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Edition 67          May/June 2011

Special End of
Season Issue
EBL playoff finals coverage from
around the country including
scores, stats and photos

Also inside:
              Schools Season concludes
              Schools Final Fours take place
              over two weekends

              Forms out for 2011/12 Junior
              EBL & Founders Cup

              Volunteer Recognition Awards
              Nominations open for 2011

              Players & Coaches of the Year
              EBL clubs vote for top senior
              players and coaches from 10/11

  And more including:
- Latest coaching and officiating courses
- Supporting the Active People Survey
- Team GB prepare for 2011 Special Olympic
  World Summer Games

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Ph: 0114 284 106
Junior Final Fours 2011                                                                                               Zone Press, Ed 67

Under 18 Men’s playoff semi final
Cheshire Jets v Manchester Magic

The 2010/11 England Basketball League season officially ended on Sunday 1 May with
the Junior Final Fours 2011.
The past two months have been action-packed with basketball playoff finals and over the next few pages Zone Press readers can see
photos, scores and stats from various events held around the country.

Coverage includes the Junior Final Fours at EIS-Sheffield, the Senior Final Fours at the Amaechi Basketball Centre in Manchester, the
lower senior division playoff finals at Medway Park, the U13 and U15 Final Fours held at Stoke Mandeville Stadium and of course, the
BBL Playoff Final between Mersey Tigers and Sheffield Sharks hosted as always by the NIA in Birmingham.

We thank everyone who helped make the 2010/11 EBL season so successful. Without the officials, coaches and of course the
volunteers, our national leagues wouldn’t be able to take place.

See you all in 2011/12!

         Junior Final Fours 2011                                                                                       Zone Press, Ed 67

         Junior Final Fours 2011
          UNDER 18 MEN                                              UNDER 18 WOMEN
          Playoff Semi Finals                                       Playoff Semi Finals
          Manchester Magic 64 v 66 Cheshire Junior Jets             Manchester Mystics 58 v 73 Sevenoaks Suns
          Worthing Thunder 100 v 90 Leicester Warriors              Haringey Angels 79 v 36 Doncaster Panthers
          3rd Place Playoff                                         3rd Place Playoff
          Manchester Magic 74 v 62 Leicester Warriors               Manchester Mystics 69 v 55 Doncaster Panthers
          Playoff Final (MVP - Kyifer Del Mundo, Worthing)          Playoff Final (MVP - Jay-Ann Harriott, Haringey)
          Cheshire Junior Jets 81 v 83 Worthing Thunder             Sevenoaks Suns 56 v 60 Haringey Angels

          UNDER 16 BOYS                                             UNDER 16 GIRLS
          Playoff Semi Finals                                       Playoff Semi Finals
          Manchester Magic 106 v 86 Worthing Thunder                Manchester Mystics 62 v 52 Sevenoaks Suns
          Solent Kestrels 58 v 70 Cheshire Junior Jets              Haringey Angels 57 v 34 Nottingham Wildcats
          3rd Place Playoff                                         3rd Place Playoff
          Worthing Thunder 48 v 83 Solent Kestrels                  Sevenoaks Suns v Nottingham Wildcats
          Playoff Final (MVP - Tamas Okros, Manchester)             Playoff Final (MVP - Janice Monakana, Haringey)
          Manchester Magic 77 v 70 Cheshire Junior Jets             Manchester Mystics 52 v 87 Haringey Angels

          UNDER 14 BOYS                                             UNDER 14 GIRLS
          Playoff Semi Finals                                       Playoff Semi Finals
          Manchester Magic 95 v 45 London Greenhouse Pioneers II    Manchester Mystics 57 v 83 Haringey Angels
          Newham All-Star Sports Academy 87 v 79 Haringey Hawks     City Of Sheffield Hatters 79 v 47 Sevenoaks Suns
          3rd Place Playoff                                         3rd Place Playoff
          London Greenhouse Pioneers II 53 v 69 Haringey Hawks      Manchester Mystics 60 v 55 Sevenoaks Suns
          Playoff Final (MVP - Joe Swindells, Manchester)           Playoff Final (MVP - Shanice Norton, Haringey)
          Manchester Magic 91 v 65 Newham All-Star Sports Academy   Haringey Angels 97 v 64 City Of Sheffield Hatters

All Junior Final Four photos courtesy of Roger Chester                                                                               03
        Senior Final Fours 2011                                                                                                      Zone Press, Ed 67

                                                                               For the third year running, the Amaechi
                                                                               Basketball Centre in Manchester in association
                                                                               with Manchester City Council, hosted the
                                                                               Division One Final Fours on 16/17 April 2011.

                                                                               The Division One Men’s and Women’s semi finals were
                                                                               played on 16 April, followed by the Division Two Men’s Finals
                                                                               and the pair of Division One playoff finals on 17 April.

        DIVISION ONE WOMEN’S SEMI FINALS                                                              DIVISION ONE WOMEN’S PLAYOFF FINAL
        City of Sheffield Hatters 87                   UWIC Archers 72                                City of Sheffield Hatters 91
        Leeds Carnegie 53                              Nottingham Wildcats 64                         UWIC Archers 69
        Stats                                          Stats                                          Stats

        After disposing of Leeds Carnegie in the semi finals, the City of Sheffield Hatters won their 13th playoff title with a convincing
        91-69 win over UWIC Archers. Steph Gandy was awarded the MVP after a 34-point, 11-rebound double-double as the Hatters won
        all four periods of the playoff final.

        The Hatters have firmly planted themselves as the most successful basketball club in the UK over the past decade with April’s playoff
        win giving them their ninth season treble (winning the National Cup, League and Playoff), including 17 League titles and 14 National
        Cup wins since 1990.

        DIVISION ONE MEN’S SEMI FINALS                                                                DIVISION ONE MEN’S PLAYOFF FINAL
        Bristol Academy Flyers 81                      BA London Leopards 69                          Leeds Carnegie 63
        Leeds Carnegie 85                              Reading Rockets 80                             Reading Rockets 88
        Stats                                          Stats                                          Stats

        The Reading Rockets doubled up on their trophies for the 2010/11 season after defeating Leeds Carnegie 88-63 in the Division
        One Men’s playoff final. 2011 Men’s National Trophy winners Rockets opened a big lead on Leeds early and with five players scoring
        double digits, including finals MVP Robbie Parker’s team-high 19 points, they cruised to the playoff win.

        “It means so much to the guys who have worked tirelessly all season long, to not only win the National Trophy, but to also win the
        Division One playoff title - it’s great!” said first-year Rockets head coach Samit Nuruzade. “I think the final showed just how far we
        have come this season and I really felt everything that we had been working on came together at exactly the right time.”

        DIVISION TWO MEN’S PLAYOFF FINAL               Medway Park Crusaders 75                       Stats
                                                       Westminster Warriors 72

        Medway Park Crusaders, who finished fourth in Division Two Men this past season, defeated Westminster Warriors in the playoff
        final behind a huge MVP performance from American OJ Reed, who had 28 points and 14 rebounds.

        “I am so proud of the team. Today we battled for 40 minutes and really showed how much we wanted it,” said Medway coach James
        Vear. “Being named MVP capped off an amazing season for OJ. We have had some great import players at the club and OJ has to
        be up there with the very best of them. He is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet; I can’t speak highly enough about him and
        what he has done for this team.”

All Final Four photos courtesy of Adam Jepson                                                                                                      04
        Playoff Finals 2011                                                                                          Zone Press, Ed 67

        Final Fours 2011
        Under 15 & Under 13 Boys’
        2 April 2011, Stoke Mandeville Stadium

                                                                    Canary Wharf Baltic Staff throw head coach into air after winning D4
                                                                    Men’s playoff title at Medway Park

                                                                    Medway Park hosts 2011
                                                                    senior playoff finals
                                                                    Medway Park in Kent hosted a foursome of national senior playoff
                                                                    finals as the Founders Cup, Division 2 Women and Division 3
                                                                    and 4 Men’s competitions came to an end on 9 April.

                                                                    Here’s a summary of the scores, stats and a few pictures from the
                                                                    first national league finals event hosed by Medway Park.

                                                                    MEN’S NATIONAL FOUNDERS CUP PLAYOFF FINAL
                                                                    London Rocco’s Raiders 79
                                                                    Kingston Wildcats 70
        Under 15 Boys                                               MVP - Guntars Dikis,
                                                                    London Rocco’s Raiders
          Playoff Semi Finals
          Manchester Magic 89 v 57 Sheffield Junior Sharks
                                                                    D4 MEN’S PLAYOFF FINAL
          Northampton Nets 59 v 68 Newham All-Star Sports Academy   Warrington Wolves 68
          3rd Place Playoff                                         Canary Wharf Baltic Staff 71
          Sheffield Junior Sharks 81 v 65 Northampton Nets
                                                                    MVP - Karolis Stepanavicius,
          Playoff Final                                             Canary Wharf Baltic Staff
          Manchester Magic 83 v 73 Newham All-Star Sports Academy
          MVP - Tamas Okros, Manchester                             D2 WOMEN’S PLAYOFF FINAL
                                                                    Manchester Mystics 73
        Under 13 Boys                                               Solent Suns 58
          Playoff Semi Finals                                       MVP - Nicola Blakeway,
          Manchester Magic I 134 v 35 Ipswich Tomcats               Manchester Mystics
          Notts Nova Centurions 56 v 57 Lewisham Thunder
          3rd Place Playoff                                         D3 MEN’S PLAYOFF FINAL
          Ipswich Tomcats 54 v 76 Notts Nova Centurions             Birmingham Mets 70
                                                                    London Westside 76
          Playoff Final                                             Stats
          Manchester Magic I 107 v 40 Lewisham Thunder              MVP - Jonathan Haymon,
                                                                    London Westside
          MVP - Recardo Eaton-Barnes, Manchester

U15/U13 Final Four photos courtesy of Pavel Kricka                              Medway photos courtesy Tony Fowles                 05
BBL Play-Off Final                                                                                         Zone Press, Ed 67

Mersey Tigers take BBL
Play-Off Title

Mersey Tigers 79 (23,42,54)
Tafari Toney 19, James Jones 17, Nate Reinking 12

One Health Sharks Sheffield 74 (17,35,48)
Ryan Patton 24, Paul Williams 17, Mike Tuck 14
Mersey Tigers extracted sweet revenge for                   Tigers were led by MVP James Jones who
their BBL Cup loss earlier this year against                equalled the BBL Play-Off record with
One Health Sharks Sheffield as they                         five three pointers from seven attempts
successfully defended their BBL Play-Off                    and a sparkling double-double by Tafari
Final trophy to wrap up a magnificent BBL                   Toney who finished with 19 points and 13
treble with a 79-74 success at the National                 rebounds.
Indoor Arena.
                                                            The win was made even sweeter for Tigers
While the scoreline didn’t always reflect                   with injured captain Andrew Sullivan
it, Tigers looked comfortable from tip to                   returning to action having previously
buzzer and rarely needed to get out of                      thought his season had been ended by
second gear against a Sharks side who la-                   injury while there was double delight for
boured for long periods and looked a pale                   coach Tony Garbelotto who picked up
shadow of the team that had destroyed                       his BBL Coach of the Year award having
their opponent on the same floor during                     described the BBL Cup Final loss on his
January.                                                    last visit to Birmingham as the worst day of
                                                            his coaching career.

Hoops4Health players compete on the big stage
Young basketball players got the unrivalled
opportunity to play on the NIA court,
in front of the roaring crowd, as part of
Playoff Final day, thanks to the nationally
recognised Hoops4Health project.

Hoops4Health has grown and grown since
its inception and is now operated by all
twelve BBL clubs and 10 other Community
Clubs in the UK. An introductory scheme, it
revolves around getting children active and
leading healthy lifestyles at an early age,                 to compete against other players their
as well as encouraging their participation                  age in the regional tournaments, which
in basketball, providing exit routes                        are all delivered by the local participating
for players aged ten and eleven, into                       club, with the winners progressing to the
National league set-ups and eventually                      County Finals, which are held prior to a
Academies linked to BBL clubs. Aimed at                     home game at that club. The county finals
school years five and six, the programme                    are then played at half time of that BBL
combines healthy lifestyle messages with                    Championship game, and the schools
basketball, and is delivered by BBL players                 that prevailed in this round then carry
and club community coaches, covering                        the honour of representing that club and
topics such as the heart and fitness, having                region at the National Finals tournament,
a balanced diet, and anti-smoking. This                     which runs throughout Playoff Final day.
is all delivered in the form of road shows,
followed by a block of coaching from the                    The 2011 winners were Thelwall Junior
professional players.                                       School from Warrington (Cheshire Jets)
                                                            who overcame Glynwood Primary School
The participants are then given a chance                    (Newcastle Eagles) in the Final.

BBL Photos: main - Andrew Sullivan and Paul Williams; top inset - Stuart Thomson;
middle inset - Roger Moreland presents Andrew Sullivan with MVP award; Tony
Garbelotto celebrates after playoff win
All Photos courtesy Ville Vuorinen and articles courtesy BBL.

Schools Final Fours, Nottingham                                                                                               Zone Press, Ed 67

National Schools Final Four
Championships 2011
The Nottingham Wildcats Arena hosted
England Basketball’s National Schools
Final Fours during two consecutive
weekends in May, as 48 teams from
around the country came together for the
biggest basketball event of the season.

In all, 12 championship titles were handed
out after 48 games were played on three
courts over four days.

To view the results and a report from the
first weekend, click here, and for the same
information from the second weekend,
please click here.

We have also included some photos and
brief reports here in the event that officially
ends the 2010/11 basketball season.

UNDER 19 BOYS’ CONFERENCE                         School from Cheshire 72-70 in one of most       competition. Riccardo Guddjemi’s team-
                                                  intense games of the finals. Barking Abbey      play and 21-point haul earned him MVP
Burnley College captured their first              captain Dwayne Orija was named as MVP           honours for Barking Abbey.
National School Championship title after          as he dominated on the rebounds and
defeating Ellesmere Port Catholic High            scored 22 points, adding to his school’s        UNDER 15 BOYS’ CONFERENCE
School in the final 113-70. Adrian Hodges         collection of championships.
from Burnley College was chosen as MVP                                                            The U15 Boys’ Conference final saw
for his performance as he contributed 22          UNDER 16 BOYS’ CONFERENCE                       Holy Trinity School walk away with their
points with Ellesmere Port’s John Gould                                                           first championship as they beat St Marys
leading their scorer’s as he ended the            Dorothy Stringer School from Brighton took      School-Croydon 84-81. Selby Hind-Wills
game with 20 points.                              the first title in this newly added age group   scored the last 11 points for Holy Trinity
                                                  competition as they defeated Archbishop         School to win and be named MVP.
UNDER 19 GIRLS                                    Lanfranc from Croydon in a closely fought
                                                  final 77-63. Dorothy Stringer got off to        UNDER 15 GIRLS
Barking Abbey’s U19 Women started                 a great start as they dominated the first
their campaign off well, securing the first       quarter. The teams matched up well in           Greig City Academy beat Priestnall School
of three titles for the school over the first     the second and third quarters. Archbisop        from Manchester in a great comeback
weekend of the finals. They won the title         Lanfranc won the final quarter but the          and won 60-52, having been down 22-5
for the second consecutive year as they           deficit was too much as Dorothy Stringer        after the first quarter. Jay-Ann Harriott
defeated local rivals Greig City Academy          walked away with the win.                       dominated again for Greig City, being
87-48. Barking Abbey’s Shequila Joseph                                                            crowned MVP for second time over the
was awarded the MVP (she also won the             Max Richardson was awarded the MVP              weekend as she finished with 21 points.
MVP in the U16 Girls playoff final) for her       award for his contribution of 25 points,
contributions during the game.                    25 rebounds (10 offensive), to help             UNDER 14 GIRLS
                                                  Dorothy Stringer win their first National
UNDER 17 WOMEN                                    Championship.                                   In the U14 Girls final St Angela’s School
                                                                                                  from London walked away as champions
In this newly added age group                     UNDER 16 GIRLS                                  as they beat Priestnall School from
competition, Greig City Academy defeated                                                          Manchester. St Angela’s School got off to
Nottingham Academy 68-48 in the final,            Barking Abbey School made their second          a great first quarter and ended the game
as Jay-Ann Harriott’s 27 points (15 from          finals appearance in the finals as they         with a 68-50 win. Brenda Kipewu of St
outside the arc) earned her the MVP.              beat Priestnall School from Manchester          Angela’s was awarded the MVP as she
                                                  81-68, taking away with them the U16            contributed 27 points in the final.
UNDER 17 MEN                                      Girls Championship. Shequila Joseph
                                                  dominated again for Barking Abbey as            UNDER 14 BOYS
In a highly competitive age group                 she was crowned MVP for second time
Childwall Sports College from                     over the weekend as she finished with           In the U14 Boys, Barking Abbey again
Merseyside won their first championship           game high 37 points. Priestnall’s Leah          dominated the competition, as they took
after defeating Itchen College from               McDerment led her team with 32 points in        their fifth championship to take back to
Southampton 90-65. Childwall’s Paris              the final.                                      London, with a win in the final against St
Kaye-Mintu was chosen as MVP for his                                                              Margaret’s High School from Liverpool
performance after contributing 28 points          UNDER 15 BOYS’ PREMIER                          85-52. Josh Steel of Barking Abbey was
to the win.                                                                                       awarded the MVP.
                                                  Barking Abbey took away another
UNDER 16 BOYS’ PREMIER                            championship over the weekend as
                                                  they beat Canterbury High School from
Barking Abbey School beat Helsby High             Kent, 71-54, in the U15 Boys’ Premier

       National League Entries / Volunteer Awards 2011                                                                        Zone Press, Ed 67

        Want to join the EBL next season?
                                                                           Age group competitions offered in the 2011/12 season include:

                                                                           Under   18   Men and Women
                                                                           Under   16   Boys and Girls
                                                                           Under   15   Boys
                                                                           Under   14   Boys and Girls
                                                                           Under   13   Boys

                                                                           New and returning teams are welcome to join so download your
                                                                           form today!

                                                                           For more information on the EBL competitions, please get in touch
                                                                           with one of our staff members.

                                                                           NATIONAL LEAGUE MANAGER

Photo - Roger Chester                                                      Nicky Brown: 0114 284 1084

       COMPETITIONS FOR THE 2011/12 SEASON!                                Todd Stuart: 0114 284 1083
       To be part of the largest national basketball competition in the
       UK, simply download an entry form and return it to England          Simon Turton: 0114 284 1082
       Basketball before the June 1st deadline.                  

       Volunteer Recognition Awards 2011
       NOMINATE A VOLUNTEER FROM YOUR CLUB                                 Download the 2011 Volunteer Recognition Awards nomination
       TODAY!                                                              form.

       Nominations are sought from clubs, associations, regions, etc.
       to recognise the outstanding service provided by their basketball
       volunteers during the past season.

       We wish to honour these unpaid contributors to basketball in
       England in the following categories:

       •   Administrator of the Year (Harry Errington Award)
       •   Coach of the Year (John Sage Award)
       •   Official of the Year (KK Mitchell Award)
       •   Team Manager of the Year (Brian Dobson Award)
       •   Court Announcer of the Year (Pete Jacques Award)
       •   Statistician of the Year                                        Also, please download Edition 63 of England Basketball’s
       •   Young Volunteer of the Year                                     newsletter Zone Press to see full coverage from last season’s
       •   Volunteer Family of the Year                                    Volunteer Awards Luncheon.

       We reserve the right to create additional volunteer awards (i.e.
       Volunteer Fundraiser, Volunteer League/Competition Organiser)
       and to recognise others for their services to basketball. Initial
       plans are to honour at least three finalists in each of the
       categories. Award winners will receive a trophy while the
       nominating organisation for each of the winners will receive
       a cheque for £500 (or £250 in the case of non-Clubmark
       accredited organisations).

       Please note that the awards are for outstanding volunteer service
       to basketball in the above categories. The emphasis should be on
       people who have made a positive and harmonious contribution
       in a particular category to their club, area or region. Multiple
       nominations for one person/group may deter the judging panel.       DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS - FRIDAY 8 JULY 2011

News                                                                                                                      Zone Press, Ed 67

  AND COACHES OF THE                                                          D1 MEN       Player of the Year
                                                                                           Niko Scott
                                                                                                                       Coach of the Year
                                                                                                                       Samit Nuruzade
  YEAR 2010/11                                                                             Reading Rockets             Reading Rockets

                                                                              D1 WOMEN     Player of the Year          Coach of the Year
The EBL senior Players and             chosen the Division 1 Men’s
                                                                                           Niamh Dwyer                 Deirdre Hayes
Coaches of the Year were               Coach of the Year by his peers.
                                                                                           Barking Abbey Leopards      Team Northumbria
announced in April and leading         In his first year at the Rockets,
the way were Niko Scott from           Nuruzade’s Trophy and playoff
                                                                              D2 MEN       Player of the Year          Coach of the Year
the D1 Men’s playoff champion          titles have earned him much
                                                                                           Ralph Bucci                 Chris Mellor
Reading Rockets and Irish              respect from his fellow coaches
                                                                                           Tees Valley Mohawks         Bradford Dragons
national Niamh Dwyer from              in a very tight D1 season.
Barking Abbey Leopards took
                                                                              D2 WOMEN     Player of the Year          Coach of the Year
the D1 Women’s award.                  In Women’s Division 1, Team
                                                                              North        Leah Rush                   Jim Carnegie
                                       Northumbria’s Deirdre Hayes
                                                                                           Durham Bobcats              Manchester Mystics
In his first EBL season, American      is the 2010/11 Coach of the
                                                                              Mids-SW      Emilie Ravn                 CJ Lee
guard Scott averaged an EBL            Year. The former England U18
                                                                                           Bristol Storm               Solent Suns
third-best 20.7 points per             Women’s coach has been
                                                                              Mids-SE      Jordan Elliott-King         Barry Powell
game (on 46% shooting) while           with the Northumbria outfit for
                                                                                           Wellingboro’ Phoenix        Wellingboro’ Phoenix
helping his Rockets win the            several seasons and despite
2011 Men’s National Trophy             the 7-14 record, ensured her
                                                                              D3 MEN       Player of the Year          Coach of the Year
and D1 playoff final.                  team battled for every minute of
                                                                              North        Richard Windle              Stephen Barnes
                                       every game.
                                                                                           Sheffield Sabres            Birmingham Mets
Despite the lowly 6-15 record
                                                                              South        Joseph Womack               Frank Lamptey
for the Leopards, Dwyer was            The full list of EBL senior Players
                                                                                           Glamorgan Gladiators        London Westside
one of the standout offensive          and Coaches of the year is
players this season, averaging         outlined to the right. Selections
                                                                              D4 MEN       Player of the Year          Coach of the Year
a league-best 22.7 points, 6.5         were made by the clubs in each
                                                                              North        Jason Swaine                Delme Herriman
rebounds and 4 assists per             respective league/division and
                                                                                           Huddersfield Heat           Warrington Wolves
game.                                  where there were insufficient
                                                                              Midlands     Elliott Sentance            Dave Greenaway
                                       nominations (or there was a
                                                                                           Leicester Warriors II       Coalville Cougars
Samit Nuruzade added to                draw) England Basketball made
                                                                              South West   Adam Rickwood               Gary Carter
Reading’s honours by being             the final decision.
                                                                                           Taunton Tigers              Taunton Tigers
Above photos (left to right) - Niko Scott, Niamh Dwyer, Samit Nuruzade, Jim   South East   Karolis Stepanavicius       Sam Stiller
Carnegie, Leah Rush, Stephen Barnes, Delme Herriman, Karolis Stepanavicius                 Canary Wharf Baltic Staff   Newham Neptunes

2011 European                                             ENGLAND TEAMS                         GREAT BRITAIN TEAMS

Draws                                               UNDER 18 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP             EUROBASKET 2011
                                                    MEN - DIVISION B                           31 Aug-18 Sept                   Lithuania
                                                    21-31 July           Varna, Bulgaria       Official website
                                                    Draw/schedule information
CHAMPIONSHIP                                        UNDER 18 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP             EUROBASKET WOMEN 2011
                                                    WOMEN - DIVISION B                         18 June-3 July                      Poland
HAVE ALL BEEN                                       4-14 Aug            Miskolc, Hungary       Official website
ANNOUNCED BY FIBA EUROPE.                           Draw/schedule information
Tournament dates and venues, including              UNDER 16 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP             UNDER 20 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP
website information, for the four English           MEN - DIVISION B                           MEN - DIVISION B
and four British teams are outlined here.
                                                    28 July-7 Aug Strumica, Macedonia          14-24 July    Sarajevo, Bosnia/Herz
For more information on the European
                                                    Draw/schedule information                  Draw/schedule information
Championships, please visit                         UNDER 16 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP             UNDER 20 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP Specific information
                                                    WOMEN - DIVISION B                         WOMEN - DIVISION A
on England’s national teams can be found
here and for British national teams, please         11-21 Aug            Arad, Romania         7-17 July           Novi Sad, Serbia
see                               Draw/schedule information                  Draw/schedule information

News                                                                                                                     Zone Press, Ed 67

Basketball among Special Olympics teams preparing for 2011 Summer Games
Special Olympics Great Britain’s World Summer
Games Teams ready for experience of a lifetime

GB Delegation of 157 athletes and 58 volunteer coaches
ready to represent their country at
Special Olympics World Summer Games
The largest multi-sports event in the world in 2011 with
185 Nations, 7500 athletes, 25 June – 4 July, Athens Greece

Brownsword  Thomas (Tom)                       South East
                                                                      GB Special Olympics Male Basketball team
Duffy       Christopher (Chris)                Scotland West
Horsefall   James                              York & Hum
Muscrop     Jonathon                           Northern              be sure that everyone understood they are about to represent
Nash        Craig                              Northern              their country. I can’t wait to see their faces at the Opening
Penfold     Lee                                East Midlands         Ceremonies as they proudly wear their GB uniform and parade
Souter      Iain                               Scotland West         into a stadium of 80,000 people, with the President of Greece
Southwell   Christopher                        East Midlands         and celebrities applauding them!”
Taylor      Thomas (Tom)                       East Midlands
Thompson    Liam                               Scotland West         Each member of the delegation will be wearing a Panama Hat
Pettit      Brendan (Head Coach)               Scotland West         on their head for the Opening Ceremonies uniform, donated by
Sharpe      Roger (Coach)                      East Midlands         Marks & Spencer, and on their wrist a complimentary life-saving
                                                                     sportsband donated by the charity MedicAlert, which provides
Special Olympics Great Britain learning disabled athletes and        life-saving ID for people with hidden medical conditions.
volunteer coaches and staff from England, Scotland and Wales
converged on the small town of Runcorn for a weekend of training     Timeline:
and camaraderie before their departure to compete at the largest     6 June – Send-off Reception at the Greek Ambassador’s
sporting event in the world this year: Special Olympics World        Residence in Mayfair
Summer Games Athens, 25 June – 4 July 2011.
                                                                     20 – 24 June Skiathos Host Town Programme
157 athletes were chosen for their dedication to sport and their     for athletes and coaches to acclimate to the heat, train and
qualifying scores at the Special Olympics National Summer            embrace the Greek culture.
Games in Leicester in 2009. Each team member had to fundraise
£2000 to participate, much of it raised by the communities they      25 June Athens: Opening Ceremonies
live in.                                                             featuring the traditional parade of athletes by country,
                                                                     international celebrities and recording artists
The British squad will compete in 17 out of the 22 sports
disciplines offered including: Aquatics, Athletics, Badminton,       26 June – 4 July: Competitions
Basketball, Bocce, Cycling, Equestrian, Football (including
Unified Football), Golf, Gymnastics, Judo, Kayaking, Powerlifting,   27 June Athens Welcome Reception
Sailing, Table Tennis, Tennis and Ten Pin Bowling. The team will     at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Athens
be accompanied by 58 volunteer coaches and support staff.
                                                                     4 July Athens: Closing Ceremonies
According to Head of Delegation Gordon McCormack, “This
weekend was more about team building, tactics, kit distribution      Special Olympics GB website
and mentally and physically preparing the team. I want to            Special Olympics World Summer Games website

National Founders Cup                                                                                   2011/2012 SEASON
We are now accepting entries for the 2011/12 National Founders Cup! A senior men’s competition
for non-national league teams, the Founders Cup gives players and teams the opportunity to show how
they can perform on a national level.

Please download a 2011/12 Entry Form and you may also view the Competition Guidelines.

              For more information on the Founders Cup, including any expressions of interest from
              women’s teams who may want to compete in their own league, please email Simon Turton.

News                                                                                                                                    Zone Press, Ed 67

Support Sport England’s Active People Survey!
The Active People Survey is
Europe’s largest ever survey of
sport and active recreation.

England Basketball is encouraging players
over the age of 15 across the country
to take part in this telephone survey, if
requested, to help raise the profile of the
                                                Photo - Roger Chester
“None of us enjoy ‘cold calling’ and I,
for one, customarily hang up. However if
you, or one of your teammates, happen
to take a call asking you to participate
                                                Weekly Participation for those over the age of 15 - Team Sports
in an important survey about leisure and
recreational activities (Sport England’s
Active People Survey) then I would urge         160000
you to stay on the line and agree to take       140000
part. This survey is how Sport England
measures our sport and it is vital we do all
we can to assist them to ensure that it is an   100000
accurate reflection of how many people          80000
are playing basketball,” said England
Basketball’s National Development               60000
Manager Sam Spare.                              40000

“It may require about fifteen minutes of
your time but every basketball player           0
who responds to the survey will help us                   Baseball/     Rounders Volleyball    Rugby   Hockey   Netball Basketball   Cricket   Rugby
                                                           Softball                           League                                           Union
better understand participation across
the country. Whether you play on your
own, with friends or as part of a team, the
                                                              Active People Survey Quarter 1 - Team Sports
survey records you as a participant and
represents an opportunity to demonstrate                      Football                                                        2,097,900
the popularity of the sport.”                                 Rugby Union                                                       177,900

The Active People Survey measures the                         Cricket                                                          174,400
number of adults who participate in                           Netball                                                          137,100
sport and is conducted by telephone,                          Hockey                                                             85,900
calling home phone numbers generated
at random. Questions might include                            Rugby League                                                       44,000
describing any sporting activity you                          Volleyball                                                         37,600
are involved in or how often you have
                                                              Rounders                                                           23,300
taken part and whether you have taken
instruction in any sporting activity in the                   Baseball and softball                                                  9,500
last four weeks.

                                                GIVE IT A SHOT basketball                               The sessions are being run in conjunction
                                                                                                        with the local Basketball Club or Sports
                                                is a new project across                                 Development Units.
                                                Greater Manchester,
                                                which gives adults the                                  For more information contact:
                                                opportunity to try out                                  Jane Owen
                                                basketball.                                             GM Basketball Development
                                                Sessions are being set up across the          
                                                county and are aimed at adults who have                 0161 223 1002
                                                little or no experience of basketball, or
                                                are a bit rusty after a few years off. The              and to find out participating venues in
                                                sessions are coach-led and aim to cover                 Great Manchester, visit the website:
                                                the fundamental skills of basketball as well
                                                as game play, within a fun and friendly       

Courses, News                                                                                                                Zone Press, Ed 67


                                                                     Photo - Adam Jepson
England Basketball hold regular coaching and officiating
courses around the country and here’s your chance to sign
up for one heading into the off-season.

Courses are updated regularly on our Courses Calendar                       Referee Josh Bowe and Medway Park coach James Vear

OFFICIATING COURSES                                                  COACHING COURSES
 DATE            COURSE           LOCATION CONTACT                       DATE              COURSE LOCATION               CONTACT
                 L1 Referee &                      Steve Johnston                                                        Gina Falkner
 2 June                           Tonbridge                              1/2 June          L1 Coach     Sunderland
                 Table Official                    01732 374092                                                          0191 515 4137

                                                                                           UKCC L1      Royal          Amanda Austen-Jones
 3 & 5 June      L3 Referee       Exeter           Darren Bolt           2 & 30 June
                                                                                           Coach        Leamington Spa 01564 797839

                 L2 Table                          Jimmy Smith           4/5, 11/12                                      Lynsay Evans
 12 June                          Nottingham                                               L2 Coach     St Albans
                 Official                          0115 977 2273         & 25 June                                       01707 281008

 25 June & 2                                       Becky McGrath         10/11,                                          Paul Christensen
                 L2 Referee       Newcastle                                                L2 Coach     Swindon
 July                                              07917 388154          17-19 June                                      01452 611320

                                                   Becky McGrath         11 & 18                                         Felicity Vaughan
 2 & 9 July      L2 Referee       Manchester                                               L1 Coach     Liverpool
                                                   07917 388154          June                                            07576 275846

                                  West             Becky McGrath        13 June & 2        UKCC L1                       Becky McGrath
 16/17 July      L2 Referee                                                                             St. Ives
                                  Bromwich         07917 388154         July               Coach                         07917 388154

                                                   Andy Green           18 June &          UKCC L1                       Becky McGrath
 24-29 July      L2 Referee       Ellesmere Port                                                        Brighton
                                                   07787 111487         17 July            Coach                         07917 388154

Eagles’ volunteers team
up with StreetGames
The Newcastle Eagles Community Foundation is just one of the
several Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers projects
happening around the country.

These projects have a range of volunteering opportunities from
local sports events and tournaments, larger scale national sports
tournaments, sports caching and youth led activities in the local

The Eagles Community Foundation project has seen 23 young
female volunteers support club coaches at local sessions and
camps, they’ve run their own basketball competitions, and have
lent their services to StreetGames regional festivals.

These young female volunteers have gained qualifications through
their efforts as well, including Level 1 Refereeing and the Sports   Eagles Community Foundation has seen an increase in the delivery
Leaders UK Women ‘Get Set Go!’ Award.                                of doorstep sport to those living in disadvantaged areas. The
                                                                     introduction of the volunteer programme has enabled the sport to
Claire Webster, a volunteer from the very beginning of the           grow with more coaches becoming qualified and then going on
programme, gained her coaching qualification and now runs her        to deliver new projects. There are some exciting projects coming
own sessions and has progressed to become Newcastle Eagles           up in the summer and I look forward to continuing to work with
under 14 girls head coach – at the age of 19!                        StreetGames.”

England Basketball Development Officer, Susan Hunter said:           For more information on StreetGames, please visit
                                                                     their official website.
“Over the years the partnership between StreetGames and the

Zone Press, Ed 67

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