Registered Nurse by yurtgc548


									                                                            Assess patient health problems
                                                            and needs, develop and implement
                                                            nursing care plans, and maintain
                                                            medical records. Administer nursing
Focus on...                                                 care to ill, injured, convalescent, or
                                                            disabled patients. May advise
      Registered Nurse                                      patients on health maintenance
                                                            and disease prevention or provide
                                                            case management.
What is this job like?

•   Work with people, gather information, identify problems, make decisions, listen actively, use a
    service orientation, monitor equipment and progress, remain current with technical knowledge.
• Tasks may include providing health care and immunizations in hospitals, medical offices
    and schools; assisting with examinations;, observing patients and recording medical
    information; operating monitoring equipment; ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests;
    recommending drugs and treatments; delivering infants; providing pre- and post-natal
    care; developing health improvement programs and infection control.
• Use knowledge in medicine, biology, customer and personal service, chemistry, therapy
    and counseling, English language, psychology, and administration and management.
•   Enjoy providing service to and positive relationships with others, and a strong sense of
    personal achievement. (This position may also be called public health nurse.)

What kinds of people do well in this occupation?
People who like to:
• Work with, communicate with, help and teach other people
• Perform practical, hands-on work activities
• Search for facts, investigate and figure out problems
People with skills in:
• Reading, writing, listening and speaking
• Identifying and solving problems; making decisions; critical thinking
• Observing and recording information
• Establishing and maintaining relationships
• Performing physical activities such as stopping, lifting, pushing and pulling
What is the salary and demand?
 1998 Median Annual Salary                 Estimated annual growth rate for this job in the
    Yakima            $42,800              Tri-County area between 1995 and 2005: 4%
    Tri-County        $42,400              Hiring outlook in the Tri-County area through 2005:
    Washington        $45,400              Critical Need (up to 100 openings per year or more)

Sources: WILMA (Washington Interactive Labor Market Access), America’s Career InfoNet and O*NET
On-line. Tri-County information includes data for Yakima, Klickitat and Kittitas Counties.
 Focus on... Registered Nurse

What kind of training is needed?
  This job typically requires a associate's degree, although there are programs at the bachelor’s
  level and for specialty nursing with higher requirements for certification. A complete list of
  Washington schools can be found by clicking on “Education and Training Providers” at the
  Healthcare Career Center main menu. Tri-Valley training programs include:

  • Washington State University, Yakima ICNE program                              Washington State
                                                                                  requires a license
  • Yakima Valley Community College, Yakima                                             for this job.

Who hires registered nurses?
  2008 Tri-County Projections
  Hospitals (SIC 8060)                                      71%          For information on specific
  Colleges and universities (SIC 8220)                       5%             employers in your area,
  Nursing and personal care facilities (SIC 8050)            4%          click on “Employers” at the
                                                                          Healthcare Career Center
  Other health servicess (SIC 8000)                          8%                         main menu.
  State government (SIC 9020)                                4%
  Elementary and secondary schools (SIC 8210)                3%
  Other                                                      5%

How can I find out more?
  Visit and search by code. Enter O*Net code number
  29-1111.00, then review the information found by clicking on “Details.”

What does a career path look like?
  There are many routes to success in healthcare careers! Check out the example below or click
  on our career tree for more ideas. You can reach your ultimate goal by gaining valuable work
  experience and/or taking classes to prepare for more responsibility and higher pay. (Higher
  education levels often require prerequisites not associated with lower-level examples.)

  Education/        High school                Short-term                  Associate’s (&
  Experience        diploma or training        training                    bachelor’s degrees)

  Job               Child Care Worker          Licensed Practical          Registered Nurse
                    (O*Net code 39-9011.00)    Nurse                       (O*Net code 29-1111.00)
                                               (O*Net code 29-2061.00)

  Pay               $7.60**                    $13.82*                     $20.57*

                 *Median wage per hour, all experience levels, Yakima, 1998.
                **Median wage estimate per hour, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, 1999.

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