
standards. Flexible bottom sweep                                                            systems for all your environmental
                                          n   PVC vision panels
seals against floor to minimize energy                                                      zoning needs. Our products meet the
                                          n   Integral hand holes
loss and help maintain desired                                                              highest quality standards, and turn-key
conditions. Galvanized vertical control   n   Pull-rope open and closure systems            project support is provided for every
staffs, with 5/8” drop pins and floor     n   Various colored fabrics                       job. Zoneworks is part of the Rite-Hite
sockets, in sliding curtain walls add     n   Other customized options                      family of companies, all focused on
stability in high winds. (Wind load                                                         leading-edge technology and innova-
calculations available upon request.)                                                       tive alternatives for industry’s toughest
                                                                                            safety, security and energy-savings
Easy installation                                                                           challenges.
Zoneworks Stationary Curtain Walls
suspend easily from ceiling joists or
roof deck. A track and trolley system
is provided for Sliding Curtain Walls.
Custom engineering ensures proper
fit around corners and obstructions.

Zoneworks™ Industrial Curtain Walls n 8900 N. Arbon Drive   n   Milwaukee, WI   n   53223
1.800.553.4834 n                                                                                    A Rite-Hite Company


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