Seven Pillars of Wisdom - PowerPoint by cuiliqing


Celia Roberts:
Qualitative Research Methods and
                From The Times Atlas of World History, 1978, pp52-53

 Symbols on clay                            From John Man (2000). Alpha Beta: how
                     Symbols on tortoise    our alphabet shaped the Western World.
   tablets from       shells from Jiahu,
Tartaria, Rumania,                           Headline Book Publishing: London, UK.
                      China, c6000BCE
Sensory-motor dysgraphia

     Stroke damage
An Overview of the Writing Process

            Linda S Flower & John R Hayes (1980). “The Cognition
             of Discovery: defining a rhetorical problem”. In College
                      Composition and Communication, 31, 21-32.
Writing to Specification

 Linda S Flower & John R Hayes (1981). “A Cognitive Process
Theory of Writing”. In College Composition and Communication
      32.4(December 1981): 365-87. Available through JSTOR
The Model Refined

                    John R Hayes (1996).
                    A new model of cognition
                    and affect in writing. In M.
                    Levy & S. Ransdell (Eds.),
                    The Science of Writing.
                    Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.
  “Knowledge Telling” Process            “Knowledge Transforming” Process
(Used by inexperienced writers)            (Used by experienced writers)

                                  Carl Bereiter & Marlene Scardamalia (1987).
                                  The psychology of written composition.
                                  Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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