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									Stacey Weiser & Kendall Christensen
   Location: 3900 Stabler St. Lansing, MI (south
   Mascot: Vikings
   Colors: Red, white, and blue
   Student Population: 1,675
   Principal: Howard Cousins
   Magnet School for the Performing Arts—
    theater program.
   Lots of wings within the school (dead ends)
   School is older with colorful decoration (red
    and yellow) on the outside.
   Students hang out outside before school
    starts in the morning, and between class is a
    time for socializing.
   Students are sought out to take MEAP
   They are brought on college visits
   Mr. Salias is in contact with problem student’s
    parents to fight behavioral issues
   The daily announcements propose to
    students to abstain from violence, and
    ◦ ―I dare you to try to make it through the day
      without using one profanity. I dare you to try to
      think of another way to communicate‖ –Mr. Cousin’s
   Student Population: 1,675
   Graduation Rate (2008): 73.98%
   50% female; 50% male
   51% eligible for free or reduced price lunch (2008)
   Student:Teacher Ration- 25:1
   Racial Breakdown:
    ◦   Black 46%
    ◦   White 33%
    ◦   Hispanic 14%
    ◦   Asian/Pacific Islander 6%
    ◦   American Indian/Alaskan Native <1%

    Data from
   Central Michigan Univ. for BA & MA
   Teaching for 16 years
   Founded two chapters of a Latino Fraternity; one
    at CMU & one at MSU
   Classroom Climate:
    ◦ Desks arranged in two groups on either side of the
      room, facing each other.
    ◦ Lots of décor; flags of Spanish-speaking countries are
      hung up all around the room.
    ◦ Relaxed atmosphere: Sr. Salais talks like a student (uses
      slang, jokes around).
    ◦ Utilizes Powerpoints, videos, games, books (students do
      not get their own copy of the book), photocopies,
   He teaches a foreign language because he
    wants to make a change to language learning.
    He likes to take interns and MSU seniors each
    year so that he ―keeps up‖ with the times (the
    new ideas coming from the students/interns)
   He wants to teach teachers to do things
   He is passionate about the Spanish language
    and the Latino and Spanish speaking cultures.
   Salais is recognized as the initiator of the first
    Mariachi band at Lansing Everett HS
   He recognizes all Spanish speaking countries
    with flags of each around his classroom.
   He has a close and personal relationship with
    his classes.
   His classroom is a constant comfortable,
    friendly, inviting environment.
   He makes language learning fun and
    interesting to his students.

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