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the saint louis abbey

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									the saint louis abbey

JOURNAL   2009-10
                                                                      Achievements and
The Saint Louis Abbey was founded through the close cooperation between Benedictine monks of Ampleforth Ab-
bey in England and St. Louis laymen who, in the early 1950s, had a vision of building and maintaining a Catholic
college preparatory school of the highest order and supporting a Benedictine monastery to run that school. In 1955 that
vision became a reality. Today the Abbey consists of a 150 acre campus in West St. Louis County with a monastic community
that operates a day school for talented and motivated young men in grades seven through twelve, and a parish of the Archdio-
cese of St. Louis.

The heart of the Abbey is centered in the monks, the Benedictine Rule and the vow of stability taken by the monks to
remain at the Abbey for life. Radiating from the monks is a warmth that nourishes an ever-widening family of PRIZE RECIPIENTS
                                                                                                             Form Pbound
students and faculty, alumni, parents, parents of alumni, parishioners and other friends who, in their diversity, are rize – to-
gether through participation in the life of the Abbey.                                                       Matthew R. Menendez

                                                                                                          imProvement –
    laus tibi Domine
                                                                                                          Charles J. Epstein
Praise to you, O Lord
                                                                                                          Anthony R. Hayes

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                                                                         The sainT louis abbey journal
                                                                                                                                                                Volume XLIX

Table of Contents
From         the       monastery
      From the Calefactory: .................................................................................................................................... 3
      The Blessing of the Millennial and Jubilee Windows: ..................................................................................... 8
      Solemn Profession of Brothers Andrew Senay and Cassian Koenemann: ........................................................ 9
      60th Ordination of Right Reverend Luke Rigby:...........................................................................................10
      Ordination of Brother Linus Dolce: ............................................................................................................. 11
      Father Dominic Returns from Saint Anselm's Abbey ................................................................................... 13
      Luke Rigby Award:....................................................................................................................................... 14
      Obituaries: ................................................................................................................................................... 17
      Necrology: ................................................................................................................................................... 18

From         the       s chool
      Headmaster's Message: ................................................................................................................................. 21
      Junior School Report: .................................................................................................................................. 23
      Achievements and Awards: ........................................................................................................................... 24
      Post-Season Honors and Athletics: ............................................................................................................... 34
      Class of 2010 – College Choices: ................................................................................................................. 37
      Graduation Day: .......................................................................................................................................... 38
      College Counseling: ..................................................................................................................................... 42
      Technology: ................................................................................................................................................. 45
      Faculty Development: .................................................................................................................................. 46
      Student Faculty Awards: ............................................................................................................................... 47
      Admission: ................................................................................................................................................... 48
      Aim High:.....................................................................................................................................................49
      Parent Organizations: ................................................................................................................................... 50

From         the       a lumni
      Year In Review: ............................................................................................................................................ 53

From         the       Parish
      Pastor’s Message: .......................................................................................................................................... 57
      Parish Committees: ...................................................................................................................................... 58

Saint Louis Abbey Calendar................................................................................................................................. 64
Saint Louis Abbey Organizations ................................................................................................... inside back cover


                                                                                        From The monasTery

From the Calefactory                                                         alumni monks. When
                                                                             Father Gregory en-
Abbot Thomas Frerking, OSB                                                   tered the monastery
                                                                             in 1979, I remember
                                                                             that most in the
    In the spring of 2010, we have 23 solemnly professed, four in            community thought
temporary vows, one first-year novice and one choir oblate. The              that he would be our
total is 29, the average age is a little over 52, and the number under       only alumnus monk,
40 is eight.                                                                 so radically had voca-
     For some comparison with previous states of this community:             tions declined since
last year at this time, we were 21 solemnly professed, five temporar-        the 1950’s from the
ily professed, two novices and one choir oblate for a total of 29. The       schools of religious
average age was a little over 52, and the number under 40 was seven.         institutes engaged in
So, in the course of this year, our total numbers have remained the          education. Then, in
same, our average age has remained the same at 52, and the number            1999 – it would not
under 40 has gone from seven to eight.                                       be too much to say,
                                                                             to our amazement
    In 2001, when we moved into the new monastery, we were 16
                                                                             – alumni vocations
solemnly professed, five temporarily professed, one novice, and one
                                                                             began to come. This has been extremely heartening to us. As for the
oblate, for a total of 23. Our average age was 50, and the number
                                                                             immediate future: at present we have three men who have declared
under 40 was six. From 2001 to 2010, then, we have increased in
                                                                             their intention to ask to be received into our Postulancy: one in his
total numbers by six, our average age has increased by two years, but
                                                                             early thirties, hoping to enter in December of this year; another
the number under 40 has increased by two. The number of solemn-
                                                                             in his early thirties, hoping to enter in August 2011; one a young
ly professed increased by seven.
                                                                             alumnus of the School, presently 18 years old and in college, hoping
    Again, in 1995, there were 18 solemnly professed, no temporar-           to enter in August 2013. Other men are at various stages of interest.
ily professed, no novices, no postulants, and one oblate. The total
                                                                                 It should be noted, too, that those who have entered in recent
was thus 19 – not 29, the average age was over 50, and there were
                                                                             years have the abilities needed, have completed or are in the process
only four under the age of 40, not eight.
                                                                             of completing the education needed, and are beginning to gain the
    Finally, in 1989, when we became an Abbey, the statistics were           experience needed, for holding significant positions of administra-
as follows: 14 solemnly professed, two temporarily professed, two            tion, teaching, and pastoral responsibility in the monastery, in the
novices and two oblates, for a total of 20; the average age was 50           School, and in our pastoral works. Consider the table (see next page)
with six under 40.                                                           of monks who have completed degrees, or who have begun studying
    We can say, then, that over the last 21 years our average age has        for degrees, since the year 2000; all the degrees earned or antici-
remained virtually the same, a little better than normal, while we           pated; and in the case of those who have completed their formal
have increased in numbers by 45 percent. (Moreover, during this              education, positions held in the monastery or one of its works. With
period the number in solemn vows has gone from 14 to 23, or an               the exception of one, Father Bede, these are the monks who entered
increase of 64 percent.) During the same period, not a few other             since 1995, when we began to have more noticeable growth, but
houses in the English Benedictine Congregation (E.B.C.) have had             in that year Father Bede made his solemn vows. The educational
significant drops in total numbers, anywhere between 25 percent              institutions in this table speak for themselves, and it can also be seen
and almost 50 percent, and not a few have had significant increases          that those monks who have completed their formal education are in
in average ages: there are some houses with an average age around            the process of gaining significant experience of the various kinds of
60, some with an average age around 70. More or less the same                work that we do. Moreover, as can also be seen, some of these newer
developments have occurred in the two large Benedictine Con-                 monks are already holding positions of significant responsibility. Be-
gregations in the United States. Saint Louis, then, with respect to          cause we have been blessed with recent entrants with these kinds of
numbers, has a significantly different history over these years from         gifts, we have continued to be able to have about 15 monks teaching
the other E.B.C. houses, and from many other monasteries in the              in the School, which is to say, about 25 percent of the total faculty.
U.S. Our rate of growth, our average age, and our numbers under              Only one other Catholic secondary school in the St. Louis area has
40 remain excellent for a religious community, especially at this time       a comparable percentage of religious and/or priests teaching in their
in our part of the world. Also to be noted is that we now have six           school; at all the other Catholic secondary schools of the area, the
                                                                             percentage is far less.
     Nevertheless, there remain areas of fragility for us. Of our 29                     “area of fragility”; this is true, of course, only from certain, and rather
monks, seven are over 70 – that is, almost 25 percent; 10 are over                       limited, points of view. From the most fundamental point of view,
60 – that is, 34 percent, more than 1/3. Although almost all of these                    the percentage of the brethren who are older constitutes an element
remain remarkably active, we cannot suppose, from the point of view                      of great strength. For these brethren are the men who have been
of human foresight, that this will always be the case, and at some                       faithful to our life, and have faithfully served our people through our
point other monks will need to be found to step into rather large                        works, for many years; their experience and their wisdom are great,
responsibilities. Again, at present, there are two monks who are each                    and have a powerful formative and stabilizing effect on the com-
assigned almost full time to the care of the elderly and infirm, and                     munity, largely through the most powerful form of teaching, viz.,
it can be foreseen that the care of our older brethren will remain a                     their being there for us to observe their ways of doing things and
significant area of attention for some time. I have spoken of the per-                   their ways of living, rather than through their saying too much to us
centage of the community in the older age brackets as constituting an                    about these things. If I may say so – and this is a joyful thought for

                               DEGREES COMPLETED OR ANTICIPATED BY MONKS SINCE 2000

Father Bede               MA History, University of Oxford                                               2004               Rector, Oratory of Saints Gregory and Augustine
                          MA Theology, Saint Meinrad School of Theology                                  1996               Novitiate Instructor
                          BA Classics, Saint Meinrad College                                             1990               Theology Instructor

Father Augustine          MA English, Middlebury College                                                 2010               Guestmaster
                          MA Theology, University of Oxford                                              2002               English Instructor
                          BA Ancient, Mediterranean Civilizations; Rice University                       1993               Classics Instructor
                                                                                                                            Rugby Coach

Father Michael            MA Theology, Aquinas Institute                                                 2002               Headmaster
                          BA Sociology, Howard University                                                1973               Head of Theology Department

Father Ambrose            STL Theology, Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’ Anselmo, Rome                         2006               Monastic Librarian
                          BA Comparative Literature, Princeton University                                1996               Assistant Guestmaster
                                                                                                                            Novitiate Instructor
                                                                                                                            Theology Instructor
                                                                                                                            Classics Instructor
                                                                                                                            Spanish Instructor

Brother Aidan             BA English, Webster University                                                 2008               Further formal education expected

Brother Linus             MA Theology, Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D.C.                      2010               Assistant Headmaster
                          Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Princeton University                                 1996               Theology Instructor
                                                                                                                            Mathematics Instructor
                                                                                                                            Physics Instructor

Brother Maximilian ’00    BA History, University of Notre Dame                                           2008               Further formal education expected

Brother Francis           MA Theology, Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D.C.                      2013 (anticipated) Further formal education expected
                          MA International Business, Webster University                                  1999
                          BA Interdisciplinary, University of Missouri, Columbia                         1989

Brother Cassian ’97       STB Theology, Pontifical University of Saint Thomas (Angelicum), Rome          2013 (anticipated) Further formal education expected
                          BS Economics, Vanderbilt University                                            2001

Brother Cuthbert ’02      MA Theology, University of Oxford                                              2013 (anticipated) Further formal education expected
                          BA Classics/Theatre, Holy Cross College                                        2006

Brother John ’01          BA History/Theology, University of Notre Dame                                  2005               Further formal education expected

Brother Dunstan           BA Classics/German, Rutgers University                                         2004               Classics Instructor
                                                                                                                            Schola Director

Brother Edward ’05        BS Physics, Washington University in St. Louis                                 2009

                                                                                           From The monasTery

Christians – the most senior of our brethren teach us how to prepare            is something outside the natural order, and can neither be explained
for death, and how to die, a teaching of such immense importance                nor brought about by human agency or natural causes. To this point
for all of us, and not least for monks.                                         I shall return. At the same time, we know that it is Saint Benedict’s
     A second area of fragility – and again, only from certain points           view that there are things which human agents, acting by the grace
of view – is, paradoxically, the number of brethren who are in the              of God, can do which, if we can put it this way, will make it more
younger age brackets. From the fundamental point of view, the gift              likely that the Lord will call men to our community, and will make
of our younger members is of course a great blessing for us, and car-           it easier for them to recognize that their calling is to our community.
ries with it great potential for the future. Nevertheless, with a third         We know that this is Saint Benedict’s view, because he makes it a
of the community under the age of 45, the need for formation in                 matter of obligation for the Abbot – and therefore for the commu-
our way of life and service, and for formal education, is, especially           nity – to act in such a way that the monastic community will enjoy
with regard to the younger members of this group, quite significant.            what Saint Benedict calls “the increase of a good flock”, that is, an
Formal education is costly, and during the course of it there cannot            increase in numbers and in holiness (Rule of Benedict, 2:32). What
be a great deal of participation, or even any participation, in our             are some of the ways of acting on the part of the community that
community works. And as to formation: it can take a long time to                will bring this about? I would mention the following, each of which,
see clearly the essential features of monastic life, and to distinguish         in its essentials, is I believe referred to by Saint Benedict.
them from features which may be quite attractive, especially to those              1. Every member of the community must be striving for
who are younger, but which will not in themselves see one faithfully                  holiness. I do not say, “must be holy”, but, “must be striving
through to the end in a lifetime commitment. Moreover, some of                        for holiness”. Our Lord made abundantly clear what holiness
our most characteristic ways of doing things are quite subtle, and                    is: the wholehearted love of God, and of neighbor in God.
can be learned only over the years. Without solid and thorough                        This is the fundamental calling in every Christian vocation,
formation of newer members, a monastic community can go badly                         but monks, like all religious, have a special reason for striving
off the rails. Then there is also the question of who will impart the                 for holiness, viz., that they have made such striving the object
formation, and who will have the time to do it. In particular, a very                 of a vow.
important way in which formation is imparted is through informal                   2. Each member of the community must be striving for the
conversations of the young with those who are older and are readily                   monastic form of holiness. What is monastic holiness? The
available to them, and this can be quite demanding of the time and                    Abbot President of the English Benedictine Congregation,
energy of the older “formators”.                                                      Abbot Richard Yeo, puts it like this: “An integrated monastic
     Both these first two areas of fragility lead, then, to a third area              life is centred on what the ancient tradition thought of as
of fragility, and that is that quite a few demands are placed on those                continuous prayer, a life where our prayer has certain high
in the middle age brackets, and yet in our community at the present                   points, above all in the liturgy [that is, the Eucharist and the
time there are not too many in those brackets whose talents and                       Divine Office] and in our personal prayer, but which is
gifts run in the direction of administration and management, and                      fostered by what we do in the rest of our life, and principally
who can therefore assume positions of leadership, insofar as leader-                  by our work and by our reading.” Note, then, in particular
ship is an administrative and managerial matter. Since I first noted                  that we need to carry out our pastoral or educational work
this point two or three years ago, we are two or three years closer                   in such a way that our prayer is fostered, and this will only
to having some of the quite able younger men who have joined us                       be the case if we carry it out as a work of love and service
arriving at the time at which they can begin to assume some of these                  for our neighbor, and with the understanding that the
positions. However, at least if one could have things as one wished,                  ultimate service we are called to give to our neighbor, whether
this time would still be a few years away: a monk suited for such                     by pastoral work or education, is to help our neighbor, as best
a position must have completed his formal studies, and have had                       we can, to go closer to the Lord. Again, Abbot Richard char-
at least some experience in the work in question, before entering a                   acterizes monastic holiness. Cenobitic, or community,
leadership position. I would say that this is one of the biggest chal-                monastic life, which is the form of monastic life Benedictines
lenges facing us at the present time.                                                 lead, will then be this monastic life lived in a community of
    Despite these areas of fragility, it remains the case that our                    brothers, each of whom is helping the others to grow in the
community at the present time is a strong one, with many blessings                    life. The members of such a community, then, if they are
and much potential for the future. What are we to say about this?                     striving for monastic holiness, must be striving, as part of
First and foremost, and of vastly more significance than anything                     that, for fervent and visible fraternal charity among
else we can say, we are to say this: that it is all a very great blessing             themselves, and toward all whom they receive as guests, and
from the Lord. For in the end, a vocation is from the Lord, and so                    toward all whom they serve.

    The preceding two points are fundamental if vocations are                     the special media of our time. Important among the latter
    to come, and if holiness is to increase. Then, as among the                   are a well-designed website, and quick response to inquirers
    matters of special importance in our time in our part of the                  using the means of communication available to us; impor-
    world, I would mention the following:                                         tant among the former are contacting people, inviting them
 3. Obedience to the Church is an essential part of holiness.                     to think about a vocation, encouraging them, expressing by
    Therefore, the monastic community must be faithful to the                     words and by one’s way of living and acting one’s love for the
    teaching of the Church – this we call ‘orthodoxy’ – and must                  monastic life. Monks as teachers, coaches, advisors – this is
    be faithful to the discipline of the Church – this we might                   invaluable; monkamps, servers’ retreats, the summer trip for
    call ‘orthopraxy’. It is abundantly clear that there is no future             just-graduated Senior students to a neighboring monastery,
    for a religious community which is in habitual dissent from                   keeping in touch with young alumni especially through their
    the teaching and disciplinary authority of the Church. In                     college years – all these are very important for us, too. It is
    particular, the following declaration of the Constitutions of                 also very necessary to be aware of what one of our younger
    the English Benedictine Congregation needs to be noted: “At                   members has called the “immense cross” born by a young
    his profession the monk vows to obey his Superiors, in accor-                 religious in a house or a congregation which is having a
    dance with the Rule and these Constitutions. By the fact of                   vocations crisis, or is surrounded by houses or institutes
    his vow, he also owes a particular obedience to the Supreme                   having such a crisis – and every house in the U.S. and much
    Pontiff (canon 590 s. 2).” (Constitutions, n. 83 [b]) Among                   of Europe falls into the latter category. Such a young person
    the matters which have received emphasis in the teaching                      must face the possibility that the institute he has entered may
    of recent popes are the following: many moral matters, not                    cease to exist before the end of his own life. It takes great faith
    least among them life issues; matters of social and economic                  and courage to enter a religious house in our day in our part
    justice; ecumenism; the ever-growing need for resistance to                   of the world, and even greater faith and courage to make a
    secularism and relativism – all this has implications for how                 lifetime commitment there. The young person who does so
    we teach and how we preach, how we use our guesthouse (an                     must be met, yes, with clear guidance, the call to the highest
    important locus of ecumenical activity for us), and for many                  standards, and the challenge to ground himself on the only
    other areas of our life. In the area of the liturgy, faithfulness to          sure foundation, the Lord himself, and the Catholic faith
    the prescriptions of the liturgical books has been emphasized,                which he gives us. But also the young person who enters must
    Gregorian chant and polyphony have been said repeatedly to                    be met with great understanding and compassion because of
    be the two forms of liturgical music most suited to the Ro-                   the anxieties he will almost certainly feel and the sacrifices,
    man Rite, and requests have been directed to religious com-                   often wrenching, which he has already had to make in order
    munities with the necessary resources, and in some instances                  to enter the religious institute from a world, a community,
    directly to Benedictines, to preserve these two great heritages               even a family, which no longer respects the religious life.
    of liturgical music – all this, of course, has implications for               But finally, if there are to be vocations, then the fifth point:
    our own conventual liturgies, that is, the liturgies which the             5. We must pray, pray, pray for vocations. Thus we return to
    monastic community itself attends. At the same time, I be-                     the truth from which we began, that a vocation in the end is
    lieve, we have to be prepared to modify, within the limits pre-               something outside the natural order, a sheer gift from God,
    scribed by the liturgical books, the ceremonial and music of                  according to his sovereign will and the inscrutable designs of
    liturgies intended for our School or Parish, to the extent that               his providence. The most powerful thing we human beings
    this is necessary to enable people fully to participate, while                can do, then, to promote vocations is to pray for them most
    also, at the same time, making efforts to lead people, when                   earnestly. This is what the Lord himself asks us to do:
    this is possible, to a fuller appreciation of the ceremonial and              Jesus made a tour through all the towns and villages, teach-
    music which are themselves most appropriate to the Roman                      ing in their synagogues, proclaiming the Good News of the
    Rite. All this, as can be imagined, requires delicate balancing,              kingdom and curing all kinds of diseases and sickness.
    and, for the brethren, great forbearance toward one another
    and with regard to the liturgical decisions which are made.                   And when he saw the crowds he felt sorry for them because they
                                                                                  were harassed and dejected, like sheep without a shepherd. Then
 4. There must be active work for vocations. Saint Benedict’s                     he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is rich but the laborers are
    Prologue to his Rule is in fact a great persuasive discourse                  few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to his harvest.’
    addressed to a potential postulant to encourage him to enter                  (Matthew 9:35-38)
    the monastery. We need to encourage seekers in the same way,
    using both the fundamental human means of doing so and

                                                                                         From The monasTery

     And of course, in realizing that in the end it all depends on            of my brethren, and with an intimation. The first two brethren are
the Lord, we realize that before we pray for vocations, there is one          our two senior brethren in age, Abbot Luke and Father Timothy.
still more important thing which we must do, and that is to bless             Abbot Luke describes his life now as “just waiting”. Father Timo-
and praise and thank the Lord abundantly for the vocations he has             thy very much continues in full activity, a high-flying man. They
given us, for each and every one he has sent our way. This prayer of          each witness to us a preparing for the time when this life’s business
praise and thanksgiving must, indeed, be continuous, as much as               is concluded: two very different forms of preparing, not chosen
our human weakness will allow – what else could even begin to be              by them, but asked of them by God; two very different forms of
a thanksgiving to God almighty? And the spirit of joyful love and             preparing, but manifesting the same fundamental virtues. And then,
trust in the Lord with regard to vocations and the future, and with           the newest and youngest member of our community, an alumnus
regard to growth in holiness, are the very channels which, in his             novice, now in the sixth month of his novitiate. When he was trying
infinite goodness, he uses to bring to us the gift of an increase in a        to discern his vocation, the choice which was presented to him was
good flock.                                                                   the graduate study of astrophysics, or entry into the monastery. One
     In writing this piece about the state of our monastery, I have           might say that the Lord called him to the exploration of the physics
thought at some length about each of my brethren. Everything                  not of the universe without, but of the universe within. Between
I have written here is so much about externals, and how I wish I              these two poles – the life-stage of the most junior of our monks, and
could convey to you a little about the inner spiritual lives, and life,       the life-stage of the two most senior of our monks – the monastic
that are being led. But it is beyond my powers to do so, and even             life makes its journey, a journey, by the grace of God, upward, unto
if it were within my powers, it would not be right to do so, as is            the Perfect Day.
the case with the deepest and truest things in a human being’s life              Dear friends, please be assured of our ongoing prayers for all of
of nature and of grace. But let me conclude with reference to three           you and your families, and please remember us in your prayers.

The Blessing of the Millennial                                                  ground, and painted (as necessary) by Priory students, before being
                                                                                assembled, soldered, and pinned into the panels which comprise the

and Jubilee Windows                                                             windows. Piece by piece, the assembled panels added a new chapter
                                                                                to the windows’ narratives.
                                           In 1995, the Fine Arts
                                                                                    On January 1, 2000, the completed Millennial Window was
                                      Department of the Saint
                                                                                unveiled by the students who had crafted it, and in this past year,
                                      Louis Priory School initiated
                                                                                the final panels of the Jubilee window were installed.
                                      a program to commemorate
                                      two notable anniversaries in the               Thus, after 15 years of devoted craftsmanship, the Millennial
                                      life of the school. Under the             and Jubilee Stained Glass Windows were blessed on June 13, 2010.
                                      direction of Brother Symeon               Attended by alumni, friends, and the monastic community, it was
                                      Gillette, two significant stained         a joyful celebration of an art that has captivated throughout the
                                      glass windows were crafted by             ages. In the windows, one could literally and figuratively glimpse
                                      select students and incorporated          the “mystery of light” embodied in Christ and modeled by Saint
                                      into the fabric of the new high           Benedict. The stunning runs of color reflected on the crowd acted as
                                      school addition.                          a visual metaphor for the Light of Christ shining on a community
                                                                                of faith.
                                            The first, known as the Mil-
                                        lennial Window, commemo-                     It was in this stunning setting that James D. Switzer ’64, chair
                                        rates the Two Thousandth                of the Abbey Society Board of Directors, welcomed those in atten-
                                        Anniversary of the Incarnation          dance. Abbot Thomas then shared his thoughts on the windows, the
                                        of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus           effort that went into them, and what they meant to the Saint Louis
                                        Christ, and has as its theme the        Abbey. While not an official part of the ceremony, the sun played
                                        genealogy of Jesus Christ. The          a special role in showing the unique properties of the windows. At
second, known as the Jubilee Window, commemorates the 50th An-                  the time of the official blessing, the light was dimmed with grow-
niversary of the arrival of the first three monks from the Benedictine          ing cloud cover, changing the character and appearance of the light.
Abbey of Ampleforth in England – the nucleus of the future Saint                That unique dynamic added to the effect of what was being said
Louis Abbey. The principal theme of this window is the life of Saint            about the windows themselves.
Benedict.                                                                           Finally, Brother Symeon reflected on what it meant for him to
    In 1999, generous friends from Emerson underwrote the                       be a part of the project. He thanked all the students who worked
students’ work, and in honor of that partnership, they have since               with him on the windows, especially the alumni in attendance. His
been known collectively as the Emerson Windows. Each of these                   joy was apparent, for this was something outstanding, special, and
windows consists of 21 separate hand-crafted stained glass panels,              rare. But, there was some sadness as well, for this project would no
and all of them are                                                                                                           longer be a significant
either inspired by in-                                                                                                        part of his daily life.
terpretations of existing                                                                                                     As the ceremony came
windows or an origi-                                                                                                          to a close, it began to
nal design created by                                                                                                         rain. And although the
Brother Symeon.                                                                                                               windows darkened, it
                                                                                                                              was perhaps symbolic
    In total, the
                                                                                                                              of hope: this chapter
windows contain over
                                                                                                                              was now closed, but it
15,000 individual piec-
                                                                                                                              marked the beginning
es of glass, which were
                                                                                                                              of the new. With God’s
patterned on a hand-
                                                                                                                              continued help, the
sketched and brush-
                                                                                                                              Emerson windows will
inked master drawing
                                                                                                                              shine for a new decade
called a cartoon. Using
                                                                                                                              of students, monks, and
these inked cartoons,
                                                                                                                              friends, and for many
most of these pieces
                                                                                                                              years to come.
were meticulously cut,
                                                                                         From The monasTery

                                                                                         unless he meant to give you the perseverance you ask
                                                                                         for,” commented Abbot Thomas at Brothers Andrew and
                                                                                         Cassian’s Mass of Solemn Profession.
                                                                                             The final and ultimate blessing is heard in the Gospel
                                                                                         (John 17:20-16). It is not only to come to God, to know
                                                                                         God, to see him face to face, but it is to become one with
                                                                                         him, and in him, one with all who are saved.
                                                                                              Father Abbot concluded the homily at the profession
                                                                                         with the following remarks, “Dear Brother Andrew and
                                                                                         dear Brother Cassian: this is the life of beauty which the
                                                                                         Lord has chosen for you, the life to which he has in his
                                                                                         mercy called you. Now today he calls you to make your
                                                                                         lifelong promises to him, and he gives you the strength to
                                                                                         make them. Come, then, and make your vows.”
                                                                                               Brother Andrew was born and raised in St. Louis. He
                                                                                          is the youngest of six boys and has a younger sister. He
                                                                                          attended Saint Louis University for his theological train-
Solemn Profession of                                                          ing. Prior to his entering the Abbey, he was in sales and production.

Brothers Andrew Senay                                                         Brother Andrew joined the monastic community in January 2005.
                                                                              He is currently caring for the ill and elderly of the monastery and

and Cassian Koenemann                                                         teaches seventh and eighth grade scripture in the School.
                                                                                   Brother Cassian was also born and raised in St. Louis. He is a
    With joy and thanksgiving the Abbot and Community of Saint
                                                                              1997 graduate of Saint Louis Priory School and earned a B.S. in
Louis Abbey announce the solemn profession of Brothers Andrew
                                                                              Human and Organizational Development and a B.S. in Econom-
Senay and Cassian Koenemann. On January 2, 2010, Brothers
                                                                              ics from Vanderbilt University. Prior to his entering the Abbey,
Andrew and Cassian asked God and his holy Church to be allowed
                                                                              Brother Cassian was a
to bind themselves, by the bond of life-long profession, to God
                                                                              strategy consultant at
and to his service through the monastic way of life lived out in this
                                                                              IBM Consulting in Wash-
     The readings chosen for Brothers Andrew and Cassian’s Mass of            ington, D. C., with clients
Solemn Profession expressed beautifully the heart of the monastic             such as NASA and the
life. The Responsorial Psalm (Psalm 62) talks about the goal of this          Department of Health and
life – God: to know God, to love God, to see God. It is Brothers              Human Services. Brother
Andrew and Cassian’s unquenchable thirst for God which was and is             Cassian joined the monas-
the sure sign to them of the Lord’s call to this way of life.                 tic community in January
    What does it mean to come to the everlasting knowledge and                2005. He recently served
love of God? This was addressed in the Second Reading. “I beseech             as the Assistant Director
you, therefore, brothers,’ Saint Paul says, ‘by the mercy of God, that        of Vocations for the Abbey
you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing unto God,          and as Assistant Director
your spiritual service.'" (Romans 12:1-13). It is to present your             of Admissions in the Saint
whole self, soul and even body, to God, as a living sacrifice, a total        Louis Priory School. In ad-
sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is what serving God is.            dition, he taught economics
And how does one offer one’s whole self? By striving with all one’s           and coaches tennis. This
heart, by the Lord’s grace, for holiness, and so giving up everything         summer Brother Cassian
whatsoever that stands in the way of the most rapid progress to holi-         left for Rome to study at
ness. “It is this lifelong perseverance that you have asked for today;        the Pontifical University
you would not have been able to ask for it had he not given you the           of Saint Thomas Aquinas
grace to do so; and he would not have given you the grace to do so            (Angelicum).

60th Ordination of Right
Reverend Luke Rigby
                                         This July marked a very
                                         special celebration in the
                                         Abbey community: the
                                         60th anniversary of Father
                                         Luke’s ordination. Born
                                         near London, England,
                                         Father Luke attended
                                         high school at Ampleforth
                                         College in York, England,
                                         and became a Benedictine
                                         monk at Ampleforth Ab-
                                         bey in 1942. He studied
                                         Theology at Blackfriars,
                                         Oxford, and at Ample-
                                         forth, being ordained a
                                         priest in 1950.
    He studied at Oxford University majoring in English and under
the tutelage of C. S. Lewis. He taught Religion and English at
Ampleforth College and for three years was pastor of a small coun-
try parish close to the monastery
     In 1955 he moved to Saint Louis as one of the original three
monks from Ampleforth Abbey to found the Saint Louis Priory and
School. He served as Business Manager and also taught English. He
was appointed Prior in 1967 and during this time worked with Ab-
bot Basil Hume (later Cardinal Hume) in forming the Priory as an
independent house, and in 1973 was elected Prior. The monastery
was raised to the status of Abbey in 1989, and he was elected the
first Abbot, retiring in 1995. His 28 years as superior was marked
most of all by an exceptional compassion for all and a fatherly care
for his monks. He was widely sought after as a retreat giver and
    In l992 Maryville University conferred a Doctorate of Humane
Letters on Abbot Luke. From 1977 to 1983 he was a member of
the Archdiocesan Clergy Conference Commission.
    Abbot Luke presently resides at Saint Louis Abbey and in his
retirement spends much of his time in prayer for the Church, for
his monastic community and for the many people he has come into
contact with over the years.
   Abbot Luke was unable to participate in a reception in his honor
due to his declining health. However, the monks are compiling a
book of congratulatory messages to share with Abbot Luke. If you
would like to send a note to Abbot Luke, please mail it to Saint
Louis Abbey, attention Abbot Thomas, 500 South Mason Road, St.
Louis, MO 63141.

                From The monasTery

     Ordination of
     Brother Linus Dolce
         With joy and thanksgiving the Abbot and Community of Saint
     Louis Abbey announce the ordination of Brother Linus Dolce. The
     conferral of the sacrament took place on Saturday, June 12, with
     Auxiliary Bishop Robert
     J. Hermann of St. Louis
     as the ordaining prelate.
     Father Linus celebrated
     his first Mass, a Mass of
     Thanksgiving, on Sunday,
     June 13 at the St. Louis
     Abbey Church.
         Father Linus is a
     native of Baltimore,
     Maryland. He graduated
     from the University of
     Maryland in 1989, major-
     ing in physical chemistry
     and earned a doctorate in
     physical chemistry from
     Princeton University in
     1995. He taught high
     school mathematics and
     physics in Connecticut
     before entering the Abbey
     in August 2001.
         He made his solemn
     profession as a monk in September 2005 and taught physics in the
     School before entering the Dominican House of Studies in Wash-
     ington, D.C., to study for the priesthood. He earned his master of
     divinity degree there and was ordained as a deacon in June 2009.
          Father Linus is a monk of intense concentration, but don’t
     let that fool you. He also has a great sense of humor and a joyful
     playfulness about him as well. He is constantly teased about his dis-
     like of carrots and his daily lunch of only a peanut butter and jelly
     sandwich. Father Linus is a good sport in playing ultimate Frisbee
     with his brethren even though his abilities are more strongly suited
     for sports such as rock climbing, running, bicycling, and hiking. In
     graduate school, he was a die-hard cross country runner with the
     Princeton Hash House Harriers. As for playfulness, Father Linus
     likes to scare people and to be scared.
         During the 2010-11 school year, Father Linus will teach chemis-
     try and integrated science as well as serve as Assistant Headmaster.

Vocations                                                                       self-renunciation, their fidelity and the power of their witness
                                                                                constantly awaken in the hearts of many young people the desire to
Father Ralph Wright, OSB, Director                                              follow Christ in their turn, in a way that is generous and complete.
                                                                                To imitate Christ, chaste, poor and obedient, and to identify with
                                                  I had the great joy
                                                                                him: this is the ideal of the consecrated life, a witness to the absolute
                                           of celebrating with Father
                                                                                primacy of God in human life and history.”
                                           Gordon Beattie 50 years
                                           in the habit on September                 We might fittingly conclude this article with two quotes from
                                           21, 2009. This moment                Pope Benedict’s Letter to Priests that opened the “Year for Priests”
                                           of ‘clothing’ is celebrated          in June 2009: “...the statement of the Decree Presbyterorum Or-
                                           across the water whereas             dinis continues to be timely: ‘While testing the spirits to discover
                                           here in the States it is the         if they be of God, priests must discover with faith, recognize with
                                           profession, the actual com-          joy and foster diligently the many and varied charismatic gifts of
                                           mitment rather than the              the laity, whether these be of a humble or more exalted kind.’ These
                                           beginning of living the life,
                                           that is celebrated. Father
                                           Gordon took his vacation
                                           here in St. Louis and timed
                                                                                          The Hands of Christ
                                           it so that we might cel-
                                           ebrate this event together.                                    God gives a priest
                                           At the time of writing this                                   the hands of Christ
                                           article, we are about to                                        to hold the staff
                                           witness the ordination to                                    that leads and guides
                                           the priesthood of Father                                          His people.
                                           Linus Dolce. What a great
way this will be to conclude this “Year of the Priest” that officially                                  God gives a priest
concludes on June 19, 2010.                                                                            the hands of Christ
    On the vocations front, we have other news to relate. Brother                                        to break the bread
Dunstan Holms took his Simple Vows on September 5, 2009.                                                    of Life to be
Brother Andrew Senay and Brother Cassian Koenemann took                                               His body for His people.
their Solemn Vows on January 2, 2010. We have a novice Brother
Edward Mazuski and hope to have another one, God willing, by                                              God gives a priest
January 2011. (There are several other ‘murmurs’ in the pipeline so                                      the hands of Christ
please keep praying for our community’s growth in numbers and                                        to know the nails of agony
                                                                                                   fastened in loneliness to wood
    Meanwhile this fall Brother Cassian and Brother Cuthbert                                           by and for His people.
Elliott will be off to Rome and Oxford respectively to begin their
theological studies. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to                                             God gives a priest
Brother Cassian for his outstanding work as Assistant Vocation
                                                                                                         the hands of Christ
Director during the last three years. Brother John McCusker has
                                                                                                  raised within the shuttered room
already taken over his office and is learning the ropes.
                                                                                                 to calm to strengthen and to bless
     In a message for the 47th World Day of Prayer for Vocations,                                 giving what they do not possess
April 25, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI wrote about the call to religious                                God's peace for all His people.
life: “The very life of men and women religious proclaims the love
of Christ whenever they follow him in complete fidelity to the
Gospel and joyfully make their own its criteria for judgement and
conduct. They become ‘signs of contradiction’ for the world, whose                       Father Ralph wrote this poem over 40 years ago when his
thinking is often inspired by materialism, self-centeredness and                       older brother, Father Stephen, was ordained to the priesthood
individualism. By letting themselves be won over by God through                                            at Ampleforth Abbey.

                                                                                           From The monasTery

gifts, which awaken in many people the desire for a deeper spiritual
life, can benefit not only the lay faithful but the clergy as well. The
communion between ordained and charismatic ministries can pro-
vide ‘a helpful impulse to a renewed commitment by the Church in
proclaiming and bearing witness to the Gospel of hope and charity
in every corner of the world.’
    He ends his letter with the following: “Despite all the evil pres-
ent in our world, the words which Christ spoke to his Apostles in
the Upper Room continue to inspire us: ‘In the world you have trib-
ulation; but take courage, I have overcome the world’ (Jn 16:33).
Our faith in the Divine Master gives us the strength to look to the
future with confidence. Dear priests, Christ is counting on you. In
the footsteps of the Curé of Ars, let yourselves be enthralled by him.
In this way you too will be, for the world in our time, heralds of
hope, reconciliation and peace!”

Father Dominic Returns from
Saint Anselm’s Abbey
    In October 2009, Father Dominic returned from his three-
year assignment in Washington, D.C. Father Dominic’s gifts as a
spiritual leader and administrator inspired the Abbot President of
the English Benedictine Congregation to select him as part of a
revitalization team for Saint Anselm’s Abbey. He along with Prior
Administrator Simon McGurk from Belmont Abbey in England
and Father Edward Crouzet from Downside Abbey in England were
charged with “living the monastic life” in order to revitalize the
community at Saint Anselm’s as well as help with an effort to attract              One thing which Father Dominic will miss in Washington is vis-
vocations. The reason for this plan is that Saint Anselm’s Abbey is            iting the Smithsonian Institution. Each weekend he took advantage
an aging community that had not received a persevering vocation in             of the opportunity to explore something new. “It was nice to have
the last 20 years. Happily, though, they currently have a novice who           such a great resource available to you,” remarked Father Dominic.
has spent the past six months at Saint Louis Abbey in our novitiate                He is currently serving as the Abbot’s Assistant and Assistant
program.                                                                       Infirmarium in the Abbey. Father Dominic also serves as a chaplain
    During his time at Saint Anselm’s, Father Dominic served as                to the Visitation sisters. Next year, he will return to the Priory class-
the bursar for the monastery and taught ethics at the school for one           room teaching two sets of Form III Theology. This was a course that
term.                                                                          Father Dominic taught for eight years prior to going to Washington,
    Father Dominic is happy to be back home at Saint Louis Abbey.
When asked about his experience, he commented, “This gave me a                     Father Dominic earned a B.S. in Accounting from Central
new perspective on stability. It is not about the physical place that          Methodist University and a B.S. in Education from the University
you live in, but how the life is lived.” He went on to say, “I will            of Missouri, Columbia. Prior to entering the Abbey, he served as the
never take Saint Louis Abbey for granted. We are very blessed and              Director of the Senior Citizen Nutrition and Activities Center in
fortunate as a community to have the support and commitment of                 his hometown of Troy, Missouri. Father Dominic started his teach-
the Abbey family.”                                                             ing career as a computer instructor at Watterson College where he
                                                                               would eventually be honored as a Professor Emeritus. It was at this
                                                                               time that he brought his teaching skills to the Abbey in 1990.

                                                                              in each one of them, thus bringing to bear those brilliant talents for
                                                                              organization and process which have so distinguished his business
                                                                              career – thus bringing those brilliant talents to the service of the
                                                                              poor. Now monks are among “those who are alone”, are, in many
                                                                              ways, among those who are poor, and monks, too, need a home
                                                                              to live in. Surely, then, it was a great act of the Lord’s providence,
                                                                              for which we bless him, that the man whom we honor tonight was
                                                                              brought to the position of Chair of our Advisors just at the time
                                                                              when the initial ideas for the new monastery of Saint Louis Abbey
                                                                              were being inspired among us. So many men and women were
                                                                              involved in so many vital ways; yet it was our honoree who presided
                                                                              over the whole effort, kept the process running like a finely honed
                                                                              instrument, and saw everything to the happy conclusion of the
                                                                              building which is today our home, which is such a blessing for us,
                                                                              and which has had so much to do with the coming of vocations,
                                                                              and young vocations, to our community.
                                                                                  “God gives those who are alone a home to live in.” The verse
                                                                              has a physical reference, yes, but more deeply, a spiritual reference:
                                                                              God gives those who are alone – that is, each one of us – a home to
                                                                              live in – that is, himself. God gives each of us this home, the only
                                                                              one in which, ultimately, we can dwell without restless hearts, gives
                                                                              each of us this home if we are willing to receive it. He gives us this
                                                                              home in our life of prayer, of direct attention to him, and in the age
                                                                              to come of which prayer is an anticipation. But does he give it to us
                                                                              in our temporal affairs and business, does he give it to us in our life
                                                                              in this world, so important especially for those of us who are called
Luke Rigby Award                                                              to serve the Lord in the lay vocation? Does he give it to those who
                                                                              do not yet explicitly recognize him? Yes, he does, by providing us
   On Saturday, December 12, 2009, the Saint Louis Abbey Society
                                                                              with human beings who manifest, in the midst of the world and its
Board of Directors hosted a dinner at the Saint Louis Marriott West to
                                                                              business, the qualities of a home for the spirit, and welcome us into
honor Peter F. Benoist, Jr. ’66. Abbot Thomas Frerking was introduced,
                                                                              that home.
and he presented this address:
                                                                                  Dear friends, the man whom we honor tonight is such a human
   Abbot Thomas
                                                                              being. He has three remarkable qualities, the more remarkable
    “God gives those who are alone a home to live in.” Every other            because combined together, which are always present in his quiet
Wednesday, at Vigils, the earliest hour of prayer for monks, before           presence in the midst of the world’s work and business. They are
most of St. Louis is awake, we monks sing Psalm 67, which contains            the quality of great clarity of mind in the sphere of practical action,
this verse in praise of the Lord who gives those who are in need              a manifestation in the human world of the light which creates and
a home. The verse refers in the first instance to the provision of a          governs all things; the quality of great compassion, especially for
physical home for those without shelter. Usually the Lord does this           those who are alone, a manifestation in the human world of the love
through human agents, and being such an agent, and a remarkable               which seeks out and finds those who are lost; the quality of great
one, is a theme which is present in the life of the man whom we               hope, a manifestation in the human world of the knowledge in the
honor tonight almost from the beginning of his career.                        other world that all will be well, and all will be well, and all man-
     Concerned for “those who are alone,” because they are poor, are          ner of things will be well. Dear friends, as you well know, I have
powerless, have no one to speak for them, our honoree has worked              so often felt so ill equipped for the world of action, of business, of
with one organization after another seeking housing for low-income            practical affairs. The man whom we honor tonight has manifested
families and the infrastructure and services which must go with               to me that the same Lord whom we know in prayer also governs the
it if a functional human community is to be established. He has               world of action, this man has made present for me a dimension of
served each of these organizations in a characteristic way, by holding        that world in which my spirit can dwell.
positions of high governance and/or administrative responsibility
                                                                                            From The monasTery

    “God gives those who are alone a home to live in.” Dear                      of Mark Twain Bancshares at the time. His advisory boards were
friends, in our new monastic home there are little plaques here and              created as a sales and marketing tool for his banks – not a concept
there which invite us to remember in prayer this or that person                  logically transferable to a boy’s private secondary school.
who particularly made possible this or that element of our home.
                                                                                     Secondly, one would assume that the leadership decision for the
In the Abbot’s cell, where I happen at present to live, there is a little
                                                                                 Advisors as a governing body would have been complex and subject
sign above the door which discreetly asks that the Abbot pray for
                                                                                 to much deliberation and debate. After all, the idea of combining
the man, and the family of the man, whom we honor tonight.
                                                                                 lay and monastic members while maintaining lines of clarity for
    Dear friends, what a happiness it is to present this year’s Luke             each would indeed be a tricky business. To the contrary – Father
Rigby Award for Outstanding Service to Saint Louis Abbey to Mr.                  Luke in his very practical way resolved it by flipping a coin – and
Peter Foy Benoist, Class of 1966.                                                the rest, as they say, is history.
    Peter F. Benoist                                                                  I feel a bit awkward standing here before you tonight. As I
    Thank you Abbot Thomas for those very kind words, and I                      reflect on my association with the School, the monks and the Ab-
want to thank the Abbey Society Board for this honor which I am                  bey family, I can only feel great gratitude for all of the gifts that I
certain I do not deserve. I am humbled to be considered among                    have received. As a student at Priory – as I indicated earlier – I may
the distinguished group of honorees all of whom have shown such                  not have been the “brightest bulb” in the class, but the education I
tremendous dedication and commitment to the Saint Louis Abbey                    received was second to none. As I look back, though, it was not just
and the Priory School. As I thought about this group of past recipi-             about what I learned in the classroom.
ents, it occurred to me that I am a recipient of distinction. I believe              I’ve learned through my association with the monks and the
I am the only honoree ever placed on academic redbook by Father                  school a great deal about friendship. Aristotle said, “Wishing to be
Timothy.                                                                         friends is quick work – but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” I’ve
    Abbot Thomas has mentioned the formation of the Advisors as                  received the gift of friendship from the Priory in that I can count
one of my areas of involvement with the Priory School. There are                 among my closest friends even today many of my classmates from
a couple of little known facts about the formation of the Advisors               the class of 1966, and I am honored that many are here tonight, and
that if you ever wondered about the hand of God in the monastic                  I am blessed to be able to call them true friends.
work would certainly resolve any doubt. The first is that the concept               I have been so incredibly fortunate to have worked closely with
of the Advisors was not the creation of anyone connected with the                many members of the monastic community. What they have taught
Priory. It was the genius of Adam Aronson who was Chairman                       me is that friendship is not about presence – it is about faithfulness.
                                                                                                                    I have never doubted that should
                                                                                                                    I call on Abbot Luke or Thomas
                                                                                                                    or Father Paul or Gregory they
                                                                                                                    would answer. The friendship of
                                                                                                                    the monks is a lifelong gift for
                                                                                                                    which one can only give God
                                                                                                                         I’ve learned through my as-
                                                                                                                    sociation with the School and the
                                                                                                                    Abbey much about what it means
                                                                                                                    to be a family. Not simply in the
                                                                                                                    context of my immediate family
                                                                                                                    where my wife, Carol, has been
                                                                                                                    an inspiration and a role model to
                                                                                                                    me – or my four wonderful kids –
                                                                                                                    all of whom have taught me much
                                                                                                                    – each in their own way – but
                                                                                                                    family in a much broader context.
                                                                                                                        Jim Switzer refers to the
                         Members f the Class of 1966 congratulate honoree, Peter Benoist.                            miracle of the Abbey family
                                                                                                                     which he believes the Founders
of the School never could have fully envisioned. I’ve learned that at          Luke to come to America with nothing but a promise from a group
the core of this family there is hospitality – and it’s not a dinner or        of well-intentioned laymen was fraught with risks. While obedience
a reception – but rather it is a disposition – a state of mind. It is a        to The Rule played a major part in their decision, these were men of
disposition that welcomes anyone and everyone into this family and             tremendous faith and courage. As the monastery has grown in num-
strives to insure that they always feel welcome and at home. I have            bers, I would encourage our younger monks and those in formation
never ceased to be amazed by the humble hospitality of this place.             to reflect on the faith that these men had in taking this risk – and to
It is because of you the lay and monastic members of the Abbey                 realize that one doesn’t have to cross a continent in order to change
family. Unlike the Abbey family, I once asked a friend how he would            people’s lives for the better – sometimes it can be done by simply
describe his family. He said it reminded him of fudge – mostly sweet           crossing the street.
– with a few nuts. Desmond Tutu had a different answer, “You don’t                  I would like to close with one quick story about my friend Abbot
choose your family, they are God’s gift to you.” The Abbey family has          Luke. It involves a career decision I struggled mightily with a few
been a tremendous gift. I've learned through my association with the           years ago. I have been a banker all my life and following the merger
Abbey and the School about faith. While at Priory, I learned about             of Mercantile and Firstar Bank, I was considering leaving banking
faith through R.I. or religious instruction classes. I’ve learned about        to work for a not-for-profit – The Regional Housing Alliance. This
having faith through my involvement with the monks. The differ-                was quite a career change to say the least and I was conflicted and
ence between being religious and having faith is a real life’s lesson.         more than a bit afraid to do it – so I went to see Father Luke. After
    In one sense, the monks’ lifelong commitment to a faith walk is            listening to my dilemma, he said to me simply, “Peter, have you
admirable, but it has practical implications as well. A great example          considered that perhaps this is not your decision, but rather God’s
for me was when a major fundraising campaign that we were work-                decision?” I made the move to the not-for-profit and later back to
ing on seemed to be stalling and a benefactor with no known ties to            banking, and I’ve never regretted it. I think what Father Luke taught
the School – other than he had once met one of the monks – made                me was it is not always up to us. We are really just God’s instruments
a major gift to the Campaign. As Abbot Thomas put it, “One must                – here to do his will. I know that some – like me – just need a little
have faith.”                                                                   more help than others. So I thank Priory for educating me. I thank
     One normally doesn’t associate the term “risk takers” with a              the monks for teaching me, and I thank you – the Abbey family – for
group of Benedictine monks in a monastery in west St. Louis Coun-              making it all possible.
ty. The decision of Father Columba, Father Timothy and Father

                                     Peter's family celebrates him receiving the Luke Rigby Award.

                                                                                        From The monasTery

Obituaries                                                                   Tom ’98 and Henry ’99, graduated from Priory as well. We extend
                                                                             our sympathy to her children and their families. May the Lord
Confrater Nancy R. Dooley died on                                            reward her for her love of God and neighbor.
November 3, 2009.
                                 Nancy Repetti Dooley, the wife of
                             the late William T. Dooley, Jr., one of
                             the founders of Saint Louis Abbey, was          Confrater John F. Wight, Sr. died on
                             a long standing friend and benefac-             November 14, 2009.
                             tor of the Abbey Community. Her                                                           Although John passed
                             commitment, along with her family’s                                                  away after a long illness, his
                             commitment, to help establish a Bene-                                                life was one of action, service,
                             dictine monastery and school remained                                                and diverse endeavors. Born in
                             a priority throughout their lives.                                                   1931 to Ira and Betty Wight, he
                                                                                                                  graduated from Georgetown Pre-
                                  Mrs. Dooley was instrumental in                                                 paratory School in Washington,
                              the establishment of the “Friends of                                                DC and St. George’s School in
                              the Priory,” a group of ladies who were                                             Rhode Island, before going on to
                              to help the monks become acquainted                                                 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
                              with their new home in St. Louis.                                                   and Brown University.
At one of the first meetings of this group, Father Luke Rigby, the
bursar at the time, gently admonished: “We are most grateful to                  After his formal schooling, he joined the Air Force, where he
you for your kindness and hospitality, but please remember, we               participated in the reconstruction activities following the end of
are monks founding a monastery, so don’t plan on measuring our               World War II. Stationed in Bordeaux, France, his fondness for
rooms for new curtains!”                                                     riding motorcycles across the French countryside is reminiscent of
                                                                             another famous serviceman-cum-cyclist, T.E. Lawrence.
    As Thanksgiving approached, Nancy was concerned that the
founding monks would not know how to celebrate the American                      His earlier adventures were a prelude to a life filled with various
feast so the Dooleys provided Thanksgiving Dinner for the monks.             pursuits. He had a fondness for sailing, architecture, a knack for do-
This tradition continued for 50 years. Nancy and Bill provided an            it-yourself repairs, the early history of Saint Louis, and participated
elegant dinner with all the trimmings for the monks, preparing               in philanthropic efforts. As a descendant of the founders of St.
many of the dishes themselves.                                               Louis, Pierre Laclede and Madame Chouteau, he had a special tie to
                                                                             the city. In addition, he was also descended from William Brewster,
    Nancy continued her service to the Abbey as Mothers’ Club                head of the Pilgrim Church, who sailed aboard the Mayflower with
president in 1966-67 and as a member of many Xanadu commit-                  his congregation.
tees. She became a Confrater in 1968. In addition, Nancy was one
of the original members of Father Columba Cary-Elwes’ Bible study                But he lived his life with the paradigm of Christian humility.
group which has become known as “The Ostriches.”                             His wife Celeste (or “Chuddy,” as he affectionately would have
                                                                             called her) maintains that he was “an uncomplicated man.” It’s no
    The Dooley’s tremendous generosity and support through the               wonder that he was a valued member of the church community at
years has been remarkable. They participated in numerous capital             Saint Anselm’s, and a friend to the monks. John was also a devoted
campaigns, establishing the Columba Cary-Elwes Chair of Religion             member of the Saint Vincent DePaul Society, and as Chuddy re-
in honor of our first Prior; funded the Chapel in the new monastery          lated “From what he told me about the visits he made, he was both
– “The Father David Dooley Chapel,” dedicated in memory of Bill’s            compassionate and wise, and certainly no pushover!”
brother; provided the planting of the Cloister Garden; and fostered
the monks work towards pro-life and vocations. In addition, Bill                 Although he is gone, he lives on in the memory of his wife,
and Nancy donated many furnishings to the Abbey, most nota-                  Celeste, his four sons, John Jr., Paul, Ted, and Phillip, six grandsons,
bly visible are the beautiful chandeliers in the dining areas of the         and his two sisters, Elizabeth Herring and Nancy Wight—a living
Switzer House and the beautiful settee and side chairs in the living         tribute to the legacy of a man who was dedicated to his faith, com-
room.                                                                        munity, and family. We will remember him fondly, and keep him
                                                                             and his family in our prayers.
   Nancy is survived by her three children, William III, Debbie,
and David. Her sons graduated from Priory, Bill in the Class of
1967 and David in 1974. In addition, two of Nancy’s grandsons,

Confrater Father Edwin Cole                                                 Heart choir regularly, and at a concert at Carnegie Hall in New
Died on December 13, 2009.                                                  York City. The Father Edwin J. Cole Scholarship Fund was estab-
                                                                            lished at the University of Missouri, Columbia for a music student.
                                                 Father Edwin Cole,            May he now be sharing his musical talents with the heavenly
                                             former Benedictine             hosts.
                                             Abbot of Saint Pius X
                                             Abbey in Pevely, Mis-
                                             souri, died in Laurie,
                                             Missouri where he
                                             served at the Shrine of
                                                                               Prayers are asked for the following deceased
                                             Saint Patrick Catholic         friends of the Abbey Family.
                                             Church. A funeral
                                             Mass was held there
                                             on December 17,                Matthew K. Bazoian, parishioner
2009 and a second funeral Mass was held the following day in the            Albert J. Bedard, Jr., father of Joe '79
Cathedral of Saint Joseph in Jefferson City, Missouri.                      Howard Benoist III ’60, brother of Walter ’64 and Peter ’66
    Father Edwin was born in Arlington, Washington on February              Valerie C. Bradshaw, wife of Bob ’72, mother of Ben ’00 and
21, 1938. He entered the Immaculate Conception Seminary and                 Eric ’03
School of Theology in Conception, Missouri in 1953, where he                Patricia J. Calcaterra, parishioner
completed his high school studies as well as degrees in Philosophy          Jean L. Callier, mother-in-law of Jake Wenger, faculty member,
and Theology. He became a Benedictine monk in 1959 and was                  grandmother of Luke Wenger ’06
ordained to the priesthood in 1964.                                         Lee Cammon, grandfather of Andrew ’14
    Father Edwin’s first assignment was to a monastic foundation            Pedro C. Cayabyab, MD, father of Peter ’84 and Paul ’99
in Copenhagen, Denmark. Upon his return, he received a Master               Father Edwin Cole, Confrater
of Arts degree in Speech Communication from the University of
                                                                            Perry Cupps, grandfather of Bobby ’06, Daniel ’09 and Joey ’12
Kansas. After graduation, he taught at the seminary until it closed         Pasque
in 1972. He had a great love of music and was an accomplished
                                                                            Francis P. Cusumano, grandfather of Daniel ’08 and Andrew ’10
pianist and accordion player.
                                                                            Joseph S. DiCarlo, parishioner
    He was then assigned to Saint Pius X Abbey where he served as
                                                                            Susan M. DiFelice, parishioner
Choir Director and organist. In 1977 he was elected as Abbot and
served in that capacity for 12 years, which included a 1983 move            Nancy Dooley, mother of Bill ’69 and David ’74, grandmother of
                                                                            Tom ’98 and Henry ’99, Confrater
to Our Lady of Lourdes in Columbia, Missouri. It was during this
time that he became a great friend of Abbot Luke and the Saint              William H. Erker, grandfather of Patrick ’03, Teddy ’06, Alex ’09
Louis Abbey.                                                                and Andrew ’11 and Dan ’06 and Charlie ’10 Peterson
                                                                            Helen Fienup, grandmother of Paco ’91, Diego ’93 and Anton
    After Saint Pius X Abbey closed, he came to St. Louis and in            Navarro ’96 and Bill Fienup ’99
1989 was appointed the first full-time Associate Pastor of Saint
                                                                            Edward P. Flynn, MD, father of Mike ’72, grandfather of
Anselm Parish where he served for two years with Father Timothy,            Michael ’02 and Matt ’04
and was a hospital chaplain in St. Charles. He was incardinated
                                                                            Charles G. Forster, grandfather of Dominic Coppola ’14
into the Jefferson City Diocese in 1994 and established a hospital
chaplaincy program in Columbia. He also became pastor for 10                Louise Fox, grandmother of Billy ’10 and John ’14
years at Sacred Heart Parish.                                               William G. Fraunholtz ’66
    Throughout his career, Father Edwin made many long-lasting              Rose M. Fronckewicz, parishioner
friendships. He shared his love of music wherever he was assigned           Robert J. Gaschler, parishioner
and would entertain friends and family with both the accordion              Mary Patricia Hake, mother of Tom ’85
and piano. He performed with the University of Missouri-Kansas              James W. Hanna ’96, brother of John ’97
City Accordion Orchestra. The highlight of Father Edwin’s 40th
                                                                            Rosalia C. Heerlein, mother of Keith Heerlein, faculty member
Anniversary of Ordination into the priesthood included an accor-
dion concert at the Missouri Theatre. He also sang with the Sacred          Harry J. Hegeman, father of Chris ’89

                                                                             From The monasTery

Lena Holms, grandmother of Brother Dunstan                         James O. Richeson, Sr., father of Jim ’72
Herman H. Honigfort, grandfather of Peter ’03, Michael ’05,        Andrew P. Robbins ’89
James ’07 and Tim ’14 Avery                                        Patricia C. Ross, grandmother of Nick ’09 and Zach ’10
Elizabeth Jewell, mother of Spencer Fitzgerald ’09                 Anthony C. Rother, grandfather of Joe ’10 and Tony ’10 Hayes
Patricia L. Jones, grandmother of Bobby ’09 and Matt ’10           Harry G. Schake, Sr., father of Harry Schake, faculty member
Roger D. Leslie, MD, father of Jason ’92 and Grant ’94             Megan J. Smiley, parishioner
Zoe Desloge Lippman, friend of the Abbey                           Frank E. Somogyi, parishioner
Arline D. Luning, mother of Mark ’73                               Steve Stoll, grandfather of Patrick Conners ’12
Lena Margiotta, mother of Bart ’65, grandmother of Mike ’92        John P. Sullivan, father of Lon ’62
and Andrew ’93
                                                                   John B. Swanger, grandfather of Clay ’12
John F. McCarthy, father of John ’81
                                                                   Marvin O. Teer, Sr., father of Marvin ’79
Nada S. McNearney, mother of Tom '72
                                                                   Charles C. Thatcher ’66
William J. Metzger, parishioner
                                                                   Evelyn M. Toczylowski, grandmother of Brother Maximilian ’00
Jerome O’Brien, nephew of Abbot Luke
                                                                   Gene Waltman, grandfather of Graham Kerwin ’11
Bradley J. Oliver, son of Tom '93
                                                                   Jack J. Webb, Sr., father of Jack ’66
Mary Galt Pettus, friend of the Abbey
                                                                   Terry Wheeler, friend of the Abbey
Richard J. Pfeifer, father of Rich ’80 and Chris ’82
                                                                   John F. Wight, father of John ’77, Paul ’81, Ted ’83 and Phil ’87,
David H. Phillips, friend of the Abbey                             Confrater
Joseph E. Price, uncle of Father Bede                              Edward W. Willmering, parishioner
Fulgate Wells Redmon, uncle of Father Bede                         Ruth Windish, parishioner
Mary H. Reeves, mother of Tim ’77                                  Donald F. Winter, DDS, father of Scott ’75
Helen Rhodes, grandmother of Matt ’10, Andrew ’12 and              Gloria H. Wyers, mother of Stephan ’81 and Mark ’86
John ’14


                                                                                               From The sChool

Headmaster’s Message                                                           leukemia and began a strenu-
                                                                               ous regimen of chemotherapy
Father Michael Brunner, OSB                                                    and blood transfusions. In
                                                                               cooperation with the Red
    This was a year of significance, a year to be long remembered, a
                                                                               Cross, our parents, faculty
year of blessings.
                                                                               and students joined forces
    On May 30, 2010, Saint Louis Priory School completed its 54th              to give blood for Andy. The
year of educating above average young men and graduated our 51st               kick-off drive was held at
graduating class. Although I have a dream of surpassing Ampleforth             our neighbors the Whit-
in these matters, even my limited math skills tell me that we’ll have          field School, who offered
to excel in other ways. But there’s no doubt about it, we are in the           to dedicate their regularly
second half of our first century.                                              scheduled blood drive for
    Despite the great economic pressures upon families and the                 Andy. The response from
School, in August of 2009 we opened our doors to a record number               Priory parents and students
of students, and it was a record number of doors we opened!                    was overwhelming. Andy’s
                                                                               treatments prevented him from attending the Form V Class Retreat,
    The renovated and enlarged gymnasium has a spacious foyer and
                                                                               but his classmates showed their support for him by shaving their
many more doors to welcome students and visitors. The new addi-
                                                                               heads. Andy’s strength, courage and good nature in this ordeal have
tion of a fully equipped science lab, two classrooms, a new Junior
                                                                               been an amazing example to us all.
School common space, photo lab and classroom, art room and
scriptorium, together with an oratory and six renovated classrooms                 Another trial this winter was faced by our veteran English teach-
made the Junior School seem totally new. And it was populated by               er Mr. Dick Cavanaugh, who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage just
the largest Priory class ever, 88 students in the 8th grade.                   before Christmas. It was touch and go for a while, but he is a man
                                                                               of indomitable strength and character and fought his way back. It
    The record enrollment of 425 was a blessing, bestowed not only
                                                                               was a moving moment at Awards Day, when Mr. Cavanaugh made
on account of the energetic prayers and work of our Admission
                                                                               his return and Matt Menendez '10 presented him with the Coca-
Office, but also by the addition of 18 new students from the closed
                                                                               Cola 2010 Educator of Distinction Award for his deep and effec-
Gateway Academy High School. Their choice of Priory underscores
                                                                               tive teaching, and the school community gave him a well-deserved
the strength of our academic program and our fidelity to Catholic
                                                                               standing ovation.
teaching, practice and values.
                                                                                   We honored another veteran in the spring. I was so proud to
    Athletics prospered not only in the gym and new fitness center,
                                                                               bless and officially open our new baseball field, dedicated to our
but also on our new fields. At Homecoming I was privileged to bless
                                                                               longtime teacher, coach and friend Mr. Marty McCabe. He threw
and officially open Busch Field and to honor Billy Busch ’78 and his
                                                                               the first pitch to his grandson Joey, of the class of 2011, as he was
family for their generosity, which made the field possible. The foot-
                                                                               cheered by two generations of students, alumni, colleagues and
ball team completed its first full season on this beautiful field with
fabulous post-season victories all the way up to the State semi-finals.
                                                                                   Priory is a place not only for monks to spend their lives. While
    Our Wrestling program came back strong and revitalized, with
                                                                               no one else can boast of 51 years – still going strong as he enters
two of our wrestlers advancing to state-level competition. And best
                                                                               year 52 – continuous teaching like Father Paul Kidner, there are
of all, coach and tech wizard Mr. Nick White returned to us from
                                                                               impressive runners up. This year, after 39 years of toil in Priory
his year-long tour of duty with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.
                                                                               classrooms and athletic fields, I was finally able to present Mr. Jim
    Winding up 2010 with a sport triumph was our new 7th grade                 Wortham with a Priory diploma as he graduates to a well earned
Lacrosse Club team, who had an undefeated season right up to                   retirement.
the championship game, in which they placed second. Obviously,
                                                                                   It’s because of the monks and teachers like Marty, Dick and Jim
Lacrosse has a future at Priory.
                                                                               that members of our alumni want to come back to Priory and teach.
    The winter musical Brigadoon was a big hit, not only for the               We were proud to have back at Priory teaching this year alumni
brilliant acting and flawless singing and dancing, but also for the            Kyle Oberle ’01, Jay Voss ’03 and Ryan Niemann ’03, and we look
breathtaking sets designed by Brother Sixtus Roslevich.                        forward to Michael Nickolai ’03 joining us next year.
   That the Priory family is indeed a family was never more visible               Our superb Form VI class was a most able herald of our second
than in its "Effort for Andy." Andy Streiff '11was diagnosed with              50 years. In their ranks were two perfect ACT scores and winners of

a record $2.1 million dollars in annual scholar-
ships and financial aid.
    Field Day was an exercise in their compe-
tence, as they coordinated not two teams and
colors, but four on a perfect day of fun and
competition. And no tennis players got hurt.
    They completed their year with a "Mance,"
which has elements of a Priory dance and
mixer combined, and flew in an African-
American Swedish rapper from Atlanta who
graduated from Dartmouth. Is this a great
country or what?
   I’m sure you’ve heard this joke.
   Q: How many Benedictines does it take to
      change a light bulb?
   A: What do you mean…..change ???!!!
    At the graduation on Sunday May 30,
three of the talented musicians of this remark-
able class closed the ceremony with a most
appropriate song, “For Good” from an inap-
propriately titled musical, Wicked.
   Charlie Peterson '10 sang what he and I
both believe we are all about in this Priory
family and community:                                                             In these ways, and in others through which God will lead us, we
                                                                              are changing for good, for the good of our students, our alumni, our
   “I've heard it said                                                        parents, our city and the world.
   That people come into our lives for a reason                                   As I write these words, I am in Santiago, Chile sitting in brilliant
   Bringing something we must learn                                           sunshine in a house on the slopes of Manquehue mountain. Twenty-
   And we are led                                                             five of our students are off with 12 different families who are host-
   To those who help us most to grow                                          ing them. This is the fourth group of students I have escorted here.
   If we let them
   And we help them in return                                                     On the first trip five years ago, the flight attendants were rather
   Well, I don't know if I believe that's true                                annoyed with our students and showed it. Yesterday, as we were
   But I know I'm who I am today                                              about to land, the lead flight attendant, naming the Saint Louis
   Because I knew you...                                                      Priory School, made a general announcement thanking and compli-
   I have been changed for good.”                                             menting us, saying that we were coming to Chile to do missionary
                                                                              work. The plane erupted in applause.
   I know that as a person, all our students contribute to change                  In a very real way we are all missionaries. We try, as Mrs. Diana
me for the better, and they change the school likewise.                       Hartnett says, to see Christ in all others and to be Christ to all oth-
    Next year, heaven help us, there will be more changes. There will         ers. We have been changed for good, and hopefully we will change
be another record enrollment and four sets in Form III. We’ll have            others likewise.
80 new students in Form I, and 355 present students who will have                  I’m sure I have forgotten some special moments and highlights
grown and matured over the summer. Mr. Joe Gleich and Mr. Tony                of this year. I’m at the mercy of my memory down here, and it’s not
Finan just made it back for graduation because I sent them to China           what it used to be. It has evolved from photographic to impression-
for a week to visit the Lu He International School, with whom we              istic. Forgive my omissions, and celebrate with me another mile-
will have a collaborative relationship which will bring their students        stone year of Priory life. Thank you for making it possible.
and ideas to Priory and our ideas and students to the heart of Bei-
jing. And in the fall of 2010, Mandarin will be taught at Priory.                Laus Tibi Domine.

                                                                                               From The sChool

Junior School Report                                                                And we saw the Face of God in those around us, in the people
                                                                                that love us, and in those whom we serve. We participated eagerly
Diana Hartnett, Director of the Junior School                                   and generously in the many community service projects this year,
     We have now arrived at the conclusion of a first: the first year of        projects which benefited a number of service agencies in the St.
the Saint Louis Priory Junior School in its new, improved, light-               Louis metropolitan area.
filled, student-friendly space. All of us who live and work in the Ju-              We have ended the school year with confidence and with hope,
nior School are grateful to the many of you whose support, prayers,             anxiously awaiting the next step of the Priory adventure but happy
and good wishes have made these new spaces not just a dream, but a              to know that summer, for the time being anyway, belongs to us.
    In true Priory fashion, this was an exciting and rewarding year.
Last fall, we welcomed the members of the Class of 2015, who
added enormous enthusiasm and energy to our lives. Within a mat-
ter of days, we were smoothly navigating the new hallways and new
areas, working hard and enjoying ourselves. The new Studio Art,
Photography and Medieval Arts rooms proved to be conducive to
learning, and the wonderful views to the outdoors were inspiring
and thought-provoking.
    We worked diligently in our other academic areas as well, as the
significant number of prizes on Awards Day would confirm. Among
us, we discovered our talents as writers and poets, mathematicians,
historians, grammarians, linguists, scientists, techno-wizards, and
artists of a variety of forms. But it wasn’t all work.
    We made new friends and solidified former friendships. We met
new teachers and shared new stories. We played Frisbee and foosball,
football and basketball and baseball and soccer and tennis, we ran
cross country and track, and we cheered when lacrosse was added to
the mix.

                                      S a i n t L o u i s P r i o r y S ch o o l C l a s s o f 2 0 1 6
   Andrew M. Abad               Jack P. Douthitt              David J. Holmes -                Grant L. Miller              David A. Sewall
   Stephen J. Ackerman          James N. Drysdale             Thomas S. Holmes -               William L. Miller II         Robert V. Shallenberger +
   Humza O. Agha                Adam M. Ezzelgot              James W. Koster                  Andrew J. Moen *-            Michael P. Sigillito *
   George W. Ahlering +*        Kyle J. V. Flores             Charles H. Krause                Nick M. Monette              Ronald I. Smith, Jr.
   Alexandre O. Amice *         Paul A. Fonseca * -           Stephen K. Krebs                 James B. O'Halloran +        Jack G. Stanley
   Cesar E. Azrak               Patrick M. French             John M. Kurz                     George R. O'Sullivan +*      Conor R. Stokes +
   Ian R. Banks                 Patrick J. Gallagher +        F. Andrew Latuda III             Logan M. Palliser            L. Cartan Sumner III +
   Jack P. Berry                Claudio M. Garcia de          Anthony G. Leisure, Jr.          Geoffrey M. Parker           Sohil S. Swaminathan *
   Phillip A. Bick *               Alvear                     Luke G. Lissner                  Andrew O. Piskulich          Timothy J. Thompson, Jr.
   Matthew T. Braddock          Lucas G. Gast                 Sam Lombardo                     Luke W. Ricci *              Matthew J. Travers
   Andrew C. Brumitt            John N. Gross                 Alexander J. Lowell *            Andrew J. Rund               Noah E. Van Bree *
   Patrick B. Charles           Ramzi L. Haddad               Thomas A. Lowell                 Matthew J. Rush              Thomas E. Weaver
   Blase Cornett *              Todd C. Hamby                 Sai V. Mandava                   John Russell                 Thomas A. Weiss
   Colin M. Croghan +-          George K. Hamilton            William B. Mardis                Nicholas Sarni -             James R. Wenzel
   Thomas M. DiMarco *          Stephen T. Hattrich +         Thomas E. Maune                  Mitchell A. Schaedler        Christopher W. White
   David P. Dobkowski, Jr.      Oscar Hernandez               Andrew G. Mauzy                  Christopher L. Schafale      Connor R. Wright *
   Michael J. Donovan, Jr.      Christopher W. Holland        Ian C. McClellan                 Liam P. Sehnert              Harrison A. Zohner
                                Daniel J. Holmes                                               Winston L. Senor II

                                + son of Priory alumnus      * brother of Priory student      – brother of Priory alumnus

Achievements                Timothy M. Davies
                            Douglas J. Hall
                                                                  Sean J. Lamb
                                                                  Quinn M. Underriner
                                                                                                         tutoria aWarD –
                                                                                                         recognizing leadership and service
and Awards                  Nicholas J. Hedlesky
                            Bryan C. Hercules                     SPECIAL PRIZES
                                                                                                         in the Tutoria Program
                                                                                                         Matthew R. Menendez
                            Maximilian J. Jones                                                          Patrick R. Mulvihill
     Form vi                James A. Kopfensteiner
                                                                  Matthew R. Menendez
                            Bennett T. Krack                                                             the Priory aWarD –
    Class of 2010           Andrew M. Lall                                                               representing the total Priory
                                                                  alumni Prize – recognizing
                            Andrew C. Link                        creativity and service to the school   student
NATIONAL MERIT              Brendan G. McDermott                                                         Matthew F. Rhodes
RECOgNITION                                                       William C. Fox, Jr.
                            Charles G. Peterson
Finalists                   Daniel H. Reitz                                                              scholar athlete – recognizing
Robert A. Becker                                                  bakeWell memorial aWarD –
                            Matthew F. Rhodes                     recognizing contributions made to      scholarship and athletic ability
L. Clayton Dahm             Zachary M. Ross                                                              James A. Kopfensteiner
Douglas J. Hall                                                   the School through ability, charac-
                            Luke M. Schmerold                     ter, leadership and service
Bennett T. Krack            Luke O. Simpson                                                              best athlete –
Matthew R. Menendez                                               Matthew F. Rhodes
                            Jeffrey R. Swaney                                                            student body choice
Luke M. Schmerold           Filip A. Swat                                                                Matthew B. Jones
Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.                                            george hereForD aWarD –
                            Stephen A. Theisen                    recognizing achievement in the
Filip A. Swat               Alexandre M. Todorov                                                         coaches cuP –
Alexandre M. Todorov                                              area of the arts
                            Jon W. Van Breusegen                  Patrick R. Mulvihill                   athletic coaches' choice
                                                                                                         James A. Kopfensteiner
national achievement        scholars With honor                                                          John F. Notter, Jr.
scholar                                                           John b. kistner, Jr.
                            Benedict J. Constantino               memorial aWarD – recognizing
Craig A. Boyce II                                                                                        stuDent council aWarDs –
                                                                  an exemplary high standard of
                            scholars                              character and integrity                recognizing service to the School
semi-Finalists              Craig A. Boyce II                                                            Benjamin J. Constantino
C. Ragen Frost                                                    Matthew R. Menendez
                            Richard C. Byrd                                                              William C. Fox, Jr.
Andrew M. Halenkamp         C. Ragen Frost                                                               Chad E. Huber
                                                                  george morrison memorial
                            James F. Fuller                       aWarD –recognizing achievement         Sean J. Lamb
letters oF commenDation     Andrew M. Halenkamp                                                          Matthew F. Rhodes
Eric M. Anderson                                                  in the area of journalism
                            Michael C. Haueisen                   Patrick R. Mulvihill
Craig A. Boyce II
Nicholas S. Fosko
James F. Fuller
Bryan C. Hercules
Sean J. Lamb
Patrick R. Mulvihill
Charles G. Peterson
Matthew F. Rhodes
Jon W. Van Breusegen

national scholars
William C. Fox, Jr.
Matthew R. Menendez

scholars With Distinction
Eric M. Anderson
Robert A. Becker
W. Ryan Bedell                         Senior Other Awards: George Washington Carver (top left) Andrew M. Lall , Robert A. Becker,
L. Clayton Dahm                      Douglas J. Hall, Matthew R. Menendez (seated) Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr. William C. Fox, Jr.
                                                                                     From The sChool

all District choir –         stuDio art –                          Charles G. Peterson                     First in Regional
L. Clayton Dahm              Patrick R. Mulvihill                  Michael M. Puettmann                    First in State, Division II
C. Ragen Frost                                                     Daniel H. Reitz*                        Eric M. Anderson
Douglas J. Hall              thesPis –                             Matthew F. Rhodes*                      Robert A. Becker*
Michael C. Haueisen          Benedict J. Constantino               Andrew N. Rieger                        C. Ragen Frost
                             Charles G. Peterson                   Zachary M. Ross                         James A. Kopfensteiner
all state choir –                                                  Luke M. Schmerold*                      Bennett T. Krack
L. Clayton Dahm              vocal music –                         Luke O. Simpson*                        Matthew R. Menendez
                             L. Clayton Dahm                       Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.*                 Daniel H. Reitz*
PRIZE RECIPIENTS                                                   Filip A. Swat                           Luke M. Schmerold
theology seminar –           HONOR ROLL                            Samuel D. Tankersley                    Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.
Benedict J. Constantino      Eric M. Anderson*                     Stephen A. Theisen*                     * denotes co-captains
Matthew R. Menendez          Robert A. Becker*                     Alexandre M. Todorov
Luke M. Schmerold            W. Ryan Bedell                        Jon W. Van Breusegen*                   ROBOTICS CLUB –
                             Craig A. Boyce II                     James H. Wortham                        participated in the annual FIRST
christian b. PePer greek –   Richard C. Byrd                       * Form VI Honor Roll all three terms    Robotics Competition, which
Brendan G. McDermott         Benedict J. Constantino*                                                      allows students to explore the
                             Daniel L. Croghan                     MODERN AND                              processes of mechanical, electrical
literary –                   L. Clayton Dahm*                      CLASSICAL LANgUAgES                     and software design; as well as
James F. Fuller              Timothy M. Davies*                    national sPanish exam –                 offering valuable team work and
                             William C. Fox, Jr.*                  Level 5 - First Place                   leadership experience.
French –                     Andrew M. Halenkamp                   Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.
Alexandre M. Todorov         Douglas J. Hall*                                                              st. louis regional
                             Anthony R. Hayes*                     SCIENCE AND                             comPetition Finalists
sPanish –                    Nicholas J. Hedlesky                  MATHEMATICS AWARDS                      2nd Place Trophy
Matthew R. Menendez          Bryan C. Hercules*                    american mathematics                    Saagar N. Desai
                             Matthew B. Jones*                     comPetition –                           Chade E. Huber
history –                    Maximilian J. Jones                   First Place                             Daniel H. Reitz
Andrew M. Lall               James A. Kopfensteiner*               Eric M. Anderson
                             Bennett T. Krack*                                                             OTHER AWARDS
mathematics –                Andrew M. Lall*                       Second Place (tie)                      Daughters oF the
Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.       Andrew C. Link*                       Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.                  american revolution –
                             Brendan G. McDermott*                 Alexandre M. Todorov                    certificate of award for outstand-
comPuter science –           Peter L. McLaughlin                                                           ing work in American History
Daniel H. Reitz              Matthew R. Menendez*                  team+s – tests oF                       Luke M. Schmerold
                             Patrick R. Mulvihill                  engineering aPtituDe,
science –                    Daniel W. Ohmes                       mathematics anD science
Matthew R. Menendez
Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.

senior theses aWarDs
– Traditional Theses
William C. Fox, Jr.
Andrew M. Lall
Matthew R. Menendez
Charles G. Peterson
Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.
Alexandre M. Todorov

– Non-Traditional Theses
James F. Fuller
Quinn M. Underriner

                                  Daughters of American Revolution and American Legion: (from left) Dainel W. Ohmes and Luke M. Schmerold
 american legion citizen-                horatio alger scholar –                    Joseph A. Hayes                        uniteD states PresiDential
 shiP anD americanism aWarD              recognizes students who show               Nicholas J. Hedlesky                   scholars – recognizes and
 – sponsored by the American             evidence of integrity and persever-        Bryan C. Hercules                      honors some of our Nation’s most
 Legion, this award is based on          ance in the face of adversity.             Matthew B. Jones                       distinguished high school seniors.
 courage, honor, leadership, pa-         Richard C. Byrd                            Maximilian J. Jones                    Douglas J. Hall
 triotism, scholarship and service,                                                 James A. Kopfensteiner                 Matthew R. Menendez
 which when cultivated, result in        Quest For eDucation                        Bennett T. Krack
 better citizenship.                     scholarshiP – presented by the             Andrew M. Lall                         saint louis Priory school
 Daniel W. Ohmes                         Vantage Credit Union, recognizes           Sean J. Lamb                           service aWarD –
                                         demonstrated excellence.                   Andrew C. Link                         James F. Fuller
 george Washington carver –              Samuel D. Tankersley                       Brendan G. McDermott
 sponsored by the Missouri Depart-                                                  Matthew R. Menendez                    archbishiP John l. may
 ment of Elementary and Second-          Father Finbarr DoWling,                    Patrick M. Moley                       service aWarD – acknowledges
 ary Education, is presented to          osb, sPirit aWarD – exempli-               Patrick R. Mulvihill                   service to the community
 the top 10 percent of the Class of      fies the Priory School Spirit              Daniel W. Ohmes                        Robert A. Becker
 2010.                                   Patrick R. Mulvihill                       Charles G. Peterson
 Robert A. Becker                                                                   Michael M. Puettmann                   PresiDents stuDent service
 William C. Fox, Jr.                     bright Flight missouri                     Daniel H. Reitz                        challenge aWarD – recogniz-
 Douglas J. Hall                         higher eDucation acaDemic                  Zachary M. Ross                        ing seniors who contribute at least
 Andrew M. Lall                          scholarshiP – a merit-based                Luke M. Schmerold                      100 hours of service to the com-
 Matthew R. Menendez                     scholarship in the amount of               Luke O. Simpson                        munity within a twelve month
 Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.                  $2000 per annum to Missouri's              Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.                 period.
                                         qualifying graduating high school          Filip A. Swat                          Robert A. Becker
 coca-cola scholar –                     seniors who enroll in a Missouri           Stephen A. Theisen                     Benedict J. Constantino
 recognizes excellence in academics,     accredited college or university.          Alexandre M. Todorov                   L. Clayton Dahm
 and civic leadership in extracur-       Joseph H. Altepeter                        Quinn M. Underriner                    Andrew M. Lall
 ricular activities and in their         Eric M. Anderson                           Jon W. Van Breusegen                   Charles G. Peterson
 communities.                            W. Ryan Bedell                                                                    Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr.
 Matthew R. Menendez                     Richard C. Byrd                            austin rennick Poetry aWarD
                                         L. Clayton Dahm                            initiated to honor Father Austin       PresiDents volunteer service
 axa achiever scholar –                  Timothy M. Davies                          who taught English for 50 years.       aWarD – recognizes service to the
 recognizes outstanding achieve-         William C. Fox, Jr.                        It acknowledges excellence in the      community
 ment with a particular focus on         C. Ragen Frost                             creative writing area of poetry.       Matthew R. Menendez
 self-initiated projects assisting the   Andrew M. Halenkamp                        Benedict J. Constantino
 community.                              Douglas J. Hall                                                                   PruDential sPirit oF commu-
 Nicholas J. Hedlesky                    Michael C. Haueisen                        WeDnesDay club Poetry                  nity certiFicate oF excelence
                                                                                    contest –                              recognizes exceptional initiative
                                                                                    Honorable Mention                      in service to the community as one
                                                                                    Benedict J. Constantino                of the top student volunteers in
                                                                                    missouri toP 100 scholars –            Matthew R. Menendez
                                                                                    sponsored by the Missouri
                                                                                    Association of Secondary School        Fox 2 athlete oF the Week –
                                                                                    Principals, this award recognizes      Outstanding achievement in
                                                                                    the top 100 students in the state of   football, November 20, 2009
                                                                                    Missouri Class of 2010.                Matthew B. Jones
                                                                                    Douglas J. Hall

Art Awards: (from left) Douglas R. Brooking and Benedict J. Constantino
                                                                                                          From The sChool

                                         harvarD book aWarD –                          Princeton book aWarD –                   West Point u.s. military
       Form v                            awarded by the Harvard Alumni                 maintaining a consistent honors          acaDemy book aWarD –
                                         Association for excellence in scholar-        average while demonstrating an           academic excellence, athletic or
      Class of 2011                      ship with achievement in other fields.        unusual level of volunteer service and   extracurricular prowess and leader-
                                         Richard J. Mazuski                            commitment to the community.             ship abilities, and best embodying
BOOK AWARDS                                                                            Jonathan P. Gower                        the Academy’s motto “Duty, Honor,
cornell book aWarD –                     holy cross book aWarD –                                                                Country”.
excellence in academics and personal     exceptional academic achievement,             saint louis university book              Peter J. Jochens
initiative in pursuing, embracing,       sincere concern for others and a              aWarD – excellence in academics,
or cultivating diversity in the school   respectable attitude in all endeavors.        service, leadership and spirituality,    Williams college book
environment or in the larger com-        Kyle E. Hill                                  and best personifies the Jesuit motto,   aWarD – for talent, achievement
munity.                                                                                “men and women for others.”              and a passion for learning.
L. Gustavo Sanchez-Conde                 notre Dame book aWarD –                       Michael J. Reardon                       Zachary W. Weiss
                                         academic excellence and service to
Dartmouth book aWarD –                   both the Catholic Church and the              saint michael’s college book             yale book aWarD –
intellectual leadership and positive     community.                                    aWarD – recognizes juniors com-          for outstanding personal character
contributions to the athletic and        Kevin H. Hess                                 mitted to academic endeavors and to      and intellectual promise.
extracurricular life of the school.                                                    sustained and sincere commitment to      Samuel J. Sagartz
Douglas R. Brooking                                                                    community service.
                                                                                       Charles A. Rosebrough

  Book Awards (top left) Peter J. Jochens, Kevin H. Hess, Samuel J. Sagartz, Jonathan P. Gower, Charles A. Rosebrough, Richard J. Mazuski,
           Zachary W. Weiss, (seated left) Michael J. Reardon, Douglas R. Brooking, L. Gustavo Sanchez Conde, Kyle E. Hill
SPECIAL PRIZES                              Brunner, to honor a member of the                HONOR ROLL                  John T. Wegmann*
bausch anD lomb science                     junior class for sterling character, high        Raymond H. Bayer III*       Zachary W. Weiss*
meDal – for outstanding achieve-            standards, lofty goals and hard work.            Colby S. Braeckel*          Alexander P. Willman*
ment and superior intellectual prom-        Salvatore J. Revetta                             Douglas R. Brooking*        * Honor Roll end of year
ise in the field of science                                                                  Colin P. Bruns
Joshua H. Hartke                            “i Dare you” leaDershiP                          Niall D. Caparon*           MODERN AND
                                            aWarD – recognizes personal                      Francis P. Cassidy*         CLASSICAL LANgUAgES
rensselaer meDal –                          integrity, balanced living, and the              John S. Ciapciak*           national French contest –
for outstanding achievement in              potential for leadership                         John H. Cole*               ranked top 10 percent of the
mathematics and science.                    Kyle E. Hill                                     Henry B. Cordova*           St. Louis Chapter of the American
Richard J. Mazuski                                                                           Anthony C. Cribbin*         Association of Teachers of French
                                            koman-Willman aWarD –                            Nicholas S. D’Orazio*       Jacob A. Martin
george eastman young                        established by the Class of 1979 in              Matthew D. Dowling*         Richard J. Mazuski
leaDers aWarD – presented by the            memory of J. B. Koman and Timothy                Nathan J. Forshaw
University of Rochester to a junior         J. Willman. A junior is selected for his         Jonathan P. Gower*          NATIONAL LATIN
who has demonstrated strong leader-         all-round contribution to the life of            McCarthy J. Grewe           EXAM - Level 4
ship experience, high academic grades,      his class and school.                            Joshua H. Hartke*           Poetry
and involvement in extracurricular          Kyle E. Hill                                     Kevin H. Hess*              Gold Summa Cum Laude
activities.                                                                                  Kyle E. Hill*               Peter J. Jochens
John S. Ciapciak                            st. louis county outstanD-                       Daniel M. Hogan
                                            ing stuDent leaDer – sponsored                   Peter J. Jochens*           Magna Cum Laude
FreDerick Douglass anD susan                by the St. Louis County Youth pro-               Matthew J. Keating          Nicholas S. D’Orazio
b. anthony aWarD – presented                grams and presented to a student who             Brendan M. Kelly*
by the University of Rochester to           has made a significant contribution to           Anthony W. King             Cum Laude
a junior who has demonstrated a             the School.                                      Stephen C. Kleinheider*     Matthew J. Keating
commitment to understanding and             John S. Ciapciak                                 Zachary J. Kraus
addressing difficult social issues, dedi-                                                    Colin J. Linkul             Latin V
cation to community action, and has         kmox stuDent oF                                  Jacob A. Martin             Gold Summa Cum Laude
strong grades in rigorous humanities        Distinction                                      Richard J. Mazuski*         Jacob A. Martin
and social studies courses.                 Kyle E. Hill                                     Mason T. Meiners*           Richard J. Mazuski
Brett W. Moen                                                                                John G. Menteer*            Thomas C. Rich
                                            PRIZE RECIPIENTS                                 Spencer S. Meyer*           Samuel J. Sagartz
xerox aWarD For innovation                  Form Prize –                                     Brett W. Moen*              Zachary W. Weiss
anD inFormation technol-
                                            Richard J. Mazuski                               James D. Molloy*
ogy – presented by the University                                                            Brendan P. Mulqueeny        Silver Maxima Cum Laude
of Rochester to a junior who has best       imProvement –                                    Gregory J. O’Brien*         Kyle E. Hill
demonstrated a strong interest in           Daniel M. Hogan                                  Clayton W. Petti*           Charles A. Rosebrough
innovation and/or information               Tychicus S. Sallis                               William A. Pohlman*
technology, has sought exposure to new                                                       Michael J. Reardon*         SCIENCE AND
technologies, and has led others to new     theology –                                       Salvatore J. Revetta*       MATHEMATICS AWARDS
approaches to old problems.                 Richard J. Mazuski                               Charles A. Rosebrough*      american mathematics
John H. Cole                                                                                 Samuel J. Sagartz*          comPetition –
                                            Michael J. Reardon
                                            Zachary W. Weiss                                 Tychicus S. Sallis*         Highest Score
the J. michael means anD                                                                     Richard H. Salmon           Jonathan P. Gower
DaviD m. neukum meDieval                    literary –                                       L. Gustavo Sanchez-Conde*
arts aWarD – recognizes achieve-            Zachary W. Weiss                                 Andrew R. Schwartz*         SCIENCE AND
ment in Priory’s Medieval Arts                                                               Sean M. Sigillito*          MATHEMATICS AWARDS
program                                     classical languages –                            Adam H. Still II*           team+s – tests oF
Douglas R. Brooking                         Richard J. Mazuski                               P. Andrew Streiff           engineering aPtituDe,
                                                                                             David L. Taiclet, Jr.*      mathematics anD science
brunner trust aWarD –                       all state orchestra –                            Scott M. Telthorst          Third in Regional
established by Father Michael in            Richard J. Mazuski                               Yale W. Thomas*             Fourth in State, Division II
memory of his father, Maurice T.                                                             Liam H. Ware*               John H. Cole*

                                                                                                   From The sChool

Jonathan P. Gower*                     mechanical, electrical and software         Honorable Mention                  Matthew D. Dowling
Joshua H. Hartke                       design; as well as offering valuable        Zachary W. Weiss                   Andrew J. Erker
Kyle E. Hill                           team work and leadership experience.                                           Joshua H. Hartke
Brendan M. Kelly                       st. louis regional                          PresiDents stuDent service         Kevin H. Hess
Anthony W. King                        comPetition Finalists                       challenge aWarD –                  Brendan M. Kelly
Stephen C. Kleinheider                 2nd Place Trophy                            recognizing juniors who            Graham J. Kerwin
Richard J. Mazuski                     Francis P. Cassidy                          contribute at least 100 hours of   Stephen C. Kleinheider
Scott M. Telthorst                     William T. Hellmuth                         service to the community within    James D. Molloy
* denotes co-captains                  Yale W. Thomas                              a 12-month period                  Salvatore J. Revetta
                                       Zachary W. Weiss                            Douglas R. Brooking                Paul G. Rhodes
ROBOTICS CLUB –                                                                    John S. Ciapciak                   Thomas C. Rich
participated in the annual FIRST       OTHER AWARDS                                John H. Cole                       Charles A. Rosebrough
Robotics Competition, which allows     WeDnesDay club Poetry                       Michael D. Collins                 Samuel J. Sagartz
students to explore the processes of   contest –                                   Anthony C. Cribbin

              Leadership Awards: (top left) Patrick R. Mulvihill, Father Michael Brunner, Matthew F. Rhodes, Salvatore J. Revetta,
                                                   (seated) Kyle E. Hill and John S. Ciapciak
       FORM V
      Form iv              John Schmerold, Jr.                      Silver Maxima Cum Laude                SPECIAL PRIZES
                           John F. Schwartz*                        Carter D. Gage                         meDieval arts –
     Class of 2012         Luke D. Slabaugh
                           Nicholas A. Stillman
                                                                    Luke F. O’Dowd
                                                                    Joseph D. O’Sullivan
                                                                                                           John Schmerold, Jr.

PRIZE RECIPIENTS           John C. Szatkowski*                      Peter L. Reitz                         all District choir –
Form Prize –               John G. Taiclet                          Nicholas J. Russon                     Edward W. Tooley
Joseph M. Pasque           Brendan J. Thomas*                       Nicholas A. Stillman
                           Edward W. Tooley*                        J. Clayton Swanger                     all District soloist –
imProvement –              Andrew J. Wright                         John G. Taiclet                        David R. Fournie
Scott F. Leer              Thomas T. Yoon
                           * Honor Roll end of year                 Magna Cum Laude                        missouri scholars acaD-
theology –                                                          Kyle B. Martin                         emy – the Academy is sponsored
James M. Capps             MODERN AND                                                                      by the Missouri Department of
Seve A. Esparrago          CLASSICAL LANgUAgES                      SCIENCE AND                            Elementary and Secondary Edu-
Joseph M. Pasque           national French contest –                MATHEMATICS AWARDS                     cation and provides experiences
                           ranked in top 10 percent of the          american mathematics                   and enrichment opportunities to
literary –                 St. Louis Chapter of the American        comPetition –                          advance students throughout Mis-
Carter D. Gage             Association of Teachers of French        Highest Score                          souri schools.
                           Luc A. Bettaieb                          John C. Szatkowski                     Jacob C. Mohrmann
HONOR ROLL                 Robert E. McAuliffe III                                                         Joseph M. Pasque
Luc A. Bettaieb                                                     team+s – tests oF
Francis X. Bick, Jr.       national latin exam – level 3
                                                                    engineering aPtituDe,                  WeDnesDay club Poetry
Brian P. Bucol             Prose
                                                                    mathematics anD science                contest –
James M. Capps*            Gold Summa Cum Laude
                                                                    Junior Varsity                         Second Place
Rakesh B. Dara             Brendan J. Thomas
                                                                    James M. Capps                         Carter D. Gage
Marc A. Dunbar                                                      Seve A. Esparrago*
Seve A. Esparrago*         Silver Maxima Cum Laude
                                                                    Spencer T. King                        Fourth Place
Austin T. Federer*         Benjamin L. Corley
                                                                    Andrew S. Kopfensteiner                Benjamin L. Corley
Kyle R. Finnegan                                                    Joseph D. O’Sullivan
                           Magna Cum Laude
Matthew G. Fuglsang                                                 Joseph M. Pasque*
                           Jonathan P. Dierdorf                                                            Honorable Mention
Carter D. Gage*                                                     Peter L. Reitz
                           Reid J. LaVenture                                                               Bradley J. Lenke
Andrew J. Hernandez*                                                Nicholas J. Russon                     Luke D. Slabaugh
Peter J. Hilboldt*         Cum Laude                                John C. Szatkowski
Trevor J. Jin              Peter J. Forshaw                         * denotes co-captains
Spencer T. King*           Peter J. Hilboldt
Andrew S. Kopfensteiner*   Kevin J. Ludwig
Colin A. Kopsky                                                     ROBOTICS CLUB –
                           Andrew J. Rhodes                         participated in the annual FIRST
Krishna A. Kumar*          Nathan J. Watson
Zachary C. LaVallee                                                 Robotics Competition, which allows
Reid J. LaVenture*                                                  students to explore the processes of
                           Poetry                                   mechanical, electrical and software
Scott F. Leer              Gold Summa Cum Laude
Bradley J. Lenke*                                                   design; as well as offering valuable
                           James M. Capps                           team work and leadership experience.
Mark H. Mannino*           Joseph J. DiMarco                                                                Athletics Awards: (top left)
Kyle B. Martin*                                                     st. louis regional
                           Seve A. Esparrago                        comPetition Finalists                      Patrick K. Agnew II,
James T. Merenda           Trevor J. Jin                                                                   Andrew S. Kopfensteiner,
Jacob C. Mohrmann*                                                  2nd Place Trophy
                           Andrew S. Kopfensteiner                  Luc A. Bettaieb                              John F. Notter, Jr.,
Charles J. Moore*          Robert E. McAuliffe III                                                               Matthew B. Jones,
John P. O’Brien*                                                    Brian P. Bucol
                           Jacob C. Mohrmann                        Kyle R. Finnegan                                            (seated)
Joseph D. O’Sullivan*      Charles J. Moore
Joseph M. Pasque*                                                   Trevor J. Jin                               Daanish Jamaluddin,
                           John P. O’Brien                          Robert E. McAuliffe III                     Andrew L. Callahan
Brendan H. Phillips*       Joseph M. Pasque
Peter L. Reitz*                                                     Joseph D. O’Sullivan
                           Brendan H. Phillips                      Brendan H. Phillips
Andrew J. Rhodes*          John F. Schwartz
Nicholas J. Russon*        Luke D. Slabaugh
                                                                                    From The sChool

       FORM V
      Form iii              John J. Houser*                          Thomas S. Burton            Magna Cum Laude
                            Daniel H. Jacob*                         Peter J. Cogan              Evan J. Boulware
     Class of 2013          Daanish Jamaluddin
                            Michael J. King*
                                                                     Justin A. Davis-Morgan
                                                                     John L. del Rosario, Jr.*
                                                                                                 John P. Fonseca
                                                                                                 Andrew Jones
PRIZE RECIPIENTS            Nicholas R. Kohler*                      Ryan P. Donlin              Victor A. Masetti
Form Prize –                Joseph P. Kreienkamp*                    Andrew J. Fogarty           Ryan T. Token
Brian B. Steiner            Patrick C. Lindmark*                     Wyatt D. Gill               Charles I. Welsh
                            Victor A. Masetti*                       Steven J. Hanley
imProvement –               William H. Moore                         Thomas R. Hartke            Cum Laude
Nicholas R. Kohler          Jack M. Mueller*                         J. Jeffrey Hopson, Jr.      Brandon D. Boyer
                            Alexander C. Noddings*                   Edward G. Houser            Samuel M. Bruns
theology –                  Nehal A. Patel*                          John J. Houser              Bradley C. Finnegan
Edward G. Houser            David A. Sescleifer*                     Daniel H. Jacob*            Connor P. Flavin
                            Brian B. Steiner*                        Michael J. King             Daanish Jamaluddin
Michael J. King
                            Samuel L. Taylor*                        Patrick C. Lindmark         Joseph P. Kreienkamp
                            Alexander J. Towler*                     William H. Moore            Samuel J. Newman
literary –
                            William J. Uelk*                         Jack M. Mueller             Ryan G. Sigmund
Steven J. Hanley
                            Mitchell F. Van Bree                     Alexander C. Noddings*      Graham C. Trout
                            Brian T. Vaporean                        Nehal A. Patel              Brian T. Vaporean
                            Charles I. Welsh*                        Brian B. Steiner*
Quentin O. Amice*
Connor C. Behnen
                            * Honor Roll end of year                 Samuel L. Taylor            SCIENCE AND
Evan J. Boulware
                                                                     Alexander J. Towler         MATHEMATICS AWARDS
Peter J. Cogan*
                            MODERN AND                               William J. Uelk             american mathematics
Justin A. Davis-Morgan
                            CLASSICAL LANgUAgES                      Mitchell F. Van Bree        comPetition –
                            national French contest –                Logan M. Wende              Highest Score
John L. del Rosario, Jr.*
                            ranked in top 10 percent of the          * denotes perfect score     Connor C. Behnen
Ryan P. Donlin*
                            St. Louis Chapter of the American
Bradley C. Finnegan
                            Association of Teachers of French        Silver Maxima Cum Laude     ROBOTICS CLUB –
Connor P. Flavin
                            Justin A. Davis-Morgan                   Patrick S. Bachmann         participated in the annual FIRST
Andew J. Fogarty*
                            Alexander C. Noddings                    Alexander Haueisen          Robotics Competition, which allows
Wyatt D. Gill*
                            Steven J. Hanley                         Christopher P. McKee        students to explore the processes of
Steven J. Hanley*
                                                                     Thomas Raybuck              mechanical, electrical and software
Thomas R. Hartke*
                            national latin exam – level 2            Khaliq R. Snow              design; as well as offering valuable
Alexander Haueisen*
                            Gold Summa Cum Laude                     David A. Sescleifer         team work and leadership experience.
J. Jeffrey Hopson, Jr.
                            Quentin O. Amice                                                     st. louis regional
Edward G. Houser*
                            Connor C. Behnen                                                     comPetition Finalists
                                                                                                 2nd Place Trophy
                                                                                                 Patrick S. Bachmann
                                                                                                 Bradley C. Finnegan
                                                                                                 Steven J. Hanley
                                                                                                 Adam G. Meadows
                                                                                                 David A. Sescleifer

                                                                                                 SPECIAL PRIZES
                                                                                                 Drama –
                                                                                                 Graham C. Trout

                                                                                                 PhotograPhy –
                                                                                                 Bradley C. Finnegan

                                                                                                 kestrel cuP – awarded to the
                                                                                                 most promising tennis player in
                                                                                                 the freshman class
                                                                                                 Daanish Jamaluddin
       FORM V
      Form ii              J. Jarret Lowell*                        J. Jarret Lowell             Mark R. Jacobs
                           Matthew T. Ludwig*                       Matthew T. Ludwig            Duncan M. Kinzie
                           Daniel S. Martin*                        Daniel S. Martin*            James D. Newell III
     Class of 2014         Lucas A. McGartland*                     D. Griffin Meert             Thomas J. Niemann
                           D. Griffin. Meert*                       Dean J. Mellas               Patrick G. O’Brien
PRIZE RECIPIENTS           Dean J. Mellas*                          John A. Miller               Grant W. Sherrod
Form Prize –               Thomas J. Menteer*                       Sivakoti R. Myla             John P. Yannakakis
Daniel S. Martin           Sivakoti R. Myla                         Andrew W. O’Sullivan
                           Thomas J. Niemann*                       Antonio L. Petralia*         SCIENCE AND
imProvement –
                           John P. O’Brien*                         Charles M. Rapp              MATHEMATICS AWARDS
Frederick T. Baumgartner   William J. O’Brien*                      Kevin M. Schilling
Luke J. Bick                                                                                     american mathematics
                           Andrew W. O’Sullivan*                    Eric S. Stange               comPetition –
Michael E. Clark           Antonio L. Petralia*                     Daniel Stein*
Paul G. Deschler                                                                                 Highest Score (tie)
                           Charles M. Rapp*                         Ahdarsh R. Vallabhaneni      J. Jarret Lowell
Patrick G. O’Brien         Patrick J. Reardon*                      Daniel J. Watson             Andrew W. O’Sullivan
theology –                 Francisco G. Sanchez-Conde               M. Parker Weigle
                                                                                                 Daniel Stein
                           Eric S. Stange*                          Spencer T. Wright
Paul D. Davies
                           Daniel Stein*                            * denotes perfect score
J. Jarret Lowell                                                                                 ROBOTICS CLUB –
                           Adam M. Thomas
Elliott F. Miller                                                   Silver Maxima Cum Laude      participated in the annual FIRST
                           Colburn J. Wagner*
Charles M. Rapp            M. Parker Weigle*                        Christopher P. Ahlering      Robotics Competition, which allows
                                                                    Michael E. Clark             students to explore the processes of
literary –                 Spencer T. Wright*                                                    mechanical, electrical and software
                           Alex Y. Wu*                              Hugh J. Cole
Michael E. Clark                                                                                 design; as well as offering valuable
                           Everett W. Zornes*                       Paul G. Deschler
                                                                    Brendan M. Gaffney           team work and leadership experience.
humanitarian aWarD –       * Honor Roll end of year
                                                                    Tristan J. Hellmuth          st. louis regional
J. Jarret Lowell
                           MODERN AND                               Jack A. Herr                 comPetition Finalists
Daniel Stein
                           CLASSICAL LANgUAgES                      Jacob M. Hill                2nd Place Trophy
HONOR ROLL                 national French contest –                Tucker S. Hively             Mark R. Jacobs
Timothy M. Avery*          ranked in top 10 percent of the          Aidan M. Johnston            Daniel S. Martin
Jeffrey A. Bebee*          St. Louis Chapter of the American        Tony Y. Lee                  Lucas A. McGartland
Andrew T. Cammon*          Association of Teachers of French        Lucas A. McGartland          Grant F. Oehler
Christopher R. Chivetta*   Taylor G. Dubray                         Thomas J. Menteer
Stephen R. Clark, Jr.*                                              Benjamin W. Mullins          SPECIAL PRIZES
                           John P. Lauer
Michael E. Clark*                                                   John P. O’Brien              stuDio art –
Hugh J. Cole*              national latin exam – level1             William J. O’Brien           Thomas J. Niemann
Dominic S. Coppola*        Gold Summa Cum Laude                     John J. Rhodes
                           Patrick K. Agnew II                      Francisco G. Sanchez-Conde   meDieval arts –
Ryan W. Corley*
Paul D. Davies*            John P. Austin                           Derrick S. Swaney            Daniel M. De Simon
Daniel M. De Simon*        Timothy M. Avery                         Colburn J. Wagner            PhotograPhy –
Zachary T. Denton*         Jeffrey A. Bebee                         Everett W. Zornes            Matthew T. Ludwig
Paul G. Deschler*          Andrew T. Cammon
Taylor G. Dubray*          Charles W. Carey                         Magna Cum Laude              vocal music –
John W. Fox*               Chirstopher R. Chivetta                  Frederick T. Baumgartner     Duncan M. Kinzie
D. Fitz Freeman*           Stephen R. Clark, Jr.                    Connor L. Bick
Brendan M. Gaffney*        Ryan W. Corley                           D. Fitz Freeman              best athlete –
David C. Gantt II          Dominic S. Coppola                       Michael D. Fuglsang          Patrick K. Agnew II
Louis C. Garvin            Paul D. Davies                           Austin A. Hakim
                                                                    Carlo M. Herbosa             coaches cuP –
Carlo M. Herbosa*          Daniel M. De Simon                                                    Andrew L. Callahan
Michael A. Herman*         Zachary T. Denton                        Grant F. Oehler
Jacob M. Hill              Taylor G. Dubray                         Patrick J. Reardon           Father gregory mohrman,
Tucker S. Hively*          David C. Gantt II                        Cum Laude                    osb, service aWarD –
Matthew R. Kovac*          Louis C. Garvin*                         Quinn M. Buck                acknowledges dedicated and
K. Austin Krueger*         Matthew R. Kovac                         Andrew L. Callahan           creative service to the Junior
John P. Lauer*             K. Austin Krueger                        John W. Fox                  School and the greater Priory
Tony Y. Lee*               John P. Lauer                            Christopher C. Hammer        school community.
Charles E. Lohmann*        Charles E. Lohmann                       Michael A. Herman            Andrew L. Callahan
                                                                                            From The sChool

       Form iV                      Shravan C. Atluri*
                                    Alejandro R. Ayala*
                                                                             Gagan C. Mandava*
                                                                             Connor P. McCarthy*
                                                                                                                 ROBOTICS CLUB –
                                                                                                                 participated in the annual FIRST
     Class of 2015                  Logan A. Bealke*
                                    Sean M. Buss*
                                                                             Jeffrey M. Michalski*
                                                                             Nicholas M. Millsap*
                                                                                                                 Robotics Competition, which allows
                                                                                                                 students to explore the processes of
PRIZE RECIPIENTS                    Sean M. Carey*                           Stephen H. Millsap*                 mechanical, electrical and software
Form Prize –                        John Cook                                Matthew P. O'Brien*                 design; as well as offering valuable
Alejandro R. Ayala                  Urban A. Cornett*                        Robert F. Onder III*                team work and leadership experience.
Parker C. Dow                       Thomas R. Donlin                         George A. Paletta III*              st. louis regional
William A. Macke                    Robert E. Donnelly III*                  Michael M. Peters*                  comPetition Finalists
Robert F. Onder III                 Elliott H. Dow*                          Dominic R. Revetta*                 2nd Place Trophy
Ian B. Steiner                      Grant V. Dow*                            Thomas M. Rosebrough*               Sean M. Buss
William P. Whaley                   Parker C. Dow*                           Aris Sevastianos*                   Matthew J. Kinnison
                                    Cory A. Dubray*                          Joseph H. Spellmeyer*               William A. Macke
                                    Bryan A. Dunbar*                         Ian B. Steiner*                     Thomas M. Rosebrough
theology –
                                    Robert F. Erbs III*                      John H. Steuby*
Shravan C. Atluri
                                    Cole J. Esparrago*                       Daniel G. Steurer*                  SPECIAL PRIZES
Parker C. Dow
                                    Ian R. Gage*                             Sohaan V. Swaminathan*              stuDio art –
Robert F. Onder III
                                    Jack E. Gorczyca*                        Andrew M. Swyers*                   Grant V. Dow
William P. Whaley
                                    Edward J. Griesedieck IV*                Nathan J. VonderHaar*
                                    Mitchell J. Guard                        Matthew B. Wennemann*               Drama –
literary –
                                    Josephy W. Hanley                        William P. Whaley*                  Nicholas M. Millsap
Parker C. Dow                       Jose M. Hernandez*                       Nicholas E. Zaegel                  Stephen H. Millsap
                                    Arthur J. Hidalgo V*                     * Honor Roll end of year
humanitarian aWarD –                George T. Jochens                                                            meDieval arts –
Sean M. Buss                        Matthew J. Kinnison*                     SCIENCE AND                         Logan A. Bealke
Dominic R. Revetta                  John J. Klaesner                         MATHEMATICS AWARDS
Matthew A. Tinkham                                                                                               vocal music –
                                    Benjamin M. Kraus                        american mathematics
                                                                                                                 Nathan M. Walk
                                    Zachary A. Kuchan*                       comPetition –
HONOR ROLL                          Patrick K. Lane*                         Highest Score (tie)
John C. Agnew*                      Alexander Lennartz*                      Michael M. Peters
Blake J. Anselm*                    William A. Macke*                        Ian B. Steiner

       Humanitarian Awards: (from left) Dominic R. Revetta, J. Jarret Lowell, Daniel Stein, Matthew R. Tinkham, (not pictured) Sean M. Buss,

Post-Season Honors                                                                Matthew B. Jones: First Team All-League, Quarterback and Punter; Third
                                                                                  Team All-Metro, Punter; Third Team All-State, Punter
BASEBALL:                                                                         Colin J. Linkul: Second Team All-League, Linebacker; Third Team All-State,
James A. Kopfensteiner: Second Team All-League, Infield
                                                                                  Patrick M. Moley: First Team All-League, Defensive Lineman; Second Team
Brendan G. McDermott: Second Team All-League, Pitcher                             All-State, Defensive End
Brendan P. Mulqueeny: Second Team All-League, Outfield                            John F. Notter, Jr.: Honorable Mention All-League, Offensive Lineman
John F. Notter, Jr.: Honorable Mention All-League, Infield                        Matthew F. Rhodes: Second Team All-League, Offensive Lineman
James H. Wortham: First Team All-League, Designated Hitter                        Zachary M. Ross: First Team All-League, Offensive Lineman; Second Team
Andrew J. Wright: Second Team All-League, Infield                                 All-State, Tackle
                                                                                  Brandon M. Wehking: First Team All-League, Kicker
BASKETBALL:                                                                       Andrew J. Wright: Honorable Mention All-League, Defensive Lineman
Matthew J. Keating: Honorable Mention All-League
James A. Kopfensteiner: Second Team All-League                                    GOLF:
                                                                                  Andrew J. Fogarty: Second Team All-League
CROSS COUNTRY:                                                                    Colin A. Kopsky: First Team All-League
Niall D. Caparon: First Team All-League; All-District; State Qualifier            Mason T. Meiners: First Team All-League; All-District; State Qualifier
John H. Cole: Second Team All-League; State Qualifier                             Stephen A. Theisen: First Team All-League; All-District; State Qualifier
William C. Fox, Jr.: State Qualifier
Kyle E. Hill: State Qualifier                                                     SOCCER:
Chad E. Huber: Second Team All-League; State Qualifier                            Joseph H. Altepeter: First Team All-League
Spencer T. King: Second Team All-League; State Qualifier                          Douglas R. Brooking: Honorable Mention All-League
Jon W. Van Breusegen: First Team All-League; All-District; State Qualifier        Daniel L. Croghan: First Team All-League
                                                                                  Douglas J. Hall: First Team All-League
FOOTBALL:                                                                         Kyle B. Martin: Honorable Mention All-League
Craig A. Boyce II: Honorable Mention All-League, Running Back                     Jacob C. Mohrmann: Honorable Mention All-League
William K. Busch, Jr.: First Team All-League, linebacker; Third Team All-         Andrew J. Rhodes: Honorable Mention All-League
State, linebacker
                                                                                  John T. Wegmann: Honorable Mention All-League
Francis P. Cassidy: Honorable Mention All -League, Offensive Lineman
Andrew L. Cusumano: Honorable Mention All-League, Linebacker                      TENNIS:
Seve A. Esparrago: Second Team All-League, Defensive Back                         Kyle R. Collins: Second Team All-League
Peter J. Jochens: Honorable Mention All-League, Linebacker                        Daanish Jamaluddin: Honorable Mention All-League
                                                                                  Matthew J. Keating: Second Team All-League
                                                                                  Spencer T. King: Honorable Mention All-League
                                                                                  Charles J. Moore: Honorable Mention All-League
                                                                                  Richard J. Mazuski: Honorable Mention All-League
                                                                                  John Schmerold, Jr.: Second Team All-League

                                                                                  TRACK AND FIED
                                                                                  Colin J. Linkul: First Team All-League; All-District; All-State, Fourth Place,
                                                                                  Shot Put

                                                                                  Anthony R. Hayes: First Team All-League
                                                                                  Zachary C. LaVallee: Second Team All-League
                                                                                  Andrew C. Link: First Team All-League
                                                                                  James T. Merenda: First Team All-League
                                                                                  Van B. Thomas: Second Team All-League

                                                                                              From The sChool

Joseph A. genoni, Athletic Director
    The 2009-10 athletic year was noteworthy for achievements in
various sports and changes in the Athletic Department. After the
addition of the new Fitness Center, and coupled with updates to the
existing structure, the Activity Center was re-opened at the begin-
ning of the school year. Priory also honored outstanding contribu-
tors to its athletic program in two field dedications, the first of
which was held in the fall. The Varsity Football Field was dedicated
to Billy ’78 and Christi Busch and their family, whose involvement
in the football program has encompassed two generations. The sec-
ond dedication honored the legacy of Mr. Marty McCabe, a lifetime
friend, beloved mentor, and coach of Saint Louis Priory School.
In tribute to his years of service, the Baseball Field now carries his
     Looking ahead to 2010-11, the Varsity Soccer players will start
their season on a new relocated field adjacent to the football practice
field and McCabe Field. In addition, Lacrosse will join the Form I                 The 2009 VARSITY FOOTBALL team came in with high
and II sports choices in the spring of 2011 and transition into the            expectations after a 2008 playoff season. Early in the season the team
high school the following year.                                                had a 3-5 record, but they kept improving and went on to win the
                                                                               District and compete in post-season competition for the second year
    In a meeting held in late April, the heads of schools representing
                                                                               in a row. After winning its first post-season game against Cardinal
the six members of the ABC League voted unanimously to become
                                                                               Ritter College Prep (42-28), the team met Imagine College Prep
an expanded co-ed, independent school conference organized
                                                                               and won 63-29. The team then advanced to the Quarter-finals and
under a new name. The name of the new athletic conference will be
                                                                               played New Madrid County Central and won 35-12. In the Semi-
decided at a later date. The ABC League is not disbanding, with all
                                                                               finals the team lost (20-7) to Bowling Green High School in a tense
six current member schools (John Burroughs, Lutheran North, Lu-
                                                                               game that was decided late in the fourth quarter. Priory hosted the
theran South, MICDS, Principia, and Priory) remaining as members
                                                                               Quarter-final and Semi-final games, both were the first football play-
of the new conference.
                                                                               off games played on Priory’s campus. The team finished the season
    The current league competes only in boys' athletics, although              with an 8-6 overall record and a 2-3 ABC League record.
five of the six members are coeducational schools and their female
                                                                                   Quarterback Matthew Jones ’10 led the offensive for a second
                                       teams compete in the Metro
                                                                               year in a row. He completed 155 passes at a 65 percent comple-
                                       Women’s Athletic Associa-
                                                                               tion rate and gained 1,772 yards passing. Craig Boyce ’10 rushed
                                       tion. The change becomes
                                                                               for nearly 1,000 yards in an injury shortened season – dislocating
                                       effective for high school
                                                                               his shoulder in the Affton game. Form VI Defensive End Patrick
                                       sports played during the
                                                                               Moley’s 12 sacks tied the school record.
                                       2012-13 school year. This
                                       two-year period allows the                  The 2009 VARSITY SOCCER team had a very up and down
                                       member schools to transi-               season this year, ending with a heart-breaking loss in overtime to the
                                       tion their current schedules            top ranked team in the district, Westminster Christian Academy.
                                       as well as invite prospective           The team won the St. Dominic Tournament for the first time since
                                       new member schools to ap-               their State Championship in 2005. The team finished the season
                                       ply to join the conference.             with a 13-9 record.
                                       In addition to all of this, the             Douglas Hall ’10 played goalie for the first time in his career
                                       year was filled with many               and exceeded all expectations with many unbelievable saves. Andrew
                                       significant accomplishments             Rhodes ’12 led the offense, finishing the season with 16 goals, the
                                       and great memories by our               third best in the ABC League. Jack Wegmann ’11 led the team with
                                       student athletes. Here are              10 assists on the year while scoring seven goals himself.
                                       some of the highlights of the
                                       year.                                       With many starters returning and the addition of talented Junior
                                                                               Varsity players (the Junior Varsity team finished 11-3-3), next year’s
                                                                               soccer squad looks promising.

    The 2009 CROSS COUNTRY team had a very strong season                         The VARSITY BASEBALL team played its first full season on
with the entire team going back to state for the first time in three         the new baseball field. While the 2010 baseball season was chal-
years. The team won the ABC League meet at both the Varsity                  lenging, the final record, 6-17, does not reflect the great effort and
and the Junior Varsity levels. The league race began an end of the           talent of this year’s team. Within the ABC League, the teams were
year spurt that kept the team rolling all the way to state. The team         some of the strongest in recent memory. While the Rebels dropped
finished second in District and ninth at State.                              four league contests by a run, many of the other difficult losses were
    The 2009-10 VARSITY BASKETBALL team got off to a good                    within reach as well.
start with two wins in the Valley Park Tournament. Unfortunately,                James Wortham ’10 led the way at the plate with a batting aver-
injuries and some difficult opposition lead to an up-and-down first          age of .431. Pitcher Brendan McDermott ’10 closed out the season
half of the year. The team finished with an 8-17 overall record.             with a 2.64 ERA and four complete games in seven starts.
    James Kopfensteiner ’10 moved into second place on the Rebels               The VARSITY TENNIS team had a rebuilding year after losing
single season list with his 62 three-point field goals and into third        two top players early in the season. They finished third in the ABC
on the career list with 111 field goals. Matthew Jones ’10 moved             League and in District competition. They qualified for sectional
into ninth place on the three-point career baskets with 61 field             team competition and made it to the finals of sectionals.
goals.                                                                           The VARSITY TRACK AND FIELD team’s Shot Putter Colin
    The statistical leaders this year were: James Kopfensteiner with         Linkul ’11 had an outstanding season. He strung together wins at
360 points and 42 steals, Matthew Keating ’11 with 243 rebounds,             the All-Catholic Meet (50’-11”) and the Marion Freeman Invita-
David Taiclet ’11 with 47 assists, John Taiclet ’12 with a 79.2 free         tional (50’4”). Linkul was the ABC League (51’-10 ½”), the District
throw percentage, and Ragen Frost ’10 with 15 blocked shots.                 (51’-10 ½”), and Sectional Champion (50’-4 ½”). Colin finished
    The C Basketball team was the ABC League Champion and                    off his season with an All-State performance finishing fourth at the
finished with a 20-1 record.                                                 State Track and Field Championship with a throw of 50’-7 ¼.”

    The 2009-10 WRESTLINg team had a squad of 30 wrestlers,                      The VARSITY gOLF team for the fourth consecutive year
the largest in the history of the Priory wrestling program. For the          finished tied for first place in the ABC League, with a record of
season, the team was 6-3 in dual meets, had five wrestlers with 20 or        7-1. The team came in second place at District to the eventual state
more wins, and three individual ABC League Champions.                        champions, Westminster Christian Academy. In addition to the
                                                                             team’s success, Stephen Theisen ’10 and Mason Meiners ’11 were
    The team finished second in the Priory Invitational Tourna-              All-District honorees and State Qualifiers.
ment. It was a truly great moment for the program, and especially
the Form VI wrestlers, as Eric Anderson took first, along with fellow            Mr. Jim Wortham, who has coached at Priory since 1971,
classmates Michael Haueisen, Andrew Link and Jeffrey Swaney,                 retired from teaching and coaching this year. Mr. Wortham coached
with Anthony Hayes taking second, and Form IV students James                 football, basketball, baseball and tennis during his career. He has
Merenda, Van Thomas, Nicholas Sarai and Zachary LaVallee taking              coached at all levels from 7th grade through Varsity in football,
third individually.                                                          basketball and baseball. A great teacher and coach, he will be missed
                                                                             by the coaches and players.
    The 2009-10 VARSITY HOCKEY team had another successful
season. It finished third in the
Mid-States Suburban Central
league with an 8-3-2 record
and was 12-9-2 overall.
    Form VI players Sean
Lamb, John Notter, Colin
Barry and Andrew Halenkamp
earned a place in the ranks
of the top 20 highest scoring
players in the history of Priory
hockey. In addition, Scott
Horan dressed for all 103 pos-
sible games in his Priory career.
    Many thanks to retiring
Coach John Notter, Sr. for all
that he has done for our hockey
program. He will be missed.

                                                                                       From The sChool

                                    S a i n t Lo u i S P r i o ry S c h o o L c L a S S o f 2010
    Conor Phelan Ahlering                  Saagar Nalin Desai               Maximilian Joseph Jones                Daniel Henry Reitz*
   The University of Arizona                Purdue University                   Vanderbilt University            University of Notre Dame
   Joseph Henry Altepeter                Nicholas Scott Fosko             James Andrew Kopfensteiner*           Matthew Francis Rhodes*
      Westminster College                Saint Louis University          Washington University in St. Louis      University of Notre Dame
   Eric Mitchell Anderson*               William Carl Fox, Jr.*                Bennett Turner Krack              Andrew Nicholas Rieger
       University of Tulsa           Southern Methodist University               University of Tulsa                     Undecided
     Colin Mcgurk Barry                Christopher Ragen Frost                 Andrew Michael Lall*                Zachary Martin Ross
  Naval Academy Foundation                University of Dayton              University of Notre Dame               University of Chicago
  School/United States Naval             James Franklin Fuller                   Sean James Lamb                Luke Michael Schmerold*
            Academy                       Seton Hall University                 University of Kansas               University of Chicago
   Robert Andrew Becker*              Andrew Martin Halenkamp                Andrew Cittadino Link               Luke O’Brien Simpson*
University of Southern California    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute             Rhodes College                      Wheaton College
     William Ryan Bedell                  Douglas John Hall*               Brendan gerard McDermott               Jeffrey Ray Swaney, Jr.*
      University of Denver                Vanderbilt University                Saint Louis University               Vanderbilt University
   Craig Anthony Boyce II               Michael Carl Haueisen              Peter LaDriere McLaughlin               Filip Aleksander Swat
     Vanderbilt University          University of Missouri, Columbia          University of Richmond          Washington University in St. Louis
   William Kurt Busch, Jr.              Anthony Robert Hayes                Matthew Ryan Menendez*            Samuel David Reid Tankersley
    University of San Diego                  Eckerd College                      Harvard University                 Westminster College
     Richard Charles Byrd                 Joseph Albert Hayes                Patrick Malcolm Moley               Stephen Andrew Theisen
     Saint Louis University                Fordham University                Michigan State University               University of Tulsa
 Benedict John Constantino*             Nicholas John Hedlesky               Patrick Robert Mulvihill          Alexandre Maxime Todorov
     University of Chicago                 University of Dallas          University of Missouri,Columbia              Boston University
    Daniel Louis Croghan              Bryan Christopher Hercules              John Francis Notter, Jr.          Quinn Michael Underriner
   Miami University of Ohio                  Boston College               Southern Methodist University               Grinnell College
  Andrew Linus Cusumano                   Scott Stevens Horan                 Daniel William Ohmes             Jon William Van Breusegen
      DePauw University             University of Missouri, Columbia              Regis University                  Creighton University
   Ludger Clayton Dahm*                   Chad Everett Huber                 Charles gerard Peterson            Brandon Michael Wehking
     University of Chicago                Westminster College                     Hendrix College                 University of Mississippi
  Timothy Monahan Davies               Matthew Brandon Jones             Michael Macgregor Puettmann             James Hayden Wortham
      Villanova University              University of Richmond                   University of Tulsa                Rockhurst University
                                                                                                                   *cum laude graduate

Graduation Day: May 30, 2010                                                  six awesome years at Priory: six years, a whole third of our lifetime
                                                                              walking this beautiful campus together.
Valedictorian Matthew Menendez spoke to                                           For the past few weeks of the no-class-but-not-yet-graduated
the audience                                                                  limbo, many of us have been proud to spend much of our time on
    Good afternoon (and a good, even great, one it is). Abbot                 this campus. A puzzled stare from a teacher is usually followed by a
Thomas, Father Michael, Mr. Gleich, the monastic community, fac-              “Why are you still here?” We can say nothing, but that we are drawn
ulty, family, and friends, thank you for being here. More than that,          to it. Priory is our home, and we will be sad to leave it.
thank you for all that you have done for the 59 of us who make up                 So much is owed to those who have guided us along the way.
the great Class of 2010. We are here to give a hearty congratulation          Already we have done much to build up the school and to pay
to each of our classmates.                                                    back those here with us today who have been so instrumental to
    Earlier I asked Father Michael what he thought I should speak             our growth. The greatness of our class is unquestionable. I doubt
about today, and he said, “Talk about the trials of your generation.”         that any one of us will forget our class’ unparalleled academic
Instead, I followed the sage advice he usually gives me: Matt ... just        records, the prolific weekly publications, the biggest mud pit that
do whatever you want. That being said, I am standing here in front            the school has ever seen, the sprouting dynasties of state Ultimate
of our class to speak to you, about you, and for you. This month              Frisbee finalists and scholar bowl champions, and the flourishing of
thousands of valedictorians across the country are addressing their           Student Council and Tutoría. Yet, let us not forget the change that
friends of four years. We have been most fortunate to have shared             we have witnessed in the atmosphere of the school. The 8th graders

                                                                                              From The sChool

no longer push the 7th graders around, the Junior Schoolers now               As Psalm 127 suggests, we should be grateful for the many gifts we
mix freely with the high schoolers (to the chagrin of some who miss           have been given, and we must understand that it is our obligation—
what they like to call “old fashion respect”), and the unity of the           no, our vocation—to use these gifts as best we can to serve those
Priory Family has increased. We have worked long hours to give                around us.
back to this community that has given us so much, but we are not                  This is the reason that in a few moments we will turn our rings
finished. We would be right to be proud of this impressive past, but          around to face the world. We have been equipped with the tools
we would be wrong not to think of this as a challenge for the future.         to succeed in every sense of the word. Nevertheless, we will be
     While traveling over the past year and speaking with students            confronted with many challenges, but the base that we have built
from many schools, some seemingly like ours and others of a com-              at Priory, physically, mentally, and spiritually will set us ahead. The
pletely different mold, I was most fortunate to be able to pinpoint           road will not be without trials, and the environment may not be
what exactly makes Priory so special. It is the Priory that you do not        so friendly. We will encounter those who do not agree with us, and
find in the admission books (no offense to Mr. Mulvihill). It is you;         those who stand in direct opposition to everything that the Saint
it is the culture of this strong community which has been so care-            Louis Priory Class of 2010 holds dear. Let us stand strong. Let us
fully nurtured by those who are here with us today. For this reason,          not abandon the past, but rather continue to build on this solid
we again wish to thank our families, teachers, and mentors. I would           Priory foundation. It is this love of Priory and of what it stands for
like to extend our greatest thanks to the monastic community, for             that I urge you to remember this day. I love this place, and I hope
they truly have shaped the way each of us sees the world.                     that you do, too.
    Seniors, take a close look at this ring we proudly wear. The class            At one point or another, each of us has entertained the absurd
ring of the Saint Louis Priory School aptly describes our purpose             idea of not having attended this school. Being one of the oldest in
this day. The Class of 2010 is here to express thanks, reflect on the         our class, I have also wondered what it would have been like if I had
past, and prepare for the future. The Abbey shield connects us to a           instead been one of the youngest in the class above us. You see, I
millennium of Benedictines, and the Laus Tibi Domine, the eternal             went to Kindergarten twice. That is the real secret of my success. If
proclamation of praise, brings us forward to our purpose in life.             I had not fortunately failed Kindergarten the first time, I would not
May everything we do be a cause to praise the Lord. May everything            be speaking to you now as the valedictorian. I can safely say today
we do be itself a mode of praising the Lord. Nothing more than this           that everything happens for a reason. If a single one of you had not
does Priory expect from us. Let us not disappoint.                            been part of our class, certainly my experience here would have been
    This ring stands for all that the Saint Louis Priory Class of 2010        radically different. If I could go through this part of my life again
has experienced. It stands for the camaraderie, the accomplishments,          and again, I would not do it any other way than with the same 59
and the victories. It stands for the tough times, the shortcomings,           of us at this school. I seriously think that I could not have been any
and the losses. It stands for our long days and sleepless nights.             happier than I have been at Priory. I will miss you all, but the Priory
                                                                              Family will remain close to my heart. If anyone of us ever needs
    To express this better, I want to read to you the beginning of            help, I can trust we can all call on each other. I myself will only be a
Psalm 127:                                                                    phone call and a quick flight away.

                                                                                  Now that I have been talking for…… a little too long, I should
           If the Lord does not build the house,                              do the one thing that I am actually here to do: vale dicere. That is,
                                                                              I am here to say goodbye. This may well be the last time that the
                in vain do its builders labor;                                entire Class of 2010 will be together, and for that reason I say, Ave
         if the Lord does not watch over the city,                            atque Vale: Hail and Farewell, Brothers.
                                                                                  My time before Priory is a blur. We had to move onto some-
          in vain does the watchman keep vigil.
                                                                              thing new. Let us move on once more, but this time let us not
                It is vain for you to rise early                              forget. Thank you and thank God. Deo Gratias.
               and put off your rest at night,                                   Laus Tibi Domine.
              To eat bread earned by hard toil
        all this god gives to his beloved in sleep.

The Bakewell Memorial Award Recipient
Matthew Rhodes spoke to the audience
    Good afternoon, it is such a privilege to be able to address you
today. Although it is impossible to fully capture these past six years,
I shall do my best to give you a glimpse of our class. It is only fitting
that we first thank those who have encouraged us along our way.
Father Abbot, Father Michael, Mr. Gleich, members of the faculty,
and monastic community, through your actions, words, and pres-
ence, you have forever changed the way we view the world. Parents,
through your unwavering love and faith in us, you have given us the
freedom to develop our unique talents. We would not be the men we
are now without you. Thank you.
    In addition to our parents, our teachers, and the monks, we have
each other to thank. We have taken exams together, played sports
together, prayed together, and tackled every challenge which Priory
has thrown at us. We have lived the Benedictine motto of “Ora Et
                                                                             cal talents...but these achievements are not what define the Class of
Labora” or “Prayer and Work.”
                                                                             2010. The essence of our class cannot be reduced to GPAs or athletic
    Academically, we have excelled in the classroom and on standard-         accomplishments; the true spirit of our class stems from the collec-
ized tests. Athletically, we have been integral members of successful        tion of our individual personalities working together to make the
teams. Our class's publications have been numerous, entertaining,            class better.
and informative. Our class has transformed the school itself by
                                                                                Every member of our class has a unique personality and talents
contributing to the growth of organizations such as Tutoría, Pro-Life,
                                                                             which he has developed during his time at Priory. Some things we
Community Service, and Student Council. We have been recognized
                                                                             knew about ourselves when we began six years ago, others we have
for our mathematical skill, our artwork, our poetry, and our musi-

                                                                                             From The sChool

discovered during the course of our                                                                      So it is with our class, take away one
time at Priory. Just as we gave our                                                                      member and the class would suffer the
ties for the quilt that you all can see,                                                                 impact of that loss.
so we have given of ourselves to our
class. Each tie represents an individual                                                                     Being a member of our class has en-
member of our class. The individuality                                                                   abled us to grow as individuals. To the
of these ties, their unique colors and                                                                   extent that we have given of ourselves
patterns, are the reason why the quilt                                                                   to the community, so we, in turn, have
is such a thing of beauty. There are                                                                     experienced personal growth.
SpongeBob ties, Snoopy ties, classic                                                                           Our supportive community will
ties, artsy ties, sports ties, solid ties,                                                                 withstand the test of time. While at
multi-colored ties, Tasmanian Devil                                                                        Priory we have built foundations that
ties, and penguin ties...all which reveal                                                                  will support us in whatever we choose
the complexity and depth of our class.                                                                     to do in the future. We will always be
The quilt is better than the mere total                                                                    able to draw upon the experiences we
of its parts. It is not simply an assort-                                                                  have had as brothers, experiences which
ment of separate ties but an impressive                                                                    have taught us how to be a unique
work of art.                                                                                               member of a greater whole. In our class,
    As individuals, we are able to stand alone just as each tie can be        we have truly seen Christ, now it is our call to be Christ. Just as
worn on its own. However, it is only when we give of ourselves to             our ties are configured in a sunburst pattern going forth from the
one another, as when each tie is sewn into the quilt, that the effect         Priory crest, we must now go forth and show the world what we
is more magnificent than the individual pieces. The same holds true           have already shown each other. Let the quilt be a constant reminder
when the individuals of our class work as one. Together, we have              of what is possible when many come together as one. Let us take
respected each other, and created truly spectacular relationships. Re-        what we have learned and experienced in our six years here and live
move one tie from the quilt, and the quilt would be less splendid.            so there can be no doubt that we are and will continue to be men
                                                                              of Priory.
                                                                                 Laus Tibi Domine.

                  Two generations of Priory alumni: (from left) Bob Horan, Scott; Allan Link '73, Drew; Ken Jones '82, Max;
                  Tom Mulvihill '80, Parick; Dan Croghan '81, Dan; John Constantino '80, Ben; george Halenkamp '71, Andrew;
                                    Bill Busch '78, Billy; Marty Altepeter '70, Joe; george Ahlering '76, Conor

College Counseling
Barbara K. Sams, Director
Class of 2010 – A stellar year for a stellar class
    The Class of 2010 will always hold a special place in my heart,
for I joined the Priory School family in the same year that they
did. They have always been “my class.” I picked a good one to join!
    The 59 members of the Class of 2010 truly distinguished
themselves in the college selection process. This class of scholars
and leaders made their mark here at Priory and in the wider com-
munity. The higher education community also duly recognized
their achievements. The Class of 2010 filed 376 college applica-
tions to 131 different institutions. Of this number, 148 or 39
percent of the applications were to the Most Competitive colleges
(as defined by “Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges,” 2009 edi-
tion). Highly Competitive colleges received 89 applications, or 24           Craig A. Boyce II, named a National Achievement Scholar
percent. Very Competitive colleges received 116 applications, or 31          Richard C. Byrd, named a Horatio Alger Scholar
percent, with the remaining 23 applications, or six percent, in the         L. Clayton Dahm, named a National Merit Scholar at the
Competitive and Special category.                                        University of Chicago and invited to join the honors program at the
    In terms of acceptances, the Class had an overall acceptance         University of Notre Dame
rate of 79 percent, an incredible figure by any measure and even            William C. Fox, Jr., named a Presidential Scholar at Southern
more amazing when compared to national acceptance rates for the          Methodist University and invited to join the honors program at
schools to which our students applied. For instance, applications to     Southern Methodist University
Tier 1 (Most Competitive) were received very favorably at a rate of
53 percent (compared to the average national acceptance rate of 20          James F. Fuller, invited to join the honors program at Fordham
percent for the Tier 1 schools to which our students applied). Tier      University, Saint Louis University, and Trinity University
2 applications were accepted at the rate of 92 percent; Tier 3 at the        Douglas J. Hall, named a National Merit Scholar at Vanderbilt
rate of 97 percent; and the remaining applications were accepted at      University, named a Presidential Scholar at Southern Methodist
the rate of 100 percent.                                                 University, named a Presidential Scholar at the University of Tulsa,
    Students from the Class of 2010 will be attending 39 different       named a Mesmer Scholar at Washington University in St. Louis,
institutions. Twenty-seven percent will be attending Catholic col-       named a Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholar at Vanderbilt University, and
leges, 56 percent other private schools, and 17 percent will attend      invited to join the honors program at Southern Methodist Univer-
public schools.                                                          sity and the University of Tulsa

    The Class of 2010 has been awarded more than $2.1 million               Nicholas J. Hedlesky, named an AXA Achiever Scholar and
per year (or more than $8.4 million over four years) in scholar-         named a national Army ROTC Scholarship recipient
ships. This is a record for Priory and one that recognizes the truly        Bryan C. Hercules, invited to join the honors program at
outstanding nature of this class. Several members of the class were      Miami University of Ohio and Southern Methodist University
selected for unique, prestigious academic opportunities at a variety        Matthew B. Jones, invited to join the honors program at
of schools. These students include: (Please note this data was self-     Southern Methodist University and the University of Richmond
reported by the students as of May 28. The list may be incomplete.)      (Leadership Learning Community)
    Robert A. Becker, named a National Merit Scholar at the                 James A. Kopfensteiner, invited to join the Medical Scholars
University of Southern California, named a Trustees Scholar at the       Program and the honors program at Saint Louis University
University of Southern California, named a Presidential Scholar
at Southern Methodist University, and invited to join the honors             Bennett T. Krack, named a National Merit Scholar at the Uni-
program at the University of Oregon, Santa Clara University, and         versity of Tulsa, named a Curators’ Scholar at Missouri S & T, and
Southern Methodist University                                            invited to join the honors program at the University of Oklahoma
                                                                         and the University of Tulsa

                                                                                           From The sChool

   Brendan g. McDermott, invited to join the honors program at             of Chicago, and James H. Wortham who will play baseball for
Elmira College and Loyola University of Chicago                            Rockhurst University.
   Peter L. McLaughlin, invited to join the honors program at the             Congratulations and best wishes to all of the students. You will
University of Richmond (Leadership Learning Community)                     be missed.
    Matthew R. Menendez, named a Coca-Cola Scholar, named a                Trends in the College Selection Process
National Merit Scholar by the National Merit Foundation, named                 This was a year of transition in our office and on the national
a Presidential Scholar at Boston College, named a Bean Classics            scene for college admission. The Office of College Counseling wel-
Scholar at the College of the Holy Cross, named a Hesburgh-                comed Mrs. Beth Collier to our team. Mrs. Collier is a thoughtful,
Yusko Scholar at the University of Notre Dame, named a Cornelius           dynamic and dedicated professional. She has been a most welcome
Vanderbilt Scholar at Vanderbilt University, and invited to join           addition. We also began submitting transcripts and letters of recom-
the honors program at the University of Notre Dame, Saint Louis            mendation electronically. While we had some bumps in the road
University, and Villanova University                                       with this process, it has definitely simplified parts of the process.
    Charles g. Peterson, named a Hays Scholar at Hendrix Col-                  In terms of our students and trends with the college selection
lege and invited to join the honors program at Loyola University of        process, this class was more interested in the learning environment
Chicago                                                                    at the colleges that they applied to than previous classes. Smaller
    Daniel H. Reitz, invited to join the honors program at the Uni-        class size, campus size, and an interest in the liberal arts approach
versity of Illinois and the University of Southern California              to education were more prevalent. Money continues to grow in its
    Luke M. Schmerold, named a National Merit Scholar at the               significance in the decision making process with private colleges
University of Chicago, named a Merit Scholar at the University of          at the 2nd and 3rd Tier of selectivity “winning” over many of our
Alabama, and invited to join the honors program at the University          families with the awards that they offer in comparison to more selec-
of Alabama, University of Maryland, University of Notre Dame,              tive colleges and universities. It may seem surprising that public uni-
Trinity University, and the University of Tulsa                            versities were not chosen by more of our students if money is such
                                                                           a significant factor. But, with state and federal budget cuts, public
   Jeffrey R. Swaney, Jr., named a National Merit Scholar at               universities were often not able to offer the funding to our students
Vanderbilt University, invited to join the honors program at North-        that many of the private colleges could.
western University, University of Notre Dame, and Saint Louis
University                                                                      On the national stage, we noticed several trends this year.
                                                                           First of all, the number of colleges to which students are applying
   Filip A. Swat, named a National Merit Scholar at Washington             continues to grow. National publications report that on the coasts,
University in St. Louis                                                    it is not unusual for the best students to apply to 20 to 30 colleges.
    Alexandre M. Todorov, named a National Merit Scholar at                This, of course, feeds the application growth craze at many of our
Boston University, named a Trustees Scholar at Boston University,          most popular schools. (The University of Chicago saw a 42 percent
named a Merit Scholar at the University
of Alabama, and invited to join the honors
program at the University of Alabama
    In addition to these academic achieve-
ments, several of the students were
recruited to collegiate athletic teams includ-
ing: Joseph H. Altepeter who will play
soccer for Westminster College, Colin M.
Barry who will play squash for the United
States Naval Academy, William K. Busch,
Jr. who will play football for the University
of San Diego, Andrew L. Cusumano who
will play football for DePauw University,
Chad E. Huber who will run cross country
for Westminster College, Zachary M. Ross
who will play football for the University

increase in applications this year for instance.) As the number of ap-        have shied away from making this kind of early commitment in the
plications a school receives increases, the schools struggle with how         past, they may now need to be prepared to make the Early Decision
to choose the students who will be the most likely to enroll. Colleges        commitment. This in turn, increases the need for visiting colleges
find this important because the rate at which admitted students               in the junior year so that families are prepared with their final list of
enroll at the school impacts the school’s ranking in such publications        colleges early in the senior year (by October 31).
as U.S. News and World Report.                                                     Finally, more of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 schools are becoming
    Schools employ all kinds of methods to predict the “likely”               need-aware in their admission process. Need-aware admission means
enrollment of an admitted student. Some schools have added                    that a college or university will take into account whether or not a
special questions to the application, which predict the likelihood            family is able to pay for the school if admitted. And, more schools
of a student enrolling based on the student’s answer. Demonstrated            at all tiers are “gapping” their financial aid packages. This means
interest is a factor for many of the schools to which our students            that when a family does show financial need based on the financial
apply. Demonstrated interest is a term used to document how much              aid application process, schools are not meeting 100 percent of that
a student is “demonstrating” that he really wants to be admitted to a         demonstrated need with the financial aid packages they are offer-
particular college. As a result, many Tier 1 and 2 schools who utilize        ing accepted applicants. In some cases, this makes the school very
Early Decision programs (Early Decision programs provide students             difficult for a family with need to choose despite being accepted for
with an admission decision early – usually mid December – but also            admission by the college. Helping a family understand this process
require that any student admitted through an Early Decision plan              has become a more significant part of our counseling role and will
accept the offer of admission immediately and commit to withdraw-             continue to be so in the future.
ing all other applications) are admitting up to 50 percent of their
students through an Early Decision program. For our students, who

                                                                                              From The sChool

Andrea Nunziante, Director
     The Saint Louis Priory Technology Department has seen
its fair share of advances over the years since Mr. Brian Barry
introduced Priory to technological marvels such as the Inter-
net, desktop publishing and email. Technological progress is
essential; however, it should not be progress for the sake of
acquiring the latest shiny, new product. Advances must benefit
our students, parents, faculty and the monastic community.
    Last year the department hired a new System Adminis-
trator, Mr. Derek Ward, who was substituting for Mr. Nick
White who was deployed to Afghanistan. Mr. Ward proved
himself to be essential for the Technology Department and to
Priory as a whole with his experience with Microsoft Windows
environments. Mr. Ward has accepted a full-time position in
the Technology and Media Departments; in addition, Mr.
Ward will continue his work with the Robotics Club and teach
a Form I Computer Science class.
    In a previous Priory Magazine issue, we highlighted some
of the new technology changes on the Priory Campus, such as
PowerSchool and our unified WiFi network. This just scratches
the surface of our technology advances.
    First, we have not only unified the look-and-feel of our
three web sites – School, Alumni and Monastery – since their
                                                                                  Deploying technology directly in the classroom is the ulti-
launch two years ago, we have also expanded and improved them by
                                                                              mate goal of our department. During the past two years, we have
providing communication with prospective families, current families
                                                                              introduced Visual Presenters to replace our aging fleet of overhead
and alumni. On our school web site, we now offer RSS feeds that
                                                                              projectors. Visual Presenters offer a new set of features. Teachers
allow all of our constituents to get news updates automatically by
                                                                              are now able to display anything that can fit under the presenter’s
using software such as Firefox and Google Reader. Secondly, starting
                                                                              camera. From connecting the presenter to microscopes to capturing
with the 2010-11 school year, families will be able to sign up for a
                                                                              images from a textbook or an object, the presenter enhances the way
newsletter associated with different Priory departments (Athletics,
                                                                              teachers work in the classroom. The days of the traditional overhead
Admission, etc.) and automatically receive news as it becomes avail-
                                                                              projector needing special transparencies and the dreaded “blue hand
able. Thirdly, the school web site now offers The Saint Louis Abbey
                                                                              syndrome” are becoming things of the past.
Journal, Priory Magazine and The Record in a digital format so that
you can read them anywhere. Finally, the Priory Alumni web site                    Priory plans to eventually install SMART® Boards in every class-
has been revamped into a full-blown social networking web site that           room. The entire Junior School was outfitted with SMART® Boards
allows alumni to create personal profiles, upload pictures and notes,         last summer. SMART® Boards incorporate a projector and a touch-
have discussions in forums, develop friends lists, and say "hi" in the        sensitive screen that not only allows the projection of Visual Present-
chat rooms.                                                                   ers and computers, but also allows teachers and students to interact
                                                                              in a way that was only dreamed about decades ago. These boards are
    Within the academic arena, the Technology Department has
                                                                              more engaging than traditional presentations, and the software that
been pushing the use of Moodle to complement the class work.
                                                                              comes bundled with these devices offers teachers a great way to save
Moodle is an open-source, e-learning application that allows teach-
                                                                              time as well as present classroom notes online.
ers to create a virtual classroom and gives them the capability to
expand the classroom experience beyond the constraints of the usual               Technology progresses at a blinding speed and can be intimidat-
school day by providing assignments, quizzes, notes and discussions           ing to people more accustomed to traditional teaching and learning
online. By offering teachers and students additional avenues for              methods. It is our job to seek and present appropriate technologies
learning, we can cater to different learning styles and paces.                to the school to enhance and support the learning experience.

Faculty Development                                                           More than 30 colleges were visited on multiple trips. The results of
                                                                              our spring college acceptances reinforce our conviction that there
Joseph V. gleich, Associate Headmaster and Director of Studies                is no substitute for personal contact. More trips of this nature are
                                                                              already planned for the 2010-11 school year.
    Perhaps the best way to describe the 2009-10 school year is to
say that “the winds of change are blowing.” While there have been                 While some faculty grew professionally through their travels,
multiple conferences and workshops attended by our faculty, ac-               others stayed closer to home and engaged in development in more
companied by considerable curriculum development work across                  traditional ways. Mr. Tim Bussen and Mr. Matt Barrett are spending
several disciplines this summer, major changes have occurred in the           the summer months creating several new mini English units for the
past year that are worthy of elaboration.                                     senior English curriculum. Mr. Tim Clark and Mr. John Mohrmann
                                                                              are doing the same in English for underclassmen. Development of a
    After three years of deliberation and study, the Curriculum
                                                                              similar nature is also occurring in French, Integrated Science, Latin
Committee brought the recommendation to Father Michael Brun-
                                                                              and American Government, while Mrs. Linda Schulz is updating
ner that we implement the study of Mandarin at Priory. While the
                                                                              her familiarity with the constantly changing AP Computer Science
kernel of this change can clearly be attributed to Father Michael,
                                                                              syllabus with a week long AP Workshop. Dr. Eugene Logusch will
Mr. Kevin O’Connell has been the faculty member most respon-
                                                                              do the same next year when AP Physics receives a College Board
sible for making Mandarin possible at Priory. This fall we will begin
two small classes of Mandarin I, one for sophomores and one for
juniors, that will be followed next year with Mandarin II classes. To             After several years of focused graduate work, Mr. O’Connell was
achieve this end, we have hired Dr. PinPin Yu to teach these classes.         granted a third Masters degree, this time in Spanish, and Mr. Bernie
                                                                              Kilcullen became Dr. Kilcullen when he walked for his Ph.D. in
    While we were just getting used to the idea of adding another
                                                                              May. While dozens of faculty members have completed Masters
language to our curriculum, I received a fortuitous call from my
                                                                              work through the faculty development program, Dr. Kilcullen is
brother about a friend of his who was interested in promoting a
                                                                              the first faculty member to earn his Ph.D. with support from these
Chinese connection with Priory. One thing led to another and by
                                                                              funds. Joining these two faculty members who have arrived in their
Easter, Priory was being courted by Lu He International School in
                                                                              academic quest, three other faculty members – Mr. Bussen, Mr.
Beijing, China with the hope of developing a collaborative relation-
                                                                              Nick White and Mr. Russ Ham – are nearing completion of their
ship. In late March, we were visited by a middle school teacher
                                                                              Masters degrees. They are eager to follow Father Augustine Wetta
from China and then shortly after Easter, we were graced by the
                                                                              who puts the finishing touches on his final Masters course this
Headmaster and the Principal of Lu He. Within a week of that visit,
Father Michael asked Mr. Tony Finan and me to make the 7,000-
mile trip to Beijing to see Lu He. Just prior to graduation, we em-               Many of our students single out teachers who have made a
barked on this incredible journey, and the “collaboration” has now            real difference in their lives. Mr. Dick Cavanaugh received such a
begun. The exact details of our joint program are yet to be worked            National recognition on Awards Day when senior Matt Menendez
out, since there are several thrusts to the relationship, but we begin        submitted his name as a mentor who had left a lasting impression
this fall with a visitation from two Chinese Chemistry and Calculus           on him. Mrs. Gayle Reichle was awarded “Coach of the Year” by the
teachers who will spend a month studying these AP Courses.                    Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) for
                                                                              the State Championship won by our 2009 Scholar Bowl team. She
    Traveling to China was not the only exciting trip taken by our
                                                                              and her team became repeat Champions with a resounding victory
faculty. Ms. Cristina Cazabonne orchestrated a spring break service
                                                                              at the State competition this May. Finally, after 50 years of teaching,
trip to Belize with an alumni parent, Mr. Stephen Ruzycki, who had
                                                                              much of it at the AP Calculus level, Father Paul Kidner was recog-
previously helped arrange trips to Mexico. While using their talents
                                                                              nized by the Siemens Math and Science Foundation. By our count,
to help others, boys had the opportunity to practice their Spanish. A
                                                                              Father Paul is the most tenured AP Calculus teacher in the nation!
second trip to Central America was undertaken by Mr. Jake Wenger
                                                                              The Director of the National Recognition Program wrote this of
who had gone to Costa Rica last summer to investigate alternatives
                                                                              Father Paul: “Your students’ AP test scores speak for themselves, but
for a stay. With the help of alumnus Jonathan Rabenau ’95, eight
                                                                              what cannot be quantified is the profound impact you have had on
high school boys spent 12 days on a combination cultural, environ-
                                                                              students' lives.”
mental, home stay and service trip.
                                                                                  We would be remiss if we did not point out that the spring of
    Multiple trips closer to home were undertaken by college coun-
                                                                              2010 was filled with both joy and sadness. In a normal year we
selors, Mrs. Barbara Sams and Mrs. Beth Collier. Personal contact
                                                                              have two or three faculty members who leave us. This May we had
with colleges and universities is proving to be so important when so
                                                                              to say goodbye to Ms. Sheri Meyer and Mrs. Jessica Brown, both
many of our seniors are applying to the most competitive schools.
                                                                              of whom have been with us for two years and were much loved by
                                                                                              From The sChool

their students. Departing with them, at least for the next four years,        know that they will be deeply missed in the coming year. We are
are Brothers Cuthbert Elliott and Cassian Koenemann. However,                 keenly aware that the next six years will present a wonderful oppor-
these four changes paled when compared to the retirements of Mr.              tunity and a formidable challenge to the school as other experienced
Cavanaugh and Mr. Jim Wortham. Both began their Priory careers                faculty members also approach retirement. That is one reason why
as young teachers in 1971 and completed nearly four decades of                we invest so heavily in the professional development of each and
stellar work as teachers, coaches, club moderators, Form Masters,             every faculty member. Our goal is to make all teachers productive
Class Sponsors and role models. At a post exam festive faculty meet-          and influential throughout their entire careers.
ing, they were fittingly honored by their colleagues for the positive
influence they both have had on two generations of Priory boys.
While commending them for being such outstanding educators, we

                   (From Left) Anthony G. Finan, Martin D. Combs, Father Michael Brunner, Jeanette C. Hall and James L. Wortham

Student Faculty                                  CLASSROOM INSTRUCTOR –
                                                 presented to the faculty member who inspires
                                                                                                      MENTOR – presented to a faculty
                                                                                                      member to whom students have been able to

Awards                                           students with a mastery of the subject matter
                                                 and the ability to convey it to them.
                                                                                                      turn when the going was rough, and whose
                                                                                                      opinion they admire and respect.
The Student Faculty Awards were estab-           Anthony g. Finan                                     Jeanette C. Hall
lished by the Class of 1996 to honor the
very special people who exemplify the out-       COACH – recognizes outstanding                       SHIELD DEDICATION – presented by the
standing characteristics of a Priory teacher.    instruction in the area of athletics —               Senior Class to the faculty member who has
They are presented by the Senior Student         instruction to all various levels of talent, help-   the greatest impact on them as a class.
Council members.                                 ing students reach their potential and above
                                                                                                      James L. Wortham
                                                 all, making it fun.
                                                 Martin D. Combs

Deacon Thomas Mulvihill ’80, Director
    With a challenging economy, a hugely competitive secondary
school market, and a “demographic dip” that experts insist is deflat-
ing interest in Catholic schools locally and nationally, it may seem
odd that this fall will see about 430 young men, Priory’s largest
enrollment ever, arrive on campus. Consider, further, these positive
signs in our Admission picture:
   •	 This	year’s	candidates	came	from	over	45	zip	codes,	over	
      50 schools, and included the highest number of diversity
      candidates and diversity enrolled students in recent memory.
    •	 They	have	strong	ties	to	the	school	with	over	30	percent	of	the		 demic program, the presence of the Monks, and our small size are
       newly enrolled students being either sons of alumni, brothers     hugely attractive to parents who want a quality Catholic education,
       of current students or both.                                      but increasingly encounter schools with “cut-and-paste” missions
                                                                         and curricula.
    •	 Our	Regular	Admission	Program	for	6th	graders	has	
       guaranteed 80 plus students for Form I in the fall, while we          Even our Holy Father acknowledged this when he said recently,
       experienced our greatest Early Decision Program success ever      “More and more people – parents in particular – recognize the need
       for the Class of 2017.                                            for excellence in the human formation of their children.” He went
                                                                         on to suggest that this surely places upon us, as Catholic educators,
    •	 Attendance	at	Open	House	was	up	by	almost	50	percent	
                                                                         a responsibility, but also offers an opportunity: an opportunity,
       over the previous year, while Admission interviews rose by
                                                                         which, I daresay, the entire Abbey and School community has
       25 percent.
                                                                         worked hard to capitalize on the past few years.
    •	 This	year	saw	the	highest	percentage	in	the	past	five	years	of		
                                                                             As we ready ourselves for a new Admission “season,” it is clearer
       candidates completing the Admission process and candidates
                                                                         to me than ever before that attracting families to the School is
       accepting our offer of enrollment.
                                                                         very much a team effort. Nearly 80 percent of parents choosing
     We have surely been blessed with a talented group of interested     Priory this year specifically cited their interaction with a member
young men supported by enthusiastic families. But this success           of the Priory Family — a student, parent, alumnus, faculty or staff
shouldn’t necessarily come as such a surprise to those of us who         member — as being instrumental in their decision to investigate the
have witnessed and experienced firsthand the enormous benefits of        School and ultimately enroll their student. We will be giving added
a rigorous Benedictine education. We are reminded each year in our strength and structure to this component through our newly crafted
follow-up survey to applicant families that the strengths of our aca-    “Community-Based Marketing Initiative” which invites individuals
                                                                            to reach out into their personal, professional and parish circles to
                                                                            identify and cultivate candidates. If you are interested in lend-
                                                                            ing a hand with this, I strongly encourage you to contact the
                                                                            Admission Office (which, incidentally, we’ve recently relocated to
                                                                            the Junior School). We need, want and value your participation
                                                                                 A final few words of gratitude and welcome. We say thank
                                                                             you and farewell to Brother Cassian Koenemann ’97, who leaves
                                                                             for Theological studies in Rome following his two-year stint with
                                                                             our office, as we happily welcome Brother John McCusker ’01,
                                                                             who will take over the reins as Assistant Director of Admission.
                                                                             Thank you to these trusted colleagues, to Mrs. Linda Meyers here
                                                                             in the Admission Office and to all who help to represent and
                                                                             present the School in such a positive light.

                                                                                           From The sChool

Aim High
Karin McElwain-West, Development Director
   On June 11, Aim High St. Louis began its 16th year at Saint
Louis Priory School. The program started on the campus of John
Burroughs School in 1991, with Priory joining the effort in 1994.
    The Monastic Community, as well as Priory staff, alumni and
students are very active in Aim High. Abbot Thomas Frerking, Fa-
ther Gregory Mohrman, Priory alumni mother Cindy Bottini, and
two current mothers, Patty Erker and Colleen Beuttenmuller Mc-
Cormick, all serve on Aim High’s Board of Directors. Cindy is the
secretary of the Aim High board, while Patty and Colleen will serve          •		97	of	102	students	(95	percent)	reported	never	failing	a	class		
as Co-Chairs for Aim High’s 2011 annual fundraising party, Lu-                  since their Aim High experience.
minosity. In addition, Ms. Carrie Riefle is a member of Aim High’s
program staff. College students and recent graduates return to               •	 94	percent	reported	being	engaged	in	one	or	more	
Priory to work in the program. Michael Wagner ’07 was the Head                  extracurricular activities while in high school.
Teaching Assistant (TA) at Priory in 2009 and this year served as the        •	 61	of	102	respondents	were	of	college	age	and	all	of	these		 	
Leadership and Events Coordinator for both campuses. Joseph Wag-                individuals graduated high school (compared with less than 50
ner ’09 served as the Head TA this year. Other alumni TAs include:              percent of their St. Louis Public Schools peers).
Kenneth Capps ’09, Jeffrey Swaney ’10, Benedict Constantino ’10,             •	 95	percent	of	college-age	Aim	High	graduates	enrolled	in	a			
Charles Peterson ’10, Daniel Igoe ’09, and Andrew Lall ’10. Many                program of post-secondary studies versus 65 percent of their
current Priory students assisted in the program by volunteering                 peers.
their time over the summer, including: Form V students Nicholas
D'Orazio, Joshua Hartke, Brendan Kelly, and Richard Mazuski;                 •	 53	of	61	college-age	alumni	completed	a	program	of	post-	 	
Form IV students James Capps, Rakesh Dara, Luke Slabaugh, John                  secondary studies (87 percent).
Szatkowski, and Brendan Thomas; and Form III students Alexander              •	 One	hundred	percent	of	college-age	or	older	alumni	are	either		
Noddings and Khaliq Snow.                                                       working or in school; many of them are doing both.
     Aim High offers a tuition free program to nearly 300 public          Funding for Aim High comes from private donations, corpora-
middle school students from economically disadvantaged areas.         tions and foundations, as well as the support of Saint Louis Abbey/
The foundation of this academic and cultural enrichment program       Saint Louis Priory School and John Burroughs. Each school’s cam-
is the intensive five-week summer session with monthly meetings       pus is donated for summer use.
on Saturday during the academic year. The summer program offers
                                                                          Aim High recently underwent a leadership change. In 2008,
academic programs in the morning,
                                                                                                  Executive Director Beth Louis made
followed by athletics and a hot lunch.
                                              AIM HIgH CALENDAR                                   the difficult decision to retire from her
Afternoons are dedicated to a wide range
                                                                                                  position. Following a comprehensive
of electives including: art, chess, dance/    august      Wed 18 Aim High Board Meeting           recruitment process, Julie Angelica was
drama, film, golf, jewelry making, news-      sePtember Sat      11 Aim High Saturday Session     named the new Executive Director.
paper/yearbook, rocketry, yard games,         october     Wed 13 Aim High Board Meeting           Julie brings with her nearly 15 years of
and yoga/pilates.                                         Sat    23 Aim High Saturday Session
                                                                                                  success in developing and managing
                                              november Sat       20 Aim High Saturday Session
     Once accepted into the program, stu-                                                         youth programming.
                                              December Wed 1        Aim High Board Meeting
dents participate for four years, enabling                Sat    11 Aim High Saturday Session          Aim High is a major work of social
them to take full advantage of a compre-      February    Sat    19 Aim High Saturday Session     justice to which the Saint Louis Abbey
hensive curriculum, which has a long-         march       Sat    12 Aim High Saturday Session     and Saint Louis Priory School are com-
term impact on their futures. Aim High        aPril       Sat    9  Aim High Saturday Session     mitted. We will continue to report on
has indeed shown its effectiveness. Initial   may         Sat    14 Aim High Saturday Session     the good works in the Aim High pro-
data from the 2009 evaluation of over         June        Fri    10 Aim High Begins               gram by our faculty, alumni, students
100 Aim High graduates indicates that         July        Thurs 14 Aim High Field Day
                                                          Fri    15 Aim High Ends and 9th         and friends.
the program is making a huge difference:
                                                                        Grade Graduation

    Parent Organizations
        These outstanding organizations are vital to the operation of the
    institution. Without them, we would not have the financial assis-
    tance generated from their events, and more importantly the friend-
                                     ships which develop throughout
                                     our entire volunteer network. We
                                     are proud to say that each year, a
                                     new group of friends step forward
                                     to support all of the works of
                                     the monks in the monastery, the
                                     school and the parish.                       the entire year with Xanadu at the top of their daily priority list. As
                                        Mothers’ Club and                         important as the money raised was the way in which the Mothers’
                                      Xanadu Auction                              Club leadership ran this event and all of the activities of the Moth-
                                          President Mary Rhodes orches-           ers’ Club; a sincere love of Priory School and a deep gratitude for
                                      trated an extraordinary year for the        the education of their sons was the message portrayed. Thank you,
                                      Mothers’ Club with a very talented          mothers, for a superb year!

Michelle Moen and Mary Rhodes group of mothers. Her task of                          Fathers’ Club and The Progressive Party
                                     overseeing the numerous events run               President Paul Reitz and Vice President Dave Taiclet were at the
   by the Mothers’ Club weekly and even daily is huge. It begins with             helm. Al Lall completed another term as Treasurer of the Fathers’
   setting the calendar of events, and she promptly put it together and           Club. We thank him for his many years of service as he turns over
   assigned committee work to approximately one hundred volunteers.               the checkbook to the new treasurer, Daniel Wagner.
   She and her Vice President Michelle Moen were present at all events
   from the beginning to the end of the school year. The Mothers’                                                              The year began with a
   Club continued to increase their electronic communications this                                                         meeting and barbecue in
   year by moving to electronic invitations for the majority of their                                                      the Boys Dining Hall. An
   events.                                                                                                                 emphasis was placed on
                                                                                                                           involvement and fathers
         Again this year, the Mothers’ Club pulled off a fabulous Xanadu                                                   stepped forward to help
    led by Chair Mary Reitz and her Co-Chair Dawn Thomas. Their                                                            create a very exciting year.
    theme of Mardi Gras Xanadu provided an exciting and pleasur-                                                           The Fathers’ Club hosts
    able atmosphere for the 41st anniversary of the Xanadu Auction.                                                        numerous events for fathers
    Together they were on a mission to secure fabulous new packages                                                        and sons including fall and
    for the Main Auction and that they did. They secured the BIG Big                 Chris McKee and Paul Reitz at the spring Junior School Recre-
    Easy Getaway, an Airborne Patrol Experience and St. Louis Sights                          Progressive Party
                                                                                                                        ation Nights, the Father/Son
    by Plane. They created the Priory Classics section which consisted            banquet in January, and the float trip in June. In addition, they
                                               of only Priory items or            provide volunteer service to chaperone and assist on School events
                                               items created by members           such as the Form VI and V Retreats, school dances and mixers, and
                                               of the Priory community.           admission programs.
                                               It proved to be a huge
                                               success. They raised a net             New to the line-up of events this year were two Happy Hours at
                                               profit of $315,000 which           local restaurants. These Happy Hours offered dads the opportunity
                                               they announced at the              to get to know one another as well as visit with Priory coaches.
                                               Mothers’ Club Spring                   Chris McKee agreed to Chair a special event for the Fathers’
                                               Luncheon.                          Club, Meet Me at Saint Louis Priory School. This event, held on April
                                                   What a fabulous year           17, 2010, was a progressive party showcasing the new Junior School
                                               it was, and we owe tre-            expansion and the upgraded athletic facilities. A highlight of the
                                               mendous praise to Mary             evening was the opportunity to be part of some good natured com-
                                               and Dawn who spent                 petition with the chance to kick a field goal, take a shot on goal or
         Dawn Thomas and Mary Reitz                                               hit a home run. The Junior School showcased the new science lab,
                                                                                         From The sChool

the Medieval Arts Studio and the expanded Commons. In ad-                  alumni mothers connected to the School and the Abbey and raises
dition, you could see the latest technology enhancements and               essential funds at the same time.
participate in an interactive SMART® Boards demonstration.                     We also thank alumni mothers for their tremendous support of
This event raised $40,000 for student tuition assistance.                  the monastic community. They provide Thanksgiving Dinner for
   Alumni Mothers’ Club                                                    the monastic community and can be seen frequently dropping off
    Susan McCusker continued her position as the Alumni                    their favorite dishes for the monks to enjoy.
Mothers’ Club President. The Alumni Mothers’ Club hosted a                    Hospitality Committee
Priory Art Tour guided by Father Timothy Horner in the fall and                Chair Mary Foushee and her hospitality committee members
a Margarita Happy Hour at the Switzer House in June. Alumni                create the wonderful parties and receptions for the monastic com-
moms also joined current moms at the Christmas Boutique and                munity. Every time Mary receives a call from the Abbey announc-
Spring Luncheon. A new directory was produced to replace the               ing a new profession or the monks’ need to entertain guests, she
previous one which was produced several years ago.                         very graciously responds and quickly organizes the receptions
    One of the responsibilities of the alumni mothers is the or-           gathering help chiefly from alumni mothers and providing refresh-
ganization of the Emporium section at Xanadu. Under the lead-              ments, food and always flowers for a beautiful event. Of special
ership of Lori Willibrand and Rhonda Wehking, they secured                 note, is the organization of the very popular Monks’ Christmas
nearly 300 items from furniture to collectibles to jewelry and             Open House which is attended by members of the Abbey family.
accessories. Stephanie Stitt hosted a gift gathering party at Veri-        Mary and her right-hand workers, Lynn Leslie, Joan Casey and Sue
tas – Gateway to Food and Wine to aid in the effort. Prior to              Remspecher, orchestrated an elegant event again this year. Thank
the event, the auction chairs had selected items for the auction           you, Mary, for all you do to help the monastic community with the
which guests then purchased and donated to the auction. The                work they have been called to do.
Emporium section has become a real treasure. It helps to keep

                    Alumni moms visit at the Mothers' Club Spring Luncheon at Old Warson Country Club.


                                                                                                From The alumni

Year in Review                                                                  it is the willingness of our volunteers and a strong alumni presence
                                                                                that makes these events successful, meaningful, and integral to
Michael Turco ’04, Alumni Outreach Coordinator                                  forming lasting impressions on our young men.
    Under the guidance of Alumni President Phil Willman ’71, and                     And it doesn’t magically stop once you reach the Mason en-
Vice-President Charlie Garvin ’76, the Alumni Board of Direc-                   trance, or even dissipate once you leave Saint Louis. I have been to
tors has become an increasingly more engaged and focused team.                  visit our alumni in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and if
It continues to add new members, including Dan Sexton ’04 and                   anything, their desire for engagement has only increased. They want
John Peckham ’85, who bring a diversity of ideas and energy. This               to be a part of this growing Priory network. It has been a worth-
growing spectrum of alumni classes brings with it the opportunity               while endeavor, as our commitment to these events has been fruitful
to engage even more alumni across generations. As a group, the                  in defining a framework for the future. I look forward to our return
Alumni Board assists in all aspects of alumni life, acting as partners          to California this year, and a new venture to the Northeast in 2011,
to the Development and Public Relations Office. They continue to                and spending time with some of you in these locations.
offer exciting things for all our alumni, especially on the cusp of this
new decade.
    The committee system, which was reinstated last year, has
naturally molded itself to fit alumni needs. The committees provide
increasingly dedicated leadership and expertise to plan and execute
events, or other necessary functions. As many of you know, this past
year marked a low point in Grant’s Farm Party attendance, but it
provides an excellent example of the maturing committee process.
     After the preliminary questions were raised in one of the Board
meetings, a special committee was convened to do the heavy lifting.
During this summer, that committee has spent time evaluating and
planning each step of the way as we prepare for this year’s event.
From enhancing invitations to outlining the goals and necessary
prerequisites to reach them, the committee is one example of how
                                                                                    We can measure our success by our ability to build bridges
far the process has come. But no matter the committee, we see indi-
                                                                                between our current students and those out-of-town alumni, and I
viduals invested in the alumni community’s success.
                                                                                am happy to say we are doing just that. For the first time in our his-
   This is not an isolated occurrence, nor is it unique to the very             tory, we will have stable networks outside St. Louis, and a method
small segment of alumni who comprise the Board of Directors.                    for getting in touch with those groups. It is a very exciting time.
Rather, our alumni in general seem to be going through a growth                 But, for those of you in St. Louis, this next year will also mark an
spurt of activity. In areas of networking, mentoring, and being                 opportunity for you to share in special alumni events. We plan to
good resources, our alumni have taken ever more active roles. Two               bring some of the best parts of these out-of-town experiences home,
examples that come to mind are Career Day and Rebel Rendezvous.                 to share with you a unique experience of Priory as alumni.
While steered by the Alumni Board and College Counseling Office,
                                                                                    This growing connectedness, as exemplified by the turn out
                                                                                of our alumni to various activities, is the ultimate reward of such
                                                                                endeavors. There’s nothing that better integrates alumni into the life
                                                                                of the school than sharing a common goal or experience with the
                                                                                next generation. As Priory grows, we will face new questions regard-
                                                                                ing how to continue our personal relationships with one another,
                                                                                and provide effective means of communication to our alumni, their
                                                                                families, and friends of the school.
                                                                                    Some of it will be solved technologically. Some of it will be
                                                                                answered by providing new outlets, such as our out-of-town venues.
                                                                                But, a good majority of these questions will be answered by adding
                                                                                on to our traditions, while retaining the original seed from whence
                                                                                they sprung. In all of it, we will need your help and friendship.

   Thinking about those traditions, Phil shared some of his                      The Field Dedication on May 7th was truly a wonderful event
thoughts on a few of the events earlier this year:                           for our generations of alumni and students, as they had a chance to
                                                “On September 12             welcome back a Priory legend in Marty McCabe. Many of our class-
                                           the annual Grant’s Farm           es have a fond memory of Marty’s time with us, and it was a fun way
                                           Party was held under              to celebrate his passion for Priory school, and especially, baseball.
                                           clear, calm skies. Several        But, also in attendance was Tom Plunkert '71, who had the dugouts
                                           classes centered their re-        named in honor of his son, Bobby ’02 and his brother, Bill ’64.
                                           unions on this event. It              On May 16, Priory hosted nearly 300 people at the Grant’s
                                           was an opportune time to          Farm picnic, including alumni and their families, the monks, and
                                           visit with the monks and          members of our faculty. Every table was packed with people, and
                                           faculty, renew friendships        I enjoyed seeing several familiar faces around the grounds. What
                                           with classmates and form          a pleasure it is to be able to bring everyone together for a family
                                           new friendships. Thanks,          picnic.
                                           as always, to Andy Busch
                                           ’81, for making the Party
                                              Later, on September
26, for Homecoming, while the Priory Varsity football team hosted
John Burroughs, the Alumni served burgers and hot dogs in a steady
downpour. Neither the final score nor the rain dampened the
enthusiasm of regular stalwarts Tom Plunkert ’70, Steve Nangle '67,
and Mark Bahn '67, who kept the refreshments coming.
    And, on October 23, the Association sponsored Priory Ca-
reer Day. Under the leadership of Corge Umlauf ’89, a number of
alumni shared with Form V and VI students the unique ways their
Priory experience has prepared them for their work experience. Fi-
nally, on December 22, we held our Christmas Party, which was very
well attended by our younger alumni, but still saw a showing from a              Finally, under the outstanding efforts of our Golf chairs John
few of our seasoned veterans.”                                               Short ’98 and Bob Busch ’95, and their committee, Priory held its
                                                                             newly expanded Golf Scramble on June 11 at Gateway National
    I’ll add that in 2010, we hosted the Grant’s Farm Picnic, Marty          Golf Links. Inviting current fathers and sons, about 92 players
McCabe Field Dedication, and most recently, the Priory Golf                  showed up for a great day of Golf and fun. The format divided the
Scramble. For some reason, we’ve had a hit or miss season with the           players into an alumni flight, and a current student flight. Our
weather, as Homecoming, the Field Dedication, the Picnic, and                best Alumni golfers were Class of 2003 graduates Casey Pohl, John
the Golf Tournament all had to contend with rain. But, fortunately           Brady, Andrew Iqbal, and Mark Strout, while the best Current
none of them were cancelled due to weather concerns.                         Father/Student team consisted of Jerry and Ian ’15 Steiner and Bob
                                                                                  Congratulations to our winners, and good luck next year. All in
                                                                             all, the event raised just over $11,000 dollars for the school. What a
                                                                             great way for John, who will be stepping down as Chair this year, to
                                                                             close out nearly a decade of working on this event. Thank you for all
                                                                             your help!
                                                                                 Hopefully all of you will be able to join us for the Grant’s Farm
                                                                             Party on September 18th, and at Homecoming on October 9th.
                                                                             For the Sports minded of you, drop by the Alumni Soccer Game on
                                                                             September 17th. And, for those wishing to reconnect to Benedictine
                                                                             spirituality, join us for our Alumni Retreat on October 1-3. I look
                                                                             forward to working with many of you in this coming year.

                                                                                       From The alumni

                                                                        our tradition, particularly as a member of the Alumni Board. As I
                                                                        was the “new kid on the block”, he often impressed upon me the
                                                                        (irrefutable) argument that things be done the way they have always
                                                                        been done, because that’s the way they’ve always been done. Truly,
                                                                        the impact of a Benedictine education leaves its mark.
                                                                            But more seriously, he has given years of his life supporting this
                                                                        establishment, championing its values and message, and being an
                                                                        advocate for many regarding alumni affairs. In all areas, he has been
                                                                        a quintessential example of an alumnus, befitting the message of
                                                                        Christ that one leads through service, giving and self-sacrifice.
                                                                            He is replete with knowledge of our history, and has been a
                                                                        great source of wisdom as one of (if not) the longest serving mem-
                                                                        ber of the Alumni Board. If you have an opportunity, thank him
Tom Plunkert '71 Retires from Alumni Board                              for his generous spirit, his zeal, and his unwavering love of Priory.
after 14 years of Service                                               We owe him a debt of gratitude, and all of us, monks, alumni and
   After 14 years of service, Tom Plunkert '71 retired from the         friends thank him from our hearts.
Alumni Board of Directors. Tom has been an important part of

        Priory's First Graduating Class, the Class of 1960, Celebrated their 50th Reunion In May.
   Fifteen members of the class attended the reunion weekend, May 8-10. Five classmates were unable to attend - three for medical reasons
and two due to previously planned European vacations. Dinner at Old Warson Country Club on Friday evening kicked off the weekend.
The celebration continued on Saturday evening at Saint Louis Country Club. Father Timothy Horner reflected on his memories of these
men as students at Priory. Classmates shared many humorous stories about one another, each more embarrassing than the last. The week-
end concluded with Mass on Sunday morning celebrated by Father Luke Rigby. Special thanks to the reunion planning committee: David
Blanton, Dan Burke, John Cramer, Bob Dunn, Ted Kienstra and Fran Oates.


                                                                                                 F r o m T h e Pa r i s h

Pastor's Message                                                                   I am so grateful to all of the priests who currently serve our
                                                                              people here and all the priests who have done so in the past. Father
Father gerard garrigan, OSB                                                   Bede Price zealously serves all who come to the Oratory including
                                                                              many Saint Anselm parishioners whom he feeds spiritually with the
     This being the “Year of the Priest,” I thought it appropriate to
                                                                              sacraments and inspires them with the noble beauty of the Latin
recognize and thank some very good priests who have served so self-
                                                                              liturgy. Our priests from the Abbey have ministered and continue
lessly at Saint Anselm. First of all, I need to thank Prior Columba
                                                                              to minister to the sacramental needs of our parishioners so very
Cary-Elwes, the founding superior of Saint Louis Priory; Abbot
                                                                              selflessly even though these monk priests have many other duties in
Luke Rigby, our superior for many years; and Father Timothy
                                                                              our monastery or in our school. For all of their hard work, I am very
Horner, the first Headmaster of Saint Louis Priory School and the
                                                                              grateful. Finally, we rejoice in the ordination of Father Linus Dolce
first monk Pastor of Saint Anselm Parish. If these three pioneer
                                                                              who will be working hard in our school but also serving our parish-
monks had not come to St. Louis, there would be no Saint Louis
                                                                              ioners in his sacramental ministry as a monk priest of our Abbey.
Abbey, Saint Louis Priory School or Saint Anselm Parish. And if the
generous lay people here had not approached the monks at Ample-                   There remains one former, beloved Associate Pastor at Saint
forth Abbey and asked for the monks to come here to St. Louis, we             Anselm I must mention – Father Edwin Cole. Sadly, Father Edwin
would not be here.                                                            died on December 13, 2009. He served our parishioners faithfully
                                                                              and was considered a great friend by many of them, some of whom
    Of course, we need to thank Monsignor Robert Slattery for serv-
                                                                              maintained their friendships with Father Edwin long after he left
ing as the first pastor of Saint Anselm. He initiated the building of
                                                                              Saint Anselm. Please pray for eternal rest for Father Edwin. I was
our Parish Centre that is now named for him, and his rectory now
                                                                              blessed to have Father Edwin present at my diaconate ordination by
serves as our Parish House. Monsignor Slattery is to be commended
                                                                              Cardinal Hume at Westminster.
for all of his diligence in establishing our parish. I am happy to re-
port that the tradition of well-attended daily Masses that Monsignor              There are many at Saint Anselm I need to thank for their
Slattery started during his time of service continues today. May he           dedicated service and support during this past year. First I thank the
rest in peace.                                                                Staff of our parish who work so tirelessly, often in unknown ways, to
                                                                              serve our good parishioners.
     Thank God, Abbot Luke and Father Timothy are still with us.
Abbot Luke’s health is declining, but he remains a treasure for us                 I thank our Parish Council who has represented and served our
all. I know how dearly he is loved by our Saint Anselm parishioners.          parishioners so well. They give up time that they could be spending
He has truly been a model priest, a man of prayer, a man of zealous           with their families to aid our parishioners. Don Mueth has been an
service, a real leader, and a great friend to so many.                        exemplary Parish Council President. His wisdom, conciliatory skills,
                                                                              kindness and diligence have been a real support to me and a great
     Father Timothy continues his priestly service in many ways and
                                                                              gift to our parishioners. I cannot adequately express my gratitude
is as sharp as ever. His incisive, inimitable wit remains very much in
                                                                              to Don for all of his goodness to us. Geoff Gorse will succeed Don
evidence. Our parishioners continue to love him as the model pastor
                                                                              as our President, and he has the same admirable qualities that will
who gave himself so wholeheartedly to Saint Anselm for so many
                                                                              serve our parishioners so well.
years as pastor and continues to serve our parishioners in so many
ways – baptizing, marrying and burying our parishioners as well as                Our parish committees and organizations have toiled often
faithfully visiting our sick parishioners. His reward will surely be          quietly to serve us in so many ways in our worship, our service, our
great in heaven for his outstanding priestly service here.                    friendship and our efforts to reach out to people beyond our par-
                                                                              ish to those in our city, and even beyond our country to the poor
     Abbot Thomas perseveres in leading and serving our Abbey fam-
                                                                              country of Haiti. The many people served by our St. Vincent de
ily, which includes Saint Anselm Parish, in his unflagging, disci-
                                                                              Paul Conference, the many students aided in the fast growing Holy
plined way. He uses his brilliant mind to lead us so very humbly and
                                                                              Trinity School, the many mothers and babies supported by our
no one is more devoted to prayer than this holy man. He models so
                                                                              Cenacle of Life’s Candlelight Dinner of Hope in support of Birth-
very well the priest as humble servant.
                                                                              right, is quite astounding. I thank all involved in these extremely
     I thank Father Benedict Allin for his many years of service in           good works.
our parish as Associate Pastor and as Administrator at Saint Anselm.
                                                                                  I thank especially Jim Gieszelmann, our Worship Committee
His love and service of the teens over so many years is remarkable.
                                                                              Chair, who has served so many years. We welcome others to help
Contrary to public opinion, Dick Clark is not “the world’s oldest
                                                                              in this important area of our parish’s life. Greg Powers has served for
teenager;” Father Benedict is. Father Benedict has a great gift for
                                                                              the longest time in our Athletic Association and also seeks a succes-
listening to people therefore many seek him out for spiritual advice,
                                                                              sor. I cannot thank Greg enough for all of his many years of humble
an important service offered by priests.
                                                                              service of our young people.
                                                                                    The Guild season began in September with a visit to Poland’s
                                                                                Black Madonna of Czestochowa Shrine and Grottos in Eureka
                                                                                hosted by Fred and Carol Glarner with lunch at Boccardi’s Ris-
                                                                                torante. In October, Ray and Dolores Mohrman had us experienc-
                                                                                ing the "Mighty Mississippi" up close and personal with Captain
                                                                                Mike. A fried chicken lunch with all the trimmings was enjoyed at
                                                                                Pere Marquette Lodge. A November visit to the Anheuser-Busch
                                                                                Brewery followed by lunch at the Tenderloin Room at the Chase
                                                                                Park Plaza was the adventure led by Bob and Rosemary Mosher. The
                                                                                annual Christmas party in December, hosted by Eileen Wohlert and
                                                                                associates, again featured a mouth-watering Christmas Buffet and
                                                                                entertainment by Rich Lauenstein’s strolling musicians.
                                                                                     In February we were pleased to have Maryann Rice as our fea-
                                                                                tured speaker, and Pat Golden ensured that we all had a good time.
                                                                                In March Mary Walk and Rita Lischwe felt it was time for us to
                                                                                get to know our neighbors better at B’nai Amoona Synagogue. We
                                                                                visited with Rabbi Josef Davidson and then traveled to Duff’s for a
          Father Benedict Allin visits with Cal and Carol Fiala                 delicious luncheon in the Central West End.
                          at the Parish Picnic
                                                                                     As we found out in April, City Garden has beautiful sculptures,
    In the coming year, I especially invite each and every one of               reflecting pools and lush landscape with 23 works of art displayed
you to two events here at Saint Anselm. Please join us at our Parish            over three acres carved out of the heart of the city. We capped
Picnic. So many of our parishioners work so hard in providing this              the day with lunch at Zia’s on the Hill followed by dessert at Ted
joyful day of fun, food and socializing. If you have attended in the            Drewes.
past, you know what a delightful day it is for parishioners of all ages.
                                                                                     We experienced 2000 years of art, history, culture and religion at
Also, I invite you to our Parish Lenten Renewal. Both lay parishio-
                                                                                the Missouri History Museum’s exhibit Vatican Splendors thanks to
ners of Saint Anselm and monks of our Abbey tell their faith stories
                                                                                our May hosts Ed and Lil Roberts. Then it was off to lunch at Cune-
at this inspiring event. I assure you that you will not go away from
                                                                                tto’s House of Pasta with a stop at Ted Drewes on the way home.
this experience without having your faith strengthened and your
                                                                                Our Guild year drew to a close with its Annual Picnic in June. Once
hearts touched.
                                                                                again Bud and Marge Goldkamp hosted fun in the sun and conver-
    Finally, I thank all of you, our parishioners, who have contin-             sation in the shade.
ued to pray with us and for us, to support us with your time, your
                                                                                   Many of our parishioners are responding to God’s call to service.
talent and your treasure even in these difficult economic times. I
                                                                                Over 70 men and women assist in the distribution of Holy Com-
am so impressed with our many parishioners who come daily to our
                                                                                munion as Extraordinary Ministers at Mass and to the sick and
Masses. Your witness is so powerful to me and to many others, I am
                                                                                shut-ins in hospitals, in nursing homes or even in their own homes.
sure. May God bless all of you good parishioners for living out your
Catholic faith in your worship and service of God and in your love                  A group of young people offers their service at all weekend
for others. God notes all of your goodness and will reward you. I               liturgies and at other liturgies such as funerals and weddings as Altar
thank you and pray for you and your family for all you do for me.               Servers. Many thanks are due to Al Toczylowski, parish master of
May the coming year be one of great blessings for you all.                      ceremonies, who contributes many long hours assisting at our litur-
                                                                                gies and helping our servers. We are always looking for new servers.
                                                                                     Almost 40 men, women and young people have contributed to
   Here now follow summaries of many of the good works that                     our worship experience in proclaiming the Word of God at Eucha-
have occurred at St. Anselm during the past year.                               ristic celebrations at daily and weekend Masses.
   Guild, Liturgical Ministers, Worship Commission and                              Thirty-three generous women make up the Altar Society. Di-
Altar Society                                                                   vided into five groups and those who do special assignments, they
    Once again an outstanding variety of exciting events, including             help keep the church sanctuary clean and the altar linens laundered.
parties, picnics, bus trips and in-house socials were represented in            This group is always in need of more help.
this year’s offerings.

                                                                                               F r o m T h e Pa r i s h

                                                                              The vitality of catechesis grows especially in our parish, the
                                                                           praying, believing and serving community of faith. We have indi-
                                                                           vidual catechists who devote their time and energy to teaching and
                                                                           evangelizing. There are traditionally four components of catechesis:
                                                                           community, worship and prayer, service, and message.
                                                                                The process is “the how to do it?” In our process, we are ground-
                                                                           ed and rooted in Scripture, liturgy, witness and doctrine. The essen-
                                                                           tial strategies used are reflection, dialogue, prayer and action.
                                                                               The sacramental preparation and celebration of Confirmation
                                                                           took place in the fall. Forty-three teens received the Sacrament of
                                                                           Confirmation on January 21, 2010. In preparation, these young
                                                                           people went through a strong program of classes, prayer sessions,
                                                                           retreat, service, interviews, spirit and service days. We are proud to
           The Clowns entertained the kids at Parish Picnic                say that this is a program rooted in family involvement.
                                                                              Fourteen children prepared for the Sacrament of Reconciliation
    The Worship Commission has been under the leadership of Jim            and celebrated the Sacrament on November 1, 2009. This same
Gieszelman this year. We are in need of members for this Commis-           group received First Eucharist on Sunday, April 25, 2010.
sion as those who have served in the past have either moved or are
no longer able to serve. From the Worship Commission, Al Toczy-                We now have a total group PSR Family Mass once each month.
lowski serves as captain of Servers and George Watson is the captain       The children and families participate in all the ministries. We aver-
of Ushers and Greeters.                                                    age 200 people at these Masses each month. They are held in the
                                                                           Parish Centre Auditorium at 10 a.m.
                                                                                Our special areas of service include collecting food and non-
    As many of you know, the series of sacred music concerts came          perishable items for the St. Patrick Center and the St. Vincent de
to a halt due to budget constraints. We were fortunate to host the         Paul Society. We made packages for the homeless twice for groups
Cantores Minores, the boys’ choir from the Warsaw Cathedral on             at St. Patrick Center. Twenty blankets were made and delivered to
Saturday, August 7, 2010.                                                  St. John’s Hospital for the children’s unit. We had a very successful
    Founded almost 20 years ago, Cantores Minores performed                Hosea Tree delivery system this Advent.
concerts in over 20 countries including Canada, Mexico and the                 We entered our 32nd Vacation Bible School program the week
United States, and took part in 32 festivals both in Poland and            of July 26.
abroad. Their founder and artistic director, Joseph Herter, gradu-
                                                                               Youth Ministry
ated from the School of Music of the University of Michigan in Ann
Arbor. In 2008 Cantores was invited, along with eight other choirs,
to perform an all-Berlioz program with the Slovak Philharmonic
Orchestra in Strasbourg for the European Parliament. Recently, the
choir sang at the wake of the President of the Polish Republic and
other victims who died in the tragic air crash in Smolensk.
   Parish School of Religion
     Catechesis is an esteemed term in Catholic tradition. Its purpose
is to help a person’s faith become living, conscious and active,
through the light of instruction. In this process faith grows and ma-
tures. Such faith is a gift from God. This growth is intimately related
to one’s response to this gift.
    In our PSR program, we touch the very deep dimensions of faith
that come out of experience and relationship; the faith from our
Catholic tradition, Scripture stories and the faith held on to by a
                                                                    Annamarie & Al Porter, Pat Hartwig, Jenny & Bob Kerwin, and Lil Roberts
process of discernment.                                                        on the guild's trip to the Pere Marquette Lodge.


      Top Row(left to right): Dotty Sanning, Peg O'Brien, Lana Cristiani, Ellie Dierberg, Father gerard, Cindy Vatterott;
               Middle Row: Pearson georges, Catherine Potter, Megan Lucas, Skyler Lesslie, Sean geraghty;
 Bottom Row: Ridge gaddy, Zachary Benes, Julia Sotolar, Ella Bacharier, Maggie Tankersley, Benton greeson, Riley MacInnis

                                                                                                F r o m T h e Pa r i s h

    Although Youth@St.Anselm provided nearly 20 events for teens               ardship educational campaign. Parishioners responded with almost
of the parish, one word stands out to describe our year: connection.           100 new intentions to our groups and ministries, bringing the
Each one of our events focused on our teenagers making connec-                 six-year total to about 475 new intentions. Once again, we focused
tions. They made new friendships that are based on the common                  on time and talent opportunities within our parish. Including
bond of their faith in Christ. They also spent much time in prayer             recommitments to existing memberships, the six-year results now
deepening our connection with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, all            include over 700 parishioners and almost 2,000 total stewardship
the time mixing in lots of great music and games to give the teens             intentions. With well over 30 diverse liturgical, service or catecheti-
lots of memories over the course of the year.                                  cal ministries and organizations at Saint Anselm, the parish literally
    A highlight of the year was certainly our Luke 18 Retreat that             has something for everyone. For this we are very thankful.
we provided along with Our Lady of the Pillar. Luke 18 is a retreat                Communication of the stewardship message has emphasis in
for seventh and eighth graders emphasizing the need for us to ap-              August and September. However, the education process is truly year
proach the Lord as children of God. This year our theme was “Div-              round. Meeting monthly, the Stewardship Committee consistently
ing In.” Through this theme, we constantly challenged the teens not            transmits the message, utilizing direct mail, each weekly bulletin,
just to dive into their faith but to dive into every song and activity         homilies, various brochures, and the Parish Guide and Directory.
we provided on the Retreat.                                                        The Committee has also successfully become involved with
    Providing a Luke 18 Retreat requires much help. For this we                several specific ministerial and organizational needs throughout
enlist our high school students we call the Disciples. Disciples es-           the year and responded favorably each time. In addition to host-
sentially put on the majority of the Retreat. They give witness on             ing several neighborhood home Mass receptions this year, we were
how their faith in God benefits them while they are in high school.            most gratified when the Parish Council endorsed the Home Mass
They lead discussions with the Junior High students. Most of all               Program as an annual parish neighborhood event. There has been
they model how being Catholic is such a large part of their lives.             substantial emphasis focused on other diverse methods to further
They sing their hearts out during our music sessions, and they are             increase Mass attendance as that time commitment and basic obli-
prayerful during our times of Reconciliation and Adoration.                    gation is a critical element of good stewardship. The majority of the
    Also, Youth@St.Anselm has added a Junior High group to our                 many recommendations submitted by the Stewardship Committee
program. Based on the success of Luke 18, we meet once a month,                to the Parish Council in 2005 are already in place and development
with the High School students taking a leadership role in each of              continues.
our activities. Junior High Group has a large social component that                The Stewardship Committee is energized with several new
includes dodge ball, broom hockey, obstacle courses and eating con-            members and quite excited about experiencing another fine year of
tests. We also encourage faith sharing that includes the topics of our         interacting with the wonderful clergy, staff and parishioners of Saint
Lenten journey, how Christ overcomes our fears and how we can be               Anselm Parish.
active in our Church. Junior High Group has been a great success                   St. Vincent De Paul Society
and will continue through the summer into the fall.
                                                                                   The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) is a worldwide
    Youth@St.Anselm will also continue our tradition of participat-            Christian community founded in Paris in 1833 by a group of
ing in the Christ Power Retreat this summer along with sending a               Catholic lay people. The mission was and continues to be based on
group to the Steubenville Midwest Youth Conference. A fall retreat             love for our sisters and brothers. Our work includes any form of
for our high school teens is also planned for the fall. Through all            help that alleviates suffering or deprivation and promotes human
these activities we continue to see the Spirit move within our teens           dignity and personal integrity in all their dimensions. The Society
as they grow closer to Christ.                                                 serves those in need regardless of creed, ethnic or social background,
   Stewardship                                                                 health, gender or political opinions.
    Our Archdiocesan theme this year was “Service and Sacrifice: A                 Now in our 37th year, the Saint Anselm SVDP Conference has
Life of Stewardship,” and again it directly tied in with our core stew-        adapted to the changes in our culture and the poverty so prevalent
ardship message: “Everything, every blessing we have, comes from               in our society. Our conference is made up of 65 members, over 150
God.” In the Scriptures we are called upon to thank God for those              honorary members, and hundreds of benefactors whose financial
blessings, and further directed to share them with others. Those               sacrifice allows us to assist our clients who are facing difficult times.
blessings are usually referred to as time, talent and treasure.                Our members contribute their time, talent and treasure to fulfill
   This year, we again had excellent results from our annual stew-             many important facets of our ministry. Among these are:

                                                                              projects. The individuals involved with Grand Endeavor bring about
   1. Client Home Visits: Central to our ministry is meeting face-            social change by assisting Most Holy Trinity School and Academy in
      to-face with those who have requested help. Typically we will           fulfilling its mission of changing lives one person at a time.
      have between 10 to 12 home visits scheduled each Saturday.                  Over the past year Grand Endeavor Committee members and
      Our role in home visits is to do more than merely evaluating            Saint Anselm parishioners have participated in numerous events
      the temporal needs of each client. We aspire to serve the poor          at Holy Trinity in an effort to fulfill its mission. These events and
      cheerfully, listening to them and respecting their wishes and           activities include:
      helping them to feel their own dignity.                                    1. School Library: Several parishioners donated books and
   2. Food Pantry Assistance: A parish food drive is held the third                 physically set up a top quality school library for the students.
      weekend of every month. Members collect the food, stock                    2. Tutoring: Parishioners routinely assist students with reading,
      the pantry and prepare the bags of groceries that our                         math and science.
      members will bring to every family we visit. Each family we                3. Saturday School: A group of parishioners go to the school
      visit will receive over $50 in groceries and personal products.               two Saturdays per month to tutor, lead field trips, and help
   3. Furniture Assistance: Almost one in five of our clients are fire              with special educational programs.
      victims or those who have lost everything through eviction.                4. School Repainting: Parishioners joined United Way
      Beds are always our top priority. Our SVDP members pick                       volunteers to repair and repaint the school building.
      up furniture from our generous parishioners and deliver those              5. Trivia Night Fundraiser: Grand Endeavor Committee
      furnishings to our clients. Financial donations from our                      members participated in Holy Trinity’s first trivia night
      benefactors help us purchase beds at wholesale prices to meet                 fundraiser.
      the need that often exceeds the furniture donated.                         6. Block Party: Saint Anselm parishioners joined Most Holy
                                                                                    Trinity parishioners for Mass and the annual Block Party on
   4. Special Events: We are deeply grateful to our membership and                  Trinity Sunday, May 30, 2010.
      so many others in the parish who help us raise funds. Our
      major fund-raising event is the Christmas Breakfast held each               In addition to these actions, Saint Anselm parishioners once
      December. All of our members and many, many friends of                  again generously contributed financially to the scholarship program
      SVDP get involved to assure its success. Additionally, we have          and helped some of the over 140 students attend Most Holy Trinity
      held a “Walk for the Poor” in September and a “Holiday                  School and Academy. Under the leadership of their new principal,
      Tent Sale” in November as fund raisers and fun ways to get              Dr. Ann Russek, the school continues to excel and has successfully
      the parish more deeply involved with helping the poor. We               initiated after school and Saturday enrichment programs. As a testa-
      staff two important clothing drives each year. We also host             ment to the school’s educational quality, Holy Trinity graduates con-
      the Parish Donut Sunday each month.                                     tinue on to many local Catholic High Schools including St. Louis
                                                                              University High, Rosati-Kain, CBC and St. Elizabeth Academy. To
    This year we will again assist more than 500 families throughout          ensure continued excellence, Holy Trinity established a new school
St. Louis City and County. Most of our clients are screened and               board led by Saint Anselm parishioner Sam Sciortino and comprised
recommended to us by organizations such as the St. Vincent de Paul            of 15 individuals dedicated to the success of Catholic education in
Council in Downtown St. Louis, the St. Jane Center, Holy Trinity–             the City of St. Louis.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Pius V Immigration and Refugee
Ministry, Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, and St. Augustine–                The Grand Endeavor Committee is excited about the future
Wellston Center.                                                              and is looking forward to many more opportunities for parishio-
                                                                              ners of Saint Anselm and Most Holy Trinity to come together, pray
    In these difficult economic times, the SVDP is at the forefront           together and work together.
of helping families in crisis. We are the face of the parish to the
poor. It is only through the generosity of our wonderful parishioners            Haiti Committee
that we can offer a helping hand to those in need. Thank you for                  The tragedy of the earthquake that hit Haiti in January has been
sharing your blessings with us on behalf of the poor.                         exhaustively covered in the media. Unfortunately, it is only the latest
   Grand Endeavor                                                             in a sequence of natural disasters that have afflicted this nation over
                                                                              the last several years. The Haiti Fund contributed $50,000 to the
    The Grand Endeavor Committee, a joint effort between the                  Archbishop’s special collection to alleviate the immediate suffer-
parishioners of Saint Anselm and Most Holy Trinity Parishes,                  ing created by this earthquake. In addition to this money, which
continues its mission of providing opportunities for both parishes            was transferred directly from the fund, the parish responded to this
to come together, pray together and work together on common
                                                                                              F r o m T h e Pa r i s h

special collection with another $10,000.                                        (Father Ralph Wright, OSB, April 4, 2010)
    A bright spot in this tragedy is that this earthquake had minimal            Our Committee is happy to report that in past years, over
effects on the school that the parish had built in Boucan Carre in           $25,000 of proceeds from our annual Candlelight Dinners have
2004. While there was some cosmetic damage to the building, it               been given to Pregnancy Resource Centers. This helped them
did not suffer any structural damage and continues to operate. The           purchase ultrasound machines to offer free ultrasounds to expect-
damage is so non-threatening that the recommendation is to wait              ant mothers. Praying for God’s intervention in the catastrophe of
until the building needs to be repainted before making the needed            abortion is the Cenacle for Life’s Principle ministry. We invite and
repairs. The school’s enrollment has now reached 1300 which has              welcome anyone and everyone to come join us in our daily Rosary
required the school to split into a morning and an afternoon session         Crusade prayer.
to accommodate this demand.                                                     Adult Education and Formation
    Communication with the PSST has still not been possible but                  The ministry of Adult Education and Formation involves the
efforts continue to make this contact to learn what their reconstruc-        process of reflection through which we look for mystery in our
tion priorities are. The Haiti Fund still has some cash available            sacred tradition and sacraments but it also includes our human
to begin to address their needs to recover from this earthquake’s            experiences both ordinary and extraordinary. Here we adults, both
destruction.                                                                 young and old, discover the presence of God.
  Pro-Life Committee (Our Lady of Guadalupe                                      The various opportunities in Adult Education and Formation
Cenacle for Life)                                                            at Saint Anselm Parish certainly make manifest that the God we
   Is it conceivable that the floodtide of abortion is about to end?         look for is not always the God we find because God tends to be a
    “Women seeking an abortion must be told that the procedure               surprise. We need to be open to a variety of human experiences to
ends a human life, a federal judge ruled Thursday, upholding part of         discover the mystery of God. These experiences in turn invite us
a South Dakota law. U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier said doctors          to know God. This is especially true in the ministry of the Rite of
must disclose to pregnant women that ‘the abortion will terminate            Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Each year the RCIA team
the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.” (Dakota          and sponsors affirm how they are more blessed and transformed as
Voice, August 23, 2009)                                                      they accompany others on their journey toward initiation into the
                                                                             Catholic Church. After the great Easter feast, we all share how the
    “The makers of MRI machines and CAT scanners the size of                 conversion of the participants influenced the intensity of our own
minivans are now rolling out handheld ultrasound machines just               faith. The RCIA rituals tend to stir up faith and prevent our own
slightly larger than iPhones, hoping they’ll become as commonly              faith from becoming merely a head trip.
used as stethoscopes.” (The Wall Street Journal, February 12, 2010)
                                                                                 Every moment of our lives and every inch of our living space
     “Around the rim supporting the cupola in the Capitol at Jef-            can be sacred time and sacred space because this is where we enjoy a
ferson City there is a series of quotations etched in the marble. On         breakthrough to divine mystery.
Tuesday March 31st 2010 Pam Fichter, President of Missouri Right
to Life, spoke eloquently about the role played by ultrasound in                 The Nursing Home Ministry is another area of faith forma-
introducing mothers to those in their wombs waiting to be born.              tion that fosters the breakthrough of the divine for those who are
After her presentation, I went over and looked carefully at the in-          involved as volunteers. The encounters of working with the residents
scription on the rim facing her podium. It read: WHERE THERE                 of Town and Country Healthcare, the Cedars at JCA and Delmar
IS NO VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH. For almost a 100 years                       Gardens – West are truly full of wonder. We experience a mystery
this inscription has stood there. Its message has rarely been more           dimension when we interpret our interactions with the residents
applicable than on that very day. For on that day, once again, the           with the power of faith.
House of Representatives of Missouri passed a bill and forwarded                 Seasonal offerings and traditions have an important place in
it to the Senate that would require abortionists, 24 hours before            our spirituality. The Parish Lenten Renewal again helped our faith
performing an abortion, to offer their client the opportunity to see         come alive this year. The richness of the variety of the presentations
an ultrasound of the developing fetus in the womb… ”                         provided an opportunity to view ordinary circumstances of our lives
    “The figure of 90 percent has been quoted by those who work in           in order to encounter the extraordinary. Also, two new seasonal
counseling for women who, after viewing an ultrasound, decide not            events were offered this past year, Advent by Candlelight and a Mass
to have an abortion but to bring their child to birth. The Pregnancy         for Mothers. These evenings offered us the enjoyment of hospitality
Resource Centers that have been springing up in the vicinity of              with each other while relaxing in the presence of the Lord.
abortion clinics across the land provide testimony of this estimate.”

                                             Th e S a i n t L o u i s A b b e y C a l e n d a r 2 0 1 0 - 1 1
August                                                        Sat  13 SOC      Annual Dinner (Luke Rigby Award)             Wed 9 MCL          Day of Recollection
Tue 10 ALU        Board Meeting                               Sun 14 SCH       Open House                                   Fri  11 OSB        Vocations Vigil
Thu 12 MCL        Board Meeting/Mass/Luncheon                 Mon 15 SCH       Review Day – No Classes                      Sat  12 SCH        SAT I
Fri  13 OSB       Vocations Vigil                             Tue 16 PAR       Council Meeting                              Sat  12 SCH        Advisor Meeting
Sun 15-21 OSB     Monastic Retreat                            Tue 16-18 SCH    Fall Term Examinations                       Mon 14-16 SCH      Senior Retreat at LaSalle
Mon 16 SCH        Summer Proficiency Exams                    Fri  19 SCH      Grading Day – No Classes                     Tue 15 PAR         Parish Council
Sun 22 MCL        Xanadu Kick-Off Party                       Sat  20 SCH      Advisor Meeting                              Fri  18 OSB        School Mass
Sun 22 OSB        Conventual Chapter                          Mon 22 SCH       Winter Term begins                           Fri 18-25 SCH      Spring Break Begins
Mon 23-27 SCH     Faculty Days                                Tue 22 SCH       AMC Math Contest – Junior School             Sun 20-22 PAR      Lenten Renewal
Thu 26 SCH        Back to School Roundup                      Wed 24 OSB       School Mass                                  Mon 28 SCH         Classes Resume
Sun 29 PAR        Holy Trinity Scholarship Brunch             Wed 24 OSB       Ecumenical Prayer Service                    Mon 28 SCH         Form V Mock Admission Meeting
Sun 29 SCH        Orientation for Class of 2016               Thu 25-26 SCH    Thanksgiving Holiday                                            (tentative)
Sun 29 OSB        New Parents’ Reception                      Mon 29 SCH       School Resumes
Mon 30 OSB        School Mass – Classes Begin                 Mon 29 SCH       Form IV Day of Recollection                  April
Tue 31 FCL        Fathers’ Club BBQ and General Meeting       Tue 30 MCL       Xanadu Meeting                               Fri   1 OSB        School Mass
                                                                                                                            Sun 3-5 SCH        Form II Camp Ondessonk
September                                                     December                                                      Wed 6 MCL          Senior Moms' Retreat
Thu   2 SCH       Form VI Parent/Student College Night        Fri    3   OSB   School Mass                                  Fri   8 OSB        School Mass
Fri   3 MCL       Form I Mothers’ Coffee                      Sat    4   SCH   SAT I and II                                 Fri   8 SCH        Junior Tie Blessing
Fri   3 SCH       Summer Reading Discussion                   Sat    4   SCH   SSAT Test                                    Fri   8 OSB        Vocations Vigil
Mon 6 SCH         Labor Day – No Classes                      Sun    5   PAR   Saint Vincent de Paul Breakfast              Sat   9 SCH        ACT with writing option
Tue   7 SCH       Form V-VI-JUM College Fair                  Tue    7   MCL   Christmas Boutique                           Mon 11 SCH         School Mass
Wed 8 SCH         Freshman Meet the Teacher Evening           Wed    8   SCH   Holy Day – No School                         Mon 11 SCH         Field Day
Thu   9 SCH       Form V Parent/Student College Night         Thu    9   SCH   Form II Parents’ Orientation                 Thu 14 SCH         Chorale Concert/Art Exhibit
Fri  10 OSB       School Mass                                 Fri   10   OSB   School Mass                                  Fri  15 SCH        Awards Day
Fri  10 OSB       Vocations Vigil                             Fri   10   OSB   Vocations Vigil                              Sun 17 SCH         Orientation – Class of 2017
Sat  11 SCH       ACT with writing option                     Sat   11   SCH   ACT with writing option                      Tue 19 PAR         Council Meeting
Mon 13 SCH        Form III Day of Recollection                Sat   11   SCH   Priory/Visitation Dance @ Viz                Wed 20-25 SCH      Easter Break – dismissal 4:30 p.m
Tue 14 SCH        Form I Parents’ Program                     Tue   14   SCH   Form IV College Evening                      Tue 26 SCH         School Resumes
Wed 15 SCH        Parent Network Speaker                      Fri   17   OSB   School Mass                                  Thu 28 MCL         Board Meeting
Fri  17 OSB       School Mass                                 Sun   19   OSB   Monks’ Mass/Open House                       Thu 28 MCL         Spring Luncheon
Fri  17 SCH       Class Pictures                              Tue   21   PAR   Council Meeting                              Fri  29 SCH        School Mass
Fri  17 ALU       Alumni Soccer Game                          Tue   21   SCH   Christmas Break Begins – 3 p.m. dismissal    Fri  29 SCH        Junior Ring Ceremony and Reception
Fri 17-19 ALU     Reunion Weekend                             Wed   22   ALU   Alumni Christmas Party                       Sat  30 SCH        Junior/Senior Prom
Fri  17 FCL       Junior School Recreation Night
Sat  18 ALU       Grant’s Farm Party                          January 2011                                                  May
Tue 21 PAR        Parish Council Meeting                      Mon    3   SCH   Classes Resume                               Sun   1 PAR        First Eucharist
Wed 22 SCH        Senior Essay Writing Workshop               Mon    3   SCH   Rebel Rendezvous                             Mon 2-13 SCH       Advanced Placement Exams
Thu 23 OSB        Terry Barber Concert (Abbey Church)         Mon    3   SCH   Form VI Parents’ Graduation Meeting          Tue   3 SCH        Orientation – Class of 2018
Fri  24 OSB       School Mass                                 Tue    4   MCL   Xanadu Meeting                               Thu   5 MCL        Volunteer Appreciation Mass & Brunch
Sat  25 SCH       Advisor Meeting                             Fri    7   OSB   School Mass                                  Fri   6 OSB        School Mass
Tue 28 MCL        Xanadu Meeting                              Mon   10   SCH   Conversation with the Headmaster             Fri   6 SCH        Junior School Mixer
                                                              Wed   12   SCH   Forms III and VI Parent/Teacher Conference   Sat   7 SCH        SAT I and II
October                                                       Thu   13   SCH   Form V Parent/Student College Night          Mon 9 SOC          Board Meeting
Fri    1    OSB   School Mass                                 Fri   14   OSB   School Mass                                  Fri  13 OSB        School Mass
Fri   1-3   ALU   Alumni Retreat                              Fri   14   OSB   Vocations Vigil                              Fri  13 OSB        Vocations Vigil
Sat    2    SCH   “Priory” CC Invitational                    Mon   17   SCH   M.L.King Holiday - No Classes                Sun 15 ALU         Grant’s Farm Picnic
Sat    2    PAR   Candlelight Dinner                          Tue   18   PAR   Council Meeting                              Sun 15 OSB         Evensong
Sun   3-5   SCH   Form I – Camp Ondessonk                     Wed   19   SCH   Form II and V Parent/Teacher Conference      Tue 17 PAR         Council Meeting
Mon    4    SCH   Faculty Professional Day – No Classes       Thu   20   SCH   Form I and IV Parent/Teacher Conference      Thu 19-21 SCH      Spring Play
Mon    4    PAR   Pet Blessing                                Fri   21   OSB   School Mass                                  Fri  20 SCH        School Mass
Wed    6    SCH   Form I Parent/Teacher Conference            Sat   22   SCH   SAT I and II                                 Mon 23 SCH         Review Day – No Classes
Thu    7    MCL   Mass and Luncheon                           Sat   22   SCH   SSAT Test                                    Tue 24-26 SCH      Final Exams
Thu    7    SCH   Form II Parent/Teacher Conference           Sat   22   FCL   Father/Son Banquet                           Wed 25 MCL         Senior Mother/Son Mass/Lunch
Fri    8    OSB   School Mass                                 Wed   26   SCH   Form III Parent/Student Meeting              Thu 26 MCL         Form II Picnic
Fri    8    SCH   Admission Coffee                            Fri   28   OSB   School Mass                                  Thu 26 SCH         End of Year Faculty Meeting
Fri    8    OSB   Vocations Vigil                             Sat   29   SCH   Advisor Meeting                              Sat  28 SCH        Form II Mass/Reception
Fri    8    SCH   Junior School Mixer                         Sat   29   MCL   Junior School Mother/Son Mass/Lunch          Sun 29 SCH         Senior Graduation
Sat    9    ALU   Homecoming                                                                                                Sun 29 MCL         Senior Lock In
Sat    9    SCH   SAT I and II                                February
Mon   11    SCH   Parent Network –Spirituality Presentation   Tue   1 SCH      Blood Drive                                  June
Tue   12    SCH   Form III and IV Parent/Teacher Conference   Fri   4 OSB      School Mass                                  Wed      1   SCH   Advisors Meeting
Wed   13    SCH   PSAT Exam Day –Forms IV and V               Fri   4 MCL      Xanadu Auction Preview Party                 Sat      4   SCH   SAT I and II
Thu   14    AMC   Mass and Luncheon                           Sat   5 MCL      Xanadu Auction 2011                          Sun      5   FCL   Float Trip
Thu   14    SCH   Form V and VI Parent/Teacher Conference     Mon 7 SCH        Faculty Development – No Classes             Sun      5   PAR   Picnic
Fri   15    OSB   School Mass                                 Tue   8 SCH      ASHME (High School Math Exam)                Tue      7   ALU   Board Meeting
Sat   16    MCL   Trivia Night                                Tue   8 ALU      Mass/Dinner/Board Meeting with Monks         Fri     10   SCH   Aim High Begins
Tue   19    PAR   Council Meeting                             Wed 9 SCH        Parent Network Speaker                       Fri     10   AMC   Margarita Party
Wed   20    SCH   PLAN Exam Day - Sophomores                  Fri  11 OSB      School Mass                                  Fri     10   OSB   Vocations Vigil
Fri   22    OSB   School Mass                                 Fri  11 OSB      Vocations Vigil                              Sat     11   SCH   ACT with writing option
Fri   22    ALU   Career Day                                  Fri  11 FCL      Junior School Recreation Night               Mon     13   SCH   Summer School Begins
Sat   23    SCH   High School Dance                           Sat  12 SCH      ACT with writing option                      Tue     21   PAR   Council Meeting
Sat   23    SCH   ACT with writing option                     Tue 15 MCL       Xanadu Wrap-Up
Sun   24    OSB   St. Louis Collegium Vocale Concert          Tue 15 PAR       Council Meeting                              July
Wed   27    SCH   Mock Admission Interview Workshops-         Thu 17-20 SCH    Winter Musical                               Fri      8   OSB   Vocations Vigil
                  Seniors                                     Fri  18 SCH      Junior School Mixer                          Fr      22   SCH   End of Summer School
Fri   29    OSB   School Mass                                 Mon 21 SCH       Presidents’ Day – No Classes                 Sat     31   OSB   Fiscal Year Ends
                                                              Tue 22 SCH       Form I, II & V Exams
November                                                      Fri  25 SCH      Grading Day – No Classes
Mon    1    SCH   Holy Day – No Classes                       Sun 27 MCL       Senior Mother/Son Prom
Tue    2    MCL   Xanadu Meeting                              Mon 28 SCH       Spring Term begins
Thu    4    FCL   Happy Hour                                  Mon 28-1 SCH     Junior Retreat LaSalle                             KEY:    ALU Alumni
Fri    5    OSB   School Mass                                                                                                             FCL     Fathers’ Club
Sat    6    SCH   SAT I and II
                                                              March                                                                       MCL Mothers’ Club
                                                              Thu   3    FCL   Happy Hour                                                 OSB Monastery
Mon    8    SCH   Blood Drive – High School Commons           Fri   4    OSB   School Mass
Tue    9    ALU   Board Meeting                                                                                                           PAR Saint Anselm Parish
                                                              Fri   4    SCH   High School attend Repertory Theatre                       SCH Saint Louis Priory School
Wed   10    MCL   Board Meeting                               Sun   6    OSB   Vespers @Church of St. Michael & St.
Fri   12    OSB   School Mass                                                                                                             SOC Saint Louis Abbey Society
Fri   12    SCH   Class Picture Re-Takes                      Tue   8    SCH   Winter Sports Assembly                                     Dates are subject to change
Fri   12    OSB   Vocations Vigil                             Wed   9    OSB   School Mass – Ash Wednesday

                                    Th e S a i n t L o u i s A b b e y O r g a n i z at i o n s 2 0 1 0 - 1 1

THE BENEDICTINE                         Barry H. Beracha                  Daniel E. Richardson ’60                Philip L. Willman ’71
COMMUNITY                               Andrew D. Busch ’81               Jerry E. Ritter                         vice PresiDent
                                        Christina M. Busch                Fred N. Sauer ’63                       Charles F. Garvin ’76
                                        William K. Busch ’78              J. Joseph Schlafly III ’69
Abbot Thomas Frerking
                                        Donald W. Bussmann, M.D.          Thomas F. Schlafly ’66                  FATHERS’ CLUB
Prior                                   John R. Capps ’68                 Patrick T. Stokes
Father Gregory Mohrman ’76                                                                                        PresiDent
                                        Julian L. Carr                    Frederick M. Switzer III
                                                                                                                  David L. Taiclet, Sr.
sub Prior                               Julie S. Constantino              James D. Switzer ’64
Father Paul Kidner                      George C. Convy ’61                  Chairman                             vice PresiDent
                                        Michael C. Convy ’66              Terrence R. Tobin ’71                      Daniel Bruns
in solemn voWs                          John E. Cramer III ’60            William J. Travis ’64
Father Luke Rigby                                                                                                 treasurer
                                        Harriet Switzer Cronin, Ph.D.     Larry D. Umlauf                         Daniel Wagner
Father Timothy Horner                   Louis F. Desloge, Jr.,            John R. Wagner, M.D.
Father Ralph Wright                        Chairman Emeritus              John G. Wilmsen                         secretary/communications
Father Benedict Allin                   Robert C. Dunn, Jr., M.D. ’60     Andrew R. Zinsmeyer                     Christopher P. McKee
Father Finbarr Dowling                  Nancy E. Galvin
Father Laurence Kriegshauser            Walter J. Galvin                  SAINT LOUIS PRIORY                      MOTHERS’ CLUB
Brother Symeon Gillette                 Charles F. Garvin, M.D.’76        SCHOOL                                  PresiDent
Father Gerard Garrigan                  Margaret B. Garvin                heaDmaster                              Michelle Moen
Brother Mark Kammerer                   Terri Goslin-Jones
Father Dominic Lenk                                                       Father Michael Brunner                  vice PresiDent
                                        Frank J. Guyol, Jr.
Father Bede Price                                                             boarD oF trustees                   Michele Forshaw
                                        Stephen J. Hall ’67
Father Augustine Wetta                                                    The Abbot, Prior and monks in
                                        F. Lee Hawes                                                              corresPonDing secretary
Father Michael Brunner                                                    solemn vows form the Board of
                                        Florence W. Hawes                 Trustees which governs Saint Louis      Jana Swanger
Father Ambrose Bennett                  Frederick L. Hawes, Jr. ’79       Priory School. The Trustees are         recorDing secretary
Brother Aidan McDermott                 David H. Hoffmann                 chaired by the Abbot.                   Jane Keating
Brother Linus Dolce                     Jerri Hoffmann
Brother Maximilian                                                        aDvisors                                treasurer
                                        Beatrice H. Human                 The Advisors, appointed for
   Toczylowski ’00                      Jonathan W. Igoe ’70                                                      Joanne Welsh
Brother Alban Salinas ’99                                                 three-year terms, assist the Trustees
                                        Sarah D. Igoe                     in the governance of Saint Louis
Brother Francis Hein                    Robert G. Jones                                                           XANADU XLI
                                                                          Priory School by providing advice
Brother Sixtus Roslevich                Gene E. Kalhorn                   and counsel. They are ex officio        AUCTION
    Brother Andrew Senay                Stephen M. Keller, M.D.           members of the Saint Louis Abbey        chair
Brother Cassian Koenemann ’97           Robert V. Kerwin                  Society Board of Directors for the      Pattie Schafer
                                        Theodore A. Kienstra, Jr. ’60     duration of their terms as
                                                                          Advisors.                               co-chair
                                        Jeffrey T. Kochelek
in temPorary voWs                                                         James L. Nouss, Jr. ’72,                Jean Hively
                                        Mary Kochelek
Brother Cuthbert Elliott ’02                                                Chairman
                                        Mark A. Luning ’73
Brother John McCusker ’01                                                 Thomas J. Byrne, Jr. ’85                ALUMNI MOTHERS’
                                        D. Brad Marrs, M.D.
novice                                                                    Sarah D. Igoe                           CLUB
                                        James K. McAtee ’64
Brother Dunstan Holms                   William J. McKenna                Judge Michael T. Jamison                PresiDent
Brother Edward Mazuski ’05              Robert M. Merenda ’65             Theodore J. MacDonald, Jr.                 Sarah D. Igoe
                                        Sam J. Merenda, M.D               D. John Sauer ’93
choir oblate                                                              James D. Switzer ’64
Brother Philip O’Donnell                Elizabeth J. Mudd                                                         SAINT ANSELM
                                        J. Gerard Mudd ’75                Father Peter Weigand, OSB               PARISH
SAINT LOUIS ABBEY                       Richard W. Mullen ’63             ex oFFicio aDvisors                     Pastor
SOCIETY BOARD OF                        James J. Murphy, Jr. ’61          Martin S. Fitzgerald                    Father Gerard Garrigan
DIRECTORS                               Alfred R. Naunheim                Joseph V. Gleich
                                                                                                                     associate Pastor
Members of the Abbey Society            James L. Nouss                    Julie C. Lohr
                                                                                                                  Father Benedict Allin
provide counsel, assistance and         James L. Nouss, Jr. ’72           Dawn M. Szatkowski
financial support to the monastic       Christian B. Peper                Philip L. Willman ’71
community.                              Raymond C. Plas                                                              PARISH COUNCIL
James D. Barnes ’61                     Charles F. Pollnow, Jr. ’80                                                  PresiDent
                                                                          ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                      Geoffrey Gorse, M.D.
Linn H. Bealke ’62                      Anna Polozzi-Keller
Peter F. Benoist ’66                    Robert G. Potter                  PresiDent

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