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					                              PAUL M. KENNEDY
  Yale University                                            409 Humphrey Street
  Department of History                                      New Haven, CT 06511
  New Haven, CT 06520­8324                                   Fax: 203 776­3396


J. Richardson Dilworth Professor of History, Yale University
Director of International Security Studies, Yale University


Ph.D. Oxford, 1970
B.A. University of Newcastle, 1966


Yale University, 1983­present
      J. Richardson Dilworth Professor of History

Co­Director of “The United Nations In Its Second Half­Century”, An International
Report, Yale University, 1993­1996

University of East Anglia, 1970­1983
      Lecturer, 1970­1975
      Reader, 1975­1982
      Professor, 1982­1983

Research Assistant to Sir Basil Liddell Hart, 1966­1970
       Drafting chapters for the History of the Second World War


The Parliament of Man: The Past, Present and Future of the United Nations (2006)

Preparing for the Twenty­First Century (1993)

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500­
2000 (1988)

Strategy and Diplomacy, 1870­1945: Eight Essays (1983)

The Realities Behind Diplomacy: Background Influences on British External Policy 1865­1980

The Rise of the Anglo­German Antagonism 1860­1914 (1980)

The Rise and Fall of British Naval Mastery (1976, paperback reissue 2001, 2004)
                                                                       Paul M. Kennedy, 2

The Samoan Tangle: A Study in Anglo­German­American Relations 1878­1900 (1974)

Conquest: The Pacific War 1943­45 (1973)

Pacific Onslaught 1941­43 (1972)


Global Trends & Global Governance (with Dirk Messner and Franz Nuscheler, 2002)

From War to Peace, Altered Strategic Landscapes of the Twentieth Century (with William
Hitchcock, 2000)

Pivotal States, A New Framework for US Foreign Policy (with Emily Hill and Robert Chase,

Global Trends, The World Almanac of Development and Peace (with Ingomar Hauchler,
1994, and 2001)

Grand Strategies in War and Peace (1991)

Nationalist and Racialist Movements in Britain and Germany Before 1914 (with A.J. Nicholls,

Appeasement (with Jack Spence, 1980)

The War Plans of the Great Powers 1880­1914 (1979)

Germany in the Pacific and Far East 1870­1914 (with John A. Moses, 1977)


The New York Times, The Times (London), The Sunday Times (London), The Los Angeles
Times, The Observer, The New York Review of Books, The Economist, The Washington Post,
The New Republic, The Atlantic Monthly, New Society, Times Literary Supplement, American
Historical Review, English Historical Review, Historische Zeitschrift, Journal of Modern
History, History, Canadian Journal of History, Australian Journal of Politics and History, plus
numerous other foreign­language publications


Monthly Column/Los Angeles Times Syndicate/Tribune Media Services
Several hundreds of articles and literature surveys.
                                                                      Paul M. Kennedy, 3


For a large number of American and British publishing houses.
Reader of manuscripts for most historical/political science journals in the modern field.
Historical consultant to BBC­TV Seapower series; research work for other TV series;
        interviews/presentations on naval, imperial and defense issues; radio
        broadcasts on BBC.
Historical papers for Office of Net Assessment and Defense Department, Washington.
Editorial board of Journal of Strategic Studies, Journal of Conflict Resolution, International
        History Review, Naval War College Review, Diplomacy and Statecraft, Journal of
        Modern History.
Academic Editor for a multi­volume project, The Twentieth­Century World (Published by
W.W. Norton [US] and Penguin [UK] )


W.L. Burn Memorial Lecture, University of Newcastle, 1976
Jubilee Lecture, Hanover, 1977
Annual Lecture on Diplomacy, University of Winnipeg, 1979
Cust Lecture, Nottingham University, 1982
Special Ford Lecture, University of Oxford, 1985
Silvers Lecture, Columbia University, 1989
Peter Lewis Lectures, Princeton University, 1990
The first Nobel Peace Foundation Lecture, Oslo, 1992
Bernard Brodie Lecture, U.C.L.A., 1993
Karl Kahane Memorial Lecture, Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue, 1994
Roskill Lecture, Cambridge University, 1996
Sinclair House Lecture, 1996 (Reprinted in Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century/Edited by
         Nikolaus Schweickart, 2002)
Humboldt University, 1999 (200th Anniversary Lecture)
University of Oklahoma, International Programs Center, keynote 1999
Anglo­American Historians Conference, opening address, London, 2001
The Lady Margaret Lecture, Cambridge University, 2002
The Caird Medal Lecture, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, 2005
The Annual Darwin Lecture, Cambridge University 2006
Mortara Annual Lecture, Georgetown University, 2006


Fellow of the Royal Historical Society (elected)
American Philosophical Society (elected)
American Academy of Arts and Sciences (elected)
Society of American Historians (elected)
Fellow of the British Academy (elected)
Visiting Fellow, The Lehrman Institute, New York, 1984
Supernumerary Fellow, St. Antony’s College, Oxford
Visiting Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, 1978­79
Fellow, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 1972

                                                               Paul M. Kennedy, 4

Research Awards from the British Academy, Leverhulme Foundation, Alexander von
       Humboldt Foundation, Beit Fund (Oxford), Social Science Research Council,
       German Academic Exchange Service


M.A. Yale University
D.H.L. University of New Haven
D.Litt. University of Newcastle
LL.D. Ohio University
D.H.L. Alfred University
D.H.L. Long Island University
D.Litt. University of East Anglia
D.H.L. Union College
D.H.L. Connecticut College
D.H.L. Quinnipiac College
D. Univ. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
D. Litt. Webster University


Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.)

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