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									Brittani Bush

Professor Hedstrom

Philosophy Paper

October 13, 2008

        Many people fail to realize how short life truly is, not understanding that it could be

over just like that. Today, the world as a whole is so focused on preparing for the future rather

than living for today. We plan out our schedules in order to keep track of what needs to be

done and when it needs to be done by, planning each day around a set schedule rather than

just living in the moment. I believe that life is too short, so live each and every day to the very

fullest and never take a moment for granted.

        In order to make the most out of life, one must have certain values by which they lead

their life. For me, I have many values; however, there are three values that I cherish the most.

These morals include: religion, achievement, and influencing others. Religion is a huge part of

my life that provides me with the faith and confidence I need to go out and make a difference

in this world and in the lives of others. Through my faith, I believe that God has great plans for

my life and has blessed me with my skills, talents, and abilities, such as my athletic abilities, so

that I can make an impact in this world. He has also enabled me to overcome many obstacles,

such as a brain tumor, which has given me the opportunity to go out and make great

achievements in my life so far. Some of these achievements include going to the AAU

basketball Nationals Five times, playing on the USA Junior Olympic Team overseas, and getting
into Manchester College. My achievements are what inspire me to keep moving forward to

pursue my goals and dreams of influencing others.

       My ultimate goal in life is to be a remodel for all people, of all ages and encourage them

to believe in themselves and work hard to accomplish their dreams. For my students, athletes,

and clients, my main focus is to lead them in the right direction towards good physical health

and exercise. I want to express to them the importance of eating healthy, participating in daily

physical activity, and staying physically fit. My leadership in this area will change their lives by

helping them develop good daily habits early in their life which, hopefully, will stay with them

forever. Their improvements will be measured by the amount of effort they decide to put in.

For example, if I have a client that I train five days a week for an hour a day, and he/she comes

in each day with a positive attitude and is willing to put in 100% effort then they are most likely

going to get more out of it than someone who doesn’t try. I could keep track of their progress

by writing down times of speed, number of sets, and drills. Then each week I can look at their

chart to see if they improved from the previous week. My main priority is to meet the needs of

my clients and enable them to have the opportunity to find themselves and figure out exactly

what they are capable of doing. The happiness of my clients is very important to me because I

want to gain their trust and respect. If I cannot help them reach their goals they may give up all

together, which I do want to see that happen to anyone. To ensure that all my students,

athletes, and clients will benefit from staying physically active, I will explain to them right from

wrong in terms of healthy food, proper diet, daily exercise and hydration. I will show them

various exercises and explain how to do each one and what part of the body is being worked

with each exercise.
                Once again my philosophy of life is that life is too short, so live each and every

day to the very fullest and never take a moment for granted. This philosophy guides my life

personally because life flies by so fast and if we focus on the negative rather than the positive

we will never find true meaning in this world. As a student, it inspires me to truly apply myself

in all that I do so that I can become successful and reach out to others in a constructive way.

This philosophy also relates to my profession, Physical Education, because it stresses the

importance of doing something you love to do, physical activity, and applying it to your

everyday life to make a difference in someone else’s life. I feel in order to meet that goal I

have to set an excellent standard of performance. I know that I will never be perfect in this

area or any other area of my life. All I can do is give my very best and apply myself without

complaining or giving up. If I push myself and truly give it my all, whether I win or lose then I

believe that is an acceptable standard of performance. This standard also applies for many

other aspects of my life like school, sports, relationships, and work. By achieving a level of

excellents in these and many other areas of my life, it provides me with the motivation and

determination I need to achieve great things in this world. Like graduating from college, or

having a successful career that I enjoy doing.

        Many different people have various views on cheating. Some believe that cheating is

simply breaking the rules. However, I see cheating as also being deceitful or dishonest to one’s

self. Cheating gets people nowhere in life, especially when it comes to sports. By cheating you

do not learn the true meaning of sportsmanship, the conduct and attitude considered as

befitting participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing.

If you cheat you are only hurting yourself, which prevents you from improving. Cheating does,
in fact, involve breaking the rules which I believe is wrong. Rules are rules and everyone should

abide by them. If everyone played by their own rules sports would not be the same, they

would be unorganized, unsafe, and all sports would lose their true meaning. One of my main

focuses will be to teach my students, athletes, and clients the importance of following the rules

and the significance it will have based on their performance. I will express to them that it is

more rewarding to win honestly than it is to cheat, and that they will benefit more from playing

fair. Cheating has several negative effects on society. For starters, when young children see

older teenagers or even adults cheating they start to think that it is okay and that there is

nothing wrong with it. This encourages them to play unfair and break the rules, not only in

sports. Cheating also creates major controversy. It stirs up arguments between players,

coaches, and fans and takes the focus away from the actual game. In society today, cheating is

unacceptable and if you are caught there are consequences that must be paid, like getting

kicked out of the game, or getting suspended for the a few games or even the remainder of the

season. In the long run, cheating is not worth the price that it cost, therefore I will encourage

my students, athletes, and clients to always play fair and show good sportsmanship.

       For me being physically active is a vital part of my life. I believe that staying physically

active enables a person to grow and gain independence. It is more valuable to me to give my

life to serve, so I can make a difference and impact peoples’ lives. Knowing that I can influence

and educate others about the importance of physical activity and health provides me with a

sense of confidence. I plan to give my life to serve physical education and educate my students,

athletes, and clients. This will give my life greater meaning and importance knowing that I can

teach and train others who want to improve.
       The philosophy live life to the very fullest each and every day and never take a moment

for granted is how I hope to live the rest of my life. I believe that this will enable me to be a

greater role model for others and impact those around me. My goal is to teach various

students, athletes, and other clients the importance of staying physically active and I hope to

provide them with the encouragement they need to accomplish their goals.
        Philosophy Paper

          Brittani Bush

      Professor Hedstrom

Foundations of Physical Education

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