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									                                           Lesson Template

 Part of the
                                          Stem                             Teachers Script
                                                                    Objective
                                                                        o Solve word problems involving
                                                                             ratios and rates

                             Mathematicians, in this lesson         Strategy
Introduction                 you are going to learn…by                   o Identify the ratio
       10-20 sec
                             doing/using…                                o Identify the units of
                                                                         o Solve by simplifying the ratio into
                                                                            a per unit rate

 Connection                                                         Review translating ratios into rates
(Define Terms/ Building on   You know that…                         Review translating rates into ratios lang.
     Prior Knowledge)
       30-60 sec
                                                                    Demonstrate solving rate word problems.
Demonstration                I’m going to explain this idea by
        1-3 minc             showing you…

                                                                    Go over two examples where students solve
 Application                 Let’s see how this works in a           rate word problems..
        1-2 min              problem…

                                                                    Repeat objective and strategy.
  Conclusion                 So, now you know how to…
       10-20 sec             by…

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