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									                    OCCP OrgCert              Oregon Tilth (OTCO)

Manure Management   Recommended:              Off Farm manure allowed; even
                    Composted Manure          from conventional farming
                    produced on farm;         operations; Restricted: Manure
                    Uncomposted               may only be used in conjunction
                    manure stacked and        w/ other soil-building methods;
                    aged for 6 months;        Manure must be stored in such
                    Green manures;            a way that it cannot
                    Sheet compost for         contaminate surface or ground
                    crops not for human       water; Manure application must
                    consumption or that       not exceed “agronomic
                    won't be harvested        application rate” (The amount of
                    for 4 months              nutrients in the manure must
                    Restricted: Raw           meet or be less than the
                    manure (Must be           requirements of the crop); No
                    used in correct           application of manure when
                    conditions); Off-Farm     ground is frozen, snow-covered
                    Manure; Mushroom          or saturated; Prohibited: No
                    compost Prohibited:       application of manure when
                    Manure from               ground is frozen, snow-covered
                    Intensive Livestock       or saturated; no biosolids or
                    Operations (ILO);         human waste (p68)
                    Municipal or industrial
                    sewage and
                    biosolids; Raw
                    manure used under
                    improper conditions.
Farm Verified Organic                      USDA National Organic Quality Assurance
                                           Program                    International
(Standard 2.06) Required: Raw              The producer must
manure may be used on crops for non-       manage plant and animal
human consumption; or applied 3-4          materials to maintain or
months before harvest depending on         improve soil organic
whether manure comes in contact with       matter content in a
edible portion of the plant. Manure        manner that does not
shall not be used in excess of the         contribute to
amount of nutrients that would be          contamination of crops,
naturally-occuring in a field were it to   soil, or water by plant
be managed as a self-sufficient            nutrients, pathogenic
livestock holding. Detailed record         organisms, heavy metals,
keeping required as well as detailed       or residues of prohibited
plans for use of hard-to-compost           substances. Plant and
materials like slurry (liquid hog waste)   animal materials include
Restricted: Slurry must be approved        raw animal manure,
and possibly tested. Prohibited:           composted plant and
Municipal sludge, manure storage           animal materials, and
methods that leak nutrients into           uncomposted plant
atmosphere or ground; poultry manure       materials. Raw animal
collection methods that create nitrogen    manure must either be
sinks.                                     composted, applied to
                                           land used for a crop not
                                           intended for human
                                           consumption, or
                                           incorporated into the soil
                                           at least 90 days before
                                           harvesting an edible
                                           product that does not
                                           come into contact with the
                                           soil. Manure from ILO ok.
Organic Crop Improvement                      European Union
Association International
Manure shall not be used in excess of         The fertility and the biological activity of
the amount of nutrients that would be         the soil must be maintained or increased,
naturally-occuring in a field were it to be   where appropriate, by: (a)cultivation of
managed as a self-sufficient livestock        legumes, green manures or deep-rooting
holding. Fresh, aerated, anaerobic, or        plants in an appropriate multiannual
"sheet composted" manures only on             rotation programme; (b)incorporation in
perennials or crops not for human             the soil of organic material, composted or
consumption or applied at least four          not, from holdings producing according to
months before harvesting a crop for           the rules of this Regulation. Pending the
human consumption (esp. nitrate               adoption of common technical rules
accumulators). Sewage sludge and              concerning organic livestock production,
septic waste are prohibited. as well as       by-products from livestock farming, such
anything containing human waste.              as farmyard manure, may be used if they
Composted food and forestry by-               come from livestock holdings respecting
products which are free of contaminants       existing national rules or, in the absence
are allowed                                   thereof, internationally recognized
                                              practices concerning organic livestock

4.4.5. Manures containing human
excrement (faeces and urine) shall not be
used on vegetation for human
consumption, except where all sanitation
requirements are met. Certification body/
standardising organisation shall establish
sanitation requirements and procedures
shall be in place, which prevent
transmission of pests, parasites and
infectious agents.

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